Proof Of Life On Mars Via NASA Lawsuit


NASA Lawsuit: Life on Mars / Planetary Protection
Case Number: CV 16 5142
Constitutional Rights and Public Trust Action
Filed: September 7, 2016
United States District Court, Northern District of California
Judge: Howard R. Lloyd

NASA Lawsuit: Life on Mars – Extraterrestrial Life

by Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D.

On September 7, 2016, Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D. filed an 87 page lawsuit and Public Trust action against NASA which includes 10 Causes of Action. You may obtain a copy of this lawsuit at the following link: NASALawsuitLifeOnMars.pdf

The lawsuit documents and details how it is the official policy of NASA administrators to deny all evidence of extraterrestrial life. Numerous military officers and generals hold positions of power at NASA, and the military has been under orders, beginning in the 1940s (see joint Army-Navy-Air Force Regulation number 146), to deny, lie about and cover up all evidence for alien life, for reasons of “national security.” In the 1960s these orders requiring and making it NASA’s duty to hide and deny all evidence, were codified as a Federal Law (see: Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations).

Many of us know that NASA alters photographs, refuses to investigate “anomalies” be they on Mars or in space, turns off the cameras on the space station when anything unusual appears, and even adds layers of visual noise to all film-footage to prevent the public from seeing what NASA and the military do not want people to see: evidence of extraterrestrial life. (more…)

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Adventures of An Out-Of-Body Traveler

Adventures-Of-An-Out-Of-Body-Traveler main 4 postVistas of InfinVistas of Infinity Book coverity by Jurgen Ziewe deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits with all sensory perception intact using out-of-body travel. The author spent over forty years refining his OBE skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation. He projects his consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems whilst retaining full waking awareness throughout. He probes into the infinite vistas of human consciousness and brings back detailed accounts of his journeys and observations.

The reports gathered followed a strict research protocol, where the author interviewed dead people and visited the higher dimensional realities, from the darkest places to the most illuminated regions of cosmic consciousness and realms which are traditionally referred to as ‘Heaven’.

These are lively, first-hand accounts providing a narrative which is destined to revolutionize old concepts and perspectives. ~ review by (more…)

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The Problem Of Religion

The-Problem-With-Religion-main-2-postby Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

The reproaching cry of heretic, infidel, atheist, etc., will be raised against the author of these lectures, by every fiery intolerant bigot into whose hand they may fall. But he alone is the true infidel who forsakes the laws of his nature, and gives up his mind to a belief in fabulous and demoralizing legends, which contradict all experience, and stand in opposition to the testimony of his own sense and reason.” – Christian Mythology Unveiled, 1842

While the Western world begins its new millennium, little has changed in terms of religious understanding, and the world in general continues to be divided largely along the lines of faith. The proselytizers, proponents and propagandists of these various faiths persist in fighting over bodies and souls, in an endless religious tug-of-war that has ruined culture, wrecked minds and wreaked havoc. It also invades privacy and stomps all over individual rights. Religion is motivated by fear and insecurity: People want to believe, in God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha—something, anything, so as not to feel so alone, helpless and forgotten.

Life is a cruel, sadistic torment in countless places around the globe. This fact should create more questions than it does about whether or not there is any good god in charge of everything and whether or not religion has any value in the first place. Yet, in the face of tragedy, rationality and logic fail to win out over powerlessness that desperately needs to believe in the Other, somewhere “out there.” What this insight reveals is that God is a popular concept not because people have reasoned it through and proved it true, but because humans are terrified of the opposite notion: If God is not, all is for naught. (more…)

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Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postMy dear brothers and sisters, I am most happy to renew our exploration again into this section of Parhelion. For Hippocratespersonal identity, I am Hippocrates, one of the teachers here, who gave a previous transmission.

The preceding transmission, was a general discussion of elemental factors in your civilization and the summary of reincarnation by my very worthy brother, Apollonius of Tyana, who generalized somewhat on the various aspects of life and civilization and personal evolution.

We can now resume somewhat more of a direct exploration here into another of these sections, which is devoted to the general practice and understanding of psychiatry and medicine in various terrestrial and astral dimensions. (more…)

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Jesus Did Not Die On The Cross – Biblical Scholars Claim

Jesus-Did-Not-Die-On-The-Cross-main-2-postBy Sean Martin

Jesus did NOT die on the cross but fainted and was RESUSCITATED, experts say.

The theory known as the Swoon Hypothesis suggests that Christ did not die on the cross, but simply fainted. The Swoon Hypothesis began to gain traction as far back as the 1700s, when historians first began questioning religion and looked for logical answers. Biblical scholar Karl Friedrich Bahrdt first established the theory in 1790, when he claimed that Jesus potentially faked his own death. However, as medical knowledge improved over the past centuries, some experts have begun to theorise that he collapsed on the cross due to fatigue and was later revived.

In a blog titled Review of Religions, Dr Muhammad Masudul Hasan Nuri, of the Tahir Heart Institute, explains how it is possible that Jesus survived the crucifixion. Dr Nuri first points to the average length of stay on the crucifix before death – which was three days some 2,000 years ago. Jesus, however, only reportedly lasted six hours. (more…)

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The Brain Cell And Consciousness

The-Brain-Cell-And-Consciousness-main-2-postJust recently an article came out about a new mapping method of the brain which scientists think will help them discover how the brain creates consciousness.

brain-mapping-2-postThis conventional brain mapping method traces all the branches of a particular neuron by injecting a dye into individual cells, dissecting the brain into several sections, and then tracing the path of the dyed neurons manually. What the neuro-scientists don’t realize is that the brain is only a switchboard and not the seat of consciousness. The seat of consciousness resides in the psychic anatomy or psychic body and this body resides in the immediate adjacent 4th dimension which at this point is not detectable by the five senses or current scientific instrumentation.

The following is how scientifically a brain cell acts as a go-between between the spirit body or psychic anatomy and the physical processes as explained in Cosmic Continuum:

“Let us consider scientifically for a moment just what the brain is and its relationship to human conduct inbrain cells neurons our present-day existence. The brain is composed of some twelve billion small cells; and while it is true that at birth this brain represents an organ which is still comparatively unfunctionable, it, like the intestines and many other parts of the anatomy, has not yet come into its full usage. However this does not, in any sense of the word, mean that in days to come in the life of this infant, such interpolations of consciousness in his daily life will form all of the functionable attributes of his brain. (more…)

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Energy And Mass

Energy-And-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Love-In-Action-2Greetings again from UN.AR.I.U.S., meaning Love in Action.

This officially opens lesson #3, which is entitled “Energy and Mass” and which will be conducted through mental transmission from such personages as Sir William Crookes, Faraday, Isaac Newton, Einstein and others.

In order to establish some form of continuity between each succeeding lesson, we shall spend a few moments in reviewing something of the past one. In our first discussion we established the fact that the world was obviously going through some sort of great change or metamorphosis and that it was obviously necessary to develop a new science or a new philosophy which was relevant and most conducive to the betterment of science-vs-religion-4-postmankind for the particular evolution which is in the future. It was also established that the existing systems of religion, fundamentalism and science were, in themselves, incomplete and unable at this time, for various and obvious reasons, to fulfill the need of the coming races and generations of mankind. It was also established that as far as the Western world was concerned, we could resolve the dispensation of philosophy into the lives of the various inhabitants of this time and generation into two factions: science and fundamentalism. In trying to compromise and to orient himself into the various and obvious differences in this factionalism, man is suffering sore and grievous illnesses. (more…)

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Unarius_dot-com-mainPeriodically we will give an overview of a web site dedicated to the works of Dr. Ernest L. Norman. Today we will give a brief overview of and invite our readers to take a visit to this web site which is an especially good introduction to the teachings.

This site was originally set up by Al McGowan, a dedicated Unariun student. Al McGowan who has since passed on into the spiritual worlds also did another great thing. He had most of the Unariun core curriculum reprinted so that they could be freely available to the world. He distributed to many libraries all across the country as well as passing the books onto other parties interested in the teachings. On his web site, Al McGowan states, “If you can keep an open mind you will find in UN.AR.I.U.S. the greatest opportunity of your life!” He knew the true value of these teachings and their importance in changing the world for the better and he literally put his “money where his mouth is” and spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars in having the books reprinted so that he could ensure that they would be there for future generations. For this, Al McGowan, Dr. Norman’s students salute you!

On his web site, you will find descriptions of the core curriculum texts by Ernest L. Norman, excerpts of significant teachings, the full transcript of “The Joining”, direct quotations, and what the study entails. You will also see beautiful artwork provided by Douglas Taylor and Michael Leas.

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Cosmic Voyage

Cosmic-Voyage-main-4-postcosmic journey oneThe Hubble Space Telescope is one of the towering scientific and technological achievements of our age, and it has deepened our capacity for observation and discovery beyond measure. The documentary Hubble: Universe in Motion probes the revelations brought forth from this breathtaking invention, and celebrates its role in forever altering our understanding of the universe.

First launched into orbit in April of 1990, the Hubble telescope remains in operation to this day. It’s captured a series of beautiful and fascinating details which may hold the key to comprehending the mysteries of an evolving galaxy. Reaching depths and realms of space never before documented or even imagined, the Hubble has enabled top astronomers tremendous insights into the history and functions of solar systems, black holes, exploding stars, planets and even the possibility of inter-galactic life.

Hubble: Universe in Motion summarizes several of the most profound discoveries made possible by the Hubble. For example, the telescope has successfully traced the violent process of star formation, and offered clues relating to the course of each star’s entire life span. Armed with this knowledge, scientists can reasonably predict the future of our own Sun. In another segment of the film, we learn how the unparalleled resolution of Hubble telescope imagery has allowed astronomers the ability to pinpoint characteristics of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies in greater detail than ever before. They’ve also uncovered the existence of massive black holes residing in the center of the most active galaxies in the universe, examined the most obscure blemishes on Pluto’s surface, and basked in the awe-inspiring intricacies of Saturn’s majestic rings. (more…)

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Fundamental Geometry And Consciousness: The Torus

Geometry-Consciousness-Vortex-main-4-postby Jerry Gin, PhD

In the new physics and in the new field of cosmometry,1 it is the fundamental pattern that results in the motion (Bohm’s holomovement) from which all is created. Everything starts with the point of infinite potential. The tetrahedron at the point gives birth to the cuboctahedron (Vector Equilibrium); its motion and structure result in the creation of the torus structure. The torus structure is self-referencing on a moment by moment basis since all must pass through the center. But isn’t self-referencing the basis for consciousness? It is said that all of creation has awareness, but at different levels.  We know plants are aware of threats and of death to other living creatures by the work of Cleve Backster. We know we influence random number generators from the PEAR studies at Princeton. We know baby chicks will influence the movement of robots programed to do a random walk from the work of Rene Peoc’h. Quantum physics has embraced geometry with the work in the equations which explain the Feynman diagrams where particles come in and out of existence; those equations form a structure called the Amplituhedron — which is a quarter of a star tetrahedron.

We also know that the tetrahedron can form the star tetrahedron and that each point of the star tetrahedron can form its own star tetrahedron, which can go on infinitely. That is, there is infinity in the finite. As in the fractal and holographic universe, each point or tetrahedron is connected to every other point. If each point has awareness due to formation of the torus, then Hermes teaching of “As above, as below” has meaning in the torus structure. If the torus is the fundamental unit of self-reference, is that the fundamental unit from which consciousness arises?  The torus or double torus appears to be fundamental to all of creation — from galaxies to planets to atoms to photons. (more…)

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The Universe Is A Dream

Universe-Is-A-Dream-main-4-postby Gerardus Tros ~ Philosopher, Poet, Scientist

Sooner or later we discover
that there is no matter or physical stuff anywhere.

At that time we have come to the conclusion that the universe
– IS –
A Universal Action that takes place in Consciousness Only.

The entire Universal Action is like a Dream or an Illusion.
It is an infinite Happening.


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Realm Of The Quantum

Realm-Of-The-Quantum-main-4-postby Steve Nanninga

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena.” – Nikola Tesla, Man’s Greatest Achievement, 1907

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.” – Max Planck

There is a persistent view of the material world in which every object is composed of separate particles, called atoms, which are themselves composed of still more separate particles, called subatomic particles. Those particles which cannot be divided into smaller parts are called elementary particles, or quanta, making them the ultimate substance of the entire universe. This picture of things gives us convenient and useable model of what the physical world seems to be, such as in the Standard Model of particle physics, but the more we come to understand just what quanta are, the more we begin to see how limited this classical view is. First of all, matter and energy are both composed of quanta and today are considered to be merely two different aspects of the same thing, which could be called, in the tradition of spacetime, matterenergy. Even the distinction between a particle and a wave becomes fuzzy in the quantum realm. Quanta can literally act like either a particle or a wave, which has led to them being referred to as wavicles. (more…)

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On Reincarnation

On-Reincarnation-main-4-postThe word reincarnation merely means to reenter into; in a sense, each time we reenter a room, we are reincarnating. Referring man-at-doorway-2again to psychology in the science of psychosomatic medicine, the proven theory is that everyone reacts from basic subconscious thought patterns derived from experiences which were formed first in our early childhood, therefore, in every moment of our daily lives, as it exists in the present, we are reliving the past from these subconscious abstractions. Sadly enough, present-day psychosomatics do not include past lifetimes which are often the true seat of some present-day illnesses or conditions incurred as psychic shock from some one particular past-life experience.

Scientist twoParadoxically, although none of the present-day sciences express or believe either in reincarnation or the continuity of life, these existing sciences are the ones which will form the first step in our personal evaluation of life and will help explain just what this mysterious force is. This scientific equation is, incidentally, the common ingredient lacking in all present-day dispensations of psychical knowledge, whether they relate either to reincarnation or to the more orthodox concepts. Neither modern science nor materia medica knows as yet, in a pure sense, what life is or what is commonly referred to as the creative or re-creative life force. (more…)

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Unchained-stanza-1Bound am I not with chains of mortal flesh,
Nor doth the fetters thereof cut the flesh
Neither doth my heart bleed within me
And crieth for the freedom of the soul.


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The Many Dimensional Levels of Venus Presentation

The-Many-Dimensional-Levels-of-Venus-main-2-postFor those who may have missed the Unariuns United meetup presentation in El Cajon on “The Many Dimensional Levels of Venus”, please find below the main part of the presentation as powerpoint as pdf and part as videos. Enjoy and feel free to comment below.

First we presented the article by Noel Huntley, PhD. located here. Then presented the following videos:


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