The Christ Self

Christ-Self-Main-4-postThe “Second Coming,” like all other particular visions is, in a sense, a personal return of consciousness to each and every individual when he makes a certain junction of consciousness with these more immediate spiritual worlds. Buddha called this “Nirvana.” What it actually meanshigher-self-of-man-4-post is that at some particular point in evolution, the individual gradually becomes more dominantly guided and motivated by the higher or Superconscious Self.

At such a time the individual can see within himself that the Superconscious Self is the all-motivating, the all-intelligent participle in Infinite expression as it concerns himself individually. To more fully explain this concept, we must refer to some of the different teachings of UN.AR.I.U.S., and in particular to the lesson on the psychic anatomy. Knowledge of the psychic anatomy will clear up one of the age-old mysteries which has always confused, not only the religious dispensator of the past, but is also confusing the modern doctor of medicine and the psychiatrist.

In the ancient language of the East, such as the Aramaic, the psychic anatomy was called the “Christos” or the soul; and during the passage of time the Christian dispensations, the “Christos” or Christ, or the soul became personally integrated with Jesus; whereas in the true understanding of all human beings it can be immediately resolved that everyone has a psychic anatomy. As a matter of fact, no one could exist without it, for it is through the psychic anatomy that the various individual propensities are carried from one lifetime on through another; and it is the more ultimate concept of the Infinite Creator.

As you no doubt integration-with-higher-self-4-posthave noted in the lesson on the psychic anatomy (advanced lesson course), that it is subdivided into three different portions resolving itself into that which is called the Superconscious. The Superconscious is the Christos in a more pure sense of the word. While, as a whole, the psychic anatomy can be called the Christos or soul, yet, it will ultimately resolve in the future infinite incarnations that the individual can be more wholly the Superconscious Self. That is so, simply through the principle of constant regeneration, through various incarnations and in the millions of life experiences, a certain polarized element of each experience which can, through frequency relationship affiliate itself with a small part of the Infinite Creator.

You must understand that this Infinite Creator is infinite in nature; that is, it can encompass distances and spaces which are beyond your concept. These distances and spaces are presently confusing the astronomer. Also, the Infinite can occupy in its entirety, a space which is even smaller than the nucleus of an atom. This is very difficult to conceive, but it is an actuality, if we can understand the Infinite as we should.

mans-ascension-into-higher-worldsTherefore, as the individual progresses along the evolutionary pathway of life, and goes through the various experiences, these experiences will, in turn, polarize a certain small portion of the Infinite Creator in that dimension of the Superconsciousness which can pertain to the individual self. It is in this way that the individual can evolve into higher spiritual worlds and into future dimensions wherein he can become god-like in nature; simply because the infinite number of experiences which he has encountered in the lower worlds will, now become an actual living evolutionary pathwayreality, in the sense that he can see them, know about them, and know how to deal with them most properly; as well as realize their particular function and position with the Infinite Creator. Therefore, this individual can be assumed to be very god-like in nature; he can occupy many different worlds at the same time, in the sense that his consciousness is constantly oscillating with these worlds.

This individual can also be in direct contact in a clairvoyant manner with millions of individuals simultaneously, also for the same reason, through frequency attunement — much the same as the radio set functions — he is then oscillating with these millions of humans and with many other different forms of life. This is a very abstract concept, but is actually the way to the more ultimate attainment of any individual who can progressively incarnate into the higher spiritual worlds. However, in such intermediate incarnations in the more relative spiritual worlds, immediately adjacent to the third dimension, the individual can be considered to have a more highly developed Christos or psychic anatomy; in the sense that the Superconscious has become the dominant part of the expressive motion of the psychic anatomy.

When this person has attained this particular point wherein the psychic anatomy as is presented by the Superconsciousness does become the dominant, the guiding force in this individual’s life — in fact it is the individual himself — then, this person can say that Christ has returned to him. spiritual-awakening-4-postHe has made a junction, not only with the higher worlds, but he has also attained a junction as in “Nirvana” with the lower worlds in relationship to the many experiences which he has gone through in these lower material worlds.

It is at this point that the individual can truly say Christ has returned to the earth — the earth, as it is represented in those millions of experiences through which he has passed, and which, in their various energy formations, convey the exact transpositions of these diverse energy experiences — for you must remember that all things must be most properly resolved into energy formations, and that the meaning of all things is carried in the various justifications of these energy formations as they occur in oscillating patterns in your consciousness.

Therefore, to all intent and purpose, the junction of the higher self, as it maintains supremacy, becomes the complete guiding and motivating force in the relationship of the individual to the lower worlds, then this person can say that Christ has indeed returned toangel-4-post him; that he has made this proper junction so now the Superconscious is the true self. He is no longer confounded by the various idiosyncrasies, the emotional vicissitudes of the earth world, and the emotional consequences which he had formerly incurred in living through these numerous experiences. He is well on his way to becoming a god-like creature which I previously described; an entity which has been in fact, described in the Bible as one of the great Archangels such as Gabriel. Yes even in the more advanced angelic forms which go far beyond the descriptions of Gabriel or any other angelic forms as they are so portrayed in Christian liturgy.

For indeed, the Infinite presents no place of demarcation, nor is there any cessation to anything. The Infinite, in Itself, is just that — a never-ending cyclic motion of integration, wherein the individual can never presuppose he will ever reach any ultimate destiny.

pathway to higher worldThis is your challenge; this is the reason you were conceived; not because you were merely a creature of happenstance, born in the moment of physical passion; but rather that you are a participating element in the mind of the Infinite Creator. You are destined to become a god-like creature if you so wish; if you are willing to give up the false image of the material world and develop the consciousness of life in the higher spiritual worlds, where you will reside in such a world as a functioning integral unit of Infinite Consciousness.

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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