On Philosophy And Science – Part III

science-philosophy-iii-main“However, now that the Infinite is revolving, we shall say, within an infinite number of dimensions which contain facsimiles of all that the Infinite is — except in one respect — that this Infinite must again relive itself as so compounded within this small dimension from all other different dimensions; and this again surcharges and re-creates the image of Infinity within Infinity. You have grasped that? No? So, to enable the Infinite to re-create Himself from out of this vast infinity, this united facsimile of Himself in a very small dimension must relive itself, so to speak, through all of evolution-steps-4-postthe other dimensions. This it does by starting at the bottom. The bottom is an earth world. There it begins to relive itself in very simple forms, the amoeba or any other particular form of bacterial or protozoan life which you may find about you. These forms are the beginnings of remanifestation of the Infinite in re-creating itself.

I have approached this particular point in a different direction from the one I just formerly gave to you. Now when we begin to understand that this Infinite is so re-creating itself and remanifesting itself upon such surface dimensions as the earth, there is the time, which I have suggested, when the Infinite again relives itself as a direct continuity with this higher self which originally started this chain reaction. This then becomes a man, that is, we can say this is the beginning of a man so individually so created. There is no direct borderline; that is, we will say there is no jumping-off place. This evolution takes place gradually and as the development of this particular form of consciousness so re-creates past-lives-4-postitself back into the material world, it increases to carry within itself its own particular personality, its own ego, if I can use the word of your present-day psychiatry. It supports from life to life its own succession of life experiences, such things which may be psychic shocks, malformations, aberrations in the wave form structures which so compose this psychic anatomy which have been created over the long evolution of time and earth world experiences.

And in direct proportion, as this ego consciousness comes and goes through these terrestrial worlds, he begins to realize a certain content of these past lifetimes. He may begin to have the fears, indispositions, vicissitudes or idiosyncrasies. These do not yield to present-day psychoanalyses in the term that we can relate them psychosomatically to his infancy. They will yield only when this person has penetrated beyond the veil of birth into the previous lifetimes when he was so incarnated in a physical form in which he found himself subjugated to sword fightcertain malforming elements in his daily life. When this so happens, the individual has now begun to realize what the old yogi used to call karma and which is merely a psychosomatic science extended beyond his present birth (and death).

The correct analysis and understanding of the psychoanalysis would give mankind a true solution to all enigmas of life, to all diseases. Your doctors will find that cancer, for instance, could be a sword thrust or a gunshot wound suffered by this person in a previous lifetime. The psychic shock so incurred was a direct malformation or an aberration in his psychic anatomy which, when he so re-created himself in his present physical form through his cycle of life, he would manifest this same sword thrust or gunshot wound as a cancer x raymalformation in the physical body. He would have a cancer and he would relive his death from that wound of his previous lifetime. He would become one of the casualties of ignorance.

And so all of the diseases with which your present-day doctors are so confounded have their true seat or origin in the beginnings of any person’s life since he first began to sustain the ego consciousness from one life to another, not consciousness in the sense that you would remember as you remember your yesterdays as you have lived them in your present time but as you remember them subconsciously, for the body which you wear as a physical form is only an outside appearance; it is only a cloak, a dress, or whatever you wish to call this body, of all the things which you have lived or developed in these previous lifetimes.

When this is thoroughly understood, you will be ready for your next step into Infinity. Your next step will be, as has been previously suggested by Manu, that you should learn to discard these dogmas as they are set up for you and about you in your earth world. You will begin to encompass within the dimension of your mind certain forms of consciousness which will include this vast and infinite creative world which I have described to you. You will begin to comprehend within yourself how it is possible to live within these worlds, to evolve into higher planetary systems which are not inner-temple-realms-of-lightof the atomic form from which your terrestrial world is so compounded. They will be like the lovely jewels which you ladies wear about your necks, far more lustrous, indeed, than any which you have found in your mountains or valleys.

The very substance of your world about you will be a pulsating, radiant energy creation. You will learn how to use this energy constructively from out of the dimension of your own mind. As the bricklayer of your present world wields his trowel to lay up bricks with mortar, so you will be able to partake of this infinite substance as it so pulsates and radiates in the rainbow-hued atmosphere in which you will find yourself and build for yourself a suitable home. And yet the beginnings of this new world, this new mansion which you will construct for yourself must begin now if you are to achieve that. It must begin when you begin to understand how the substance of your material world is so compounded, its source and where you go when its cyclic motion has so been concluded, for you cannot live in these higher worlds until you have gained this knowledge. They would be foreign to you just as the elements of the water would be foreign to you were you to attempt to live in water, although they support life for many creatures which live beneath the surface of the seas.

You possess a pair of lungs; you live in a gaseous atmosphere which is death to the creatures of the sea; and so the scale of evolution progresses. In the higher spiritual worlds, you do not breathe; you live not by eating but by absorbing we shall say, the radiant energies around you. Because you know of their form and of their substance, you know of their re-creative ability. You are in tune with them just as you tune your radio or your television as you “select the particular frequency”, and so as you energy-beings-in-higher-planeare in tune with them, they permeate through this energy body in which you live. They revitalize you and rebuild you in proportion to how you wish to use them. You do not wear clothes for there is no need for clothes. Your dimension of mind has long passed that sphere of consciousness which has been born from a sexual guilt complex. In fact, procreation itself is far different than the animal-like form which you find associated with you in your present world.

A person who is born into such a world is created in a manner and form which is the direct function and conjunction of a number of minds which create the first energy shell in which effigy consciousness impounds itself. This is the reverse into spirit. It is not the fancied rehabilitation of some long dissipated body from out the earthly atoms which has been posed by your religious systems. It is a rebirth of consciousness which makes these things possible for that person to live in these higher spiritual worlds. And, my brothers and sisters, there is no other way, much as you would believe or you would try to believe. Ultimately you must resolve within yourself that your salvation depends entirely on how well you understand the Infinite which created you. It cannot be dealt to you or purveyed to you for a price. Faith or the light-projection-inner-planesbelief in such dispensations will only lead to decadency, for the very virtue of your existence at this present moment depends to some degree upon infiltration or absorption of this divine substance — if you wish to call it so; we term it “Infinite Creative Substance”.

All things, as I have stated, depend upon life not with the seeming consumption of oxygen or various other foodstuffs, the proteid molecules of food. These are only catalyzing agents which render certain reactionary processes possible with your physical anatomy; but the substance itself from which you live is the Infinite Creative Substance. Your life is only an autosuggestive, reactionary pattern which finds its source and its supply from this Infinite which is ever and always about you and which, up until the present time, you perhaps have not realized what it is or how it functions. Now you have reached a threshold. Your spirits have been quickened, we shall say. You have begun to recognize within yourself certain potentials, certain dimensions of understanding which you heretofore have not recognized.

I could point out to you many other things which are necessary for you to learn; for as truth seekers who would cross the threshold, there is much in the way of orienting yourself into the new life, into the new dimension of understanding which is very pertinent for you to know. You should know of certain things, for as you progress, you will find that in direct ratio and proportion your physical world will begin to spiritual-awakeningdiminish in its importance. You will find that as these values change so will your relationship to them change. Your friends will somehow seem to vanish in the distance behind you. The importance of your houses, the protocol of your governmental systems will all vanish as mirages. Yes, and your religions will become only the hollow mockery of pagans who have danced their way through the jungles of antiquity. You will see that the earth world about you has indeed become a place of heathen worship where man seems to be offering the very virtues of himself upon the altar of his materialistic life — and these things will become nauseating to you. You will wish to be freed from them. And if you possess the necessary wisdom and the dedicated will and purpose to achieve a better life, that you will do. Good evening.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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