The True Life of Jesus

TrueLifeofJesus4PageThe True Life of Jesus: An Eye-Witness Account of the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth: Confessions of St. Paul

 Slashing through 2,000 years of Christian fanaticism, this book presents the true biography before and after the crucifixion of Jesus. It exposes for all time the great hypocrisy of the Christian religion as a culmination in a villainous plot, contrived by the arch-villain, Saul of Tarsus and his cohort, Judas Iscariot; a plot that changed the world’s history for thousands of years! contained in a long-hidden book in this amazing revelation, delineated by no less than Saul himself in this true life story of Jesus, telling who his mother and father were, his truly espoused, and of his life teachings! “The Eye-Witness Account,” taken from the actual parchment, is the true account of the crucifixion and the life of Jesus after this tragic event! An amazing revelation which will once and for all time destroy the fake and immoral religion from the minds and hearts of all those who read it! This book will also completely vindicate the UN.AR.I.U.S. Mission and its reestablishment as a continuity of the Mission of Jesus, and will effectively help prove that UN.AR.I.U.S. is the beginning of the “Second Coming.”

Excerpt: “O! Jose,” added Mary after a slight pause, in which she drew herself closer to him, regarding him with a look of mingled love and reverence, “when I look upon thy noble person, hear the music of thy voice and consider the wisdom of thy words, it seems to me that I am in the presence of one far greater than human. I feel a spell come over me filling me with mingled love, admiration and reverence. I pray thee, then, to continue thy teaching, scattering a few more seeds of intelligence upon my simple mind, that they may take root and spring up like beauteous flowers, exhaling delicious odors, in honor of the great God of whom thou hast been speaking.”

“O! Mary,” replied Jose in a tone of great tenderness, “pure and innocent as thou art, thou art worthy of the love of thy Maker, and as such art capable of understanding his nature. Thou art now enabled to perceive that the God as worshiped by our forefathers and our present people, is a figment of barbarous imagination, worshiped only by such as are lost in ignorance and insensible to noble manhood; but the Great God of the universe is a Divine Father, by whose divine love all passive matter has been endowed with life. His wisdom and goodness conceived that plan which extends from the time of acting through all eternity. It was his divine essence of love that united atom to atom in bonds of sympathy and holy wedlock; from which sprang minerals, crystals, vegetables and animals of every kind, hue and figure. This ascending and progressive work of organization was prosecuted by a series of successive spheres of developments bound together by the bonds of mutual interest and dependence. The higher being developed from the combined energy of all the lower, until the powers of each sphere were developed to the ultimate design. When the organization of man became sufficiently developed and matured, it became qualified to receive the impress of the positive spirit of God upon the tablet of its interior life, and by which he became developed into a spiritual intelligence which constituted him an offspring of the divine essence of love and mind. It is thus by the development of this interior spiritual intelligence mankind became the children of God. When God’s children can be no longer sustained upon earth, he receives them within his own mansion under his own especial care, where the elements of their spiritual being become developed into a still higher state of perfection, and they become more worthy of their Maker.

“Yes, Mary, the great God I am endeavoring to bring to thy notice is the father of us all as well as the life spring of the universe. His inherent and unchangeable attributes are power, wisdom and love. By his divine love, he felt the impulse to awaken and form all passive matter into the beauteous universe, as we behold it. By his infinite wisdom he was enabled to plan and design it to go into operation; and by his almighty power, he was enabled to put it into execution. By his fatherly solicitude for all that he had produced, he has controlled, and still continues to govern every thing in order, with the hope that his magnificent works will ultimately redound to his glory and satisfaction.”

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  • Jo Scott says:

    How do I get a copy of the book The True Life of Jesus of Nazareth
    The Confessions of St Paul? By Alexander Smith
    I would dearly love to own and read this book

    • admin says:

      I am sending you a personal email so that I can direct you to where you may get the book for free and just pay shipping and handling.

  • Gloria – Have you read the ‘Shooting Screenplay’ posting on our site? It will eventually be made into a movie and is very dramatic!

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