The Psychic Anatomy Development Concept ~ Part I

Psychic-Anatomy-Development-Concept-main-4-post-1In a broad and general abstraction, the presentation of the UN.AR.I.U.S. curriculum, and as an interdimensional reading the principlesscience inclusive of all known and unknown factors in the creative interdimensional cosmogony, this presentation was, therefore, in its first form, most necessarily simplified to make it even partially understood and also by necessity certain comparisons and compromises were also included to make this interdimensional conception more easily compatible with existing third dimensional objectivisms.

However, in all aspects and in any particular objective introspection, the presentation of any Unariun concept does deserve a more thorough presentation which will make it more serviceable and understandable in a more progressive intellectual society—particularly the scientific society. psychic-self-4-postThe concept of the psychic anatomy is one of utmost importance, as it at once does either directly or indirectly, involve all aspects of planetary and interdimensional life. This concept should therefore be most fittingly expanded into its true perspectives. In the present state of development, all sciences as they are now so propagated, are all strictly third dimensional in their circumferences and, as a consequence, are still completely ignorant of the true basic life factors which are not third dimensional in nature, but which are an expressionary composite of interdimensional energy forms which function immutably according to well defined laws; called in the more familiar idiom of this science, as oscillations or the interchange of positive-negative polarities which carry the idiom of information, and to subsequent harmonic patterns regenerated in this oscillating process which can and do, in this grand synonymy of interdimensional oscillation, link and relink this interdimensional cosmos into the creative effigy of Infinity.

To start with then, let us refresh our minds with this first basic primary law of energy interchange as an oscillating polarity. In a magnetic structure, two north poles repel or north and south poles attract, etc. A magnet-with-oscillating-poles-4-postnegative south pole oscillating to the north pole will, in that meeting, be repolarized and assume the positive polarity as a phase-reversal and as a now existing positive oscillation, will be attracted back to the original south pole to again repeat this oscillation process in the interchange of energy or as information according to its oscillating frequency or, as in other similar wave form transmissions such as television, carry added information. It is this same basic energy interdimensional phase-reversal oscillating condition which is so universally expressed in all adjunctive relationships, such as the earth’s magnetic field or the gravitational field. A stone by the road, while seemingly solid and with a certain weight is actually a conglomeration of pulsating atoms; and despite the external appearances, are very far apart and are linked together by a pulsatingfrom-atom-to-molecules-to-rocks-4-post or oscillating field of force which they (the atoms) radiate. Here again is this same positive-negative oscillating wave-form condition which can and does either strongly link a group of atoms together in molecules or with an inverse proportional reaction, repel other atom conglomerations. This is the underlying factor and principle which determines the quantitative assessments of the ninety two atom forms, and as they are, technically speaking, erroneously called mass. While the stone by the road is, within itself, a complex matrix of oscillating wave forms, there is also another complex matrix of wave forms oscillating through the stone and in a sense, mingling with the total radiated energy-field of the stone. To move this stone, therefore, means that at any given distance or time, we are EMF-atom earth sun 4 postchanging the basic polarity patterns of interchange between this stone atom-configuration and the entire magnetic and gravitational force-fields of the earth, the earth to the sun—the sun to the galaxy, etc. The energy used to move the stone is therefore inversely proportional to the expressive quanta of negative-positive energy oscillations involved in this inter-galactic complex. Equally important, this intergalactic complex of expressionary elements expressed as universes, galaxies, planetary systems, earth-worlds, etc., are in turn, part of the net sum and total of all expressionary agents and elements in the interdimensional cosmos—a scientific explanation of why the fall of a sparrow is noted!

To continue further in our explorations and as it more specifically concerns the human anatomy, the repercussive karma, etc: In former discussions, a human being was presented in a simplified manner as functioning according to the same basic principle as does the television. However, in that presentation, in a simplified form it might be much more difficult to technically understand, or that it might be less acceptable to a more scientifically-inclined understanding.

The television transmission is essentially radiating a basic sine-wave which has impounded within it two television transmitter and tv set with channelssynchronization pulses, plus the pulses of video and audio wave forms. While this was first considered a straight line type of communication, that is, it traveled as a beam of light from transmitter to receiver, this was in reality, a closed circuit condition. The transmitter was grounded to the earth as a negative polarity as was the television set; therefore, the antenna of the transmitter was actually oscillating through the air to the earth in the interchange of positive-negative waveform polarizations. The receiver and its antenna then, in effect, became a parasitic secondary positive-negative oscillator, and from this oscillating condition, through the circuitry of the receiver, finally resolved into the picture on the screen.

Like the television concept, every human—as does everything else—has a transmitter—the psychic anatomy. higher-self-of-man-4-postThe psychic anatomy of the stone was the net electromagnetic field generated by the composite atoms. The human also has such an atom energy-field which determines, among other things, the weight or pounds gravitational pull. The concept here is as total as with the stone. Like all other atomic forms of life, the human has a much more highly developed psychic anatomy than has the stone, and as a human, represents the highest development of the psychic anatomy concept.

It is within this psychic anatomy development concept that we find the true kernel of truth in evolution and which was unknown by Darwin or any succeeding contemporaries! That is, true evolution takes place only within the psychic anatomy, the external or physical body—the expressionary agent.

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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