On Philosophy And Science – Part II

philosophy-science-main-4-post“Now, we will turn the meeting over to the scientists. My worthy colleague, Manu, (in Part I) has given you some philosophical content as to the purpose of achievement, what achievement is, what we must strive for in our realizations, what we will attain when we begin to fathom this riddle of life. This message, this solution begins here on this earth. It begins on this or some other similar terrestrial hands-energyplanet just as it has done for countless millions of years for races of men, for species of plant and animal life which have inhabited these various worlds. But you cannot hope to understand these things until you first obtain basic elemental functioning principles of creation, for this is a scientific dimension.

We will first begin to destroy the illusion of mass. The world as you see it about you at this moment is ‘seemingly’ solid. Not so! You can read, and this can be proven to you in a thousand different ways that mass is an illusion. Every school boy before he graduates knows about the atoms; he knows they are tiny solar systems of energy. He knows that the spaces in an atom are comparatively as vast as those which you find in your solar system. The walls of this room, your bodies, all which you call mass is not really solid at all. You have only grown accustomed to this illusion through the countless ages of time and from the very beginnings of your embryonic life cell. You have become in direct proportion to your concept, your development in your particular environment, a creature so specifically ordinated to live in a reactive environment. We will say reactive because animals, as they so present themselves to you in your surface world, are composite reactionary systems of energy.

In other words, by simply posing a direct equilibrium of positive and negative fields of force which surround each atom and which are a part of each atom, atoms can so react or superficially combine within themselves. T5-senses-inputhat, in short, is a composite evaluation of your material world. You react to the things around you simply because reaction, as it is so composed and differentiated by the five senses, constitutes a certain balance formation of equilibrium. Sight, sound, taste, smell or touch can all be quickly reduced to simple formulas of reactive constituents. You are intercepting energy waves which are reflected or which are directly manifest in some reactionary form into one or more of the chain-like reactive continuities which comprise your physical anatomy and which, in turn, comprise a specific integrated element with another body which you have and of which you possibly did not know or of which you are not aware.

At this moment, while we are trying to destroy the illusion of mass, we must replace this concept with the functional and integrated concept of creation as it stems and manifests itself from the true source of all things. This is not of your third-dimensional terrestrial world; this is the Creative or the Infinite Intelligence. You ask, what is this Infinite? You may picture it as a vast and infinitely vast bb-vortex-formation-of-galaxy-4-postcomposite resurgent sea of living, breathing, pulsating energy. If you look more closely, you will see that there are many subdivisions. It assumes many forms. Characteristically in these forms you will see there are vast centrifugal motions. These are like the familiar whirlwind which you have seen occasionally in the desert regions of the earth except that they are very complex in their structure. Within the interior of these vast centrifugal motions, we find great forces at work. In regular well-ordered pulsating movements, they are expressing in lines of force; we shall call them, certain clear and well-defined exchanges of polarities. And in the exchange of these polarities, there is a definite idiom of intelligence so carried. Some of these energies are impelled into the centrifugal force or by the centrifugal motion which we shall call centripetal. Centrifugal, as you know, is the outward manipulation of force which throws objects from off the periphery of the revolving object.

Now, as we proceed down further into this great vortex, we will see that there is a constant and more continuous concentration of energies which also increases in direct proportion to a certain ratio of negative polarity to those which are supercharged in other dimensional relationships above them. Ultimately these will end, so to speak, in a concentrated ball of energy. This could be a giant sun such as seen by your astronomers through your present-day telescopes, in which case it will of course atom-vortex-EMF-dual-torus-4-postfind itself, so far as its polarity is concerned, within a different dimension wherein time has a different meaning. In other words, by the act of separating the time element from this ball — and it travels outwardly in this different dimension — time becomes separated from it and these energies which are so traveling now sine-wavetravel, as your scientists call it, in a sine wave. This is simply an up and down motion something like a little green snake which crawls through the grass. There is a positive and a negative. There is a beginning and an end.

This is different from the energy of the parent source from which it sprang, for within the dimension of its own movement, it had no beginning or end. Its polarities existed purely within the circumference of its own movement; it also was harmonically linked to other similar or other energy formations which 4th dimensional cyclewere vastly different in this original energy formation. Harmonically, or the term harmonic merely suggests a certain attunement according to mathematical formulae; or you may obtain a similarity by picturing the Harmonics-wavesvarious chord structures on your piano keyboard. All things, all energy movements have these harmonic configurations or attunements. There is nothing happenstance or coincidental in the cyclic movements of the great Infinite Intelligence. All things within themselves, vortexes large or small, other dimensions of expressive energy all have factual continuities within themselves on the basis of harmonic attunements and express thus to one another their own quotient of intelligence, their own idiom, their own expression. Here, however, in the third-dimensional world which you call sine-wave-basic-4-postyour earth world, time is separate. As I explained, we have the plus and the minus signs. We have a beginning and an ending because the time separation here is what the scientists call the speed of light, 186,210 miles per second.

Now what does this mean to you personally? It means that you are first and primarily, just as you have always been, an outside configuration of this great vast Infinite Cosmos of which I have just spoken. You have begun in such cell nuclei of intelligent formations which expressed certain condiments of intelligence, certain particular idioms of life and from these things certain amassments took place where, harmonically attuned, other idioms of consciousness could gather together, so to speak, and form other particular expressions of life. This all happens, of course, in that unknown invisible dimension of which you have up until this moment not been completely conscious.

Always as these configurations of energy so gather together, and when certain cyclic motions were so joined, they had a birth, we will say. They were born into the material world as an expressive cell dividingquotient of their own particular idiom. This is how new species of plant and animal life are developed on any planet. That is how you, yourself, came into existence. No, you did not necessarily descend from an ape or an anthropoid, for these are but physical forms of configurations of the way in which the Infinite expresses Itself through all forms and substances. And in this respect we cannot belittle one species, one plant or one animal from another. We must be more vitally concerned with what evolution has for us individually so far as our futures are concerned. If you do not wish to return to the earth world where you now find yourself, there is no need to do so. You have been doing this many times in your past because you wished it so, because all of the intelligence which you possessed was materially biased. It carried within itself energy wave forms which mandated your return to the earth to make life possible for you; and as you adopted a new body, a new form, or a new substance, so you lived another earth life and when the cycle was complete, this physical mans-psychic-selfappearance of the body which you so occupied returned again to the substances of the air and the earth and you, as the idiom of spirit which had so expressed itself, returned again into that infinite supply.

And yet there came a day when you became a personal being, that is to say, that from life to life you carried with you certain harmonically joined unions of consciousness. There was developed a sort of an imperishable psychic anatomy; a body form which was made purely of spiritual wave forms and of the vortexes which I have described to you, in such a manner and form that it also had a union or joining with a much higher portion of the Infinite Consciousness. You must begin to understand that the Infinite — as I have mentioned this name a number of times — is infinite because God (if you like to call it such) is infinite. This is true because He manifests in all forms and substances far beyond the perspective of your present-day knowledge. The macrocosm and the microcosm is the Infinite. Now one of the ways in which this Infinite so manifests Himself is in the creation of an exact facsimile of all that He is in a comparatively very small dimension, we shall say. Remember though that space in these inter-dimensional relationships is only of a very relative nature.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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