Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine ~ Part III

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-poststressed outThe very simple and common ailment of headache, as it is so expressed in the general run of human beings as they exist about you in your own dimension, is in itself purely a product of hypertension. Incidentally, I might mention this is one of the ills of the human race today which is literally killing people by the thousands every year. Hypertension is purely a by-product of what Freud called the libido or drive; the tension of the times in which you are living. As was pointed out by Apollonius, the various pressures are induced, not only by governmental systems, but by the social and religious structures which exist around you, as you, in your various ways, are contriving to arrive at certain compensations and evaluations in these pressures.

physician monitoring vital signsEvery doctor knows that each patient coming to him in his practice, has symptoms which, in themselves, may indicate certain presupposed malformations or functions of the body; yet in a final diagnosis, there may be a whole host of other inductive conditions which have contrived to induce this condition into the human body. And as a consequence, every physician is confronted with a great deal of experimentation.

The age of specialization in which you now live, is in itsemedical-medium-4-postlf one which is also quite subject to a great deal of error. The physician who is specializing in some section of the anatomy may, in some presupposed symptom as it appears in the body, so classify or wrongly relegate this symptom into something which may in a future day, cause a great deal of harm and frustration in the mind and body of the patient. Here again it would be a very valuable adjunct to the physician if he could be sufficiently clairvoyant, just as some practitioners have been, both in medicine and in science and in the pure fields of ecclesiastics, and could peer into the body of the patient in such an X-ray fashion as to properly place the illnesses and their corrective therapies in his own mind.

Peebles-and-Cayce-4-postThat this has been done in your time and dimension, has been very properly demonstrated by such men as Dr. Peebles, and by another man known as Edgar Cayce, who lived at Virginia Beach. The actual case histories of this latter individual are very completely and thoroughly substantiated and are a matter of medical record.

Going back a little further to the time of Jesus-healing-boy-4-postJesus who performed the same kind of miracles in corrective and therapeutic medicine by relieving many individuals of various painful diseases. He, too, could peer into the anatomy of the human being and properly see there the exact causation of such a diseased condition. As has been pointed out, these diseased conditions, in themselves, were not necessarily something which was induced at the time of the appearance of the disease in the individual when he so lived on the earth at that time. It could have been, and was quite often the case, that the condition was the result of a great psychic impact into the individual’s nature and into a life which he had previously lived at some other place and time.

multi-dimensional humanThe direct result of the appearance of any physical condition or malformation in the human body must always be properly evaluated first, as it is wrong alignment in some respect to the patient’s own attitude or aspect of life. Because these dimensional factors, or relationships, or inceptions in his spiritual nature have not been properly interjected, he has been unable to perform as  a natural, normal human being. the inflow of Infinite Energy, as it is expressed in different dimensional relationships into the individual in one, or a number, of these dimensional expressions, has somehow been misaligned; or the individual has been temporarily tuned out from the true conscious purpose of his spiritual life.

In going down this great corridor, which is devoted to the teaching of these medical practices in the different terrestrial and students-classroom-looking-at-spirit-bodyastral dimensions, just as in the various operating rooms and hospitals of the numerous places of your own terrestrial world, you will see replicas of these many instrumentations and their usage as they are demonstrated by the teachers. As the student progresses along the line of integrating the factors of evolution in medical science, he will thus, in consequence, be able to reincarnate into some dimension of expression where he will be able to reproduce very factually, a higher concept of the practice of medicine into that future day and time.

The element of human progress, in the evolution or the mental level of any civilization, whether it existed upon your planet or upon any of the other numerous planets, has always been directly the by-product of evolution of individuals, who have learned, or contrived, or fashioned some philosophical or scientific aspect of their lives in a higher spiritual realm. And so in reincarnating and beginning to develop this spiritual science, in a comparatively lower level, they have thus been able to serve mankind and to help lead them just a little farther along the line of their own personal evolution.

Here we do not confine evolution into the pure individual concept, but rather into the collective level of renaissance_and_reformation_collagecivilization as it exists as a whole. As you witnessed during the period of Reformation, the intellectual level of people was led into a freer and a higher state of expression, not necessarily by one individual or one field of endeavor, but it was propagated and inspired and further aided and abetted by various and numerous persons in different fields of endeavor. So in the overall evaluation of that period, it can be said that man was indeed led into the furtherance and betterment of his own spiritual self, and into following a genuine purpose and pattern of evolution omechanized-man-4-postf consciousness.

Your present day expresses a certain level of consciousness, which is somewhat of a mechanized way of life. You have thus contrived around you, such a tremendous fabrication and superstructure of mechanical contrivances, that your whole world has thus become something which reminds us of a great boiler factory, where there is a great deal of sawing and pounding and hammering going on as all times. As a result, the din and noise, and the confusion itself, is something which would distract even a more complacent person into fleeing to some remote section of the planet.

freeway crash twoThe great highways which link your cities become veritable slaughterhouses, in which you yearly sacrifice many thousands of people in your mad haste to get somewhere; and when you get there, you very often just sit or lie around and do nothing at all. There is very often a great lack of cohesion and reason in the many things which human beings do upon their planet at this particular time. However, this has somewhat been the case with all evolutions of mankind, inasmuch as they do not relate themselves with the more highly evolved principles of their spiritual nature.

Mankind, living on the earth today, is purely in the elemental stages. Do not pride yourselves that your civilization is too high orevolution-one-4-post advanced in its concept. As we have said, this too, is a principle of relativity, and as you leave your terrestrial dimensions, you will be somewhat surprised to know, just as we do, that the terrestrial planet of the earth is one o the very basic, and first, and elemental planes of understanding of man and his relationship to his higher God-self and his true nature.

We here, just as myself, so very earnestly stress and lay the strongest emphasis upon compounding the expressions within your daily lives as they exist about you. The more advanced spiritual concepts relate man to his true spiritual self, for man is truly a spiritual being, even though he lives in a terrestrial dimenspiritual-evolution-threesion, which you say is composed of mass; and this, too, is only a product of concept. Man, in his higher Superconsciousness, along with the combining elements which the Infinite God has so contrived and conceived as the dimensions of mass into his consciousness of thinking, would in his evolution, be given individuality and the purpose of his conception.

In the future day of medicine, the doctor who will live on the terrestrial planet one hundred years from now, may very well be a doctor who will be somewhat similar to the doctor of the past, as in the ancient Egyptian science of medicine, as it was practiced during the time of Osiris.

People in that day and age were very often relieved of conditions which the modern hypnosis-in-Egypt-4-postsurgeon of today would find almost, if not totally, incurable. The patient was first separated from his physical body in what has sometimes been called a trance, or an astral state. With the patient hanging thus suspended, the physician or practitioner or whatever you would call him, was able, with the help of practitioners and doctors from the higher dimensions, to interject such therapy into the temporarily unconscious body, that whatever illness was present was immediately arrested. This was done without instruments and without dismemberment of the body in any way. There are, of course, many variations of this more highly evolved and developed technique.

Spiritual healing in its pure sense, as was practiced by Jesus, meant that the patient, in his complete and abject faith in approaching the Master Avatar, was completely lifted from the plane of consciousness in which he was living and reinstated into another spiritual plane, or dimension, in the true concept of his mind. Thus the body was actually instantaneously following the spiritual concept, or the dimension in whichascension-4-post the nature of the individual had been placed. An instantaneous corrective therapy was thus instituted in the body of the individual. This in itself is purely a highly developed principle of concept, and one into which every individual in his future evolution will develop, as he progresses according to the normal order and relationship or law of evolution. He will arrive at a place in his dimension where he will know how to do this, not only for others, but for himself also.

As a direct consequence of this much more highly developed nature and in the compounding of the spiritual virtues which he finds in the dimension in which he now is, man will, in consequence, not incur the various infractions of negative presuppositions into his nature. Nor will he suffer from the physical illnesses which are the by-products of negativity, misunderstanding, fear, and ignorance; for these conditions are purely produced within the realm and dimension of fear, ignorance, superstition, and malpractice of any spiritual virtues which may be contained in the individual’s consciousness.

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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