More On Mind Function – Part III

Mind-Function-main-4-post“Now we can compare our world as actually being a sun in relationship with other particular different dimensions of which the world is a part. The earth could very easily be a sun to these dimensions; in the same way the electromagnetic field of the earth could shine to adjacent worlds the same as the sun shines in this world, because what the sun is called — heat and light — is only electromagnetic fields of the sun being transformed into these various earth-likearth-sun-vortex-4-poste constituents of energy from the processes that are happening in the great magnetic belts, in the great radiation belts around the earth in conjunction with the sun. It isn’t heat or light at all; it is part of the magnetic flux in this generating form in this great vortical pattern.

So you see, what the scientist is confronted with is the ultimatum that he must eventually completely tear down all of his physical science and reconstruct a new science out of these unknown dimensions and this is not a radical theory; it has already been partly envisioned by men like Oppenheimer in 1956, when he made the statement that we have passed the point of diminished returns, and anything valuable or valid in the future will have to be goros-atomreconstructed from an entirely different mathematical system. So I am not alone. I can visualize these things because I know where the source is. I know it is very foolish to try to equate Infinity in a few surface appearances. The scientist will eventually have to destroy the illusion of heat and light and various other elemental factors in the physical dimension. He will have to destroy them because they are still going to give intent and purpose to a false science. They will have to realize they are only just as much of an illusion as the atom itself is, because the atom is a great illusion so far as it is universally accepted by science as mass; because he knows very well every atom is a solar system of energy. It is actually nonexistent as mass, but he refuses to give up his old science which is built out of this mass equation. Now isn’t it stupid.

Understanding the magnetic fluxes, we will call them, the magnetic field is basically part of the horseshoe magnetconcept we have just previously discussed. In other words, we find in a horseshoe magnet what we call a north pole and a south pole, and the reason it is a north pole and a south pole is because all of the molecules which form the metal of the horseshoe magnet are aligned so that their electromagnetic fields are focused on the ends of this particular pole. Now that, of course, forms another alignment with the north magnetic pole of the earth and with the south magnetic pole of the earth. It doesn’t make any difference which way you turn that magnet as the north pole always is aligned in the same relationship to the earth as it formerly was. You can whirl it around your head and it doesn’t change its polarity at all because the existence of these polarities are not in this dimension. Therefore, they are not affected by either time or space and have no relationship so far as mass is concerned in their polarity position.

Now that is quite hard to visualize, however, you can prove this very easily for yourself and you can do it this way. Take an ordinary little ten-cent horseshoe magnet and a needle and you face yourself toward the Northmagnet compass; then you hold the horseshoe magnet so that the poles are upright, then you drop the needle on the poles of the magnet. Now if you withdraw the needle, it will be magnetized; but before you withdraw the needle you make a small red mark or put a piece of tape on that pole of the magnet which is closest to the north pole, which is farthest away from you because you are holding the magnet upright so the poles point straight up in a vertical position. Now if you put this needle on a little piece of wood that is floating in a basin of water, the south pole of that needle will automatically point toward the north. And it won’t make any difference which way you turn that needle; it will always turn around and point right back to the North. Now if the needle still stays in the same position as it did when you took it off the magnet, then you can say that you have marked the south pole of your magnet.

Now you do the same process with two magnets. When you have the correct south and north pole markers on your magnet, you will see that when you put them together— the ends of these two magnets together — if you put the north and south poles together opposite each othermagnets repulsion and attraction, there is a very strong attraction; it requires quite a little pulling to pull them apart. If you reverse them; you see it takes a little pushing to keep them together. Now that is the principle of attraction and repulsion and it is the principle with which the scientist has constructed all of the motors and generators which he uses in the scientific world. It is also the principle which he uses in many other different pieces of electronic apparatus because it is a very strong force.

Now you will discover with your magnets, as I just said, that no matter which way you turn them around it doesn’t change their polarity. Now that seems very peculiar (doesn’t it?) when you realize that their polarity — the power of that magnet — is actually a related factor to the magnetic field of the earth? The earth, in turn, is a small magnet which is so related in exactly the magnetic-field-sun-and-planets-4-postsame way with the sun. The sun, in turn, is another factor which is so related with every other particular stellar object in the whole universe. The universe, in turn, becomes another magnet which is so linked with every other universe in the whole cosmogony or the macrocosm, whichever you want to call it.

So now we begin to obtain an overall picture, we shall say, so far as our visible world is concerned, but these things are held together by very strong magnetic fluxes, very strong lines of magnetic force. These magnetic lines of force are not third-dimensional in nature and we haven’t any instruments to measure them, for one thing. The only thing we can use to determine them are certain reactive components such as iron or steel and it is extremely difficult to measure them because of the function in that borderline region between the third and the fourth dimension. They are actually, so far as we are concerned, a part of the fourth dimension because they are positively biased, we shall say, from the fourth dimension; in other words, they stem from the fourth dimension because all those magnetic lines of force are all the same magnetic lines of force that we find in the great vortexes. They are, in other words, harmonic regenerationEMF-vortex of sun atom universes of wave structures which hold the great vortexes together — great or small vortexes. It doesn’t make any difference whether it is a vortex that comes out in the middle as an atom or whether it is a vortex that comes out in the middle as an earth, or whether it is a vortex which comes out in the middle as a sun or even a universe. The regeneration within this great vortex generates these magnetic lines of force or flux as a direct by-product or harmonic of all its internal functions. It is one of the harmonics which is regenerating into the third dimension. The reason that you can’t change polarities is because you can’t change the vortex. You would have to change the structures in the vortex before you could change the polarities in your horseshoe magnet.

Now we have given you a little of the advanced science on what holds the universe together and how saucersman functions in so many other different planes of life — the spiritual worlds, or worlds where men have learned to use flying saucers and various other different things that people term supernatural phenomena, but there isn’t such a thing as supernatural phenomena. In fact, there isn’t any such thing as phenomena, as phenomena merely means that we have not yet directly applied logic, reason or understanding to what we can see. When we really begin to become scientifically minded, we have a very logical, a lucid and clear explanation of even the most confounding of all mysteries, the mystery of life itself and we can actually construct a cell which has life. In fact, we can construct a human being which has life. Of course the human being will have to evolve; if we so construct this human being, he would naturally have to evolve, we shall say, into a number of progressive evolutions before he would possess the power, as we call it, of individual consciousness. But we mind braincould still give the body life, and we might even eventually in our science give him all of the intelligence of which a normal human being possesses, because if a thing holds true in one case it always holds true in all cases. To construct a cell which has life, merely means that we take some sort of a third-dimensional plasma which is a proteid combination of various proteid elements which has atomic structures or molecular structures, which can be compared as very similar to that of the brain cells. In other words, in physical function, the various cells of the human body act, in a sense of the word, as little transducers. They are relating in their own way, in their own consciousness as a product of their own frequency relationship, their own particular reactive component which the scientist calls life.

Now, to construct a cell, we will take some of this plasma, we will say, which contains molecules, creation-of-life-4-postconstructed of various atoms, and these molecules have the faculty of rectifying — rectification being a process of integration. In conjunction with this plasmic fluid, we construct a synthetic number of wave forms. Each wave form has a certain intelligence impressed on it so that it has a certain function. We create the necessary frequencies in which these wave forms can function as a fourth-dimensional entity. When it is brought in contact with the plasmic fluid and it merges and becomes activated with it, we have a living cell because then the living cell is producing, on the outside third dimension, exactly what we have put into the fourth-dimensional entity of its consciousness or its psychic anatomy. We have merely constructed a psychic anatomy in all of the functions which we wish this cell to possess. And it will reflect or breathe in and out just as our own psychic anatomy does, into the plasmic fluid of the cell and the cell, in turn, will rectify these various oscillations of being breathed in and out of it. It will rectify them so that it will form a complete picture as a reactive component of function in the third dimension.

Now when the doctor or scientist learns of these vital concepts, he will no longer need to go to the mans-psychic-self-4-postgreat lengths and breadths in his present experiments to gain this knowledge. He will not need to hypnotize his patients to try (unsuccessfully) to solve their problems, and he will come to learn, as will the psychiatrists and those who work with the mentally ill in the asylums, etc., that their present-day practices are more than archaic and quite ineffective. They must begin to learn, first of all, just what the creature they call man is – that he is, in fact, first, last and in all ways, an electronic mechanism. Not until he begins to treat his patients as such can he hope for any better results than the very low percentage he now experiences.

We, the Unariuns, do trust the scientists of today will soon alert themselves to these creative, regenerative principles of life.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Part I

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