The Cyclic Interplay – Part III

cyclic-interplay-main“Now we have discovered that learning and usage are synonymous and are actually equalized or higher self connectionbalanced motions of energy which do, in effect, re-create the psychic anatomy, and which also help to polarize the Superconscious Self. Polarization, like all other Infinite functions, is extremely important; and in understanding polarization, you will begin to understand the very essence of creation. For it is through polarization that the Infinite Intelligence recreates atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. Also through the understanding of polarization any person becomes Immortal.

The Superconscious has been frequently mentioned as an Infinite facsimili of the Infinite. You can picture this situation if you can see, in your mind’s eye, a certain whirling vortex of energy. This vortex is actually composed of billions of other vortexes; each one, in turn, contains vast numbers of much smaller vortexes. All of these whirling masses of energy are actually billions of wave forms of energy each one vibrating at tremendous speed. They are, in other words, becoming positive and negative, and in this phase shift, they determine their respective affiliation to any and all other wave forms and vortexes in the Infinitevortex-atom-to-universe-4-post Cosmos. As all of these vortexes revolve within themselves, their cyclic patterns are therefore complete. They do not, in a sense, go anywhere; nor do they come from some place. You can find them only if you can tune into their respective wave lengths; otherwise, they do not exist in consciousness.

Now, any vortex will, within its own circumference, encompass enough wave forms, which, when harmonically relinked, will, in all effect, make this one vortex the entire Infinite Cosmos — if we can so temporarily contain it for the moment. Therefore, within any vortex — either as it is self-contained or as it is harmonically attuned to the Cosmos — is contained the net sum and total of infinity. That means that all life, all humanity, everything which you can think of, and very, very much more, can figuratively, be squeezed into a vortex smaller thantouching infinity an electron. Actually, in this way, time and space have been eliminated, as was somewhat theoretically postulated by Einstein; for even in sub-infinity, or the smallest portion of such a sub-infinity is, in effect, as large as the whole of Super-Infinity. It also means that when you understand this whole concept, you will, by the simple process of attunement, be able to travel through space from planet to planet, from universe to universe — not with the speed of light — but instantaneously, simply because not only any one portion or portions thereof, but the sum and total of Infinity can he tuned in by a person who so understands this concept. It is just as close as the end of your nose.

Getting back to the Superconscious: Its personal beginning for any human begins in that singular or multiple life form expression. Everything in the earth life, from the most ancient to the present is woman-drowning-4-posttherefore, so self-contained in any small or large vortex. They do not exist as the materialized physical form; they are the energy and the intelligence which will manifest in a physical life reaction, either adversely or constructively according to how we are biased in respect to these energy appearances. For example, a woman drowns in a lake. To this woman, this drowning incident is a fearsome experience; it becomes karma to her to be worked out in future lives. However, the Infinite did not conceive this experience as fearsome or evil. In fact, the Infinite conceives all things perfectly. When the woman drowned, the different wave forms of energy which portrayed and made the drowning possible were oscillating in a vortex in the Infinite. They were oscillating not as a drowning experience but as a certain combination of waveform expressions all harmonically attuned. In the act of drowning, the woman in effect — unconsciously and beforehand, in her many days upon the earth — had created a certain number of negatively biased wave forms, which, when under certain circumstances became so attuned to the wave forms in the Infinite vortex that this attunement brought about a certain convergence of energy which, when expressed as physical action and motion in the material world, the woman re-created or reformed and remotionalized this energy movement in the act of drowning.

When you have fully digested this concept, you will begin to see it as some sort of a scientific metaphysics — not to be confused, however, with certain metaphysical forms currently in existence but which were similar in their original form as was taught by the Lemurians and others — the processes of energy transmission expressed and re-expressed from the fourth to the third dimension, as they were just described to you. However, since their introduction into the earth plane consciousness, much time has passed. Furthermore, the earth man has at no time even partially comprehended what is being given to you, and so through the passage of time and passing astrology-4-postthrough ignorant superstitious minds, these concepts have degenerated down into numerous decadent forms. These decadent forms have been, and are, the different kinds of witchcraft, sorcery, etc. They are also the basic equivalents in religious systems; for in these religions, man has only attempted to deify the Infinite in a personal form which is more understandable to him.

The mind practices of concentration preached by so-called divine religious sciences, occultisms and theosophies — even astrology — are all parts of this degenerate pseudoism. One, so-called Christian Science, attempts to separate god from the material world or says that god created nothing but good. There is nothing scientific in this supposition, and nowhere in their liturgies are any scientific principles explained; nor can a sine wave be explained or understood by either the ministry or the followers. They are all hypnotically immersed in a blind supposition wherein they hope to escape reality. Other evangelistic movements attempt to keep the white-robed god in the sky, and to keep him separated from the scientific world of reality. Theirs is a supposed hocus-pocus god who, with a magic wand, promiscuously creates and destroys without rhyme or reason. In fact, he does not even know how he does it! At least none of his self-elected priests can explain his motivations, the reason why he exists, or where he got these hocus-pocus powers! And so the unalterable scientific principles of creation remain, regardless of puny attempts by earth people to decipher them in terms of material happenstances. The earth and all attendant forms of life — mass, etc., represent only small differences in impedances in energy transmissions from the fourth into the third dimension. It is in these impedances that other wave forms are regenerated, expressed or degenerated, giving rise to one or more of the infinite ways Infinity reconstructs Itself.

To the drowning woman, the experience was an evil one. She knew nothing about this cosmic Jesus-walking-on-water-4-postinterplay. Had she so understood, she would not have drowned. In fact, she would not even have been an earth woman. When Jesus walked upon the water, he did so by virtue of His knowledge; He knew all the science involved in that situation. The differences in polarities of certain electromagnetic fields, one of which is called gravity were fully understood by Him. He was able to so change the polarity of His physical body that it was no longer a statically charged particle attracted to and held by the earth which is a larger and more highly charged particle. If you remember, like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract, such as north and south poles. By completely understanding the cosmos, the universe, the earth, etc , this knowledge immediately and automatically compensated whatever action Jesus expressed. This was done intelligently in respect to what was to be achieved. For instance, when you walk across the room, you can’t describe how it’s done because it’s a built-in development acquired over many lifetimes and re-expressed into the present. So while the woman drowned, Jesus could have walked away from the scene without even getting His feet wet. No, not magic; not god-like, but as a human who had studied, learned and was practically using his knowledge.

God is not a deity; He is not to be worshipped. He does not need your prayers and felicitations; neither is He dependent upon your loyalty. Just as He constructed you through the evolutionary process, He did so with His own substance — energy, if you please. And in this construction and evolution, He does hold the Principle of Creative Regeneration one of paramount importance. He is higher-self-4-1-postnot emotionally concerned with you. There are countless billions of inhabited planets; each person an infinitesimally small particle, all going through the same regenerative process. This regenerative process is a progressive principle; if’ you do not so evolve progressively, you will degenerate progressively. The choice is yours. You cannot hold on to your earth life forever. You will surely perish if you do. Only by progressively attuning yourself, will you become an immortal person. Right at the present time you are in a very precarious position. Your present and former earth lives are still the dominant force in your life because that is really all there is of you, save just a little bit of polarized Superconscious which you have somehow acquired through numerous life experiences. That little cell of Superconscious is your Christ. It is the only thing between you and total destruction. It is the only guiding Light to help you survive the material worlds. It is your own little personal treasure chest of treasures which you have laid up in Heaven. No, rust and moth will not corrupt them, but well you may, if you renege. Don’t depend upon nebulous promises of salvation made by ministers and priests who may be even more fearsome than you are — who may, in their preachments, be attempting to placate the awful gnawing fear within their hearts. Like a drunkard trying to drown his sorrow they, too, are trying to drown their fears, born from ignorance and superstition by a superimposed edifice of divinity, flowing robes, altars and incense.

Polarization of the Superconscious is simply this: We have constructively reformed or reshaped man-psychic-selfcertain energy wave forms which, as they were so expressed in the secondary impulses of physical action, were thus again regenerated and superimposed according to their own basic frequencies in the vortexal forms residing in the fourth dimension.

Conversely, if the same reaction had taken place negatively biased, they could not enter into this vortex and reform or reshape it with any basic frequency. The negatively biased experience would then remain as a karmic form in the lower astral portion of the psychic anatomy where it would accumulate with other negative static forms, and must be worked out as karma at a later time. The problem, then, is to see in any secondary physical actions taking place about you, the more ultimate purposes and reasons for these expressions. If you understand this principle and concept thoroughly you will, in effect, be able to turn all apparently evil things into good. In that way, then, evil does become good and Infinite Intelligence lives as It should live — perfectly.

Remember in the future, all thought and action on your part must be polarized in Infinity with your own particular basic frequency — an action which automatically takes place when you understand cyclic-interplay-4-postthe principle of regeneration, harmonic attunement, etc. What little you have already polarized has been done more or less by sheer accident, so to speak, or by what you did in the spiritual worlds in the in-between lives, also aided by the Advanced Personalities, as you did not, up until this present time, have even a smattering of understanding of the science involved. You beheld the spiritual worlds as Heaven, the Advanced Personalities as Angels, etc. Our purpose here is to teach you how to achieve the practical reality of this higher life. You should be forewarned, however; it is not a life of indolence and ease which is so generally believed. That ideosophy is spawned and nurtured by the big ‘escape mechanism’.

When you advance into a higher world, you will be very much busier than you could possibly imagine. You could be literally appearing and living in hundreds of places simultaneously, simply because you have learned how to tune into them. No, you will not be using hands or feet, arms or legs; neither will you have wings; in fact, you won’t even have a physical body. Instead, you will be one of those Glowing Radiant Balls of White Fire which have occasionally been seen by certain earth people, and when so seen, have been believed to be God.

angel on downward pathAnd do not think for a moment that they are all good angels. Strange as it may seem, there can be beautiful glowing energy people who have nothing in their hearts and minds except their own personal desires. Oh, they developed as good Angels up to a certain point; then somehow they became side-tracked, and while you may still see them as radiant and glowing, their fire is rapidly going out as they plunge deeper into the pits of Hell. And so the same prerogative of self-determination is always apparent either on earth, in Heaven or in Hell. The self-determinant or the determinant of self will eventually make you an Angel or it will destroy you, just as it destroys Angels and makes Angels out of Devils — spiritual-choice-4-postaccording to each personal self-determination.

Don’t look into a crystal ball for your future — your future is built in; you can select your own future from the vastness of Infinity. You can select what you choose by what you can conceive, and there will never be any Master over you except the masters of ignorance and superstition which you may have created, or at this moment, are re-creating this same master in a different form.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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