The Nature And Causes of Birth Defects ~ Part II

nature-of-birth-defects-main-2-4-post“In Part I, there has been presented a rather broad and generalized view of that all important factor of life — conception. This presentation, quite naturally, leads us up to a question which is always baby twoasked by those who have the burden of caring for children with birth defects. It is quite obvious that as various branches of science do not know about psychic anatomies, there are no doctors, clinics or therapeutic centers which could possibly institute some corrective measures.

In all cases, it is first necessary to individually classify and diagnose each defective person. There are many types and kinds of defects which could not be helped from the material side of life. These cases will all have to wait until they have lived the physical cycle and return to the spiritual worlds and under proper conditions before very much can be done for healing-projection-4-postthem. In other cases certain therapeutic healing can be projected by advanced personalities from the higher spiritual planes. Classifications and diagnoses are, at the present time, impossible to obtain in this material world, as only a person highly trained in various clairvoyant aptitudes could pierce the material veil and see the past lifetimes of all individuals concerned with each case.

It is also comprehensible that should such an advanced person appear and start practicing this kind of diagnosis and therapy, he would almost immediately be stopped and incarcerated by the all powerful materia-medica. So the advanced intellects wisely do not tamper with the different evolutionary factors present in any civilization at any time; only benign spiritual help is psychokinetically projected. The advanced intellects await a more propitious time as in the spirit worlds. It must be remembered that the all dominant factor in human relationships is the individual prerogative of self-determination. This self- determination tends, over a long period of evolution, to develop the mental faculties of any human. To alter or affect this human self-determination is, in effect, destroying the human. He would become a zombie-like creature entirely dependent for guidance, quite useless in the Infinite plan.

As you may have discovered in our previous discussion, a physically or mentally defective child may be here at this time trying to work out some burdensome karma. He may be mentally defective from circumstances suffered in other lifetimes; he may also be a migratory entity from another planet or he may be an elemental, like one of the primitive Australian aborigines or an African Pigmy; or he may come from the jungles of another world.psychic-imaging-4-postSo, you see, to personally classify and diagnose every defective human would be a task which could be performed only by thousands of doctors, all suitably trained and developed in paranormal functions; and if these doctors so existed, they would, quite naturally, have at their disposal various electronic devices which would aid diagnosing and whenever so indicated, proper therapy could be entered into.

In many planets throughout the universe, there are civilizations which have such doctohuman-wreckage-2-postrs and therapeutic practices. It should also be pointed out that in these civilizations, the rate of inception of defective children is correspondingly low in proportion to the applied knowledge. Only planets like the earth which are abysmally ignorant of the facts of life make themselves subjective to and become victimized by the ignorance of their time; and as a consequence, the development of a physical or material civilization brings a double indemnity of human misery and wreckage.

If you have a defective child in your care or custody, or if he has been born to you, try to understand him on the basis of the introspective facts which have been presented. Understanding the child will be of great assistance in Young mother and her baby sleeping togetherbringing about corrective measures. By understanding, you become a polarity whereby the higher Advanced intellects can work through you interjecting intelligent energies which will form the foundation for a future complete healing, most likely in the spiritual worlds.

Do not give false emphasis to the importance of life in the defective child; if he is mentally retarded, he will have his own world. His years of earth life will mean little to him. If he is physically deformed, make him as comfortable as possible. And in all cases, look forward with joy to the time when he will leave his deformed body and go back into some spiritual world where he can be more properly cared for, and when this happens, in your understanding and participation will be projected energies which can be utilized by the doctors and others involved in his therapy. Much depends upon a constant positive attitude, one which is born of understanding. A negative fearful and doubtful attitude will only deter progress in his therapy.

The physical world is only the reflective plane of understanding for every human who is associated with it and believes that it is the paramount place of life. No person can be said to be truly human Spirituali-development-4-postuntil he has passed the necessity of his material life, and can see some small part of the vastness of Infinity. Therefore, to all potential humans involved in earth lives, the importance of the earth life is the prime motivating drive of his existence. He will do anything and everything possible to prolong, even for a moment, the span of his years, not knowing that death gives him a much greater advantage to advance the purpose of his existence. For in the spirit worlds there is much greater opportunity to gain some comprehension of life and prepare for future evolutions. For indeed these spiritual worlds are the Kingdom Within; they are the Many Mansions; and through the psychic anatomy, regardless of whether he knows it or does not, every person actually functions and lives from one or more of these spiritual planes.

spiritual growth into the futureLife then, in an actual reality, is all spiritual. In essence all forms are spiritual, or energy forms. They are held in their respective position by your former associations with them, over long periods of evolution; and the reality as mass exists only as a development of consciousness.

In the future it is possible with every human to develop the same consciousness in a higher plane of life where the relative factors of reality are quite different. There are no mass forms composed of atoms; instead energy is held in some form of reality by consciousness developed by understanding it completely. Work then, for that future time in your evolution when — like the caterpillar which develops into the pupa and which in turn, leaves its old form behind and becomes a radiant butterfly — you, even as a radiant spiritual being, will have far more purpose than could now be conceived.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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  • Hopeful says:

    This is both interesting and heart wrenching because I am the mom of 2 special needs children. It is a very difficult road and I’d really like to believe there is a spiritual reason for it. It is one thing to write/read about spiritual reasons for disabilities and still yet quite another thing to live the reality. I do appreciate the insight though.

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