The Cyclic Interplay – Part IV

Cyclic-Interplay-main-2“Another way which might better help you to understand is to picture in your mind’s eye the vast Infinite Cosmos, a sea of Radiant Energy, infinitely filled with whirling vortexes. Just above the earth is a great sieve perforated with countless billions of tiny holes, and through these holes this energy is streaming into all forms of earth life. Every human receives his own individual stream of life-giving energy. This is the ‘mysterious’ energy which is behind all thought and action. Through the psychic anatomy it gives life to all the cells; it keeps all constructive life formations constantly reconstructing their own form and purpose. This Infinite life energy flows into each atom and vortices manifestationexactly equalizes its position to all other atoms through these electromagnetic fields. Yes, even the stones which form the hard core surface and the earth itself are held so equalized by the exact equilibrium expressed in all these apparent physical forms. Yet, they too — just as you must — are progressively or psychically being reformed, even in the beginning of any form whether it is an atom or an earth or a solar system, or even a galaxy. The beginning of a cycle also marks its end. For all these apparent forms are only following in this third dimension, the cyclic movements which engendered their existence.

They are portraying on the surface of your consciousness the same normal progressive evolution which you also are expressing. Life or the existence of any material form would not be possible unless it had been in existence as energy in the great Infinite. Yes, and even this great Infinite is again reinstated and superimposed in the super effigy of Creative Consciousness from an even greater Infinity. And so your life as a human has, in its evolution, begun to take on or use quantum mancertain values of self-determination where each person arbitrarily selects or rejects the numerous values of life. As an earth man, he does this pressurized by the conformities of his society and only vaguely inspired by the great mysterious cacophony of creativeness which is ever about him. And in his systems of equilibriums which are brought about by these reactive consequences, he attempts to reward himself either with self-eulogy or promises of immortal life as a reward for virtuous conduct.

The Infinite, then, represents and is the Supreme Supply. It is esoterically neither good nor evil; because it is perfect in itself, it presents no emotional contrasts. Man therefore selects and uses from this great supply just as he so desires and in whatever manner and form he so chooses within the limitations of his society and his understanding. In this action he will, through many lifetimes, begin to vaguely learn of the exact equilibriums which are constantly in effect in all forms of action. This is his first beginning in learning the law of cause and effect which he has transposed in such reactionary concepts as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If he can progressively sustain his evolution, this carnal jungle law will undergo a metamorphosis. He will begin to lose the necessity of self-reward and see that virtue is its own reward. He will begin to rebuild his life transpositions, not fractal-universe-4-postas a reactive reagent against his neighbor as he seeks to equalize his neighbor’s reactive expression; instead, he will begin to realize the vast potentials and possibilities, the perfect equilibrium which is presented in cosmic regeneration. He will begin to see that self-security is not a flatulent edifice of monetary or material values which are valuable only in lieu of something more constructive.

Eventually a man may arrive at some point in his evolution where he will see Infinity as an enormous, pulsating entity of Intelligence which has, in the intricate fabric of interdimensional interplay, created and is creating, all forms and substances. When you have personally acquired some sort of a picture wherein you can see all this vast pouring in of the re-creative life substance, you will, by comparison, see how silly and unintelligent it is to pray to some self-constructed god-ideosophy for numerous benefits and actions when, in actual reality, all these things and many more are already in superabundance all about you. It only requires your personal knowledge of their existence and your ability to tune into them and make them a part of your life; or, more correctly, you will then become part of this Infinite Creative Life. You will also realize that as you acquire knowledge of the Infinite and the synonymy of usage, you will become more constructively inclined and, in a direct ratio, the seemingly destructive, nonsensical, inane earth-life dispensations become more obnoxious to you and you will participate in them, either directly or indirectly, less and less; and they will have a correspondingly lessened effect in your life.

attainment of enlightmentThis is the true creative evolution – the many multiple lives each person progressively lives into the future Infinity. A progressive evolution is always positively biased; there must always be new hope, new aspiration, new knowledge, etc., which gives a constant impetus to this evolution.

Faith and inspiration walk hand-in-hand with achievement. For all these things, too, are ways in which the Infinite Life Force streams into us. So be it thus — a progressive evolution, not a stagnant life steeped in false idolatries — not a system of symbologies bound tightly in the fetters of conformities but an unbounded realization of the human potential as a Creative effigy in Infinite Consciousness.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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