Mechanics of Personal Evolution ~ Part I

Mechanics-of-Personal-Evolution-main“Now that we have entered into some of the mathematical abstractions in this universal oscillating process, called Infinity, and as we enter into this more complete abstraction, visualized in its entity of consciousness as the Infinite Creator, we are most necessarily concerned with other factors involved in the evolution of man and, in particular, our own evolution. In all respects, however, mans-energy-body-4-postwherever we find evolution, it is Infinite, and we will always find the same similarities in various configurations and wave form expressions.

The psychic anatomy of man is, therefore, basically and essentially, the same in its configuration as is the whole universal Infinite, or Infinity can be subdivided interdimensionally; it is in this respect, that it might serve a good purpose to explore some of the more constructive evaluations of Infinity and in a comparative manner set up a facsimile of consciousness within our own minds, whereby we can realize the entire entity of creation.

Up until this moment the psychic anatomy was largely pictured as a body or a formation more or less loosely compounded of different vortexes; however, this does need clarification. For, within the psychic anatomy and with whatever structure we are involved, we shall find the utmost degree of regularity. There is, in resonance within the harmonic principle of regeneration, oscillation or the compound of harmonics which again re-expresses the parent sources. We find the same principle is also functioning in different aspects of interdimensional expression, so that they, in turn, form suns and planetary systems. Yes, indeed, atom-to-man-to-galaxythey even form galaxies and universes, as they are presently determined by the astrophysicist or the scientists and even beyond the horizon of the five senses. As we have described to you, the interdimensional configurations of Infinite Consciousness do so infinitely fill space in the same precise and constructive manner as they are, interdimensionally speaking, linked and relinked to each other in this same configuration of positive to negative phase relationship which exists in the common table radio.

To form within our minds a more constructive configuration, let us take a long piece of wire from a spool and coil it in a regular fashion around our fingers; we will stretch it out somewhat and loop it about so that it forms a continuous circle. Then we have a spiral of wire which is revolving around and around into a perfect figure of a circle. This is a fourth dimensional concept of the sine wave, and we can now determine positive and negative in respect to different portions of this circular cycleconfiguration of wire. We will find that the negative polarity always manifests itself on the exact inside circumference of the wire at each place where the wire returns into a loop. On the opposite or outside part of that coil of wire, we will, in turn, find the positive polarity.

The psychic anatomy is composed entirely of such configurations which, to some extent, resemble vortexes. A vortex is not an exact configuration for a vortex starts as a spiral and terminates in a point. We do have, however, within these spiral formations of energy within the psychic anatomy, the same condition which we can liken to a vortex. As we have previously described to you, positive and negative must relate to each other in an in-phase condition if they are to be constructively or harmonically regenerative in their purpose. In order for two of these different spirals or vortexes of energy to thus be constructive in their intent and purpose we cannot place them against vortical-structures-4-posteach other, as two doughnuts laid side by side on the table with their outer edges touching each other, for we would then, in effect, have the positive polarities of this cyclic form of wire touching each other, and they would be out of phase; they would repel each other. How then would they regenerate or become in phase with each other? This is possible because of the various frequencies from which these configurations were formed.

In these frequencies we can say that we have a large doughnut which has a larger vibration, and we have a small doughnut which has a smaller vibration; if we place the small doughnut within the large one, we will immediately see that the positive polarities of the small doughnut are contacting the negative polarities of the larger one. In this phase relationship they can oscillate harmoniously together and regenerate harmonics as harmonics-4-postthe base and same multiple of that ratio of two and one-half which I have formerly presented to you.

Now, at this point we must remove from consciousness the proposition of size, because size, in reality, does not exist in the fourth dimension; size and time are of the same quality of proportion. In other words, time, size, and space are synonymous; we cannot separate one from the other. If we say that something is of a certain dimension it means that we have to take a certain time differential from the place where we start to envision this object to the place where it can be left off or terminated. The time interval, therefore, is synonymous to the space or the difference between two points.

However, this differential does not exist in the fourth dimension, simply because all things are cyclic man-vortex-4-postwithin each other. I have used the doughnut configuration merely as a convenient means to build up your consciousness to a point where you can envision the construction of a vortex; it is a manner and form which is constantly relinking the different frequencies or the various kinds of oscillations in an inphase or positive relationship to each other so they can regenerate into constructive configurations of harmonic wave forms which will again relay or convey the energy  – the information – to other sections of the psychic anatomy; they have done so on the same basis of frequency relationship and regeneration.

Now, every object in the solar system which you see as a planet, a sun, a star, or a moon, is, in effect, the center of a vortex, just as it was described to you in the Second Lesson Course. That is, we have in the fourth dimension a large number of varied sized doughnuts placed regularly within each other — if we wish to create the image within our minds — so that in their oscillating content, the positive and negative are constantly regenerating and oscillating vortexes-4-postconstructively. As we look into the center of this vortex, we shall see that, conversely, the degree of oscillating frequency must decrease; that is, it does, in a manner and form, separate itself from the previous doughnut because it is not vibrating at exactly the same frequency. Therefore, it can place itself in the positive and negative phase relationship with the larger circumference of the different spiral energy configurations, which I have described.

As we go on down, so to speak, into the center of this vortex, we have a centripetal motion; that is, energy is, negatively speaking, constantly precipitating itself into the center of this vortex; and, conversely, the same situation is true in respect to the positive polarities, they will increase as we approach the periphery or the circumference of this vortex. Therefore, in this constantly expanding outward and constantly increasing positive condition, we have regeneration into a new dimension or a new circumference, or a new entity of expression; and in the centripetal or the negative configuration we also have a more ultimate expression, which terminates into the center of this vortex as a sun, a star, a planet, or even a moon.

Yes, even the same configuration is used to describe each and every atom in your body; and, for that matter, all atoms which compose the planet earth. They, in turn have these same minute atomic vortex -4-postconfigurations of spiral wave forms which form vortexes of their respective psychic anatomies, and these are all pulsating in very regular cyclic motions from positive to negative within themselves, as these energy expressions are constantly revolving in that timeless fourth dimension, as Einstein called it. When we have somewhat mastered this concept within our own minds, we shall indeed have a true picture, and a true portrayal of Infinite regeneration — the secret which is now being sought after most assiduously by the earth scientist. It has to some degree, been envisioned as an esoterical virtue by the religionist; however, the religionist, whether he is Christian, witch doctor in the jungle, or any other intermediate expressionist, does not possess the scientific knowledge of the Infinite which I have just described to you. Wherever we may go upon the planet earth, we do not find people who possess this knowledge. In this sense then, UN.AR.I.U.S. is the “Second Coming,” or the return of the “Christ Consciousness” to the earth; it is in respect to the fact that all creations have psychic anatomies, whether they are atomic, whether they are human, whether they are planetary, or even if it is a universe itself, for even the universe possesses a psychic anatomy.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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