More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part III

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-III-mainAs I have said, everything has already been created, everything which is far beyond the capacity of your mind to even very spiritual-growth-4-postfaintly imagine. You could never get to the end of it. In infinity, in this way, as you journey through infinity in your evolution, you are contacting, at any given point, a certain number of these cyclic wave forms and their information. Then, according to other different wave forms which you have contacted in this cyclic transference pattern from the past, you react and you form the basis of your present-day third-dimensional life.

brain-waves-cyclic-4-postYou see, mind wave forms, as they are connected with the psychic anatomy and all other wave forms which emanate from the psychic anatomy, are more strictly fourth-dimensional in nature; that is, they, too, are cyclic. Part of this cyclic pattern is, of course the reaction between the electromagnetic fields of the different atoms involved, in other words, an oscillating process where we have both positive and negative.

Within the central portion of any magnet, there is absolutely no magnetism at all magnetic-fields-iron-filings-magnet(whether it is a straight iron bar or whether it is bent into the shape of a horseshoe), that is, none that you can determine by touching a piece of iron to it. The reason for this is that regardless of its shape, any magnet is oscillating from one end of the magnet to the other and in this oscillation the electromagnetic fields of the atom-molecule combinations are expressing themselves in exactly the same way as they do anywhere else except, in this oscillating process, all of their electromagnetic fields are so synchronously or harmonically attuned to each other that they form a very large harmonic which is the magnetic energy or flux which emerges from either one or the other of the poles of the magnet.

EMF-vortex atom sunNow it’s very simple again, when you understand how it is that everything which is basically atomic in nature, or is formed of little atoms, is oscillating with all of the electromagnetic fields. The Earth itself can be considered to be just another little atom in the galaxy and, as such, is oscillating in the same harmonic patterns and magnetic fields of force as are all other so—called heavenly or astronomical bodies.

So, creation can be understood much more comprehensively on this basis. We can find all of the reactionary processes in the life of the individual or the collective evolution of any person or masses of people in any civilization or all the combined civilizations on Earth, the blades of grass, the trees, whatever objectivism you wish to achieve in your prospective. All of these things are made possible only by the fundamental principles which I have described to you and which are engendered in the net sum and total of the Infinite Intelligence which I have called Infinity.

Understanding these principles is extremely important to you. When you get over on the other side, or after death, as it is life after deathcalled, you won’t have this physical body; you will be an inductive particle in this infinity. In other words, you will be just like a radio or a television set. You will be inducting into yourself at any given moment, an infinite number of wave forms of energy, and they can all mean something to you or they can mean absolutely nothing to you, according to how you understand them and are able to translate them into your consciousness.

So you can see how important it is. If they mean nothing to you, then they can set up a lot of oscillations within this energy body I have called the psychic anatomy in which you are now living, and when all of these spurious oscillations are set up, they can create pandemonium or a very hellish or nightmarish condition because these oscillations don‘t mean anything; they have no relationship to your past or to whatever it is you have contacted or developed as reactionary elements in your daily life. The reason why I am stressing this so emphatically at all times is because I know how important it is to you. Just to say that somebody is going to jerk you into heaven by the hair on the top of your head or by your chinny-chin-chin is ridiculous. You couldn’t live there if you ever got there that way; you wouldn’t be very happy.

Ernest-L-Norman-33Now, we do have spiritual communication—and don’t get me wrong—I do believe in spiritual communication; as a matter of fact, I live by it 24 hours a day. As a matter of fact, everyone does. The difference between me and the general consensus of the public on this earth world is that I am totally conscious of this process and have developed my capacities to live as a spiritual medium to a much higher capacity or to a much more intelligent capacity than any of the so-called mediumistic efforts which have been promulgated on this Earth. The differences here are, of course, in the way in which I understand creation—not by chasing off madly in some kind of a rocket to a nearby planet to find rocks there which somehow have not had the same deterioration as have the earth rocks, and think that I can understand the creation of the universe by picking up a piece of rock.

Well, I would like to understand creation in a much more comprehensive manner. I wouldstudying-a-moon-rock-4-post like to know where the atoms in that rock came from and how they were formed. I would like to know much more about the intelligence, the principles of creation, and such, which engendered the atoms in that rock. I would also like to know what it was that held these atoms together in that rock to form the molecules, etc. That’s my approach to a comprehensive understanding of creation.

So you see, so far as I am concerned, the position of the average earthman is something analogous to a very elemental or very low-grade, expressionary way of life on some planet. During the course of my many years on this planet in this earth body, I have often felt like I was in the middle of a big zoo, and I was very avidly studying the reactions and the life patterns of different people about me. I never considered myself a human in the normal capacity that other people considered themselves. I didn’t feel that way. I was never able to communicate with them on the same basis that other people communicate with each other. I never had the same rapport with them, and to top it all off, I radiated a tremendous energy aura which set me apart from all people.

awakening-higher-self-4-postOf course as you can well imagine, I had to develop a lot of different compensations and I had to, very definitely within my own mind, always hold uppermost the thought and the plan that I had come here specifically for the purpose of enlightening the earth-man on very definite concepts in which he would be very vitally interested in his future, to try to help him desist from the primeval elements of his life which were the worship of false spirits and gods; to try to get him to visualize within his own mind a constructive and comprehensive plan of evolution, and above all, to try to get him to stop praying to these false gods and doing lip and altar service and instead, to learn a much more intelligent approach to creation and infinity.

By understanding infinity and the principles which engender the appearance of all life forms on all planets as well as in higher levels and strata of the universal evolution, these principles in turn would give this lowly earthman a chance for immortality—a chance which he only very vaguely envisions within the infinite pathwayclosed confines of his materialistic world, or that he was seeking relief from the constant, ever-attendant pressure of death about him in some panacea or some escape so that he could visualize himself as living immortally. Well, there is an immortal life but it is only for those who achieve an intelligent relationship with Creation which engendered this immortality and this infinity which makes immortality possible. Unless this proper, intelligent relationship is achieved, any earthman or any other person, for that matter, will continually revolve on the wheel of karma, as it was spoken of by the Yogi. He will constantly reincarnate into the earth world and in each successive reincarnation, he will find that his position has become retrograde; he is regressing because he has not added any of the constructive elements which are most necessary for him to evolve and to progress in an evolutionary pattern. This is my purpose here on this world.

I am not indigenous to this planet; I have often said that I am an alien, but a benign alien; one who has come to give a life-giving higher selfmessage and a certain measure of intelligent, creative energy to any or all of those who participate in this earth life and especially to those who can attain a more direct relationship with the polarity which I express here into this world from the world from which I came.

We should not at this point become involved in any semantics which say that I am better or that he is better than the other, etc. We should be more constructively inclined to constantly inclinate and to assimilate into our daily lives the elements of a progressive evolution which link us more directly to the constructive forces which emanate from Infinite Intelligence to a more understandable relationship with the fourth dimension and to succeeding and progressive evolutions.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I

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