Mechanics of Personal Evolution ~ Part II

mechanics-of-personal-evolution-main-4-post“If we look at the picture of a universe in a planetarium or in a scientific book of astronomy, we shall see that a universe — such as the one in which our galaxy is revolving — has a center core, and from this core there are radiating outwardly in a spiral—like fashion great arms of lighted energy; these spiral-galaxy-4-postarms of energy are following those same cyclic paths of motion — previously described to you — which occur within these cyclic motions of the great vortex forming the universe. This leads us to some of the more indirect expressions of energy configurations.

An atom does, in itself, express outwardly into the third dimension a certain electromagnetic field, just as the sun is expressing outwardly into the confines of the solar system, a great amount of energy which is a composite field of force — that is, it is composed of many kinds of energy, including the magnetic fluxes which hold this planetary system emf-around-sun-and-planetstogether and which relink it to the galaxy and in turn to the universe. The composite energy which is pouring outwardly from the center of the vortex known as the sun, is again re-transferred in that magnetic stress condition which is called hysteresis, and is reconverted into such quantities of energy spectrums which we call heat, light, etc.

The same condition holds true within your body, and the same principles are as inviolate there as they are in the function of a solar system or a universe. Each atom, as it has an electromagnetic field, does in proportion, radiate outwardly around it in its field of force either a direct opposition to other kinds of atoms, or it presents, in the inphase and out of phase wave form motion of these electromagnetic fields, an affinity to some other atom. It is in this manner and way that molecules are formed.

Molecules are composite groups of atoms which have been somewhat loosely held together by the electromagnetic fields in their respective atoms. Now, it is quite easy to break molecules apart, but itatom-emf-and-vortex-4-post is extremely difficult to break up atoms, for the reason that molecules are a third dimensional configuration held together by a somewhat third dimensional field of force, the electromagnetic fields; whereas, within the atom the different fields of force called by the scientist, electrons, protons neutrons, etc. , are actually exact facsimiles and configurations of the vortex which forms the atom; and this in turn, is relinked to an infinite number of vortexes throughout the cosmogony, or the microcosm and the macrocosm.

We can see that breaking even one atom apart is, in effect, the same in principle as breaking the entire Infinite apart; and in breaking up an atom, we have actually released, in a split fraction of a second, a certain potential of infinite energy into the third dimension, which could not have come into this dimension except in that evolutionary process of phase wave form relationships and the regeneration of electromagnetic fields, just mentioned.

scientist-4-postWhen the scientist, the chemist, the man of medicine, or any other expressionist in the field of science understands the principles of magnetic coupling, or electromagnetic repulsion among atoms, in their more third dimensional expressions as groupings of molecules, then we will develop an entirely new science; it will be a science compounded from the electronic principles, which have been described to you, and not from the presently existing seemingly reactionary components which are expressed in chemical reactions.

In the same way, body functions also can be dissolvedelectric-body-of-man-4-post and re-established in a more correct synthesis as an electromagnetic or an electronic proposition wherein we can see that even the food we eat can be inducted and reconstructed into molecular content in the human system, by the same inductive and repulsive conditions of electromagnetic forces as they are recombined in these different polarity constituents. As these numerous energy configurations are thus expressing themselves in the general metabolism of the human system, we must also realize that through the nervous system and the ganglion of the nerves, as they are terminating in the different cell structures of muscles, bones etc. of the human anatomy, these nerve cells are constantly pouring into the molecular structures the biasing currents which emanate from the same harmonic interplay in the psychic anatomy.

These biasing agents, in turn, are related in that timeless and spaceless dimension — the fourth dimension — back into the very beginnings of your evolution, or, for that matter, back into the very primitive ooze or the beginning of your existence, as it concerns even a simple one-celled animal. For even the germ life, the bacteria, or the protozoan which inhabit this planet, have developed from these same principles; they have the same psychic anatomies, the same regeneration and the same electronic automations as does every human in the entire universe.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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