Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine ~ Part IV

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postIn the future day, the weapons and guns of war and the battleships and the various impedimenta of the armies and navies which you so frantically construct (since you believe in a defense against destructive powers) shall be melted down into the plowshares to turn over the fertile earth as you have so familiarly termed it.

Your instruments, your scalpels, your various contrivances which medical-instrumentation-4-postare used for anesthesia, and many of the artifacts of present medical science, shall likewise be relegated to the dump heap; and these, too, shall be melted down into more useful instrumentation for the future world. The patient of tomorrow will be, indeed, a much more fortunate individual.

The masses of humans who are striving in the dimension of terrestrial expression as they are on the earth today, so steeped in the fear of ignorance and superstition in the age and time in which they live, are so warped and contorted in their expression and wayabstract man two of life, that these things do seem to us here to pose a problem of tremendous scope; and they cannot be alleviated in any one immediate age or in one immediate dimension.

The individuals as they express themselves individually, in the concept of your time and in your place, must be necessity relieve themselves of such karma as they have incurred in the initiative factors of negative thinking in the presuppositions of the civilization instituted about them; and men must in consequence ascend into the higher dimensions which are above them. If individuals do not do so, then they must expect to revert to the universal cosmos, sometimes referred to as space. They will revert back into the sea of cosmic energy, from whence God so contrived and fashioned them as individual concepts of His own being.

The ultimate and conclusive principles of man’s evolutions cannot, and will not, be presented to you in this book or in any other book which might lead to dimensions which are beyond the finite concept  of your spiritual-evolution-2own dimension at this time. You will, by necessity and for the wisdom of the purpose contained therein, be given only such fractions as are relative to your own individual evolution and progress.

The infinity of God’s own nature, and the dimensions in which God is so expressed and realized, are indeed something which would not only stagger but confound and confuse you. Even though we ourselves have evolved into a dimension where we become more introspective, as well as retrospective, we too might, if we looked beyond the horizon of our spiritual dimension, become somewhat confused, just as would you. So we must not at any time, strive or stress or place false emphasis onto such values which we are not properly able to conceive or interweave into our personal progression or evolution. Nor should we try to compound such infractions or portions of other individual concepts into our own structure, unless they too can be factually integrated as they may become something of relative consequence to us.

The expression of the “blind leading the blind” is one which is a very factual reality in the earth about you insecure-mantoday. There are many persons who are going about in their daily lives trying to inflict their various philosophies, or facets, or interpretations of life upon their fellow men, even though they themselves very often do not understand the nature of these principles, or the true relationship of these principles themselves.

Primarily, we might say that these extrusions of mentality from one man to another are not born strictly from a more humanitarian concept of nature. The individual who is striving to impress another individual as to his own concept or his own personal attainment or his mental or spiritual stature is doing so more directly from some of the more inductive processes which are called guilt complexes. He may, in the consciousness and in the fear and the superstition and the unrelative sequence of factors in his own concept, be so motivated that he will try to placate his own consciousness by interjecting what he thinks is right upon the consciousness of some other individual.

What is of the most value and of the greatest importance to the individual, lies within the realm and dimension of his own consciousness. We would stress most emphatically the concept, as it was expounded kingdom withinby Jesus, that if you seek for the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, all things shall be added unto you. This is factually a concept which will be of the greatest value to you. If you believe and so conceive, then the principles of the truths which may arise from the analytical processes of the higher nature within yourself, can aid and help you in contriving a philosophy which will be inductive in its nature to your higher self.

As has been pointed out and so emphatically stressed, the greatest principles of truth which have been of the greatest value to the progress of human evolution, have not come from without, or the exteriors, or the superficialities of man’s nature, in translation of life about him. Instead, they  have, and must, come from within man himself. In man’s periods of meditation or cognition of his own Superconsciousness or of the values of spiritual dimensions which he may not be able to classify, yet in the inspirational values which are contained in these contacts, he has brought in a conclusive relationship, some philosophy or science into his own dimension. He may even be so motivated in these concepts that he may accidentally reproduce them. One of the antibiotic drugs was thus given to the world in its proper time and into its proper dimension.

scientist-in-laboratory-4-postWe might point out that if you will study the various types of inventions or discoveries as they have been brought into your consciousness and into your world, you will be surprised that a great number of these were more or less very blindly stumbled upon by the individual who was pursuing some vague course of consciousness. He did not know at the time exactly what he was doing; but there was some sort of an intuitional concept within his innermost nature which seemed to prompt or motivate him. He became engrossed in this procedure as to completely eliminate any outside or exterior values. Thus he was able, in some blind or groping fashion, to stumble eventually upon the principle of truth, or to compound the element which he was striving to bring into the world.

A much more logical course to pursue would be one in which the individual, if he were in the pursuance of such projects, could be properly trained or integrated with the concept of clairvoyance. He would, in the inward consciousness of his own self, contact and construct within the dimension of his own relative being, the factors which were most necessary or vital and pertinent to the advancement of mankind at that time.

It is in this corridor, which is devoted to various types of medical and psychiatric sciences as expressed inhealing-projection-4-post the different terrestrial dimensions, that I would like to point out one device which could be of very great value to the scientist of the earth; or rather should I say, a series of devices which are quite electronic in nature. In  a future visitation and transmission, you will also see similar devices which are used as inductive instruments in the educational field of relationship of the human being which may be used in other terrestrial dimensions. Here, however, these inductive devices, as we shall call them, are used in the field of corrective medicine and therapy, and use supersonic rays, or frequencies, which can help or heal the individual.  These modulated frequencies can be of the philosophical and spiritual nature that can instigate and institute the correct functioning and reasoning processes of the individual and thus induce the corrective therapies into the physical structures of the body.

child in head phonesThis type of therapy is used on the planet Mars, not only as corrective therapy, but also in the educational therapies as well. The scientists on your earth today know of the effects of autosuggestion, or the constant repetition of some subject. Although the individual is not conscious of this repetitious autosuggestive transmission, yet he very quickly co-ordinates this suggestion into the subconscious structures of his being, so that he knows and can repeat whatever is being inductively autosuggestively contrived into his mind at that time.

However, I see that I am beginning to exceed my time limit, which is so important in these transmissions. The subject of this type of instrumentation, which is electronic or vibratory in nature, is in itself , one which is beyond the horizon of the present concept or doctrine of the physician ontherapy machines the earth today. There is much electronic instrumentation going on at the present time which relates to different therapeutic values, such as those contained in the various spectra of light, as in the infrared or ultraviolet. These, in turn, are superimposed into the human body by such electronic contrivances as light, or X-ray machines, or other types of inductive therapies which are induced by capsules of radioactive material or by such salts or compounds of isotopes of radioactive substances. X-rays or radium rays or various other very highly radioactive substances, such as cobalt, are also used in some instances to destroy cancer tissue.

past-life-therapy-4-postIt would be much better if a corrective therapy could be instilled into the patient’s mind, and the proper continuity of the life forces could be so instituted in the human being, that the cancer did not occur. The ounce of prevention here, too, is very valuable; and the person would not have had to incur the predisposition of the cancerous tissue, or the extreme embarrassment and repercussion of the operation, had he been suitably educated in the precepts of the higher dimensions; or had there been practitioners who had relieved the patient in the psychic consciousness of obstructions and blocks which superimposed the cancerous conditions into the patient’s body.

The same type of therapy, the same type of reasoning, future medicine 3learning, logic, and wisdom could be carried on into any one of the hundreds of ills and physical disturbances which beset the human body. So the physician of tomorrow will be, indeed, a person who has a great deal more knowledge of the human being than he possesses today. The horizon of his concept will extend beyond fields which are not now conceivable in the dimension his medical training. However, until such time in the future, let us rest. ~ Hippocrates

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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