Mechanics of Personal Evolution ~ Part III

personal-evolution-main-2-post“In your daily life, if you have become addicted to fads, if you are over-weight, or with whatever manifestation of life you are consciously aware, remember that these are merely beat frequencies of in phase out of phase wave form interactionsoscillations which are coming to you from out of the past. It is here that we come into that all—important element of synchronization. For this is another scientific terminology which describes how two wave forms can either oscillate together or in opposition to each other. The element of synchronization is in the time in which these frequencies express themselves in that regenerative process. Therefore, if you are synchronized — and you always are at any given moment — in a famine-4-postgeneral summation with all experience quotients which have come to you in your previous lifetimes, i.e. you may over-eat because a thousand years ago you died in a famine, or you may avoid meat because you have a sense of guilt from being a soldier and killing other soldiers in a war; these various configurations from out of the past have, in these different synchronizations, generated certain parallaxes, or, as they are called by the scientist, synchronisms or anachronisms, or whatever term you wish to use to describe these appearances of energy configurations. They are, in turn, any number of energy wave forms beating in that never-ending, never-ceasing process of regeneration; the opposition or the combining of polarities in their respective content; the relaying of the information which all wave forms do carry as their wave shape or as their oscillating content. They will convey and reconvey this information as they were so propagated, and as they were so constructed in the experience of the moment.

Fads and faddisms are merely the expressionary forms of past experiences which combined with escape-mechanism-4-postcertain pressures of this present civilized world, they tend to regenerate a certain form of psychic pressure which, in turn, will have to be equalized or stabilized by an escape mechanism. An escape mechanism, is, in a sense, a safety valve and is usually quite harmless unless such an escape mechanism builds up, and involves all of the essential and dominant qualities of the personality. If this occurs, the person is either extremely neurotic or he is extroverted and psychotically inclined. However, by whatever terminology we wish to describe a mental condition, so far as its appearance in the third dimension is concerned, we have the same automation of electronic constituents which are involved in the general conflux and the construction of different parallaxes as they are expressed into your present-day life.

Food, in itself, is merely one of those elements which you have incorporated in your psychic anatomy as a concept of living, just as are all of the other different configurations which form your past-lives-4-postpresent-day life. There is no reason to believe that these various incorporations of consciousness need to exist in the higher spiritual worlds for, as life is predicated upon a constructive evolution, we must always envision within ourselves, that all of these various forms of consciousness will, eventually, pass from us. They will become only a memory in the reality of the past.

Therefore, learn to constructively analyze your present-day life and whatever act of consciousness in which you are involved. Try to trace back in a direct connotation all of the differences in the psychic manifestations as they have been impounded in your psychic anatomy from previous lifetimes. If you will gain this constructive and objective thought process of self-analysis and do it without the limiting perspective of self-recrimination, flagellation, or other subversive elements of psychic masochism, you can attain a constructive evaluation of evolution in particular to your own position on the scale of Infinite Consciousness.

When this is done, you will have begun to constructively master life, for life is merely a symposium of constructive evaluations wherein we attain mastery; our most ultimate destiny is mastery over any dimension in which we find ourselves, and we always should be vitally concerned in this mastery. No indeed, mastery does not mean that we can wave some sort of a magic wand and create self-mastery-2-4-postany kind of a condition we so wish, or that we have opened a bottle and loosed a genie. It does not mean that we can step up to any person who is sick or suffering and say, “Be thou healed,” then watch the transformation occur. It means, instead, that we have a regularity of consciousness which is sustained through an infinite number of dimensions; this is mastery, mastery which immediately objectifies the most ultimate conception of Infinite Consciousness as it is contained in that never-ending regenerative process which is Infinite Consciousness.

When, we have obtained the complete and absolute abstraction of this Infinite Consciousness and so applied it as the sustaining element of our lives, as the prime purpose, and as the motivating impulse of our lives, then we can be said to be masters in the dimension in which we find ourselves.

Do not be confused with the “isms” and “osms” which come to you from outside in your material world; as Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” and this begins only when we can constructively analyze the entire intent and purpose of life as an evolutionary principle. This is selfmasteryscientifically interrogated and interpreted as the different interpolations and interplays of energy wave form configurations, either third dimensional or otherwise, which I have previously described.

It is almost needless to say that when you have attained mastery over any dimension, when you have a correct knowledge of the function of this dimension in its relationship to Infinity, then you will quite proportionately express mastery into the dimension around you. You will not be constantly pressurized by the impending impact of experience and your reaction to this experience occurring with you. Instead, experience itself will immediately resolve itself into a dimension whereby it can be introspectively analyzed and reaction will cease to exist.infinite-evolvement

God as the Infinite and all—creative Intelligence is not emotionally activated. God is an inviolate, ever sustaining principle of life which is not subjective to the different emotional vicissitudes which are portrayed in human consciousness, as God is the sum and total of all things. The principle of God is incorporated as the functioning entity of all things; God therefore cannot be emotional. God must always remain the absolute and ultimate abstraction of all forms of consciousness, for if this were not so, there would be no reason, no purpose for the existence of either a sun, a planetary system, an atom or a human being. For the entire service of creation is, in itself, predicated upon the great motion of Infinite Creation sustained by that constantly regenerating principle, which I have so often described to you.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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