Hippocrates On The Practice of Present Day Medicine

Hippocrates-On-Medicine-main-4-postMy dear brothers and sisters, I am most happy to renew our exploration again into this section of Parhelion. For Hippocratespersonal identity, I am Hippocrates, one of the teachers here, who gave a previous transmission.

The preceding transmission, was a general discussion of elemental factors in your civilization and the summary of reincarnation by my very worthy brother, Apollonius of Tyana, who generalized somewhat on the various aspects of life and civilization and personal evolution.

We can now resume somewhat more of a direct exploration here into another of these sections, which is devoted to the general practice and understanding of psychiatry and medicine in various terrestrial and astral dimensions.

psychic-attachments-4-postIn our previous visit, you were taken to the section which was somewhat devoted to teaching various students the results of obsession and possession of evil entities or thought-form bodies; and you and sister were made quite nauseated by the sight of these numerous squirming eel-like or leech-like creatures which had infested and attached themselves onto the psychic bodies and structures of some unfortunate beings. You saw also, the result of malformation of the psychic bodies, in which the various persons twisted and distorted themselves by perversions of different concepts, such as sex, or money, or other materialistic values. This subject is also one which is quite vast; and while we have somewhat generalized in presenting some of these things to you, you must also realize that we could continue for many hours in the same general line of exploration and discussion. However, at this moment, we shall go to a section which is related more directly at the present time, to the practice of medicine on the earth, as it is in its present form.

May I first say, that the physician who very conscientiously applies himself to his practice, and if he is altruistically inclined or motivated in his sole interest of rehabilitating or reconstituting the physical body, is to be complimented. Medical science as it exists today has made tremendous and advanced strides, especially in the last fifty or hundred years.

However, it is customary at your time to give a great deal of wrong and false emphasis on a credence as to the doctor of specialized medicineadvanced state of your medical science. There is also too much of the principle of specialization in the general practice of medicine. A doctor may very often, in his own specialized form or expression of medicine, overlook some very pertinent and vital defect in the constitution of a human being, which is entirely unrelated to the symptom itself. For example, we know that a headache, or even eye strain, may sometimes be caused by the displacement of bones in the longitudinal arch of the foot or by the falling of muscular tones, as they are compounded in the ligaments and muscular tendons of the calf of the leg.

man-running-bone-structure-4-postIt is common knowledge that any of the symptoms of illness which are distressing the human body, very often occur and recur at different points of the body, which are quite remote from their original cause. The nervous system of the human being is one which is quite capable of producing, in somewhat of a harmonic fashion, a series or a combination of impulses which are painful in nature in some sympathetic region which is not the region or original inception of pain or distress. I am purposely avoiding the nomenclature of the physician, as he so contains in the expression of his medical science, for the obvious reasons that these terms would somewhat confuse the general reader, to whom this book is dedicated.

Now that we have arrived here at this particular section, as you look about you, you will be amazed at the vast size of this gallery or section into which you are just entering. Here is a factual cross section, not only of the terrestrial dimension in hospital-ward-4-postthe practice of medicine, in which you will see actual operating rooms and hospital wards and operations just as they would be on the earth, but you may also see some operating rooms or wards as they exist in other terrestrial dimensions.

These things are brought into realization for the student in the comparative values and equations in his own personal relationship, as he is being so educated or taught in the evolution of medicine as it will, quite by necessity, resolve itself into future expressions of time. The medicine which you practice today will be quite as remote and as obsolete and outmoded in a hundred years from now, as the medicine of a hundred years ago is outmoded in your time and day.

hospital-room-with-doctor-4-postHowever, do not, as I have said, take too much of a stamp of false credence or pride, that you have conceived or contrived a medical science which has been and which is in existence for the first time on the face of the planet earth; or that you have achieved some relationship in this science which is superior to all time. It is quite true that there is a general course of extreme specialization and mechanization in the field of medicine, which is unique in your time and dimension. However, it must be born in mind that medical practice, as it existed in other civilizations, was quite as relative and quite as effectual in its own interpretation, as is yours in your present day and in your present world.

Among the ancient Toltecs and Aztecs of Central and South toltecs-4-postAmerica and in such places as China and Egypt, surgeons performed operations on the brain which were known as trephining; and they performed other such vivisections or dissections of the human anatomy. healed Inca trepanationThis was done without the commonly known instruments of anesthesia, as you know or conceive of them in your time and dimension. The anesthesia which was used at that time was more of a trance state. In some instances, the individual was actually transported from his physical body and held in a suspended state in an astral world while the operation was performed upon the body. The individual was then later replaced in his body, and he then proceeded in the healing process and was soon able to function in a very normal way.

Other methods of anesthesia consisted of something more of a hypcognic or hypnotic nature, produced from the herbs-used-to-induce-anesthesia-4-postfumes of various herbs whose drugs were liberated in the process of combustion. As the patient inhaled these fumes, he became completely anesthetized and was therefore unaware anything was being done to his body. These processes are all quite similar to one basic aspect of relationship: It merely temporarily severs the patient from the conscious realization of the screen of his life, as it is known by his objective or reasoning consciousness.

The suspension of relationship is in the frontal lobes of the brain, which relates man to the reasoning faculties of his nature. psychic anatomyDo not assume, however, that these reasoning factors are contained in the brain. The brain itself, is only the outward artifice of a very cleverly contrived mechanism of atomic structures, which are related in themselves to the psychic body from whence the dimension of concept springs in the daily lifetime of the individual.

The brain contains nothing which is generic in its nature; nor does it manufacture, in itself, any of the compounded complexities of nerve impulses which are constantly stemming into the extremities of the human body. These, in themselves, are likewise products of the contents of the psychic body in the vibrationary nature, which relate themselves to the universal and cosmic source of all energy.

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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