A Discussion on Mind Function – Part II

Diversity of the Mind“But all these things had to take place first in the spiritual worlds; they can’t take place in a physical world. The physical world is only the mirror; it’s only the image; it’s only the end of what happens. It is only the result—not the cause. It never is! Oh sure, they can produce reactions by the ten thousands, by the countless millions. They can even put the molecules and atoms together differently, but they’ve gone only so far; they haven’t really changed anything beyond this world because they’ve only chased a few shadows around.

They speak of the “power of the atom.” They don’t know the meaning of the word “power.” All that they’re seeing there is a certain movement—not in its natural, normal time. Any time that we get a dynamic movement of energy, as far as this relationship with the third dimension is concerned, and from another relationship in another dimension, we get what they call “power,” but they (the atom-vortex-EMF-dual-torus-4-postscientist or man) know nothing of the word, no more than they know what heat or any other form of energy is, because they have already assumed it to be resistive or reactive, in a third dimensional way and they haven’t linked it up with the originating sources of energy, the originating dynamics, the interdimensional relationships. And until they do, they’re stuck; they’re lost.

So what good would it do if a person has a thousand fur coats, a thousand cars? They’re here today and gone tomorrow. Whereas the person who sat for hours and worked and worked and worked, mentally and otherwise, to try to materialize these things, is now in another world doing the same things, over and over again. He will continue to do so until he realizes the fallaciousness of those kinds of thought patterns, the kind of cycles he has projected himself into. When he realizes that these things he has demonstrated for himself are only agents to enslave himself to a material world, he’ll be very ashamed of himself, that he tried to use the Divine Powers, or misuse them, or failed to use them, for such things as to support and to insure a false and insecure position in a material world. Any man who uses the Divine Powers to bolster up a false sense of security in a material world is indeed off the path. And I don’t care what his name is; I don’t care how successfuman-chained-to-earth-4-postl he is, as far as material things and possessions are concerned. They cause me no jealousy whatsoever, because I know how each one of them is, in reality, a link in a chain, a strong chain of psychic malformations that bind him to this earth tighter than anything to be constructed out of the best forges in the land—chains he’ll someday have to break himself!

And that’s all part of the trouble of the individual approaching the seat of the Divine and Infinite Intelligence from within. Because as little children without these chains that have bound us to these earthly planes, without these preconceived notions, these inhibitions, these complexes all bred of the insecurity of the law of survival of the fittest, the primeval law (kill or be killed), the old Mosaic law, the reactionary laws; sooner or later every person arrives at that point where they have to see themselves objectively in relationship to the Infinite and their position. They have to make a choice. And that choice is whether they are going to continue on in this karmic world—the world of Shiva the destroyer, or to move on to a higher astral world. Every person has to make the choice. For the world, in itself, and all the things that the world contains in a cycle, a million years duration, will only lead one down to the abysmal parallaxes of the astral netherworlds, simply because he loses cohesive relationship to the Infinite.

In all churches at every corner, there’s a pulpit, a temple. In the halls of learning and science, everywhere, you see false prophets. Some assume the human form and others are of various types and varieties, born and bred of the pressures of the present-day civilization, though I’m sure our forefathers faced the same thing in different forms. Thus our civilization is far more complex than any that was ever confronted by man in his previous history, as far as the mechanical—the machinations-4-post-1machinations of the twentieth-century world are concerned. Those things, in themselves, are by far the greatest of all false doctrines. They prophesy only one thing: that if you do not live by them your doom is sealed!

Their struggle is to put aside death, put aside ignorance, put aside disease, put aside fear, but it has created all of these things. What they thought possibly, at the time of creation, was for their own good and their own benefit—to alleviate something. But this created a Frankenstein monster! —a monster that stalks up and down over the face of the earth twenty-four hours of the day and claims millions and millions of victims, a monster which makes slaughter houses out of our highways and our freeways, grinds people’s bodies and souls up into dust, incomparably finer than any cosmic dust that is spread out over the cosmogony. It creates cancer; it creates 101 diseases to which science knows little or nothing about, neither the causes nor the cures, and only named with some vague mumbo jumbo that was figuratively left here by the witch doctor of the jungle.

What is the salvation of man going to be? What is going to be the outcome, and that doesn’t become one of evolving-man-4-postglobal proportions? It becomes the concern of every individual! It is spread over a scale of evolution that is known to over billions of years. Each individual struggles through the pithy slime and ooze of these material worlds, trying to wean himself away from these places where he sucks from the earth, the pap and the substance of his life. He learns to be a participating element where he can oscillate with Infinite Consciousness, where his breath of life becomes radiant energy. It infuses him like the sun infuses the atmosphere of our earth.

How infantile in having a person believe in their false systems and monetary values; the affluence of their neighbors is a sufficient libido to drive themselves to this inward, successive chain-reaction eight hours a day, descending beneath the tyrannical whip of a despotic civilization to grind out the very life and the very virtues, of the soul. He has no time, no time to think of those things which are the Infinite Teachings, no time to temper the bitterness of his life that will give him peace of mind to seek the Light, a ray, a feeling of strength to use the power, the creation that is in him.

Some say there is no death, but that’s only partly true. For there is a death, a very real inner-awakening-4-postdeath to those who go on in that materialistic treadmill! And on the other hand, there is that real life, there is really something for those who have time for that “something” and can sit back long enough to listen to it, and to watch for it, wait for it and try to learn to do the same. Those are the ones who know there is no separation, and that there is no death, for that something is Divine Intercession—the Infinite Mind or the Christ Self—the realization that they themselves are participating elements, that they become subjected to it—not on bended knee—but realizing that what they have in the equipment that they are presently incarnated into, is only part of their Infinite Mind. They needn’t go to the temple or the church to have someone tell them what to do, for they have the voice, they have the ear, they have the eye to see their own selves, to hear the voice. That voice is something that is free to everyone—a voice with which man is surrounded externally and internally.

The greatest miracles of life which man has extracted in his everyday routine are costless. Even the processes of the mind are themselves divine in man especially so when we consider the negative, the reactionary condition of mind sometimes; the violence, the filth which could be the storm of some hellish, ghoulish plane.

Still the process of life goes on in infinite regeneration. That is what is in store for you, each one, for the Father forgives them all. The Father does, but the Father is not a personality or a being; it is the higher self-4-postinfinite creative substance of nature. And how can the Father forgive when he, himself, is a part of all things created by him? He can forgive because he does not condemn to begin with!

Man must begin to realize his entire life has been built up from the materialistic, the physical, that his world is a mechanized one with little or no thought of the real, the spiritual values. He must learn he is only living results, end results from his past, that he is a victim of his past. And the only way to begin to change it all is to start with the self, to learn he is a creature of infinite regeneration. When he thus begins to recognize his oneness with the Infinite, his life will soon change; he will begin to become more in tune with the Infinite Consciousness and all infinity.

So carry on in your very best efforts, and in time you shall appreciate the fact that you heeded these words of wisdom.”

—The Moderator

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium III

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