More on Mind Function Part I

brain-function-main-2“Another one of the mysteries the scientist doesn’t know about is how we have life and death; why a person will be born, grows up, starts to deteriorate, grows into old age and finally dies.

There is a very logical and simple explanation for that too, because it is simply a cycle. We have to remember that every time a person dies, all of the elements which remain in the subconscious at that time of death are discharged. All that remains of that person is what has been polarized in the cycle-of-life-and-deathmental part of the psychic anatomy from out of that subconscious. Therefore, when a person is reborn again to this world, he does so without that subconscious part of his psychic anatomy; so he starts to construct that part of the psychic anatomy on his basic life cycle that he previously had. It’s like building a new house on an old foundation, we shall say.

The life cycle as it was engendered, for instance, from realizations of many, many past lifetimes and many associations, regenerated this life cycle so that it included about three score and ten years of life a man is theoretically supposed to live, so on this cycle he begins to rebuild the subconscious. Therefore, throughout that lifetime, he will be able to remember everything that goes into that subconscious, providing it has a certain greatness or intensity that it can construct some part of a vortex of energy in that subconscious part of the psychic anatomy and, in turn, will of course polarize a certain facsimile or certain picture in the vortex of the mental part of the psychic anatomy. That remains with him forever because in the mental part of the psychic anatomy, we find what is called or referred to as the akashic record. In other words, anybody who is clairvoyantly trained can tune into the mental part of the psychic anatomy and see these pictures. The reason they remain there forever is because they are oscillating with the superconscious.

Now we have to obtain the overall picture. This psychic anatomy can be pictured as something like a pulsating or breathing ball of radiant energy and the various different parts of it, such as the Psychic-anatomysubconscious part, the mental part and finally, highest of all, the superconscious vortex. When we obtain that little picture, we will see that all of the past lifetimes are breathing in and out, we shall say, from the mental consciousness. Now we will carry our picture on a little further and find out just exactly how this energy functions. We should remember that energy can also breathe or oscillate. Now for it to oscillate, it means it has to go through the phase reversal, 180 degrees, as a wave form, whether it is contained in a cycle or whether it goes as a singular wave form, along a wire or radio impulse through the air. It is like putting one foot forward, then bringing the other one up – it’s left and right, left and right – that is, positive to negative, negative to positive. That is the 180-degree reversal. Now any transposition of energy, I don’t care what it is, has to maintain some relationship to that. Even a storage battery has to do that because one pole of a storage battery is positive, the other one is negative at the same time. They call that direct current but there is the same submission to principle there in the storage battery as there is in anything else. However, we are considering only alternating current impulses throughout this psychic anatomy in conjunction with the brain cells.

Now we get up to another point in our analysis here. We have to remember that every one of these brain-waves-webbrain cells – we call them transducers, and that’s exactly what they are because they have a certain quality in the brain cell that permits the flow of, shall we say, one-half of the cycle to flow forward but it doesn’t permit the other half of the cycle to flow backward quite so easily. In other words, there is a certain resistance in one direction with each one of these brain cells. Now as far as their own electromagnetic fields are concerned, they are so aligned, just as they would be in a magnet so that they can transduce current through these various layers, such as the cortex and the sub-cortex, and so on in the brain. We have to have this complete rectification of the energy impulses which perform exactly the same function as the screen of the television tube; in other words, in this relationship of energy as it is expressed back and forth in rectified units between vortical layers, this means there is a separation and integration of energy wave forms which create the original impulse as it came into the brain. That means therefore, that now so far as the brain and psychic anatomy are concerned, they are breathing in and out simultaneously or oscillating simultaneously in a complete three-dimensional way. That is, there has to be three dimensions of these oscillations taking place simultaneously or oscillating simultaneously in a complete three-dimensional way.

Of course, one of them is a dimensional relationship oscillation of all these various brain cells in their cortical layers functioning as rectifying units to completely integrate the whole compound or complex structure of the wave forms, which were an exact facsimile of the original wave forms tri-dimensional-mind-4-post-1which came into the eyes or the ears or the nose or the mouth, or wherever the sense organ was in the human body, to complete as exact facsimile of this same experience in a reverse fashion. Now, that is memory.

In order for a person, we shall say, to reconstruct memory, we have to remember these oscillations are always sustained throughout this tri-dimensional anatomy, this tri-dimensional configuration, that is, from the different portions of the psychic anatomy into the brain and so on. Now any time a person wishes to recall a picture, it has to be done, as we will say, either from a conscious, suggestive position or an auto-suggestive position. In any case, there always has to be a certain catalytic energy, we shall call it, which performs the necessary function to properly align these various complex wave structures which contain thousands of memory conscious forms within themselves which come out of the psychic anatomy. They, in turn, become the ones which are actually sorted by the various brain cells to form the complete picture. The reason they do that is because we always have some auto-suggestive form which immediately confronts us either from the physical world or of such physical manifestations.

Now, if we sit and think, so far as the various functions of the brain cells are concerned we are,  interceptingtransistor-brain-4-post as it were, as a part of our realization process, any one or a number of these various configurations. That is all done auto-suggestively, and one train leads to the next, etc. We always find there is a direct association with frequency relationships as they are compatible one to another before the picture can be formed. It is quite difficult for any person, an ordinary, reactionary person, we shall say, to reach right up out of the blue and get a thought without having one or a number of external factors which stimulate certain energy wave forms which, in turn, realign the various wave forms which are coming into the brain areas and which are oscillating in the psychic anatomy to that point where the brain cells now become conscious; that is, they are all functioning in unison with this same set of oscillating wave forms so that the integration process can take place and the complete picture is re-fabricated. So isn’t it a wonderful thing?

So now we see that when the operator, the doctor or the scientist puts a small pulse of energy on any one of the cortical layers in these various frontal lobes of the brain, what he actually does is to externally supply this auto-suggestive force in the form of a small potential of energy. In other words, he is merely intercepting some already existing wave forms in those brain structures which are breathing in and out of the psychic anatomy and they, in turn, are temporarily realigned within themselves so that they form a past picture. And wherever and in whatever place the operator places probe-brainthe probe on the brain merely means, at that particular given moment and in that particular place, there is, we shall say, a reproduction in some sort of a small facsimile of the picture which is stemming out of the psychic anatomy but which is not yet coordinated in a rectifying process with the various other brain cells in the different layers.

Now when he places that little electricity there, that automatically aligns these up with the other different brain cells so that the picture is again rectified and integrated as an exact facsimile. You can easily visualize, if you carry these things further, what automatically takes place all the time within the psychic anatomy. This is a pulse, we say a beat, which is composed of hundreds of thousands or even millions of energy wave forms which, when they are properly EEG_brain_wavesintegrated and rectified in the brain cells, can form pictures. Any one, or a group of them, can form a part or the whole complete picture of some past incident in a past lifetime and when they are integrated with the mental part of the psychic anatomy, the past lifetimes can come in too. That is what we call reading the akashic record because we are intercepting the waves which are radiating, we will say, in the fourth dimension from the part of the psychic anatomy we have called the mental structures.

Now all of these things, of course, so far as the psychic anatomy is concerned, are fourth-dimensional energy wave forms and they are not synonymous, in a sense of the word, with the third-dimensional type because they are cyclic in motion. The third-dimensional type means they travel from one point to another as a pulse or 180-degree phase and that is what takes place in the brain. Now that is why the scientist can measure certain brain impulses. He can obtain the pattern or a picture on his encephalograph because he is seeing an outside portion of the brain which has been rectified by the brain cells.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I

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