Yada Speaks – Part II

egypt_pharaoh-mainChapter Title: “The Moderator as the Pharaoh, Akhnaton”

“It was the first week in March 1954, that we journeyed to San Diego soon after our meeting, Ernest in his car and I in mine, pulling my house trailer. After the second day, He had need to return to Los Angeles for a few days. During the first morning, after He left, I experienced a strange and strong compulsion to go to town, and found myself stopping in an old used-book store — the largest one I have Yadaever seen. It seemed a block long and half as wide; all used books. I had no idea why I was here or what I was looking for, but reading was one thing I had no time for then. However, I walked quickly as though I knew just where I was going; down into the basement to the very back of the shop, stood on tiptoe, reached as high as ever I could and brought down a little magazine. Its title was “Search”. I believe it has since been renamed. I was surprised when I saw what my hand held! On the cover was a picture of a very odd and interesting looking individual called Yada. The face held me spellbound; it was very oval as was the head and bald, very striking features, eyes slightly slanting upward, large flat ears and he wore a very small distinguished brush beard on the tip of his chin and a colored symbol in the center of his forehead. I could scarcely get into the magazine for the attraction that face held for me.

However, as I read I learned he was a Spiritual Being who, five hundred thousand years ago, incarnated in China as a very wise philosopher. He now, said the article, worked through or inspired a certain individual there in San Diego while the medium was entranced. In other words, he entered into this medium’s (Mark Probert’s) body, and spoke through his voice. Wonders of all! I was on the trail of something, and like a hound dog with the scent, couldn’t get off the track until I had found this man, Mark. I hadn’t the slightest idea why, but was being ‘led’.

The upshot of it was: through the name and address in the magazine, I was able to locate his brother, living in Los Angeles, who furnished Mark’s telephone number there in San Diego, right in the town where I was! The book was printed in Illinois! As it came about, Mark was holding one of his regular weekly meetings for his ‘sitters’ the second day following.

Well, I was really sitting on a hot potato! It would be utterly impossible to convey this tremendous psychic upheaval that continued. The cycle was present and it could not be suppressed, nor could I relate it to Ernest as he was away and could not be reached by telephone for another day. What to do; what to do? The cover picture did not leave my hands; it was as if I were glued to it and I felt surely like the proverbial pullet laying its first egg. I could not relax or become interested in any one of the many things I should have been doing. Inwardly I knew something vital was brewing, but consciously — nothing! So much energy present! No sleep that night!

What a relief when Ernest returned and I could relate it all to him. I met him, not with a normal greeting but with the picture and He, too, knew that here was something important but it didn’t ‘throw’ him as it did me — for it was my objective. The next night we found Mark Probert and sat in his little circle with eight or ten other ‘sitters’ and soon Yada came in. He entered into Mark’s physical and used his vocal chords and, with a slightly broken Chinese accent, Yada told how he had lived in China 500,000 years ago, continuing, “Yes, we know many things. There is one among you here tonight who lived the life of the great teacher and Pharaoh, Akhnaton, who had great wisdom to bring the earthean. I can tell this man these facts and it will not concern him.” He knew Ernest was far beyond such information inflating any ego with him. He continued, “This man, even today, carries the scars on his hands of yet another lifetime when he, likewise, endeavored.” Then he turned to Ernest and said, “Is this not so, my good Brother?”

Ernest was, of course, rather taken back at Yada’s pronouncement for a moment. He had consciously prepared that others would not learn of his identity at this time; and, of course more than likely, it was He in his Higher Self who helped arrange this important ‘miracle’ of contact. The others present, of course, wanted to see the scars of the holes in the palms of his hands, and which caused them much concern. They were all greatly moved. This medium, Mark, however, did not possess the very highly developed faculty and ability as is true with the Unariun Moderator, for he permitted the astral entities to enter into his very body and which caused weird distortions not necessarily pleasant to witness. This, too, helped me to appreciate the very highly developed Infinite Consciousness our Moderator expresses — far removed from these dark seance rooms where a few stray entities come in and obsess the medium! It so happened, however, that this particular spokesman was no ordinary ‘lost’ entity, but one who truly knew the former lives of the Unariun Moderator, no doubt an advanced Unariun Brother.

Of great interest to me were the lengths to which the Higher Ones went that I be led to this stranger, Yada, who could convey this vital message! (When the Moderator Himself could have related his past, yet, he would not. He would be too humble and, to Him it would be the wrong psychology; but what a wonderful plan and way.) Now I knew why I had the overwhelming urge and great frustration until the contact was made: so that I could, this early in the work, learn who this great Soul was, by whose side I have come to walk. Possibly, too, had He, himself, made such statements, I might not have been able to conceive these facts for there is a natural resistance with most persons; to ‘doubt’ when another will make such claims about himself. But here, with a complete and total stranger — a spiritual force or Being coming through one who neither of us had met previously — how could one doubt? And the scars in his hands to prove. (However, at this time, I was not conscious that it was Jesus to whom he referred. Later, in my own way, I realized.)

Yes, we know how it is; even now, many will doubt even after they read the “Jose” book. Although they possibly have heard of and expected the return of Jesus, yet they will doubt when they read or hear that it has taken place! Not so? Indeed!

And so, this was our first learning of the true identity of our leader. However, after that particular evening, I doubt very much whether either of us thought of the incident again until the time of this writing, when these memories are again impressed within. For one thing, our consciousness was too filled with so many other activities and expressions, but He, for one, (and myself, as well), would need to have more than any one person’s word before it was truth to Him. We do know Yada was correct but Ernest, being the scientist that He is, would have to prove all things in many ways.

And so it was, through the research of the works of Akhnaton, that we proved to ourselves that He did teach much the same as He is teaching today — the same principles. Thus it was, too, at the time when my personal realization took place, of Him living the life of Jesus. He was very reticent to go along, for all things must be proven to Him within his mind. With myself, it was of a different nature. Some may say I’m just gullible, but it is not really that. There is a sense of knowing — a strong, positive knowing that cannot be shaken. Those are the times when the information comes from the inner or higher. Things were happening so rapidly, it was difficult to keep track of time and experiences, date-wise.

Thus it was, from that day hence, one revelation upon another, regarding our own two personal pasts, was realized and revealed by the Moderator. He would view, for instance, some one lifetime in Egypt or Greece, and then we would go to the library to read of these historical events and dates, names, etc., of the queens, kings, or pharaohs. Oh, we both went round and round with the great Temple of Karnac, one of the world wonders which He helped to build and design, for the building was added to more than once. These times and experiences were simply like reading pages from our own personal biographies, so familiar were they; and yet we had never read of them in this present lifetime previously. It was such a revelation to hear Him voice these times, then to find it all there in the encyclopedia or history books. Those weeks were the most outstanding of all in our present life together. The excitement and exuberance was at a very high pitch during these times of relating, of attunement and realizing — then the proving from the printed pages. These past incarnations were, of course, most important to first be freed from — days never to be relived. As luxuriant and glorious as these lives were, in the physical sense, they still existed as ties; oscillations which were created from the physical lives and must be objectified and discharged. All the pieces fitted and jibed.

In several evolutions during this lush Egyptian era, He would view me returning again to help carry on the great dynasty of that epoch. In the one life He lived as Akhnaton, I incarnated as his mother; then, two or three hundred years later, as an offspring of these families in other relationships, as the dynasty wore on but such incarnations were set up, and set in motion from the inner many, many years before the actual expression — all a part of a great Inner Plan of which UN.AR.I.U.S. is the culmination. Perhaps some day in the future the Moderator may write his most incredible biography; he will reiterate some of these lives; moreover, after they have been worked out, they cease to be of importance to the individual himself. However, one important note of interest relates to the time of Ernest’s reliving and ‘work out’ with the old priest Caiaphus (who was the one largely responsible for His condemnation to the cross); how, after his contacting him physically that, as He often relates, “I fought the very demons of hell for five days and nights, and sometimes the room was so black with them I couldn’t even see the light which was always lit.” This psychic battle was beyond imagination and He emerged victorious, but not without scars. Within his hands, were the psychic nail hole scars; the cords were taught, inflamed and near bleeding, so factually physically and psychically was this past relived! At certain times of the year such as Easter, etc., these scars become inflamed and again near bleeding; the finger cords draw up. After many years, this stigma has lessened a little but not a great deal; the disfigurement is still very prominent.”

Excerpt from Bridge To Heaven

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    The lectures were compiled by Gerardus Tros. Gerardus Tros also personally knew Joseph Parker, the painter of metaphysical art work which Dr. Norman felt represented the inner realms to a greater degree than others. Small world that Benno and I were fortunate to be in Gerardus’ acquaintance for several years. He lived in Canada with his wife and we would meet them occasionally when they came to San Diego as snowbirds during the winter time. Gerardus himself is also a very talented author of metaphysical poetry in his own right.

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