Causes of Spirit Possession

Causes-of-Spirit-Possession-main-4-postby Eugene Maurey

Psychic attack, whether it is spirit possession or comes in some other form, may happen to anyone at any time. The condition may come into being whether or not the victim has a knowledge of psychic activities. The problems may range from only a minor illness, a negative change in attitude to a complete change of personality. Unless the victim or someone near him can recognize the symptoms and seek help from a competent psychic, he is in serious trouble. With such help the psychic can unravel the causes of such infestation and correct the problem. Such help will restore the mind as well as improve the health of the patient.

There are two common roads to possession. The first is voluntarily asking a spirit to enter one’s mind. In most instances the victim does not realize that he cause this condition. His motive may have been sympathy, grief, need for companionship, or simply curiosity. No evil was intended. The second is a state of mind when a spirit enters without invitation. This is called an involuntary, it usually leads to serious problems for the victim as well as for those the victim influences. (more…)

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After Death: Waking Up On The Other Side

Waking-Up-On-The-Other-Side-main-4-postby Carl Wickland


Unenlightened spirits often wander aimlessly for many years in the earth sphere, their lack of knowledge of a higher spirit world, which is attained only through understanding, keeping them in a dreary condition of confusion, monotony and suffering; many remain in the scenes of their earth lives, continuing their former activities, while others fall into a state of heavy sleep from which they are with difficulty aroused.

The Case of MINNIE DAY

Pathos and tragedy are often the grim accompaniment of the sufferings of earthbound spirits. The spirit of the following narrative was taken from a patient who was subject to doleful spells of crying and afflicted with intense head pains, all of which ceased after the spirit was removed. (more…)

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Spirit Possession

Spirit-Possession-main-4-post-1By Dr. William Baldwin

“The condition of spirit possession, (that is, full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate being) has been recognized or at least theorized in every era and every culture. In 90% of societies worldwide there are records of possession-like phenomena.” (Foulks, 1985).

Extensive contemporary clinical evidence suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits of deceased humans, can influence living people by forming a physical or mental connection or attachment, and subsequently imposing detrimental physical and/or emotional conditions and symptoms. This condition has been called the “possession state,” “possession disorder,” “spirit possession,” or “spirit attachment”.

Earthbound spirits, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are the most prevalent possessing, obsessing or attaching entities to be found. The disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of influence on thought processes, emotions, behavior and the physical body. The entity becomes a parasite in the mind of the host. A victim of this condition can be totally amnesic about episodes of complete takeover. (more…)

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Spirit Attachment And Past Life Releasement

Spirit-Attachment-And-Past-Life-Releasement-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Many traditional therapists and counselors reject the idea of past-life therapy, partly because it is based on the controversial spiritual notions of reincarnation and karma. Most traditional therapists and many past-life therapists reject the concept of spirit releasement therapy because it is based on the objectionable and, to many, frightening possibility of spirit possession.

Spirit releasement therapy and past-life therapy are closely linked in clinical practice. The event that led to the spirit attachment is often discovered in a past life of the client. This must be explored through the techniques of PLT (Past Life Therapy). The past-life events described and experienced by a client may be part of the soul memory not of that client, but of an attached entity. Differential diagnosis is critically important, the identity of the one speaking must be established before the appropriate techniques can be followed.

Past-life therapy is so effective in so many problem situations, it is a surprise when it doesn’t work well. PLT on a discarnate entity accomplishes little to nothing toward relief of the problem affecting the client. The therapist often can’t tell which condition, past-life trauma or attached entity, is present until well into the session. The following reports demonstrate the connection between past-life therapy and spirit releasement therapy in cases of physical and psychological problems. (more…)

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Connecting Spirit Releasement To Past Life Therapy

Spirit-Releasement-And-Past-Life-Therapy-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

At the time of death several choices are available for the deceased soul. It can move into the Light, accompanied by the guiding spirits that come. It can also linger on the Earth plane for any number of reasons, remaining in some favored location as a haunting spirit, or joining a living person as an attached entity.

When a client describes the death scene in a past-life therapy session, the past-life experience is not over and the regression is not complete until the being returns to the Light. If the being does not move toward the Light after death but instead describes floating in a gray place, drifting over their hometown, or being drawn toward a living human, this may indicate a spirit attachment. The therapist continues to probe for the experience of either moving fully into the Light or joining another living person. The discovery questions must continue until one of these two events is recalled.

I continue to repeat my favorite question:

“What happens next?”

The newly deceased spirit may describe a brief period of wandering before moving into the Light. This indicates a past life of the client.

This question may also reveal the experience of attachment to a living host, who is the client. Since a spirit is capable of “floating” indefinitely, more prompting may be needed to locate the crucial moment. The longer the soul remains near the Earth, the more likely is attachment to a living human. The next question is asked:

“Skip forward to the next thing that happens.” (more…)

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Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound-Spirits-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin

The earthbound spirits, that is the spirits of deceased humans, have identifiable characteristics and specific signs of attachment.

They have gender and a name.

They retain the age at which they died.

The present date for them is the date of their death.

They feel and express human emotions and can influence the host’s emotions by imposing their own emotional residue.

The opinions, judgments, prejudices, and belief systems of the entity can affect the host’s intellectual outlook. This is the mental residue that is imposed by the spirit.

The earthbound spirit is often fixated on the physical and emotional trauma of its death and can Impart to the host the physical and emotional symptoms of that trauma. This is part of the emotional and physical residue. (more…)

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One Doctor’s Journey On Discovering How Disembodied Entities Cause Schizophrenia

Mental-Illness-main-4-postAre the voices that schizophrenics hear disembodied entities? Do psychologists and psychiatrists take the time and listen to what these voices are saying so they can more readily understand what is going on and if there are any similarities between cases? Evidently the man interviewed in the following video did just that and what he discovered for himself is that possession is real. The narrator further elucidates the phenomena from a Swedenborg perspective.

It would be wonderful if more people in the healing arts would come to recognize this as part of the reason for so much of the mental illness in the human condition today also, many times these discarnate entities cause disease and physical illness in their victims directly stemming from the possessing entities cause of death or their former health problems while they were incarnated. Many of the addictions (sexual, alcohol, drugs) are also directly attributable to these same possessing entities who will go through their subjects to get their high.

UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches that possession is real and can be easily relieved once the science behind possession is understood. Many other advanced earth worlds practice the art of spirit releasement therapy. Why aren’t we? See more articles here on spirit releasement therapy.


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Remarkable Healings: Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit-Releasement-Therapy-main-4-postRemarkable Healings was written by a psychiatrist who found that by working with people to remove spiritual entities and attachments, she could heal them of their psychiatric disorders.

Dr Modi is a psychiatrist, who followed in Baldwin’s footsteps. Her book gives many accounts of past life and spirit release therapy. She breaks new ground in her handling of soul fragmentation, for she reports that soul parts are often taken captive by demons which torture or otherwise manipulate them in Hell. This view, so far as I know, is not held by other leaders in the field. Modi analyses her case material, finding that spirit releasement and soul integration relieve emotional and psychotic symptoms in 80% of cases, while physical symptoms are relieved in 70% by past life therapy. There is no index, but an excellent bibliography. The book contains many case histories, with much to interest therapists.” ~Alan Sanderson

If we can imagine God as one body, then we are like different cells and parts of that body of God. When any part of that body hurts, the whole body hurts. Similarly, when we hurt any other person, we hurt ourselves as well. We must treat each other with love and care in order to preserve the whole. Love is the most powerful source in the universe. When we give love we also receive it and as it moves back and forth, it grows and provides the healing for everybody involved. Only love can heal, and it is the only thing that really matters.

by Dr. Shakuntala Modi, M.D.

Shakuntala-ModiWhen I was doing my psychiatric residency, there were times when I felt very discouraged because there was no single treatment that worked for every patient. Medication works, but not in every patient; and it can make some patients more dysfunctional because of the side effects. Traditional talk therapy helps only a small percentage of patients. I saw patients who suffered for years, going from doctor to doctor and from hospital to hospital, searching for relief from their symptoms.

During my residency, I strived to learn different types of available treatment methods. I learned individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, psychodrama, transactional analysis, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy so I could use these various techniques with different patients to suit their needs for healing.

Medication, in some cases, does correct the chemical imbalance in the brain; in other cases, however, it just pushes the problems back into the subconscious and covers them up. The patient feels better temporarily but the problems continue to surface. More and more medication is required over a long period, restricting patients day-to-day functioning. In some cases, patients become addicted to these medications, creating additional problems. (more…)

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Spirit Releasement: A New Kind of Therapy Showing Promising Results

Spirit-Releasement-Therapy-main-4-postBy Stafford Betty

A new breed of therapist is healing the mentally ill not with talk and drug therapy but by releasing troublesome or malevolent spirits who have attached themselves to their victims. I am not talking about religious healers like Francis McNutt, but secular healers, some of them licensed psychiatrists or psychologists, who have discovered, often by accident, that this new therapy works better than what they learned in medical or graduate school. They tell us that too often drug therapy only masks symptoms, and talk therapy reaches only as deep as the patient’s conscious mind can go. But spirit releasement usually heals, often permanently. Not only does it heal the client; it heals the attached or possessing spirit.

William Baldwin’s Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, published in 1995, was a watershed event for this movement. Dr. Baldwin left a dentistry practice to pursue his passion. His ensuing doctoral dissertation in psychology was the first ever to take seriously spirit release as a legitimate therapy.

The disciples of Dr. Baldwin, who died in 2004, deal with spirits, or entities as they are often called, in a manner very different from most church-based exorcists and deliverance ministers. Missing is the adversarial command to come out in the name of Jesus! These alternative therapists treat the spirits with respect and compassion. To threaten anyone, living or dead, they say, only provokes an angry reaction, but a gentler, more rational approach is usually enough to coax the spirit out of its host and into the light of the afterworld, where it should have been all along. (more…)

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Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind

Close Encounters mainby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

The different types of close encounters with aliens have been designated by Roman numeral:

CE-I, Nearby UFO sightings.
CE-II, physical and mental affects on people, strange and unusual markings on the ground, and purported physical artifacts of alien spacecraft. CE-III, visual contact with alien beings.
CE-IV, uninvited, forceful alien abductions.
CE-V, intentional invitation to alien contact (as developed by the CSETI group100).

I am proposing CE-VI as the designation for the condition we have found so frequently in altered state sessions with clients: intrusion and parasitic attachment by non-human beings from another place, the alien beings or ETs. Historically, this condition is termed possession. In these cases, the possessing entity is not a demon, but an otherworldly or other-dimensional being.

There is a popular romantic notion, perhaps more frantic than romantic, that friendly ETs, our “space brothers,” are poised to assist us, or have been poised for some time, just waiting for the call. Bumper stickers read: “Beam me up Scotty.” In the popular movie, Independence Day, crowds stood on the roofs of tall buildings holding signs pleading and inviting: “TAKE ME HOME,” “WELCOME TO EARTH,” “TAKE ME WITH YOU,” “HELLO BROTHER,” “REMEMBER ME,” and other such greetings and pleas. (more…)

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How The Dark Forces Hurt And Influence People

How-Dark-Forces-Influence-You-mainby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight.

From ancient times to the present day, religious literature has depicted the polarity of light and dark either as a schism within God as Source, or as arising from different sources. Zoroastrianism, the religious philosophy founded in Persia (Iran) around the sixth century B.C., held the dualistic view that Ahura-Mazda, the being of Light, was all good and totally separate from Ahriman, the being of Darkness. This religious dualism was the first to posit an absolute principle of evil, a clearly defined Devil. A basic tenet of this philosophy was that the forces of good and evil constantly war over the soul of man.

In our Western culture, even in churches, the existence of Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness with legions of demons in his command, is considered symbolic, metaphoric, even mythical. Whether the forces of darkness are a figment of imagination, a product of zealous prophets, a thoughtform creation of the collective unconscious, or something else unknown, speculations regarding good and evil will continue unabated. (more…)

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Spirit Attachment

Spirit-Attachment-main-2-4-postby William J. Baldwin

Dan clutched his chest and left arm with his right hand. His flushed face contorted with pain, tears squeezed from his eyes. He appeared to be suffering a heart attack right there in front of me. I was stunned. At that point I had to make a choice between calling 911 or trusting the process. I trusted the process.

Robust and healthy, Dan was thirty-eight years old, yet had suffered with symptoms of heart trouble, including chest pains, for some years. Thinking it might be a past-life trauma, he wanted to explore this condition through regression therapy. As he probed his subconscious for the cause, I thought we might have uncovered a traumatic memory of another time and place. Or, he might be having a real heart attack. I shuddered at the thought.

In a few moments, Dan slumped in the recliner chair, his face relaxed and smooth. His right hand dropped to his lap. I checked his lips to see if they were turning blue. I watched his breathing. Lips remained pink, chest continued to rise and fall with each rhythmic breath. He was okay; I was greatly relieved. We continued.

Dr. Baldwin: “What just happened?” (more…)

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The Fear of Obsessions vs Staying Positive

Staying-Positive-main-4-postI have noticed in my years as a student the wrong interpretation by other students of how to protect oneself from obsessions. Some have thought, not all but some, that the best way is to run away and hide from what they might consider to be an obsession or obsessed person. This reaction I have interpreted to be FEAR. Of course, it would be fear if you were trying to hide away from something you don’t understand but I don’t buy into this as the proper reaction to obsession and this is NOT what UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches in that regard.

My interpretation is that the Science teaches that fear should be the last reaction one should have toward what one considers to be an obsession or an obsessed person. In other words, an obsession is not a contagion. The opposite is preferred. If you don’t react to it then it can’t affect you.

The Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. has never said to run away from an obsession or obsessed person but rather to UNDERSTAND what is going on and in that way to shed some LIGHT onto that person or that situation so that that they will now have a better experience from having had that interaction with you.

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Spirit Releasement Therapy: What It Is And What Can It Achieve?

Spirit-Releasement-Therapy-main-4-postby Dr. Alan Sanderson

Rumi, the 13th century Persian mystic, had no doubt about reincarnation:

The soul’s extravagance is endless.
Spring after spring after spring
We are your gardens, dying, blossoming.

In putting dying before blossoming, Rumi makes the point that, in the cycle of transformation, dying has equal importance. In another poem he says, ‘When were you ever made less by dying?’ While Rumi’s belief in a steady upward progression may be the norm, dying can bring unforeseen difficulties, not just for the voyaging spirit, but also for those still incarnate.

The belief that death may be either good or bad is found in many, so-called primitive cultures. In a bad death the soul remains earthbound and may afflict the living. I have come to believe that people, in the West as elsewhere, are often troubled by such spirits. If this is so, psychiatrists have a great opportunity to liberate both the host and the attached spirit.

How, after the benefits of a Maudsley training, have I come to hold such way-out views? (more…)

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Science of Spirit Possession

Modern science questions much of the knowledge gained through the collective memory of humanity over the course of millennia.

“Every culture and religious belief system throughout human history has its traditional beliefs of spirit possession in some form or another with corresponding rituals for the release or exorcism of spirit entities,” wrote Dr. Terence Palmer, a psychologist and the first person in the U.K. to earn a Ph.D. in spirit release therapy.

Some psychologists are returning to the methods developed by our ancestors to help patients with symptoms of possession.

Dr. William Baldwin (1939–2004) founded the practice of spirit release therapy and he also used past-life regression treatments. Baldwin was cautious about saying whether he believed in reincarnation or not, but he did say his treatments helped patients, and that’s what matters.

Spirit release practitioner Dr. Alan Sanderson wrote in a paper titled “Spirit Release Therapy: What Is It and What Can It Achieve?”: “I want to stress that the concept of spirit attachment and the practice of spirit release are not based on faith, as are religious and mystical beliefs. They are based on the observation of clinical cases and their response to standard therapeutic techniques. This is a scientific approach, albeit one that takes account of subjective experience and is not confined by contemporary scientific theory.” (more…)

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