The Nature And Causes of Birth Defects

Birth-Defects-main-4-post“One of the more important aspects of life which has, as yet, not been thoroughly explained in the liturgy of UN.AR.I.U.S., is a complete presentation of conception; how various different kinds of physically and mentally defective children are born into the world: such children as are classified mongoloid, mentally retarded, cleft lip, or other forms of physical and mentamongoloid childl defects; barring of course, such defective children who incurred their defects from organic causes such as syphilis, accidental blows, abortion attempted, and instrument deliveries. The process of conception is extremely complex inasmuch as it involves a great interplay and linkage of harmonic attunements, etc., in what might best be described as an extremely complex system of energy wave form integrations.

As medical and genetical scientists do not understand or know about the psychic anatomies, theirs must be a purely physical understanding of conception which grew out of the studies made by the Austrian monk, Mendel. In genetical science as it applies to a human, the process of conception goes something like this: The male germ cell — the spermatozoon — succeeds in making contact with the female ovum and Sperm-Meets-Eggpenetrates the outside membrane of the egg. The male and female germ cells contain certain numbers of chromosomes, 22 in each male and—23 in each female cell. Inside the chromosomes, there are large numbers of what are called genes or units of character, such as dark hair, blue eyes, etc. After the male germ cell penetrates the ovum, there begins a pairing-off process, something like an old-fashioned country square dance, at which time there ensues a struggle for supremacy to see which genes are the most dominant and which will control the physical characteristics of the human to be.

Now, this may be all right as far as it goes; genetical science may be partially or wholly right in spirits-seeking-to-be-reborndescribing what they believe is conception; right, as far as some of the physical characteristics are concerned, but like all other physical sciences, this is only part of the picture. First, there could not be any of this mating or pairing unless there were psychic anatomies involved. It is the psychic anatomies of the parents who generated the germ cells, who are partly responsible for this mating and pairing process. There is also a third factor involved, or more correctly a third psychic anatomy, a disincarnate spirit person, if you please, who is trying to get back into the material world. At the moment of conception, there may be one or a thousand such entities or persons trying to get control and attach themselves, so to speak, in a psychic manner to the newly forming germ cells on the basis of frequency relationship. One of the more dominant entities will succeed. In this respect, it is most likely to be a close association or relative or polarity who has been with the parents through many lifetimes.

Now, picture in your mind this extremely complex process; there are literally billions of energy Mozartwave forms oscillating in and out of each other, all trying to get something done, or gain control. These billions of wave forms determine all the characteristics of the human to be. Sometimes the wave forms from the mother’s psychic anatomy are more dominant and the child will look and act like the mother, or sometimes it may be the father’s wave forms which gain control; and then, again, it may be that the mother’s and father’s wave forms will only partially control and form the physical anatomy and the newly attached entity or person will be the dominant character. In rare instances a more highly developed person, not necessarily a polarity with the parents, will attach itself to the new fetus; such as has been recorded historically, where an infant prodigy, or genius, was born into the world. A classical example is Mozart, and while his family was musical, he did not have any polarity with them; the musical plane of reference made it possible for him to be born into that family.

At this point, of our introspection, you should have begun to form a somewhat vague idea of this child with deformityvery complex process, yet according to the law of harmonics, precise and exact in every way. However, under certain conditions, portions or sections of wave form spectrums will be so balanced they will cancel themselves out, and they will become neutral. When this happens the child will be born defective, mentally or physically, or both, according to what portions of this newly forming psychic anatomy were affected, for a certain portion of a psychic anatomy must form and grow before the physical body can form and grow.

This is better understood when we understand that the parent psychic anatomies are all oscillating their varied intelligences into the newly forming psychic anatomy; the spirit entity which is the mental portion of influence-of-baby-genetics-4-postanother psychic anatomy is receiving, helping, sorting out, so to speak, the various received wave forms and is also reflecting its own influence in the same manner. This must all be done ahead of the time before the infant can grow. As stated before, under such complex conditions certain maladjustments can occur, such as the case of identical twins, when the newly forming psychic anatomy splits in half, so to say, to maintain control over two evenly divided parent influences.

Ordinary twins are simply the doubled process of a normal single birth: two ova and two vortexes of human bodyspermatozoa, two spirit entities, etc., which grow into two separate placentas or bags; likewise triplets, quadruplets, etc. Now, in any psychic anatomy there are many centers composed of vortexes of energy which control the physical anatomy, its metabolic rate, etc., and all of the many and varied processes which the physical body performs automatically. When the newly forming psychic anatomy is in the process of adjustment, at the time of conception, there may enter in, as stated before, certain factors which may cause the child to be born defective. As the outline of each physical characteristic is contained in one or a multiple number of wave forms, alteration or cancellation can change the respective portion of the physical anatomy. It can be easily visualized then that the portions of the psychic anatomy which control the shape and size of the head, together with the brain, can be so affected that the child will be born a mongoloid. The same condition applies to any other defect which may appear in the newly born infant. From this objective introspection it is at once apparent that modern sciences which deal with the factors of human genetics are, like all other sciences, very incomplete. That is why most doctors can only shake their heads and say, “we don’t know”, when asked the cause of these constantly occurring physically malformed births. Almost needless to say, nothing can be done about the situation until they understand the true human which is the psychic anatomy.

Other variables which may enter into this complex process may be the character of the newly attached psychic anatomy or the disincarnate entity which has taken possession — so to speak. If warrior 4 postthat spirit person is mentally defective or has formerly lived as a defective person, he may be entering into the world by reason of karma to work out a former lifetime situation with one or both parents. The spirit entity may also be a criminal, a murderer, or some kind of a hellion, such as in the case of Genghis Khan or Adolph Hitler.

During the past several decades there has been a great interplanetary transmigration; that means hordes of spirit entities from other planetary systems from all over the galaxy and the universe are swarming about the earth trying to be born into this material world. That is one of the dominant reasons why we are having such troubled times, and especially with the juvenile portion of our population. At present (statistics at this writing), according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there is a 5 to 1 ratio increase of crime in the United States, 43% of which is committed by juveniles under 18 years of age. It is easy to see that these juvenile malcontents are spawned from the lower astral worlds and who formerly lived on other earth-like planets where their respective civilizations decayed just as ours is now doing.

Just as the prophecy of doom was written on the wall in ancient Babylonia, so as of today the same rise and fall of civilizationsmessage is quite apparent to all those who can read it in the daily newspapers, on television and movie portrayals, in different vital statistics which show the inclinations of our civilization. What can be done? Philosophically then, as with the mongoloid, the savants of our time can only shake their heads and mutter, “we don’t know”. Classical words of doom, yet with all, again graphically portraying the message of Infinite Creation, the rise and fall of civilizations, epochs of time, the forming of new worlds all mutely portray cyclically, Infinite regeneration; Cosmic Creation, carried as it is, from the mind of the Infinite into an infinite number of dimensions, each with its spectrums which function again in the common denominators of harmonic interplay to create new suns, new planets, and new civilizations. The countless billions of planets which float like microscopic bits of dust around countless billions of suns which form countless billions of galaxies and universes, all these planetary systems can be, and are, the spawning grounds of multitudinous forms of life, each form a way the Infinite Creator regenerates Itself.

man-galaxy-4-postHow small then is a single human personality; yet how important this personality is when he is developed to a point where he reflects, and also regenerates, the Infinite Principle of life. These are the latter days, as prophesied in the Christian Bible, latter days of a civilization, and they are the latter days of many who have approached the threshold. For, as death comes as a thief in the night, so will death steal away the material world from all those who believe in it and leave them the blackness of oblivion.

The most recent scientific discoveries on conception involve the newly discovered DNA molecule, a subject which has been separately covered in another supplement. According to science, dnagenes are now believed to be composed of these DNA molecules, a very complex molecule resembling somewhat a spiral staircase — the various atomic structures composed of different known atomic equivalents. However, irrespective of such subdivisions or even new discoveries which may develop in the future, the principles of harmonic regeneration are still very much in effect; in fact the DNA molecule discovered further substantiates this regenerative principle as has been explained many times in the Unariun Liturgies.

Any atom, regardless of its designation or kind, is a miniature solar system of energy, a complex unit of cyclic wave forms, each with its own particular frequency. The parallaxes of their orbits are presently referred to in atomical science as neutrons, protons, positrons, etc. However, there are no solid particles in an atom. When an atom is split or broken up, tiny bits of this energy formed by these parallaxes retain their respective polarities according to the original cyclic atom-4-postmotions within the atom. It is these cyclic wave form motions together with the radiated electromagnetic field which controls their respective reactionary position on the scale of atomic weights or equivalents.

However, again it must be repeated — there are no solid particles in any material form, neither will they be found in any other dimension; for the Infinite Creator or Intelligence is this oscillating wave form energy substance which forms all things irrespective of their form or function, or the dimension in which they are found.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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