The Cyclic Interplay – Part I

psychic-interplay-main-4-post-2“From time to time in various liturgies of UN.AR.I.U.S., the student is urged to learn and use the knowledge presented to him. Inasmuch as the term — ‘learn and use’ or ‘learning and usage’ — couldboy reading a book cause some confusion or misinterpretation to the student, it would therefore serve a good purpose to objectively analyze these terminologies. Learning, to the average earth man, means simply becoming acquainted with some particular objectivism. He learns by reading a book; a child learns not to poke his finger in a candle flame, etc. More correctly, so far as the material man is concerned, learning is the combination of two objectivisms which are: the object or noun, and the action or verb. A child learns that by horse, a carriage is drawn, the horse and carriage the objects with the moving action. As he passes through his educational period, all of his studies will therefore be predicated upon this same objective and reactionary system. He may read that two chemicals combined will produce an explosion; he will actually reproduce this reaction in the laboratory, and so through his various studies he is always called upon to synthesize an action from some objectivism.

In order to better facilitate and make more accessible different groupings or classifications in the general synthesis of life, man uses a third element which is symbology. The numerous interplays of symbologylife which are ever about every human are forever thusly being classified and reclassified under divisions and subdivisions of symbolic forms. Indeed, so much so that all artifacts and appurtenances of life are therefore more minutely objectified as symbols. The symbol is an auto-suggestive factor; a combination of such symbolic forms constitutes an objectivism which is always followed by the customary reaction. In a sense then, all life patterns in whatever variations they may assume are only auto-suggestive automations, and no human actually goes beyond the dimension of these auto-suggestive forms which are in constant interplay about him. On this basis, therefore, no human can actually think; neither is he intelligent, despite diplomas which he may have obtained in some University. His thinking is still the same reflex automation, pressurized by the necessity and the demands of his existence in his respective society.

True intelligence is the faculty of individual human mental integrations and assimilations of thought forms, concepts, etc., beyond the range of his material existence, involving factors which are beyond normal earth-life transitions. So far as the earth man is concerned, such a mental facultypsychic ability would be considered paranormal or psychic. However, the term and understanding of paranormal psychology is as badly misunderstood and misused as are any other extra-terrestrial factors. Therefore, a true representation of correct intelligence, and in such so-called paranormal activities, cannot be understood by any person until he understands the psychic anatomy as it is presented in the Unariun Concept. In such understanding the difference in intelligence quotients from the subconscious reactive or memory processes — now called intelligent — as posed against the very highly-developed intellect of the Superconscious Self — functions and lives in an interdimensional atmosphere and which is instantly conversant with all known and unknown factors of life — irrespective of whether or not they are personal experiences — learned the hard way, as is customarily done by the earth man.

At this point we must now bring in the second objectivism which is usage. Here again is a dissociation with the material concept. In earth life, usage is the reflex action which materializes the objectivism into the reality of his earth life. With the highly-developed Superconscious Self however, usage is not a reactive reflex. In the vast interplay of interdimensional regeneration, the action is already in full swing. The Superconscious containing as it does within itself the exact facsimili of light-bodies-higher-selfInfinity — and assuming that this Superconscious Self has more completely polarized this Infinite facsimili in countless earth and spiritual lives and their attendant experiences — this Superconscious can therefore be assumed to be completely in tune with the Infinite. And in such an attunement, concept or objectivism is complete. Action is already in effect. Therefore, the complete attunement with objectivism also completes attunement with action which is the creative principle in action.

By now, the differences between the common earth life understanding of thought and action, or learning and usage, are quite different than such mental functions as are in full force and effect in the Superconscious Self — assuming, of course, that it is a very highly-developed Superconscious. This proposition immediately suggests several important considerations: the average earth man has not developed such a Superconscious Self. If he had a highly-developed Superconscious, he would not be an earth man! The same situation is quite true with you, the student, even though you may believe in, and recognize all of the things associated with the higher way of life, you are still not conversant with them. You have not yet learned enough of life, of the scientific principle of creation and all other factors involved, to have sufficiently developed your Superconscious Self to the point where you can live in complete harmony with Infinite Intelligence, and without the seeming necessity of the material body and earth life. And at whatever time or place you so begin to develop this facsimili of the Infinite, which is as yet only beginning to take on your own polarized life quotients, you will have to reconcile yourself with certain obvious compromises which must necessarily be made — until it can be assumed that after hundreds of thousands of years, and thousands of earth lives, you will have sufficiently polarized your Superconscious to the point where it becomes the dominant or controlling personality of your existence. And at any given point in that future evolution, you will return correspondingly less and less to the earth as spiritual life becomes increasingly feasible.

For the present, therefore, your material earth life and all its attendant factors are extremely important to you. You should learn to compromise them, to use them to objectify and learn Infinite religious symbologyCreation as it is going on about you. You should determine the different factors and symbolic forms which are no longer useful to you. You should become conscious of the fact that different symbolic forms and usages have passed the point of your necessity in usage, because you now understand them and how they were brought into life and of their function. For instance, you have been given a rather thorough and complete presentation of the historical background of Christianity; the psychological implications have been explained to you. Likewise, the presentation of Infinite Creation has been presented to you — all of which has completely nullified the validity of religion so far as your personal position is concerned — even though it (religion) may be very valuable to many earth people. Therefore, in the final countdown, to determine a more proper course of action in the immediate future just ahead, desist from all such common practices which are done in the pure intent of symbology. Do not use prayers, affirmations, mantrums, etc. Don’t try to concentrate with a conscious mind which can, as yet, only oscillate with that “bucket of fish-worms” you call your subconscious.

Various other symbolic forms should be abandoned, such as Yogi breathing, different postures, pathway-to-lightdiets. Throw into the ash can, along with your Bible, any other symbologies, such as astrological charts and begin to replace them with a more intelligent, constructive and life-giving, life-preserving science. Start looking at the Infinite Creator not as a white-robed Santa Claus ruling through emotional vicissitudes and supposedly creating through hocus-pocus abracadabra — but rather, view the Infinite Creator as the Master Scientist who not only created all things, but which is the substance and form of all things — an unemotional Creator who presents the same opportunity on the same basic plan of evolution to any human who can and will learn of this Creator, its Creative Principle. And in the learning, you will find the Principle in action, for such is Immortal life — a direct and personal continuity with the Infinite Creator which is expressing this same infinite creative thought and action with you, thus supporting and giving you life in your interdimensional world.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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