An Elder Brother Discusses Energy With A Student

nature-of-energy-main“Throughout history man has been aware of some outside or external force, but he has been given no scientific knowledge of this important truth. He may call that the Supreme Being or Brahma or God orgod-satan Allah, but the difference is they have not yet evolved to the level of their reference to be able to place it beyond the level of human personality because they still endow whatever this god is with human propensities. And when they do that, they have to do another thing. They have to divide that Absolute, after they personified it to some degree, into two opposing forces – good and evil. Then when they do that, they have to take the evil and call it Satan or they call it Shiva, or they call it something else – Beelzebub, or whatever particular denominator they take – and there, you see, they are back again into paganism.

Christians do the same thing they have always done for past countless ages of time. They have Infinite-Spiral-4-postseparated the Absolute into two divisions, Satan and Christ, and you cannot divide these things into human personalities whatsoever. If you do, you are lost. Some of the teachers of Christianity know that these things do exist but they do not have the knowledge of the mechanics. Getting into the Absolute – what is the Absolute and the reason it is not divisible in common terms of reference so far as human personalities are concerned? We have to first completely abolish the idea that there are any human propensities with the Absolute whatsoever. What they call God is Infinite; it is the sum and total of all things, and it is infinite only because it becomes finite in all forms and substances – visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. That is the second necessary step. So we have to understand it in an entirely different way.

Now there are plenty of our twentieth century physical scientists – as well as our dynamics – who understand those things that can give us all the necessary information that we want on that subject. We first start with the common equivalent as far as this world is concerned, which we call the sine wave, and that merely means energy going from one point to another as a positive and negative polarity pattern.

pebble-sine-wave-4-postWe toss a pebble into the pond and we see waves stemming out from the impact. That means that energy is being dissipated and in a way, it forms a pattern which is positive and negative transference of energy as a polarity pattern. Now we begin to understand that there really isn’t anything in the world that is solid in the commonly accepted term. What we call mass is atomic energy substance; in other words, they are tiny little planetary systems of energy, like our own planetary system. The space in between the electrons, the neutrons or between the atom is just as great in comparison as it is in our own solar system in between the planets. What they think is a solid substance, an electron, is in reality another sub-atom. They will see it in the future but do not at present. It is another tiny and infinitely smaller solar system of energy.

vortex-atom-to-universe-4-postNow the whole thing means that as far as the atom is concerned, it is connected to another dimension through a vortexal pattern. It is only an outside or an external appearance of something that is going on in another dimension. That little vortex that holds the atom in its own particular periphery or its own particular dimension is a vortexal pattern of energy which is atom-lines-of-forceinterlinked with an infinite number of dimensions. Now we must visualize these things as traveling polarity patterns and not only within the structure of the vortex itself from positive to negative, but we can liken those forces to centrifugal or centripetal forces which are in the circular motion of energy; but we also find that through harmonics within harmonic structures it is interconnected with all of these different infinite number of dimensions. Therefore, we see that the Absolute now has become finite. It is only divisible when we can learn to view these things as dimensions in which a certain given number of frequencies are compatible to each other in a certain way, but all things are interlinked with harmonic structures.

So now we have abolished good and evil. We see that things are maintained only as perspective as positive and negative. What man calls evil is only an opposite perspective; it is the other end of the polarity of something good, and in that way, we can explain everything, no matter what it is. What people call evil is merely their own position, their relationship to a given dimension or force or expression traveling in a certain way.

polarization-of-the-god-self-4-postAnd so by going from one life to another as we do from one day to another, we obtain in some way or another an infinite number of these different perspective positions of comparative equations; and that is done – and it has been established as far as the personal being is concerned – because it was part of infinity or what we call the superconsciousness of each individual, in other words, the aggregate or the matrix of intelligent wave forms or dynamic structures which are infinite in nature. It contains all of the elements of the Absolute. It is the Absolute personified in a given perspective or a given dimension which becomes eventually the human being, because oscillating down into the outside or the third dimension that way, it obtains an opposite end of the polarity, an infinite number of abstractions from the physical experiences. Therefore, it has constructed for itself the personal ego or the id. It is all very factual; it is all very provable.”

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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