The Cyclic Interplay – Part II

psychic interplay two“In the foregoing discussion, we discovered and rediscovered some very important basic psychological equivalents, a psychology which, in its true form, is relatively simple and just as scientific as is any other true presentation of life. And in no way should it be compared to the pseudo Freudian psychology which is a vast jungle of vague unrealistic pseudoisms, supported by equally vague terminology and nomenclature. To be tangible, life in any form — animate or inanimate, third-dimensional or interdimensional — must always be reduced to and understood as energy wave forms and configurations. More specifically, however, our discussion was directed toward a more mans-psychic-self-4-postsuitable reorientation with thought and action or learning and usage. Our hypothesis and analysis presented an obvious conclusion — not theory but provable fact: that man is, individually and collectively, a creature who exists by virtue of the fact that he is an oscillating entity with the world about him. He is supported by wave-form oscillations; he lives and reacts according to the interplay of wave form motions, transposed as consciousness, through the psychic anatomy and the psychic mechanism which relays those impulses and which resynthesize wave form motion as consciousness.

On the basic platform of understanding, it is therefore clearly indicated that no material man as human has developed the paranormal faculty of interdimensional conversation. All third-dimensional humanity was therefore relegated in its life processes as wave form consciousness, supported and sustained from the subconscious which, in turn, partially preserved experience quotients from numerous past physical lifetimes through the subconscious into the conscious mind.

The conscious mind must therefore be considered to be only an extension or an extrusion of the subconscious and other past lifetime affiliations which constructed this subconscious from wave form impregnations, implanted by experience. It is quite evident then, that this conscious mind could not reproduce any wave forms or facsimile which were not directly connected with the past, save only in very exceptional times when this conscious subconscious oscillating process was momentarily suspended, and which could happen in a moment of extreme stress. For instance, trance-medium-4-postcertain people at the point of death or a temporary cessation period have seen their past life in a brief flash. In other words, a different alignment took place with the psychic anatomy which made this flashback possible. However, such instances are rare. Most people are only occasionally motivated or impelled by a psychism which can be considered to be slightly paranormal, such as a hunch or an instinctive feeling, etc. In certain isolated instances, people who are generally classified as spiritualistic mediums have acquired what seems to be a paranormal function, these people having gone through some great emotional crisis in their life or they have become somewhat misaligned from more normal oscillating conditions. This misalignment can be sufficiently great as to temporarily cause a trauma or trance wherein, at such times the alter ego, assuming the form of a spirit guide, takes control and supposedly re-creates in descriptive forms, the spirit world or summerland with vague suggestions as to how life is lived there. It should be noted that no spiritual medium has in any trance state, given a true scientific dissertation on life as it is lived in the spiritual worlds. All information given by spirit guides and their attendant apparitions in the supposed spirit forms and relatives are all cast from the same mold. They are all thought form bodies given life by a person who does not understand life. He is filled with fear and insecurity and is attempting, through this so-called mediumship, to invert the mental disturbances into a tangible supposition whereby power, personal identification, etc., are superimposed upon a few gullible adherents.

How different is a true paranormal function — or if you wish to call it mediumship — whereby a person can, under any and all conditions, mentally detune consciousness from his material life relationships and retune consciousness to the higher Superconscious Self which, living as it does in Infinite-mind-4-postthe vast interdimensional worlds, and assuming it is a conscious entity polarized through the ages of time and an infinity of experience then becomes the true consciousness, making any and all parts and subdivisions, even the entire Infinity of Infinite Mind, immediately available to the conscious mind surface, where it can be suitably utilized, materialized, or re-created into the material world. It should be noted that any Advanced Personality who is, in reality, a highly developed Superconscious Self, maintains the physical body upon the earth plane merely as an outlet for some particular expressionary forms of life. If this Superconscious Self is sufficiently developed, it can and does maintain a number of such outlets: It can, in other words, have any given number of physical bodies simultaneously, and at any given or opportune times, express and demonstrate the more highly developed paranormal spiritual life. This highly developed Superconscious can and does have other expressionary outlets in different spiritual planes or spiritual planetary systems, all such functions being part of that activity generally described by UN.AR.I.U.S. as oscillating infinitely. How all of this is done will, in due time, be more clearly explained providing, of course, that you have begun to understand the more basic and elemental concepts which have been presented to you in the lessons and books. It would serve no useful purpose to give you these scientific facts of creation if you have not learned to identify creation as oscillating energy — the principle of creation contained in the harmonic interplay called regeneration which makes the sum and total of the Infinite.

religion-4-postIn view of this great and vast interplay of Cosmic Intelligence, Superconscious development, etc., how infinitesimally small and puny then are all of mankind’s efforts to sublimate this Infinite Creation into his daily life, expressionary forms, and in particular to his religious beliefs. How elemental and ignorant it is to centralize Infinite Creation into an emotional godhead; and after creating this nebulous form, worship it, give it great power over you, blame it for all things which you cannot equalize, attempt to pacify it by vows of felicitation, giving it intelligence enough to create Creation, yet believing it can be duped by false promises; for such is man’s religion — Christian or otherwise.

As a student, therefore, you should begin to realize that this material world is religious-war-4-postindeed a primitive place in the scale of evolution. It is an elemental world where even the most learned or advanced segments of society still maintain the same savage primitive instincts as do the jungle beasts. Yes, they do more than that; they capitalize their savagery and barbarism by using their reactive power of reason to construct and reconstruct increasingly horrible atrocities against their fellow man. They will deliberately sacrifice a hundred thousand or a million humans in an attempt to prove a difference of opinion; and even now they are prevented, perhaps only temporarily, from imminent mass destruction which would destroy both the destroyed and the destroyer.

higher-self-4-postFor the moment then, and until some future time, do not attempt to reconstruct your present life from out the shambles of the past. A better future must be constructed from better stuff and it must be more intelligently put together. This is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. — to bring the first constructive elements and the knowledge of construction. No person can live into the future in a higher life until he has so reconstructed his psychic anatomy, or more specifically, polarized himself as a human entity into Infinity by the reconstructive polarizing process whereby his superconscious facsimili becomes his entire being.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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