What I Have Learned From The Interplanetarians ~ Part II

Interplanetarians-Part-II-main-4-postby George Adamski

The people on other planets are doing the same as we. They too are traveling the pathway of life, learning lessons every day.

At times they discover that they have not built a foundation with which to stand the stresses and strains put upon the average man by our way of life. These have to return to their planet, and, if through the passing of time they reach the point where they must learn through experience the lessons of our world, they will have to be born here in order to build a foundation through which they may learn them. Others, who have grown sufficiently in understanding and control of themselves, are able to meet the problems of everyday life on Earth in a calm manner without being overcome by them.

Many of the meetings I have had with our visitors have dealt mostly with my own problems and possible solutions. While they never advise a fellowman, they have an inexplicable ability of passing thoughts to another in such a way that he believes them to be his own. Thus he is free to accept and follow them, or discard them without the thought that someone else advised him. I had to learn this myself as I carefully studied my thoughts and acts following meetings with them. Often I found myself going exactly opposite to thoughts that I had received, all because I had not understood. It takes considerable schooling of oneself in this respect, and I still have a long way to go before I have mastered this lesson.

Another thing I have noticed about the space visitors, they love fun, singing, dancing, sports of all kinds, movies and educational programs on instruments comparable to our radio and TV. Yet they are always quiet. They do not talk a lot because, as they have explained, much effort is expended in talking. A great percentage of everyday talk on Earth is idle waste of time that enervates not only the speaker but others in his presence. Many people talk incessantly and loudly only because of nervous energy which they do not understand. Few people on our planet understand themselves, or have ever taken the time, thought and effort to gain such understanding. If we are to grow as we should, preparing ourselves for life in another classroom of the Cosmos, we will have to begin taking more interest in understanding our thoughts and their effects upon us as well as others, turning our minds toward the source of these thoughts and the reasons we allow them to possess us. In reality, we should be the masters of our thoughts, yet how many of us are?

I have been asked many times to describe the way of life on other planets, their homes, their interests, detailed conditions of all kinds. This is as impossible as it would be to describe the people and conditions in the entire world after one has met a mere handful of people.

Through the years I have met individuals from many of our neighboring planets. From their personal appearances I could not tell any of them apart from ordinary Earthmen. Most of those whom I have met have come from Venus, so I have been told more about that planet than the others. On each planet a planetary language is spoken, rather than many languages as on Earth. Yet that of each planet differs from all others. So when space travelers visit from one planet to another, they take the interest and effort to learn the language spoken in the world they are to visit. Even so, this is not so difficult as coming to Earth and having to learn many languages if they hope to travel from one country to another. All planets have land masses, islands, continents and bodies of water, much like ours. Some have more water than others, but water must be present to support atmosphere and life.

Education on our neighboring planets begins at birth. A newborn child is observed lovingly and carefully to learn its thought patterns and its natural interests. This does not mean that it has the privilege of ruling the home, as so often occurs on Earth! From the beginning a child is taught the value and rewards of humility, consideration for others and the indescribable joy of loving and being loved. He is taught that his natural beauty and talents are gifts from the Creator to be used as a privilege.

Our neighbors in space have certain principles by which to live. These are the foundation upon which a child’s life is based, and upon which adults, for the most part, strive to adhere. These are:

1. To desire no more than is actually needed for daily health and comfort.

2. To look upon all people as equals, without favoritism to any.

3. To watch and control their thoughts, keeping them universal at all times. This, with them as with us, is a great problem to which they keep ever alert. They do not always succeed, because they too have emotions which they have not entirely mastered. But when they catch themselves erring, those who have not turned into the detour of egotism immediately change to the universal aspect, looking upon their error as a lesson to be remembered and not to be repeated.

4. To appreciate and give thanks to every form for service rendered. This begins with each new day which they greet with pleasure and enthusiasm for opportunities it may present to serve the Creator.

As they have studied themselves, their thoughts and their impressions, they have learned to accept and act upon them in their purity rather than distorting them with biased reasoning as we are so prone to do. Thus the works of their hands express a beauty of natural radiation not found on Earth. Their stones, metals and minerals are no different from ours in this world, but their natural resonance is higher because of the absence of the negative attitudes so prevalent on Earth.

Homes in different parts of Venus are constructed for comfort and according to natural conditions, the same as they are here. There is a variety of architectural styles, as one would normally expect from a multitude of people. Their homes are no larger than is required for comfort and pleasure. Some families, because of their interests, prefer homes with lawns, flowers, swimming pools, etc., the same as we enjoy. There are others who prefer smaller quarters without so much responsibility. Accommodations are available for such preferences. One important difference their precepts of life have established from our Earthly ways, is their friendliness. One does not have to be invited to enjoy another’s swimming pool or lawn and garden for instance, because all are considered friends and welcomed as such. The conveniences are not privately owned, but open for the pleasure of all.

As on Earth, businesses of various kinds are a necessity for the welfare and comfort of the people. Buildings must be constructed. Factories of all kinds are necessary to supply manufactured products. Farmers cultivate land to produce food. Shops, varying in size and style, accommodate the shopper. Trained workers keep public utilities and equipment in repair, since any man-made object is subject to flaws and breakdown.

The power they use is the same natural energy used in their ships; therefore, smoke and dirt are not produced, as is true of our power. Yet Nature has her storms there as here and there are few if any differences between dust particles of Venus and those of Earth.

They have solved the cleaning problem better than we have however. In each building-home, business, etc., is built a magnetic suction system to draw floating particles of dust into a central container before they have an opportunity to settle. These containers are collected regularly, taken to a reclamation plant where the contents are processed to reclaim valuable minerals, much as fumes from our large factories and mills are trapped to extract usable elements for manufacturing by-products.

For the housewife, cooking is simple and easy. Most of the food is eaten in its natural state. That which they cook is quickly and simply prepared so as to retain vital minerals which would be washed away by the kind of soaking that is so often done by Earthly housewives, then quickly cooked with penetrating ray. Similar equipment is now being developed in our world and will be put on the market for our homemakers.

I have not learned about the matter of dishwashing – which seems to be such an obstacle in the minds of many Earth people!

Venusians keep their clothes clean by use of a process similar to our ultra-sonic methods. By putting garments into a cabinet, they are cleaned better than by use of water or any of our solvents. The fabric is refreshed into its original state of newness through this method, thus increasing life and permitting it to retain its natural beauty. This process is used in cleaning all fabric, and takes only about three minutes. All homes, and public places like hotels, are equipped with one or more of these cabinets, varying in size according to the need.

As on Earth, there are those creative men and women who delight in styling and making clothes. Some do this for the general public, others for their families and friends who do not share such interests or talents. They never allow their work to become a burden to them. This is because of their mental attitude and control over their thoughts. They have learned to enjoy thoroughly whatever they set themselves to do. We could do the same – if we wanted to, and would set ourselves toward this end. Admittedly, it is difficult, but not impossible.

Because of their excellent community transportation systems, and their desire not to possess more than they actually need, few people own private vehicles. They realize, as many of our people are beginning to, that possessions can become the masters, with their owners being possessed and bound with extra cares, work and expenses.

True, they have robots to do much of the heavy work that once was done by manual labor. These have given the laborers more time for study and the pleasure of living. Still, it does take the mind of man to conceive and design machines of all kinds, and to maintain such equipment. Man, as he turns his thoughts into forms, becomes a creator.

Learning is a matter of a lifetime, never limited to a few short years in school. Their schools are edifices of beauty, within which is taught the science of living.

Many other sciences are also taught, with models depicting the history of their planet, civilizations that have come and gone, as well as history of other planets within our System, and systems beyond ours.

I was interested in the explanation they gave of the Garden of Eden as described in our Bible. This was a word picture of what results when Man permits his reason to separate him from an awareness of that eternal part of himself which we have named the “soul”. The Cosmic man, unit of the Creative force and intelligence, builds the physical body and enables it to grow and express. So long as Man abides in the consciousness of this eternal part of himself, he never grows old, nor does he experience tensions or strains of any kind. But when the reasoning mind, or personality ego, takes over, judgments enter and divisions are established which eventually lead to Man’s downfall and eventual destruction of that era of civilization.

The story of Adam and Eve is allegorical, depicting the history of mankind. When Man is aware of his true being, his lot is happiness, but when personal emotions – the “tempter” of greeds, envies, etc. – are allowed to rule him, he is taken out of his “Garden of Eden” into the world of hardships established by the ego.

The story of the Prodigal Son’s return is a portrayal of man being humbled through hardships, turning again to an awareness of his true status as the child of the Infinite Creator, and the peace and joys that such awareness bring to their possessor.

Much teaching is done by means of systems similar to our radio and TV. Demonstrations are given of miniature solar systems in the process of being formed, while others are experiencing disintegration. Cosmic laws, as learned through observation with telescopic instruments on the planet as well as in their space travels, are taught with the aid of replicas built for use in their schools. Classes are not established by ages, but by interest of the people. No one is pushed beyond his interest, nor is anyone held back in his progress by a prevailing “average”. This may all sound pointless to us who have grown accustomed to our system of education, but on a planet where interest is a stimulant for greater understanding of that which is limitless, no monotony or indifference is allowed to rule a person.

There are no separate churches, as we have them, for their day-to-day living incorporates what we might term their “religion”. With their attitudes and understanding of Universal Laws, there can be no divisions as between religious teaching and daily living, for in the house of the Creator there is eternal blending of all things. One studies to learn that he might more fully live according to the will of the Infinite and thereby progress along the pathway of eternal life.

Little ones are taught in their homes, as well as in such public institutions. One never grows so old as to stop attending classes of instruction. Periodic travel on their planet and elsewhere through the Cosmos in their gigantic luxury space liners is enjoyed by every individual on Venus, regardless of age. They have learned well that, although one can learn much through study of records and miniature replicas, travel is a source of unending practical education which gives not only pleasure but lessons of lasting value, never forgotten.

Excerpt from Flying Saucers Farewell

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