Jesus-as-baby“There is an old adage which states, “Truth is stranger than fiction”, and if any judgment can be made upon the following story as to the veracity of truth versus strangeness, then indeed this story will prove to be one of not only incontestable truth, but the strangest story ever told!

This story concerns the true parentage and birth of the most controversial figure who has ever lived upon the planet earth – Jesus of Nazareth, a person whose birth two thousand years ago became the cornerstone in orthodox Christianity. While the life history of this man has supposedly been told in the four Synoptic Gospels of the New Testament, yet it is known and admitted that most of these depictions are of legendary nature – that they have been badly distorted and contrived. Even the Christmas pageantry observed every Christmas, which is based on the birth of Jesus, is known to have been added by a Catholic pope, Anastasius I, in the fourth century, A.D., at the behest of St. Jerome, this action being excused by the pope because no known and accurate account of the birth of Jesus had ever been found.

This situation of biblical legendry and false Christian pageantry has then, existed since the first cell of the Christian Church was formed by a man known as St. Paul – actually Saul of Tarsus, the same man who was to ‘come back’, so-to-speak, more than 1800 years later and, through a number of revelations given to Alexander Smyth, this same Saul did reveal the true parentage and birth of Jesus, and how he, Saul, together with his henchman, Judas, did successfully plot and contrive to raise this man Jesus to the position of a Messiah, a godlike man who could heal all diseases and raise the dead; then, also contrived to have this man crucified in martyrdom and afterwards, in a false revelation, donned this man Jesus’ mantle, assumed a messianic position, and started the first Christian Church!

TrueLifeofJesusIn 1899, after receiving these revelations, Alexander Smyth published a limited edition of these revelations in a book titled, “The Occult Life of Jesus of Nazareth”; a book which quickly disappeared in the following years, the few remaining copies becoming collector’s items.

Five years after the publication of this book, a baby boy was born in a small northern Utah town; a baby who later in life was to be not only the instrumentality in bringing to light the revelations of Alexander Smyth but to conclusively prove that he was indeed the reincarnate Jesus of Nazareth. And in the following sequence of events throughout his life and with a host of incidents and events, the similarities and ways in which miracles were wrought, the nomenclature and subject matter of his teachings – yes, even to finding and marrying his truly espoused (reincarnate) Mary, from that long-ago lifetime, all are a part of the amazing revelations connected with finding this book, the revelations of Alexander Smyth, a book which did not appear until all of the Unariun books, lessons, tapes and other liturgies had been published; these liturgies also being part of that incontestable proof!

Strangely enough, our story does not begin two thousand years ago, but must begin two years after the birth of a certain baby boy in a small Utah town, for what transpired at that time forms a positive, conclusive link with the past, two thousand years ago, and positively identifies this baby boy as being the reincarnate Jesus of Nazareth! It happened during the month of November just before the second birthday of this small child. In the middle hours of the night, he suddenly began screaming, “I want my little red box!” His mother and father, rushing to his bedside, saw him writhing convulsively; blue-black veins stood out on his forehead, his skin white and clammy with perspiration; he continued to scream over and over, “I want my little red box!” By that time, two brothers and three sisters were awakened by this screaming. They stood around the bed weeping and looking in horror at what was happening, that their little brother was in imminent danger of dying! The father, who was a trained physician, shouted and tried to wake him up; he was shaking him and using other ways and means to bring him out of this awful condition, but to no avail, and he believed the babe was dying!

Finally, in desperation he immersed him in warm water, but it was not until his mother took him, wrapped him in a soft towel and held him closely to her breast did his screaming subside. So intense and vivid was this event in the minds of the parents and the five brothers and sisters that it remained with them throughout their lives’ and at this moment, some sixty years later, a sister who was five years old at the time, has just given her own narration and which is being printed as a postscript. Strangely, the next day, and throughout his life, this small boy remembered nothing of that night!

And so throughout the years, that night remained one of mystery and terror to all members of the household and, in their human-like proclivities, the older brothers frequently and upon suitable occasion jeered at their brother with that all-too-familiar phrase, “I want my little red box!”

In February 1968, we acquired one of the few remaining editions of Alexander Smyth’s revelations. Through the inner ways of spirit, a certain Unariun student had been led by intuition to a certain town many miles distant from his home where, in a bookstore while searching for information on scuba diving gear, he ran across this book of revelations which he later gave to us; and it was in this book that we learned of not only the true parentage and birth of Jesus, but all about the ‘little red box’; that such a box had indeed existed two thousand years ago during the life of Jesus – box which was vitally connected with his birth and death, and the writhing convulsions and screamings of that small child was actually the psychic remanifestation of the death agonies of the man Jesus on the cross two thousand years ago!

In this book you will read of Glaphira, the true mother of Jesus, a young and beautiful daughter of an Assyrian King, pursued and wooed by Herod Antipas, son of King Herod, then Governor of Judea, (Antipas, later known as Annanias). In a gesture of felicity, he gave Glaphira two wide-banded arm bracelets and then, in the moment of ardorous amour, he seduced her and she became pregnant.

Some time later, Herod I, somehow found out about his son’s sordid affair, which was ostensibly one of conquest with no intention of marriage. Father Herod, then realizing the possibility of stain upon the family honor as well as political implications, decided to eliminate Glaphira. She, however, wise in the ways of kings, had gone into hiding. A month after the birth of the babe Jesus, Glaphira sought out Mary to be the foster mother of Jesus. It was hoped that this would suitably hide the true identity of the babe. As Glaphira gave this babe Jesus to Mary, she also gave her a small box lacquered in red and heavily ornamented with gold-filagree metal and lined with red plush. Inside the box, there was a bag of gold pieces coined with the likeness of Herod I and one of the two bracelets given her by Antipas, the father, and which would later serve as identification. There was also a sheet of vellum parchment, inscribed in sepia ink in Arabic characters; the complete birth record of the child, who his parents were, his relatives and other pertinent information.

Shortly after Glaphira gave the babe Jesus to Mary, Herod I ordered the infamous massacre, the slaying of the first-born in the small province of Nazareth, an act carried out by his youngest son, Archelaus – now reincarnate and a Unariun student – in an attempt to kill the babe Jesus, thus removing this stain from the family honor.

It was this same box containing this birth record which was later sought for and stolen by Saul and Judas and given to the head priest, Caiaphus, who was then convinced that Jesus must be destroyed before He, Jesus, established His identity as the son of Herod Antipas, who was then the appointed governor of Judea. Saul persuaded Caiaphus that the establishment of Jesus to his rightful heritage could be one more step in becoming king or emperor of Judea which would jeopardize the position of Caiaphus and the church, as Jesus was openly opposed to both.

It was this same document which Jesus tried unsuccessfully to find before and after the crucifixion. These and all other facts pertaining to that ghastly event have been revealed in the revelations and the sequel book, “An Eye Witness Account”, a book which was found some six months previous to the finding of the book of Smyth’s revelations.

There are more links, however, which have been forged in this chain of incontestable evidence which started that ‘night of screaming’. In February, 1954, after a search of some fifteen years, I met and married Ruth (reincarnate Mary, daughter of Lazareth, and dearly espoused of Jesus); a search which was aided and brought to a successful conclusion by three white-bearded, white-haired and white-robed prophets who had followed me around for about five years! These old prophets, actually Spiritual Beings, were seen with me at different times and places by many ‘sensitive’ people in the Los Angeles area. They were always carrying large books and always projected the message that these books would be brought into the world when I was ready to start writing!

Appropriately enough, they appeared by and were seen standing near Ruth at a certain church convention which we had both attended, and I knew instantly my search had ended – that my Mary had returned to me after two thousand years, and that now she would always be at my side!

From then on, a veritable whirlwind of miraculous events began to take place, all pertinent to the writing and publishing of the UN.AR.I.U.S. books and to the contacting of the many thousands of people throughout the world, many of whom were directly connected with the life of Jesus and the crucifixion. And all of these people have, in their own way, identified themselves in their individual capacities.

It was shortly after finding Ruth and through her that I met the reincarnate Glaphira, my former mother of that long-ago time. She was and still is a widely-known exponent of Truth, living in the San Diego area, her life very much like the one she lived as Glaphira; her husband quite possibly the Cosby, also head servant of her house in that long-ago time. This woman does not know she was Glaphira, although she knows she was somehow connected with Jesus; and it was her secretary who gave Ruth a wide-banded arm bracelet with the raised figures of two fishes, their heads emblazoned with green jewels, a psychic symbology of the bracelet Glaphira had given the foster mother, Mary – the same Mary who, thirty years later, on her death bed, gave to Glaphira’s son Jesus, the little red box containing this bracelet and the birth records.

Then again in token symbology, a few months later, just as Jesus gave Mary, daughter of Lazareth, this same wide-banded arm bracelet as they pledged their love in the garden, so I gave Ruth a wide-banded arm bracelet which I had found and purchased in a gift shop – a bracelet which was emblazoned with a raised bust of Nefertiti; this same Nefertiti who was my wife in a life I had lived as an Egyptian Pharoah, Akhenation IV, about 1300 B.C.!

Still another link in the chain of incontestable evidence concerning the little red box, as it was connected with the life of Jesus and remanifest at this time, when Ruth was seventeen years old, she acquired a small red and metal box lined with red plush velvet. Throughout the following years, she kept this box as a jewel case in which she kept her small trinkets. As time passed, the box became battered and the hinges loose. She tried several times to discard this box but would always hastily retrieve it from the trash can. Several years after my marriage to Ruth, this same box served as an instrumentality to bring about flashbacks or regressions to a number of students living in this area; and it was through these psychic regressions that we found Herod I, the secretary to Pontius Pilate and Pilate, the man who drove the nails through the hands, the Roman soldiers at the crucifixion and the tomb, etc. Annanias had already identified herself and had, as a token of guilty remorse, made a substantial contribution toward helping establish the mission.

In part, this identification took place when I made an Inner contact with one of our (spiritual) Unariun Brothers who told me who this woman was – a woman who, in this life, had been a school teacher. I was told to look in the Acts of the Bible; there I would find her true identity in that former life as she was known then as Annanias – not the other Annanias but the one who sat on the stone bench and judged.

Upon looking in the Acts, there I found this description; also, the other Annanias who lived in Greece and was killed by Peter for stealing church property. As a small boy, I had read much of the Bible a number of times. The Old Testament was read as a series of stories which either had little or no fact or that they had been distorted and enlarged in religious fanaticism. The four synoptic Gospels were in some depictions strangely familiar, and others I resented as being untrue. The Acts, however, had never been touched.

As time passed, all others in their own way identified themselves: the man who pressed the crown of thorns upon His head, the one who wielded the whip at the flagellation, the two who built the cross; yes, all of these and many more revelations came many years before the month of February, in 1968, when we acquired the “True Life of Jesus” book!

Little-Red-Box-BookA note of interest:

During the past fourteen years since starting the mission and long before acquiring the ‘Jesus’ book, I have on a number of occasions, mentioned the ‘little red box’ to Ruth, that it had been stolen and placed in the hands of Caiaphus; and the reason that I had wanted so much to recover this box was that it contained very valuable records pertinent to Jesus and members of his following, and that these records falling into the wrong hands could have very serious consequences and would jeopardize the safety of those concerned with these records.”

The Unariun Moderator, Ernest L. Norman

Excerpt from The Little Red Box by Ernest L. Norman

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