More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part I

Interdimensional-Concepts-main-4-postJudging by the current news media (at the time of this writing, 1971), the Apollo 15 on moonApollo #15 flight to the moon is still very much in evidence; in fact, scientists and astronauts are eagerly beginning the examination of the various lunar rocks which were brought back on this flight, and in particular, that piece of black, glass-like rock called the Genesis rock which they believe to be about 4.7 billion years old. Astronaut David Scott also made a statement that these moon explorations should be continued, that it was very necessary and important. The 18th and 19th trips or flights have been cancelled and Scott believes these should be reinstated, etc.

To a person who has some insight and understanding of the Genesis Rockinterdimensional cosmos, such efforts and explorations, the belief that determining the age of a rock or the kind of a rock that it is will give them insight into the creation of the universe—such an assumption is ridiculous, asinine and elemental. It clearly points out the very obvious fact that these so-called scientists are trying to understand creation in much the same way as a blind man trying to describe the elephant after holding the animal’s tail for a few moments.

To understand creation and in particular such elements of creation as earth worlds, planets, solar systems, galaxies and space planets sun 4 postuniverses, etc., we must first understand the origins of the constituents which form these seeming solid masses and their capacities as radiating sources. As I have previously stated, all such seeming formations of masses and attendant phenomena such as radiations and so forth, must be understood as fourth-dimensional in their origins, not reactionary third-dimensional elements.

Actually, any piece of moon rock or earth, any such composites oatom vortex-4-postf the terrestrial solar system or the galaxy which can be seen or envisioned by the scientist of this time or by any man, are atoms which compose these different forms and have no age. The universe, the galaxy, and our solar system or any of the planets are actually ageless; they have no beginning and they have no end, which is quite true when we understand that all of these terrestrial bodies or third dimensional bodies are the composite of atoms and atoms have no age. Of an atom, it can be said to be “formed” instantly and “die” instantly at a rate of speed which is beyond the comprehension of the human mind, an oscillating process, if you will. I have previously described atoms as being the central nucleus of a fourth-dimensional vortex of energy.

Let us go further into this subject that we may better understand. Certain oscillating energies in the fourth dimension which are all cyclic, or have a circular, self-contained vortex twooscillation within themselves, and according to certain polarities which they express within themselves to other similar cyclic motions, develop a sort of centripetal whirlpool of energy; that is, electromagnetic fluxes, as oscillating wave forms, generated as harmonics from these different oscillating polarities within the cyclic wave forms, and according to these different polarities can be said to precipitate themselves toward the center of such a vortex and develop as an oscillating pattern within the center of this vortex, a certain condensed wave form pattern which is the constituent of an atom oscillating pattern.

Within these rapidly oscillating wave forms are regenerated certain positive and negative oscillations according to the cyclic superposition wave forms sine waves animationwave forms which generated them, and in an infinitesimally short space of time, they can be said to appear or reappear. This is the factor of time or the time consonant which is a very necessary expressionary element in the third dimension. Space now is also expressed in the net sum and total of these oscillations as they reappear and oscillate within the periphery of this nucleus, which gives us the space element. When all of these oscillating wave forms within this central nucleus are concerned in expressing a secondary electromagnetic field as a product of their wave form harmonics, this electromagnetic field, in turn, can also be synchronously attuned to other similar such nuclei or atoms, and, in turn, such similarities as they attract each other in the net densities of these electromagnetic fields would form a molecule, such as a molecule of iron or a molecule of hydrogen or any one of the ninety-two natural elements.

EMF-Earth-AtomNow it begins to be quite clear just exactly how universes, galaxies, planets and planetary systems were formed; such formations being, of course, a grand scale reproduction of what a simple atom formation is. In other words, the interdimensional universe is just one huge centrifuge, or vortex of oscillating wave forms which forms sort of a nucleus which Milky Way 4 postmanifests itself as our terrestrial universe in such reactionary components as can be seen or visualized by astronomers in their telescopes, radio or optics. The universe, however, is vast and as of today is incomprehensible by the earth man. He is much more concerned with the immediate galaxy which is really a little bright speck in the total universe.

It takes light, so they estimate, something like 100,000 light years to travel from one edge of our galaxy to the other. We can actually see through this galaxy to a certain extent on any clear night when we look up at the Milky Way, and which is looking out toward the edge of the galaxy. So we begin to grasp a small fraction of what is totally involved in the creation of the terrestrial universe, if it can be called a creation. Actually, the word creation is an anachronism which only adds to the net sum and total of all the materialistic derelictions with which science and the earth man are now concerned.

To more properly visualize our third-dimensional world as it would appear to a from atom to universeperson from a higher world, the present atomic constituents which form this earth world, its attendant solar system and the astronomical universe, et cetera, are actually little energy particles which are constantly reappearing and disappearing according to their polarities and which maintain synchronously, either a relationship toward one another as attractive elements—according to their electromagnetic fields—or, by the same principle, a lack of synchronous attunement; or conversely, a repulsive synchronous wave form will repel other atoms. This is the net sum and total of the differentiation of the different atoms as they comprise the scale of atomic elements, as they are known to the present-day scientist.

A hydrogen atom is different than the helium atom, yet, if we merge two hydrogen atoms, we get a helium atom. Well, the reason is quite simple when we understand that two hydrogen atoms—while they may be synchronously attuned to each other and form part of a mass of hydrogen gas—do not and cannot be converted into helium until the electromagnetic fields of these hydrogen atoms are somehow changed. Changing theatoms-repelling-and-attracting-based-on-EMF-4-post electromagnetic fields does also bring about a change within the atom itself; that is to say, we should change the net sum and total of the vibrating rate of the atom as it was concerned with its vortex or centrifuge, so that it was of the same attunement as that of the helium atom. This is the conversion principle involved in converting one element to the other.

In the hydrogen bomb this is an implosion process. Certain wave forms of the electromagnetic spectrum when released, create the tremendous energy of the hydrogen bomb as the net sum and total of all different hydrogen atoms which have been so imploded, one upon the other. Curiously enough, you might add; while two hydrogen atoms can be combined to make a helium atom, yet, in all of the mass hydrogen atoms used to implode or explode a hydrogen bomb, we get only helium atoms. Now wouldn’t it seem that we might, under the same analogy, get one great big helium atom? No, it isn’t that way because, as I’ve explained, in attunement, which attunes the electro-magnetic fields of each atom, one to another synchronously or that it repels them, these principles are absolute and cannot be changed.

nuclear-fission-differing-from-nuclear-fusion-4-postIt is the same as in tuning your radio or television set; if you get a misalignment there, you will get two stations. So if we misalign, so to speak, two hydrogen atoms, we can get one helium atom but the misalignment must be of a certain particular nature, frequency or oscillation so the changes within the hydrogen atom can reinstate themselves as a synchronous oscillation which is called a helium atom. Actually, all of these atoms which you see are rapidly appearing and disappearing, we might say, according to their polarities, so that it really isn’t creation at all. All we are involved in, is in changing the oscillating frequencies.

psychic_anatomy_emf-4 postNow this is quite true in your daily life. Your body is a composite of trillions of atoms, and there are about sixteen to twenty different kinds of atoms. All of the atoms of the same kind are synchronously attuned to each other according to their harmonic structures, such as the atoms in the calcium, which form the bones in your body. However, these bone atoms of calcium are not synchronously attuned to the atoms of iron in your bloodstream, so consequently, they do not merge. Yet, within the net sum and total of all magnetic energies, which are reproduced as the electromagnetic fields by these atoms, they are very necessary for the metabolic processes. It is sort of a catalytic action which takes place which makes all of the functions of the body possible. The instigating intelligence, the commands, the patterns for these different integrations, according to these catalytic elements are, of course, commands from the psychic anatomy. And here again we find very strong oscillating energies entering into the electromagnetic fields of the molecules and the atoms of your body and these different wave forms of energy, which are the command energy from the psychic anatomy, tell all of the little atoms in your body just what they are going to do, and what they should do, and make them do it. The energy from this conversion process is, of course, as I have said, contained in all of the net sum and total of the electromagnetic fields of force which are concerned with the atoms and which are in direct oscillation, as harmonic structures, with all of the oscillating electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the solar system, are again harmonically linked as patterns of oscillating wave forms to the total infinite cosmogony.

So you see it begins to be a rather complex process but one which, if you work at it long enough, you will begin to gain a little comprehension and you will see that you are—as I have said on numerous occasions-physically, or mentally, or any other way higher-self-polarity-4-postyou wish to picture it, just a little glob or a polarity, so to speak, of energy which is oscillating with infinity. The Earth itself, or the terrestrial universe as the scientist knows it, is also such an oscillating entity. It isn’t solid at all. The age, as it is called, in any particular rock formation or object as it is supposed to have been formed is strictly academic. It only means that a certain number of atom-molecule combinations have been, in effect, synchronously attuned to each other to the extent that they retained the mass formation of the rock over a given period of time and this period of time is strictly academic; it means absolutely nothing. And what they should be concerned with are the principles which engendered the formation of this rock or, as they call it, the creation. Actually, it wasn’t created at all; it always existed in infinity and according to Infinite Intelligence and all of the oscillating principles within infinity, as the sum and substance of Infinite Intelligence had already created this rock billions and billions, yes, countless billions of years—long before it ever appeared as rock; the only difference was that it was oscillating wave forms.

When the proper conditions were brought about so that there was a combination of wave forms which were synchronously from-atom-to-molecules-to-rocks-4-postattuned to each other, they formed little vortexes of energy which formed the nucleus of certain atoms. These atoms, in turn, being synchronously attuned to other atoms which were likewise being formed, all got together to make some molecules according to their electromagnetic fields. These molecules, being likewise attracted to each other according to their electromagnetic fields and through synchronous attunements, made the formation of rock. It made little difference to these atom-molecule combinations if the rock was large or small, because within each one of these atom-molecule combinations, space and time was being expressed into one of the planes of expression which is called the third dimension.

Actually, the energy which was the composite of this rock, when we stop to consider that atoms are energy, then the age of the studying-a-moon-rock-4-postrock as it existed in any particular formation, shape or size was strictly an academic proposition and really didn’t tell anybody anything. Likewise, none of the moon rocks or any explorations in space, so far as that is concerned, are going to tell the earth man anything about creation simply because he is looking in the wrong direction. He has the elephant’s tail and he is trying to describe to himself and understand the entire elephant by the shape and size of the tail. What the scientist is trying to do in his analysis of moon rocks is to form a geological comparison with such existing sources as exist on the planet Earth. However, such comparisons will only lead to certain nebulous conclusions—actually, an impasse. Estimating a piece of rock at any given number of years is a totally incomprehensible conclusion. For example: Some scientists believe, or it is indicated that lava once flowed on the moon just as it does on Earth. Present earth-lava flows or past moon-lava flows are meaningless. Lava has been flowing on other planets for countless billions of years.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I

Part II coming soon.

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