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philosophy-and-science-main-4-post“Greetings Friends: As you look about you in your everyday world, there is much that seems to cause you great concern. There are rumors of wars and strife and there is great unrest among the peoples of the world. There is hunger and destitution, and disease seems to be the heritage common to all men; and you may have wondered much of these things and of others, too, spoken by men presumably wiser than you, yourself. Yet where is the message of their words? These things and many others they have promised: the peace, the tranquility, the ability to live as we see within the dominion of our own expressed thoughts and actions; what is the answer when we of the material worlds must leave the flesh and journey into spirit? Yes, although much has been written, there has materialism--4-postbeen much more promised; but where can you or any other go with assuredness with all these things which have been spoken and promised? Will they ultimately be fulfilled? Indeed, there is not such proof, for if such proof was existent, then surely much of the turmoil and the strife in men’s minds would cease to exist.

Much of this restlessness, this seeking for some panacea for man’s ills has been bred, brought about and fostered by the insecurities of the material world, by the lack of strength of purpose and proof in the promises of those we have set up as leaders of our destiny. Nor does history presuppose in our search among the archives of the past that any man has found the fulfillment or the attainment of this promise save those who have come with a special purpose and message and have left with the assuredness of that which they possessed. But for the masses, the many who find their way of life among the many material things of this world, from the fields, the factories and from all walks of life, assuredly theirs is neither the knowledge nor the wisdom which would enable them to completely put aside the differences, the insecurities and the many other things which are tantamount to their existence.

Suggestive indeed is other destruction in the ways of men for have they not even harnessed the power of the Infinite Heaven itself as a destructive means to attain supremacy over another nation? And perhaps in this they have defiled their existence. They have flung a challenge into the very teeth of the Infinite Creative Force and what hope and purpose will they achieve by all this? What is there war-holocaustto be gained to prove physical or material supremacy over one’s neighbor? Indeed, there is none; there is no supremacy to be gained in the Heavens beyond the earth, for all things are equal in the sight of the Infinite Creator and no man is superior to another save by the way in which he expresses unison with the Infinite.

If you were to begin at this moment to seriously ask yourself this question: “Can I depend upon spiritual leadership which I have had in the past; can I depend upon their promises, their elucidations as to what my future destiny may be; are these things presuppositions, am I to be assured by positive proof because there is supposedly documentary evidence that exists in such ecclesiastical works as the Bible and many other historical or anthropological writings which are currently available?” Indeed, these things exist solely by virtue of the faith which is exercised in them. Save that which can be extracted as historical content philosophically speaking, there is much to be gained in a system of comparative values which can be gleaned not only from these existing archives but from other different dimensions and areas of introspection which are not currently known to existing man.

The planet earth has swung more or less unchallenged in its orbit for hundreds of millions of years as one tiny mote of dust in a great vast and intangible space called the galaxy which, in turn, radio-telescope-listening-to-space-4-postbecomes only one more mote of dust in a much greater and even more vast universe. Yet even that, too, is but one more mote in the eye of the Infinite Creator. Among the countless hundreds of billions of suns and planetary systems, many of which are inhabited by different forms of life, some of these planets too support an existence quite similar to that which man finds on the planet. Science has already begun to recognize the existence of planetary systems which could well support life in the dimension in which he currently finds himself so situated. In fact, he is at the present maintaining vast scientific equipment and scientists for the express purpose of listening to remote signals from the far-off solar systems. Through means of giant radio telescopes, these electronic ears are constantly alerted for the least sign of something which would betoken an intelligent signal cast off by some electronic apparatus manipulated by the fingers of another man in a far-off solar system.

Yet, what doesseeker-of-truth-4-post the man of today hope to achieve? What is the constant, never-ending, restless search which he finds in his heart and mind to expand his consciousness into these nether reaches of space? Is this something which has been born out of the imaginary images in his idle moments? Indeed not, for all men of this time and race, save but small minorities, have lived many lives before the one which they are presently occupying. They have lived many lives in between these lives, lived them in spiritual worlds and in spiritual planets which are more highly developed than the planet earth. All of these things and many more too have been added to the memory consciousness of these people, people who have begun in some mysterious subconscious or esoterical way to sense a great cyclic movement or change. Perhaps it is the whispering of Infinity within their own hearts; perhaps it is other things which have come from these past lives and from the spiritual worlds in which they lived.

These and many other things are motivating thought and action in your present day, for man is seeking not only the riddle of space which is about him but seeking the very riddle of life itself and his existence as a living object. While man has solved many things, yet he has not solved the riddle of his life, at least not by those who are so presently occupied among you at this time.

There are those who have come from these other worlds and who have walked among you and in their own way, they have left you with a subtle message. Very few indeed are those who have had the jesus-preachingeffrontery to brave the reaction of the material worlds to bring something which was beyond the realm or the dimension of your understanding. And even as they have so lived and given their message, they have died for their cause, yet in dying they have gone on and they have again vindicated that principle which they have expounded among the less fortunate inhabitants of the terrestrial planets.

The scheme and destiny of life itself is vast and of almost incomprehensible dimensions. It is not fitting at any time or with any human to try to encompass within the present tense or moment the full and staggering import of all this life itself. Even those who are still traveling in the throes of materialism and who are not so confronted or confounded with the perpetual and immortal enigma have much yet to learn and understand. To you and others like you who are seeking the answer to this riddle beyond the dimension of your own material world, there is much more indeed that you can learn, much more that you can understand. But before all this can happen, before one single iota of wisdom can be added to you, before one single life-changing action can happen within that which you call yourself, you must indeed gain a comprehensive perspective of this vast and infinite proportion of creation.

And how is this done, may you ask? By constant search and application, by realizing the full and unlimited potentials of knowledge and wisdom which are at your disposal, by refusing to accept those dogmatic lines of demarcation which have been laid down for you by those who were supposedly superior to you in their delineation of knowledge, for only the earnest seeker – one who is willing to put aside the dogma, the creed and the restrictions of the material world – can hope to achieve the destiny ospiritual-growth-4-postf immortality. Should he not do so, then indeed he will revolve in a cyclic pattern, returning time and again to this or a similar planet until he begins to feel the infiltration of sublime wisdom which will somehow trickle into the subconscious reaches of his psychic anatomy. Then he will begin his quest; he will begin his search. He will become anxious that there is this and much more to be gained; and as he asks, so he will receive and each thing will add unto another seven times seven, even unto seventy times seven. Thus he begins to grow and he realizes within the precincts of his own consciousness the unlimited and vast storehouse of wisdom. He begins to find the Kingdom of Heaven within. He realizes that in consciousness within himself in attaining the rapport with this Infinite that there are no insoluble enigmas, no incurable disease, there are no unaspiritual-evolution-4-postttainable positions provided a true functioning purpose with the Infinite is constantly striven for.

Yes, there is indeed much that can be added and as we add, so does our consciousness expand; and in expanding, we begin to function much more infinitely. Our dimension of introspection is much wider; our horizons are not clouded with the misty fog of materialism. We begin to feel somewhere within ourselves that we, too, have some imagery or some effigy of this divine substance, this great creative image which is the stars, the moon, the suns, the planets, yes, the very atoms in our body. And how have all these things come about? How are they so maintained? Why are there seemingly inflexible cyclic patterns of the planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and universes? What is the impenetrable mystery of time itself? These are the answers we seek and in finding them, we will have found the riddle of life, not of this world but of the great invisible worlds which make this world possible.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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