The Nature of Viruses

The-Nature-of-Viruses-main-4-postScientists were absolutely shocked to find out that millions of bacteria and viruses are floating around in our atmosphere. The problem is that they don’t simply stay there but fall down on Earth. For the very first time, a scientific study, which the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal published, analyzed the amount of viruses moving up and down in and from the atmosphere. And the results were terrifying. It seems that over 800 million viruses per square meter become caught in the planet’s upper troposphere. Also, tens of millions of bacteria and billions of viruses are deposited, per square meter, each passing day.

This discovery might answer why genetically identical viruses exist in such different environments on the planet. They travel the atmosphere and end up in a completely different spot than the one they originated from. And experts agree that this is most certainly the cause. But in order to reach these results, the scientists had to look at the amount of viruses at a great height. It also seems that some particles of vapor from sea spray and soil allow viruses to travel on long distances. ~ Journal Recorder (more…)

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Angels, Devils and Demons ~ Part II

Angels-Devils-Demons-main-4-postNow that we have discovered certain differences between angels, devils and demons, and we have found that the earth is one of the astral worlds—an underworld, peopled and populated by such expressionary forms as can be considered to be devilish in intent and purpose—this introspection leads us more directly to the comparisons between good and evil. Actually, the biblical depiction of God casting Satan into hell because he was insubordinate has a much more complete and abstract evaluation. It is a typical depiction of how a more advanced personality who had developed to that fallen angelpoint, where he was godlike in nature, could therefore be considered to be a son of God. At that highest point of his evolution, somehow he became tempted and, in the temptation, plunged himself, mentally and spiritually speaking, back into some earth-world environment, involved again in the intricate mazes of comparisons which are found in these earth-life dispensations.

At this point then, the, differences between evil and good are all-important. In numerous places (in UN.AR.I.U.S. Liturgies) it has been mentioned that God has become merged, from an old deistic configuration into the sum and total of Infinity; and, as Infinity is, in itself, an expressionary element constantly regenerating all forms with the substance of itself, as energy from these interdimensional planes; therefore this Infinite, or God, is also the net sum and total of all good and, is also the net sum and total of all evil. God thus becomes good and evil. Now this concept is not acceptable to the common, ordinary earth man who lacks the knowledge of the Infinite or who lacks other different, fundamental and basic concepts which would more rationally choice-between-good-and-evil-4-postintegrate the factors and the apparent truths in these statements. It is in the comparisons between good and evil and, in the determinants which are so superimposed that evil, in turn as a destructive element or a destructive intent does, by direct comparison, point out the goodness in good; and, as such, this evil therefore, whatever it is, does become good in this comparative system of evaluations. (more…)

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Angels, Devils and Demons

Angels-Devils-Demons-main-4-postIn the liturgies and expressionary elements of UN.AR.I.U.S., there has been on several occasions mention of devils, or of how devils became angels. It is conceivable that some person or student may, to some extent, misunderstand these statements; therefore, it would serve a good purpose if we might fully explore this dimension of introspection, and which would also serve a double purpose, inasmuch as it would acquaint any person or student with these particular dimensions of expression which are everywhere about him, or in which he could conceivably become so enmeshed at some future time.

Our first classification of devils should be made clear and distinct. They should not be confused with one other classification which could more properly be called demons. Everyone who has seen pictures of devil masks used by natives of Africa, or in the Tibetan-Devils-Mask-4-postreligious ceremonies in Tibet, has seen these weirdly carved and contorted figure faces used on these occasions. They were called devils but most properly should be called demon forms; for the witch doctors or priests who contrived these forms did so somewhat in replica or facsimile from the demon forms which they had envisioned perhaps in a trance state, or even brought back the memory of these visionary forms from one of the underworlds. Briefly then, a demon is simply one or more astral bodies which have undergone a complete deformation of all forms and continuities in the wave form structures of these astral psychic anatomies. They are oscillating without cause or purpose; they are wildly gyrating in numerous expressionary elements without thought or cause. Therefore, these expressionary elements, if they could be considered as a personal form, would indeed have a very insane attitude toward all things involved, so much more so that they would become extremely violent and destructive in all intents and purposes. (more…)

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The Last Supper

The-Last-Supper-main-4-postOne of the daily tasks performed here at the Center is the reading and answering the numerous letters which come to us from those who would aspire to a better way; yet, hardly a task, fRuth-and-Ernest-Norman-4-postor it is more often that we joyously read of wondrous happenings.letters-4-post

With all this, however, there is reflected in these letters, the rising and receding tides of emotionalism and desire, defeat and victory in personal conflicts; and in seeing all of these things, I am often reminded of an incident which took place nearly two thousand years ago, a scene depicted as the Last Supper, a time when the Nazarene sat with His twelve disciples and shared with them the symbolic bread and wine. And as this was done, He spoke of one among them who was a traitor and who would soon betray Him to the high priests. (more…)

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The Symbolic World

The-Symbolic-World-main-4-postIt has been observed that man is a creature of many and diverse proclivities. In this respect he is somewhat different than other forms of life abounding on the earth plane whose life expressions are moremans-expression-4-post closely confined within specific dimensions.

While the earth man is quite capable of expressing and re-expressing an infinite number and variety of expressions in his earth life, he would no doubt be nonplussed and horrified to be suddenly confronted with the realization that all these expressionary forms, even the most grandiose of intellectual efforts were almost entirely a system of idolatries constantly reasserted into consciousness in symbolic forms. (more…)

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The Kingdom Within

The-Kingdom-Within-mainThroughout the many ages of man’s written and unwritten history he has, universally, in his daily conduct of life, expressed one great universal conformity-2-postfault or error. This fault is that he has always constantly striven to change the outside or exterior surface of his life, in an attempt to make it conform in all factors and elements, in ways, manners and means which seem to best suit his personal interests.

jesus-teaching-4-postThe fallacy of this common psychology is at once apparent to anyone who makes even a cursory analysis of human welfare. All the wars, strifes, human emotionalisms, crimes, perversions, etc., which are expressed by humanity are the direct result of this senseless life psychology. It is in direct opposition to the doctrine of self-development taught by Jesus who said, ‘‘Seek the Kingdom Within.” The direct interpretation and the solution to all ills and evils suffered by mankind would at once he soluble and eventually disappear, should each person, constructively and objectively, apply himself to this seeking which would, in effect, change this person for the better; thus changing his perspective and position to the reactive world, and so eliminating the strife and turmoil in which he was formerly embroiled, in an attempt to make the world conform to him. (more…)

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The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part IV

The-ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-postDuring our previous discussions on healing, you have been presented with certain scientific facts and aspects, together with a number of other very important elements relative to this vital subject. The sum and total of this analysis and spiritual-pathwayintrospection may lead you, the student, to a rather hopeless impasse so far as your own future is concerned. You may say to yourself, how am I or any other person, for that matter, going to be healed from certain incurable conditions, and in general, think the whole situation as tinged with a gloomy hue. Actually, however, this is far from the truth.

Infinite Intelligence is, in many ways including the evolutionary cycle, reconstructing and healing the material earth man from the many diseases and aberrations incurred in his daily life. These healing discussions were presented primarily to accomplish several purposes: First, to more fully acquaint you with common practices, subterfuges, delusions, and illusions under which the earth man labors in attempting to gain relief from his many ailments. And there is a direct warning carried in this information and in these facts, that you, the student, will cease to be tempted by these common and quite useless practices and beliefs. Second, to more fully open up the avenue upon which you will travel in your quest to seek healing from the earth world purgatory and to gain for yourself a higher and better way of life. The temptations and ruses which you will find along this pathway will be numerous; many will be well disguised and you should not for a single moment cease to be alert, but be constantly aware of these many dangers. (more…)

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The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part III

ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-post“In our previous discussions on healing, it was emphatically stated that no earth man is a healer. This is true not only with any Unariun student, but with any and all individuals who may practice spiritual healing in different churches or religious groups throughout the world. Some of these people state they are ‘gifted healers’, a completely false claim. How could they be more powerful than was Jesus who openly admitted He did not heal? In alllaying on of hands two fairness, however, to these people and to the Unariun student, there are countless numbers of cases of spiritual healing where it seemed some miraculous healing or adjustment took place in circumstances involving a so-called healer. The Moderator grew up as a member of one such church which practiced spiritual or (divine) healing by the laying on of hands by specially ordained ministers, and he saw miracles happen when these rites were performed. However, here again these ministers were not the healers. They, like any other so-called healer, as well as the Unariun student, are what might be scientifically called healing polarities. No earth person — with possibly a single exception (and who is factually, not indigenous to the earth, but came from a higher spiritual planet for the sole purpose of bringing UN.AR.I.U.S. Science to earth man) has sufficient knowledge and training to bring about a healing by himself. He can, however, make of himself a sort of a channel wherein that extremely complex electrical energy charge can be projected into the body and psychic anatomy of the person to be healed. Here again the reasons are very scientific in nature.

Every person has an aura. An aura is a field of energy which radiates outwardly from the person for a distance of several feet. These energy aura chakrasradiations contain millions of different oscillating frequencies. All of these are grouped according to frequency into seven different plane rate classifications. There are three karmic or physical planes, three prana or mental planes, and one spiritual or Superconscious Radiation. Now most earth people have auras which vibrate very closely together even though they are all slightly different. There is not much of an effect when any number of these auras come together. However, if an Advanced Personality, like Jesus, walks among them, the situation is quite different. That is because the aura of this Advanced Person is radiating in frequencies on much higher planes than do the auras of the people around Him. This highly vibrating aura is also highly charged with Infinite Wisdom. It, therefore, can be considered positive in respect to the other auras as it is the Creative Law or Principle that positive must flow into the negative and the negative into the positive. This Advanced Person would be immediately aware that great energies were passing from Him and the negative energies or conditions of those around Him were flowing back into His aura. (more…)

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The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part II

Immortality-Part-II-main-4-post“In the world today, just as in the past, there are many references to the term ‘power’, power in a multitude of forms and uses. Some forms of power are real, others imaginary; some exert their effect in a reactionary way, some autosuggestively. In all cases, however, where reference ispower two made to power — and if power exists in any suggested or supposed manner or that it is felt or realized in any manner or form — all such power forms must be, like anything else, a scientific extension of principle and must be scientifically understood. Power then, is simply a motion of energy and whether a quanta of power is large or small, it must be a scientific proposition wherein a certain principle of Infinite Intelligence is expressed for this is indeed the true origin of all things. The expression of power in the physical world is therefore a determinant of motion. Electrical power through wires is a great motivating force in our civilization. The electrical impulses in the nervous system are also energy in motion — power — and one of the agencies which make life possible on this planet. (more…)

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The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part I

ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-post“To any person the subject of healing or to be healed is all important, and particularly to those who have religious affiliations and to those who are suffering from any of the infinite variety of mental and physical conditions. The Unariun student is, of course greatly concerned with healing, in fact his whole future miraculous-healing-4-postevolution depends upon whether or not he is healed from any and all aberrations as well as a countless host of physical experiences called karma, through which he has passed in his many lifetimes. Quite frequently Unariun students have wonderful miraculous demonstrations, and, also, quite frequently their friends or relatives; yes, and unknowingly, strangers may also be miraculously healed of some condition after the Unariun student has made some kind of contact with them. These miraculous transitions may give the Unariun student a sense of power or a belief that he (or she) is now a ‘healer’. This false assumption is very dangerous and should be watched for and instantly suppressed when the student finds himself incurring such a belief. (more…)

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The Fear of Obsessions vs Staying Positive

Staying-Positive-main-4-postI have noticed in my years as a student the wrong interpretation by other students of how to protect oneself from obsessions. Some have thought, not all but some, that the best way is to run away and hide from what they might consider to be an obsession or obsessed person. This reaction I have interpreted to be FEAR. Of course, it would be fear if you were trying to hide away from something you don’t understand but I don’t buy into this as the proper reaction to obsession and this is NOT what UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches in that regard.

My interpretation is that the Science teaches that fear should be the last reaction one should have toward what one considers to be an obsession or an obsessed person. In other words, an obsession is not a contagion. The opposite is preferred. If you don’t react to it then it can’t affect you.

The Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. has never said to run away from an obsession or obsessed person but rather to UNDERSTAND what is going on and in that way to shed some LIGHT onto that person or that situation so that that they will now have a better experience from having had that interaction with you.

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The Nature And Causes of Birth Defects ~ Part II

nature-of-birth-defects-main-2-4-post“In Part I, there has been presented a rather broad and generalized view of that all important factor of life — conception. This presentation, quite naturally, leads us up to a question which is always baby twoasked by those who have the burden of caring for children with birth defects. It is quite obvious that as various branches of science do not know about psychic anatomies, there are no doctors, clinics or therapeutic centers which could possibly institute some corrective measures.

In all cases, it is first necessary to individually classify and diagnose each defective person. There are many types and kinds of defects which could not be helped from the material side of life. These cases will all have to wait until they have lived the physical cycle and return to the spiritual worlds and under proper conditions before very much can be done for healing-projection-4-postthem. In other cases certain therapeutic healing can be projected by advanced personalities from the higher spiritual planes. Classifications and diagnoses are, at the present time, impossible to obtain in this material world, as only a person highly trained in various clairvoyant aptitudes could pierce the material veil and see the past lifetimes of all individuals concerned with each case.

It is also comprehensible that should such an advanced person appear and start practicing this kind of diagnosis and therapy, he would almost immediately be stopped and incarcerated by the all powerful materia-medica. So the advanced intellects wisely do not tamper with the different evolutionary factors present in any civilization at any time; only benign spiritual help is psychokinetically projected. The advanced intellects await a more propitious time as in the spirit worlds. It must be remembered that the all dominant factor in human relationships is the individual prerogative of self-determination. This self- determination tends, over a long period of evolution, to develop the mental faculties of any human. To alter or affect this human self-determination is, in effect, destroying the human. He would become a zombie-like creature entirely dependent for guidance, quite useless in the Infinite plan. (more…)

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The Nature And Causes of Birth Defects

Birth-Defects-main-4-post“One of the more important aspects of life which has, as yet, not been thoroughly explained in the liturgy of UN.AR.I.U.S., is a complete presentation of conception; how various different kinds of physically and mentally defective children are born into the world: such children as are classified mongoloid, mentally retarded, cleft lip, or other forms of physical and mentamongoloid childl defects; barring of course, such defective children who incurred their defects from organic causes such as syphilis, accidental blows, abortion attempted, and instrument deliveries. The process of conception is extremely complex inasmuch as it involves a great interplay and linkage of harmonic attunements, etc., in what might best be described as an extremely complex system of energy wave form integrations.

As medical and genetical scientists do not understand or know about the psychic anatomies, theirs must be a purely physical understanding of conception which grew out of the studies made by the Austrian monk, Mendel. In genetical science as it applies to a human, the process of conception goes something like this: The male germ cell — the spermatozoon — succeeds in making contact with the female ovum and Sperm-Meets-Eggpenetrates the outside membrane of the egg. The male and female germ cells contain certain numbers of chromosomes, 22 in each male and—23 in each female cell. Inside the chromosomes, there are large numbers of what are called genes or units of character, such as dark hair, blue eyes, etc. After the male germ cell penetrates the ovum, there begins a pairing-off process, something like an old-fashioned country square dance, at which time there ensues a struggle for supremacy to see which genes are the most dominant and which will control the physical characteristics of the human to be. (more…)

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On Philosophy And Science – Part III

science-philosophy-iii-main“However, now that the Infinite is revolving, we shall say, within an infinite number of dimensions which contain facsimiles of all that the Infinite is — except in one respect — that this Infinite must again relive itself as so compounded within this small dimension from all other different dimensions; and this again surcharges and re-creates the image of Infinity within Infinity. You have grasped that? No? So, to enable the Infinite to re-create Himself from out of this vast infinity, this united facsimile of Himself in a very small dimension must relive itself, so to speak, through all of evolution-steps-4-postthe other dimensions. This it does by starting at the bottom. The bottom is an earth world. There it begins to relive itself in very simple forms, the amoeba or any other particular form of bacterial or protozoan life which you may find about you. These forms are the beginnings of remanifestation of the Infinite in re-creating itself.

I have approached this particular point in a different direction from the one I just formerly gave to you. Now when we begin to understand that this Infinite is so re-creating itself and remanifesting itself upon such surface dimensions as the earth, there is the time, which I have suggested, when the Infinite again relives itself as a direct continuity with this higher self which originally started this chain reaction. This then becomes a man, that is, we can say this is the beginning of a man so individually so created. There is no direct borderline; that is, we will say there is no jumping-off place. This evolution takes place gradually and as the development of this particular form of consciousness so re-creates past-lives-4-postitself back into the material world, it increases to carry within itself its own particular personality, its own ego, if I can use the word of your present-day psychiatry. It supports from life to life its own succession of life experiences, such things which may be psychic shocks, malformations, aberrations in the wave form structures which so compose this psychic anatomy which have been created over the long evolution of time and earth world experiences. (more…)

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On Philosophy And Science – Part II

philosophy-science-main-4-post“Now, we will turn the meeting over to the scientists. My worthy colleague, Manu, (in Part I) has given you some philosophical content as to the purpose of achievement, what achievement is, what we must strive for in our realizations, what we will attain when we begin to fathom this riddle of life. This message, this solution begins here on this earth. It begins on this or some other similar terrestrial hands-energyplanet just as it has done for countless millions of years for races of men, for species of plant and animal life which have inhabited these various worlds. But you cannot hope to understand these things until you first obtain basic elemental functioning principles of creation, for this is a scientific dimension.

We will first begin to destroy the illusion of mass. The world as you see it about you at this moment is ‘seemingly’ solid. Not so! You can read, and this can be proven to you in a thousand different ways that mass is an illusion. Every school boy before he graduates knows about the atoms; he knows they are tiny solar systems of energy. He knows that the spaces in an atom are comparatively as vast as those which you find in your solar system. The walls of this room, your bodies, all which you call mass is not really solid at all. You have only grown accustomed to this illusion through the countless ages of time and from the very beginnings of your embryonic life cell. You have become in direct proportion to your concept, your development in your particular environment, a creature so specifically ordinated to live in a reactive environment. We will say reactive because animals, as they so present themselves to you in your surface world, are composite reactionary systems of energy. (more…)

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