What I Have Learned From The Interplanetarians ~ Part I

Interplanetarians-main-4-postby George Adamski

Through the years since I first met Orthon on a California desert, I have had many meetings with our space traveling friends. Some have been very casual and unexpected. Others I expected, much as I described in Inside the Space Ships. Never have I Flying Saucers Farewell book coverbeen able to make definite appointments with them for a specific time and place, nor have I outgrown the inner exaltation of being in their company. However, even though I have had so many meetings with them, it would be as foolish for me to say that I know all who are on Earth, as it would be to say that I know everybody in any city or town. I have been told that on many occasions I have been visited by and talked with space travelers without recognizing them, and without their identifying themselves. On a few occasions, I have later met one or two on a ship whom I recognized as having talked with previously, without recognition.

It is for this reason that I have so often said and written that many people, in fact untold numbers of people, have met and talked with space travelers without recognizing them. Many work in industries and government positions throughout the world. They may also be found in the armed forces of every nation, working in divisions of science, communications, medical corps, etc. where they are not required to be trained for slaughter of their fellowmen.

I have been asked endless times how this can be, when so many personal identifications are required of everyone nowadays. These are not insurmountable problems even to Earth’s people. There are innumerable ways in which identifications can be established. If one questions this statement, let him start an investigation into the matter, and he may uncover surprises for himself!

Often the space people are recognized as being above the average in their natural friendliness, and slowness to anger, and at times in their telepathic abilities. But since telepathy is a science in which many people on Earth have developed an interest, with more or less success in using, the space people in business are usually shrugged off as just good telepathists, or as having extremely strong hunches.

Let me here give a warning to the reader not to think everybody uses telepathy, or follows his hunches or feeling impressions, is a space visitor. Keep balanced in all ways and accept a man for what he is, not as a possible god, as so many have catalogued the space people.

Since the publication of Inside the Space Ships, people throughout the world have turned to virtual worship of our visitors from other planets. I have received innumerable letters from those who want to meet them and be taken to another planet where they might evade the lessons of earth. This was not at all the purpose of the book.

As I have said, many of our meetings have been very casual – we would discuss Earth and her people, along with some of the problems we have created for ourselves, the same as you and I might do over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.

In Inside the Space Ships it was said that, even under the best of conditions, Man sometimes develops a tendency toward arrogance, in spite of having been taught its penalties. This continues to take place occasionally throughout the Cosmos, on even the most highly developed planet of which we can conceive. Since Universal Law forbids Man to destroy Man, such people are still moved to more lowly planets where they may experience the penalty they have been taught awaits the arrogant, for it is a characteristic of mankind to remember better lessons learned through experience than by other methods of instruction. Earth long ago was chosen as the planet in our system to which such people were moved. But let me make clear one important point.

Because of this statement, many readers jumped to the conclusion that Earth is nothing more than a penal colony, and her inhabitants have little chance for joy and happiness. This is erroneous!

It is the working out of the Law and not personal decisions of other people. This point has been made very clear to me by the space people, whose understanding and compassion far surpass our limited conception. Our Earth was formed by the same Creator who built all the planets, suns and satellites that form endless numbers of systems throughout the Cosmos. It is as holy as any place in the entire universe. Earth is even more beautiful than many planets whose inhabitants have overcome destructive attitudes and have advanced socially and scientifically beyond us. If Man would take the time and effort to observe the beauty of Nature, wherever he might be, he could not help but recognize the many blessings bestowed upon Earthlings by the great Creator.

Even in the largest cities there are museums and parks with flowers, birds, trees, and even little insects of all kinds. These are all very beautiful if one will only take a few minutes to observe any one of them closely. Yet we have become so engrossed with the effort of living, and quite often with the passion for obtaining possessions, that greed has overtaken us and we turn our interests toward destruction of many kinds of little creatures.

On the other hand, people on Venus who have studied Nature closely have learned that all natural forms are created for a definite purpose. Therefore they do not use poison sprays, artificial fertilizers, etc. They have learned, as we are learning, that while certain insects are destroyed through poisons, others just as destructive, in the absence of their natural enemies, multiply prolifically. Subsequently, birds too become victims of their natural food being poisoned.

In order to help maintain a balance of fertility, small life forms were created. Because these eat a certain percentage of crops and plants, we now poison them, and today mankind is paying a heavy price in health.

Thus our lack of understanding of natural principles and causes, along with the greed to get all we can for our money and effort, has led us into a war with Nature. We have set up a chain reaction which, when traced, will be found to affect all life from the lowly insect to man himself.

Instead of the artificial fertilizers which have become so popular in our world, the farmers on Venus return to their earth a certain percentage of Nature’s produce for mulching and fertilizing. To avoid bleeding the land of its fertility, they practice rotation of crops, and give their land periodic rests.

As a result of this care, the food they grow contains all the natural elements so vital for good health.

Points of this type have been brought out to me repeatedly, not in reprimand but as an analysis for many of the health conditions now existing on Earth that were not prevalent before poison wars were started against Nature’s little creatures. When we return to a study of Nature, we too will learn that all things were created for a specific purpose. Because we have turned our interests away from the underlying cause of so many things, and have become absorbed in materialism, we have brought ourselves many conditions from which we must suffer until we return to Nature, understand her ways and purposes, and adjust our ways to conform with her principles.

Our planet is but one classroom. Here are lessons to be learned that can be found in no other planet in our system. There are, however, many duplicates of our system throughout the billions of galaxies comprising the Cosmos, as there are duplicates of systems lower in development than ours, and others higher. But as a child cannot solve the problems of a college man until he has learned the lessons of grammar and high schools, thus preparing himself for the college work, so Man cannot skip rungs on the ladder of life, avoiding certain lessons along the highway of progression.

We might compare Earth with a kindergarten where children of many personalities are gathered in work and play. Here will be found the arrogant, aggressive type; the timid; the introvert and extrovert; the patient and the impatient; the kind and the cruel. It is the purpose of the kindergarten classes to teach these individuals to blend harmoniously with one another. In such a manner self-control is established and group coordination can be brought about.

Here too are taught primary principles in the purpose and operation of the body as a channel of expression of universal life and intelligence. The origin and power of thoughts, with the effects they can have on an individual and his surroundings is also learned. With increased understanding comes greater appreciation, joys and accomplishments.

Instead of recognizing the lessons our planet has for its people, we have been taught through the centuries that the human race is peculiar to Earth alone. As a result, rules have been set up by which we live without considering, or trying to learn of vaster rules existing throughout the Cosmos.

The space travelers are as interested in us, our ways of thinking and acting, as any humanitarian would be. They come so that they might help us learn the universal laws of life, as a teacher works with her pupils. A successful teacher never talks down to his students. Through understanding their minds and manner of thinking, he endeavors to help the younger ones unfold intellectually. The space visitors serve in this same manner. They do not impose themselves upon us, nor do they take a superior attitude toward us. Rather, realizing that we do not understand the laws involved in our thoughts and acts, they live amongst us, hoping that, by their example of harmonious living, they can instil in us a desire to do the same.

I shall never forget the numbers of people who have visited me, loudly expressing their desire to get “out of hell on Earth, to live in the peace and happiness of Venus.” Yet when I asked these same people if they were willing to live as the Venusians, they were not. They did not want to give up their pet likes and dislikes. They like to feel that, for one reason or another, they are better than a fellow-being who may not have had the same education, may be of a different color of skin or religion, or may not have been so successful in a business and financial way. Still, it is likes and dislikes of this kind that keep Mankind on Earth divided against itself. There are not such divisions on Venus, although these same differences of color and intellectual unfoldment, even of occupation exist there as here. So if such people were taken there, with their present attitudes, they would find an even greater “hell” there than here, because they would be alone with their likes and dislikes until they willingly freed themselves from them.

There are those people on Earth who glory in their jurisdiction over others. These too would find themselves very unhappy on a planet where all are considered equal, where one entrusted with authority over others in an educational or community capacity must be the most humble servant among his fellowmen. This, of course, demands a condition of the heart, a love such as comparatively few on Earth have grown into. One cannot learn this lesson through books, only through living. And Earth is where Man is given the opportunity to learn such living, among others who are learning the same lessons.

On Earth there are those who feel a possessiveness over other members of their families, or perhaps of friends or acquaintances. Often such people feel it is entirely within their rights to dictate the acts and even the thoughts of others. People on Venus, on the other hand, never take such an attitude. They recognize each person’s inherent freedom, granted by the Creator, and although one may not think or act in accordance with another’s ideas, humility and compassion compel individuals to permit all others the liberty of their divine birthright.

The humble man sees all persons as equals, children of the same Creator, breathing the same breath of life, enjoying food from the same earth, sustained by the same sunshine and by the light of the same moon. Each person is born for a purpose of serving, as well as learning. No one can perfectly fill another’s position because each has traveled his own path along which he has arrived at the present with its apparent condition.

Excerpt from Flying Saucers Farewell

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