Reincarnation As Part of Man’s Evolution

reincarnation main“The whole idea supporting reincarnation (and the only true answer to life) is the evaluation of man’s evolution into the higher consciousness of life. The contents of one’s psychic body, as he is individually so constituted at this time will not remain with him into what we call the eternities or the vistas of the future.

The psychic body, just as does all things, changes in its evolution; and the truths in numerous reincarnations are the infractions impounded into the psychic body. Such wave forms or vortexes are undergoing a spiritual evolution to such an extent that they become refined and attain a higher higher-self--4-postdimensional infusion so as to more properly relate themselves to the true spiritual concepts, as it is evaluated by the portrayal of the Life Cycle as it was conceived in the individual from the Mind of God. This in itself is the true answer to the purposes and destiny of man. He should never be confused by false doctrines which stem purely from the various complexes of certain individuals who do not properly understand the orders of law and harmony and frequency relationships.

The practitioner, teacher, or clergyman may quite easily circumvent the true spiritual evolution of a large group of individuals in his misunderstanding and interpretation. There is a good deal of altar worship and such orthodox conceptions in existence today, which must be completely rectified and eliminated in the future evolutions of the individual’s mind, and may be at the time, constituting elements which are somewhat stabilizing in his own existence. Yet they may very well become, as I have said, an opiate in his future translation, wherein he believes that these things in themselves are virtues of his own salvation, as it has been repeatedly pointed out. The virtue of salvation is only contained in evolution, and the evolution of the individual must, as it does by necessity, refract and infract into itself all of the dimensions of God’s own Infinite Mind and Purpose. These elements cannot be properly compounded or impounded into his nature without the value of the emotional experience as he inscribes these things unto himself.

This is the necessary and ultimate purpose of evolution. The idea of evolution, or reincarnation as it is called, is subject to a wide degree of variation and interpretation, as it is conceived by the individual today on the earth plane. We have stated in previous transmissions that the average baby-earthling-4-postindividual will very frequently reincarnate or revolve about a certain terrestrial dimension of understanding; and in the concept of the terrestrial natures and understandings of these concepts, he continually re-relates himself in an outward way by reincarnating as a physical being into such a terrestrial dimension.

We do not, in any sense of the word, wish to be misconstrued as to our stand upon this purpose, for were we misunderstood, the consequence would be illogical. However, the average individual, in his elemental orders of understanding, is very illogical in himself. He could if he contained some small grain of truth, or if he could see his own purpose of life, eliminate many of these evolutions which would be quite unnecessary to him if he properly understood the values of life.

By the same token, many of the small children who are coming into the world today could be taught properly the spiritual evolution so that each child, too, could be saved many thousands of years and countless impingements of karmic error into consciousness, which must be rectified later. Ignorance itself breeds ignorance, and the consequence of ignorance must always be individually worked out by the person who has so incurred the ignorance into his own consciousness.

If the average child coming into the world today was taught that he was merely the product of spiritual evolution, and that he existed only in this place of consciousness for certain definite earth-child-4-postpurposes, that he must be very careful to impound only elements of spiritual wisdom and virtue in his future translations of life; he would very quickly arrive at a point where he would be saved the numerous reincarnations. He might also be saved from becoming one of the inmates of your mental or penal institutions.

The proper understanding of evolution or reincarnation, will factually interrelate every human concept as it exists upon the earth today. Every individual, in the diagnosis of his material or spiritual status quo, can be properly diagnosed into being further re-educated and reorientated into the concepts of life. The existence of error in any individual’s life, means only that there has been some dereliction of spiritual principle in his evolution. It means that he has merely been ignorant or unconscious of the spiritual interpretations, or even far worse, he may have known something of them and still indulged in some dereliction. This in itself has a much greater degree of impact into his own nature.

So, dear brothers and sisters, do not misconstrue or listen to the false words of those who are about you, in the various interpretations of spiritual law as they relate to you in your own personal evolution. Reincarnation or evolution, as has been so previously explained, will relate each individual into his own concept in his proper sequence and order. He comes into the world by way of reincarnation-cycle-4-postthe womb at the moment of conception. He does not reincarnate into any living soul; or, if he so reincarnates into a living soul, he is merely possessing or obsessing the living soul by attaching himself to its magnetic aura.

There is only one way in which a person can reincarnate into this world, and that is through the proper relationship of the law of frequency and harmonic relationships. The individual, in his spiritual domain wherever he so resides, contains within the structure and elements of the psychic body, such concepts as will vibrate in such harmonic conclusion that he will be automatically drawn into the channel of birth where he is conceived into the womb, and will emerge as a human being. The whole superstructure, or as he is overshadowed, will be within the dominion of the spiritual concepts which are contained in the individual’s psychic body. The concepts of one’s psychic body are not contained within the concepts of any other individual, unless some other individual becomes possessive or obsessive, and attaches himself into the magnetic aura of the individual.

We must never at any time, misconstrue or misinterpret what is properly called reincarnation or self-analysis-4-postkarma. Karma is itself only a consequence, or the result of wrong interpretation, or thinking, or execution, of our interpretation of principle. If the thinking is wrong, the error must and can be visualized by the individual in the future spiritual consciousness as something which retards him. He sees within his own self, such defects of consciousness as have been termed mental or spiritual blocks. He will thus say to himself, “ I must remove these blocks which are impeding my progress.”

Man will thus seek a level of interpretation where these blocks were incurred, and he will try in some way to remove them in some other integration of concept, which will be at such proper position of polarity that it will cancel out these blocks or impingements of error and interpolation in his consciousness, if the proper relationship of harmonic structure is brought into being at the proper moment in his evolution.

These numerous blocks or vortexes can thus very quickly and properly be removed from man’s consciousness. Just as the housewife who irons the various pieces of clothing of her family by higher self 4pushing the hot iron upon the cloth, so the individual places the Light of Truth and shines it directly into the block as it is contained in the psychic body. He cannot do this at the time in which it is incurred; instead, it must be done at such proper time and in such proper relationship of harmonic law and order, so that this Light of Truth, or the Christ Light of his own consciousness, can eliminate and rectify this mental obstruction.

The average individual must also be made to realize that there can be a great deal of intercession to help and aid him in working out these various spiritual interpretations in his own life, if he so properly conceives the Intercessors, and can call upon them or bring them into focus in a proper relationship, in the removal of these obstructions in his own evolution. As was pointed out, there are great levels of spiritual interpretation in the domains or, shall I say, in the spiritual planets such as the Shamballas, wherein reside countless millions of individual concepts or polarized individuals who can, and very often do, respond to the call of the individual in lower dimensions to aid and abet him in his evolution and soul flight. However, it must be borne in mind at all times, that it is not the Christ, but will be so interpreted in other concepts as the Christ Consciousness of the individual, which comes from his own Superconsciousness.

The various types of intercession or aid to the individual, comes from such spiritual levels which lightworkerswould be in direct harmonic relationship to his own life. The intercessors will not in themselves as individuals, reach down, as you might say, through a hole in a cloud and take the individual by the scruff of his coat and snatch him from some abysmal pit of clay where he has plunged himself. Instead, these higher dimensional spiritual forces will refer certain elements of their own consciousness in the proper orders of spiritual or harmonic relationships into the individual’s consciousness. He will thus be able, in his future evolutions, to begin to impound, or, shall I say, to digest or to integrate these high orders of spiritual rays or Light of Truth, into his consciousness. He will thus automatically lift his feet from the pit of clay where he has plunged himself.” ~Apollonius of Tyana

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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