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“The top side way + – a concept of life that holds all things perfect and as a function of the Infinite; a complete vision of perfection which is obtained when proper knowledge is acquired whereby Principle is the action behind all things and makes all things possible.

perfectionSymptoms that you are working with this concept: A positive way to see all things as Principle in action – no anxiety, no fear, no doubt or worry. Perfection in all daily expressions.

Formula: No concentrations, no prayer, no incantations, no supposed directions given consciously, but rather, a complete knowing.

Bottom side or negative -, – a negative concept of life composed of age-old beliefs, superstitions, present anxieties, fears, frustrations – all things which are reactionary, etc., etc., etc.distressed

Symptoms: A fearful reaction to any new happenings or manifestations; a constant strife to attain anything; a repetitious endeavor to constantly equate inequalities by fatalism, prayer, reliance on charms, incantations, directives, etc.

Result: Confusion, despair, sickness, reversion of the progressive evolution, backsliding, etc.

(This was a letter written to a student who was having difficulty in recognizing positive from negative, and as she and others have benefited so from it, we felt it should be included here.)

How to acquire the top side way: First, study UN.AR.I.U.S.. Learn something about energy. Begin to see energy in action in all daily expressions. Combine this with the conscious knowledge that this energy functions according to an inviolate Principle – that this energy is the Infinite in action.

perception-of-other-dimensionsThe perfect concept will therefore resolve into consciousness whereby you will be able to attune yourself to a more perfect way. This is not done with a directive conscious effort but by making the conscious mind subservient to Principle, and which is done by direct jurisdiction of the personal Higher Self (which everyone has).

This Higher Self is an abstraction of the Infinite and functions infinitely according to Principle. Result: Perfection in daily life according to how well conscious mind functions in a subservient way to the Higher Self and Infinity.

In the future and in the many lives and countless years you will yet live, the conscious mind will gradually become atrophied and the Higher Self will begin to supplant the function of the conscious mind. As this transition is taking place, you will begin to lose your physical world and the material life. Instead, there will come an ever-increasing scope of intelligence and function which is brought about by a more direct function with the Higher Self.

As your Higher Self is ‘living’ in higher or spiritual dimensions, it is doing so by its ability to function (or oscillate) with Infinity. Therefore, when you have completed this transition, you will be one of higher-selfthe very Advanced Personalities which the Christian religion calls archangel or godlike beings.

For the present, realize your present position in your daily life. How you react (or think) is only the net development of your past lives. Principle is dynamic; it is always progressive; therefore, you must also be progressive or perish.

Up until this point in your evolution, your physical life supplied a certain quotient of progression, sometimes called libido or drive, to attain a better life. Now, however, you have passed that point where this material world can supply your drive; you have been spiritually quickened to a higher spiritual live.

This higher life cannot be lived in the old material way; you must learn to re-adapt yourself to this higher life. This is done gradually, through many lifetimes and countless experiences, trial and retrial, until your old self or psychic anatomy is completely replaced by your newer spiritual psychic anatomy. Then, you will no longer return to earth lives.

Therefore, learn to carry in your conscious mind the perfect concept of Infinity that your mind, your daily life is a clean slate whereby this Infinite can super-impose its perfection. Then you will begin to witness small and great miracles happening to you. All things necessary in your daily life will appear at the proper time and without conscious or physical strife on your part; you will get the answers to all problems; you will become ever-increasingly intelligent in all dispensations and relationships.

This is the finding of the Kingdom Within and the Father – or Infinity, and your Higher Self – or Christ-Self, as an abstract facsimile of the Infinite which you have developed through polarization as your personal entity through ages of material earth lives, spiritual lives, etc., and their countless experiences, all polarized in Principle.

For the present then, be realistic. Do not attempt to live a perfect way overnight. Begin by first carrying the complete perfect picture in your mind, the vast complete Infinite which is everywhere. It is all things visible and unseen. It is constantly regenerating into new forms. Realize and learn in your consciousness to tune yourself to the correct wave lengths which will materialize into your daily life.

consciousness-shiftNo, you do not say to the Infinite, “I want so and so to happen or appear.” You must realize this Infinite knows far better than you do what you need; that it is much more important to learn about the Infinite than to try and use it for personal self or gain. For in learning about the Infinite you accomplish your best purposes, including eternal life – bearing in mind, of course, that learning is synonymous to use as an absolute in daily life and supersedes all other forms of consciousness, and that you are completely dedicated.

This is the reason why prayer, affirmations, directives, etc., are all useless and always detrimental because not only do these conscious mind efforts obstruct, but they retard development in an intelligent approach to understanding the Infinite.

In other words, your conscious mind ‘thinks’ from memory of the past. As your past is composed of the same materialistic derelictions, it is impossible to construct an intelligent hypothesis from this past; likewise, reaction is predicated by former reactions, all based or biased in fear – the age-old fear of survival – the jungle law.

Consequently, all happenings appear as reactions instead of more correctly seeing that Principle is expressing action; and individually each person should equate all things in this manner.

In such introspection a more complete abstraction can be made. Sin, evil, etc., will have lost their former positions, and now you will see it is a matter of positive personal resolution as to what takes place in your life as well as its nature.

Cease letting your old past live, your old self rule you. Realize that every time you feel insecure, self-analysisfearful, frustrated, guilt, anger, etc., these emotional reflexes are your old self rearing its ugly head. There is a much better way to live – by seeing Principle in action and Principle the will of the Infinite Intelligence.

Just in case you have arrived at some erroneous conclusions, and you may say to yourself, “If I am not supposed to use my conscious mind, then how do I go about in my daily life; or how do I obtain correct usage with my conscious mind?” First, no attempt should be made to try and abstain from using your conscious mind. You could not stop using it even if you tried, nor has any inference been made that you should do so; but strong emphasis has been placed on how to use it, or how it is used.

Picture in your mind a small worm and how it wriggles in pain when it is pressed by a stick. When some new adverse expression appears before you, it becomes a stick ‘pressing’ your mind; in a sense, you react. There are many wriggling worms of energy coursing through your brain cells. These generate certain harmonics which are detrimental to health and well-being.

Instead, when this adverse condition appears, you would stop it short in its effect by first properly placing it as one of the many infinite expressions which is part of the evolutionary scale. Then, so far as your own personal relationship was concerned, it would begin to fit into your understanding of the Infinite.” – Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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