More On Interdimensional Concepts ~ Part II

Interdimensional-Concepts-Part-II-main-4-postThe value of time in any person’s mind is a quasi-evaluation. The consensus of even a few years time, memory-wise speakingremembering-past-experiences-4-post is, so far as the time factor is concerned, absolutely meaningless. A person may remember many incidents of his past life but so far as reliving them, so to speak, with the actual time consonant is impossible, because time, as it relates to any happening in a person’s life, must relate itself harmonically to all life processes, past and present and in the combination of harmonic structures, the time element is the differentiation factor which separates these wave form patterns into understandable reactive components.

To look at a piece of moon rock and say equivocally that it is 4.7 billion years old is moon rockmeaningless even if it were true because such elements as were at that time, 4.7 billion years ago, concerned with integrating atoms into molecule combinations which formed the rock—were then expressing the time consonant as the reactionary element in the formation of this rock, which could be quite analogous to witnessing a lava flow from a volcano. Perhaps the Earth scientists might get some satisfaction from this comparison and feel within themselves a great sense of accomplishment at having arrived at this meaningless comparison. In his limited thinking, he would not be concerned with tlava flow twohe possible billions of years, time-wise, which were necessary to bring this atom-molecule lava flow up to its expressionary point or that such lava flows could recur hundreds of thousands of years apart. Yes, even the same lava could have been re-melted and cooled many times, again giving no information as to what form these atom-molecule combinations took and for that matter what every atom-molecule combination takes which could be found anywhere in the galaxy or universe as planets or suns, etc. The 4.7 billion year age denotes a sharp and immediate creation from apparently nothing and imparts no information as to the total evolutionary consensus involved before and after the lava flow which formed this rock.

Finally, the scientist has apparently not been concerned with the tremendous forces which were necessary to bring about a Krakatoa explosionlava flow or why planets, moons, and suns, etc., always appear as spherical balls. What are the forces and energies which keep the planets revolving around their respective suns? The admission of a single atom, whatever its weight, is an admission by all scientists concerned that they know little or nothing about this atom, even less about its origin, and absolutely nothing about the power and intelligence which engendered its origin. The explosion of Krakatoa, a submerged volcano, involved and released more energy than all man-made explosions combined; yet energy released in a thermal process—not atomic or nuclear energy. All energy must have a source. All the man-made laws of physics are based on cause and effect which is, in other words, source and reaction, yet science of today knows nothing of sources or origins and only an elemental superstructure of third-dimensional reactions.

We might well ask the scientist, “Was not the moon already in existence and what made it possible for that lava flow to occur cosmos-flow-universe-4-postwhich formed the Genesis rock?” No moon, no lava flow. Then, where is the true beginning of the formation of the moon? Why not visualize the solar system as simply an anomaly or an eddy current, as it was regenerated within the infinitely dense, oscillating, cyclic wave forms which form infinity; the planets, in turn, secondary anomalies or eddy currents which, are called moons and which have an ageless, synchronous attunement, harmonically regenerating as substructures in such life forms as are found on planets.

So the scientist should know that here on Earth he has all of the answers to infinite creation within the simplest precincts of his everyday life. The metabolism of his body would give him very definite and conclusive evidence of what he calls creation. Creation is rather a limited wordman-in-earth-life-4-post and actually means that something had to be brought into existence at a certain specified period of time. It’s like the old fable of the Garden of Eden, which is strictly a fable and at best could be only an allegorical tale which related to the astrophysical concepts of the development of our own earth world and the exploration of our planetary system by other different people from other worlds in this galaxy. Again, it is of interest only as a point of history, and all the histories in the world, whether they relate to man in this terrestrial planet or relate to other races in other planets, are going to mean little or nothing.

We can invent time machines and we can, so to speak, go back in time and contact certain wave form aggregates which would—if they played within the surface planes of our cortical layers of the mind—regenerate certain scenes which have remembering-the-past-4-posthappened in the past. Of course, these past scenes or incidents, whatever they were, could never again exist as they did at that particular moment of their happening in the physical sense. That would be strictly impossible because, here again, we are concerned with the net sum and total of the time element or the time consonants as they are expressed by atomic energy nuclei. They express themselves synchronously, either to other atoms, or that other atoms are not in tune with them and each atom does in itself—according to this relationship of its electromagnetic field, in the relationship of all other electromagnetic fields of other atoms, express a space element or a space consonant. It can be said to be occupying space which is relative to all other atoms, or it can be said that the net sum and total of a certain mass of atoms, oscillating with and attracted to each other can form a molecule, and the molecule can again form an iron molecule, or a silver molecule, or a calcium molecule, or any of the ninety-two natural elements.

I am taking the trouble to re-explain this concept to you because it is most necessary and vital for you to understand the sine wave propagation showing time and spacedifference and the way in which time and space are expressed, so far as the atomic constituents of your third-dimensional world are concerned. The same is quite true when we consider that all other sources—such as the five senses with which you are connected to this third-dimensional or terrestrial world are concerned—are actually radiating, or emanating, wave forms which come from any one of these particular atomic elements. Again, according to their wave forms, they are expressing time and space; the time is the frequency in which they appear and reappear—such as light frequencies on the retina of your eye—and this frequency, or the time, gives it the space. So the two are actually the same. Time and space, so far as the third dimension is concerned, are analogous and mean one and the same thing and you could not have time without space.

In the fourth dimension, this is not the same because all oscillating wave forms in the fourth dimension express themselves in afouth-dimensional-wave-form-4-post cyclic or circular 4th-dimensional-energy-structures-4-postmanner and contain their I.Q., their information, within the oscillating element which comprises their cyclic form. They can be synchronously attuned to other wave forms, or they are specifically in a spectral pattern completely out of tune; yet, in the net sum and total of all infinity, through these synchronous and harmonic attunements, infinity is all the same. It is boundless, limitless, and cannot be said to have a beginning or ending, and if it did so, it would not be infinity.

So you see how pointless and meaningless it is to go out into space and collect rocks from the moon or perhaps even in the future, collect rocks from Mars. What the scientist should be concerned with is finding out how these different molecule-atom atom-emf-and-vortex-4-postcombinations were formed, just what an atom is, and how it expresses itself as an oscillating entity into the third dimension; how time and space do, in a sense of the word, become separate as the expression of these atoms, one to another, either harmonically or synchronously, or they may be adversely expressed to each other; that is—they will not make any connection. For example, if you see an automobile going down the highway, that automobile is composed of a large number of different kinds of atoms and all these atoms go to make up the different molecules which form the steel body, the rubber in the tires, the iron frame, etc. Each of these atom-molecule combinations has a very strong electromagnetic fieldcar tire on freeway; strong, we say, because of the comparative size of these atoms and molecules. Now the rubber tires which contact the surface of the highway, as they are composed of different atom-molecule combinations which we call rubber, are adverse to the molecules which comprise the asphalt of the highway, so they will not merge. In effect, the rubber molecules and atoms actually ride on top of an electromagnetic field, an electromagnetic field which they have generated and the electromagnetic field which is generated by the asphalt atoms of the highway. So they aren’t really touching the highway at all; they are riding on an electromagnetic field.

If we have a little grain of sand which penetrates into the molecular structure of the rubber under an impact or a force, what Iron-in-hot-furnace-4-postdoes it do? It merely separates a few molecules of rubber which disconnect themselves from the surface of the tire and the tire is wearing out. So the physics are very easy to understand. There isn’t any fission or fusion involved; it’s merely a molecular separation. Well, it’s the same when we heat anything: for instance, if we put a piece of iron into a furnace, the atoms and molecules, in relationship to each other, have to open up a little in order to absorb the energy which is coming into them, or is inducted into them.

This energy is actually being forced into these molecular structures by a very strong contact with this thermal source so that the little molecules and atoms, and the spaces in between them, so to speak, must open up, and the electromagnetic fields therefore retain less of a hold upon each other; there is less affinity for them, so the iron gets a little larger inside and if you heat it hot enough it can actually change into a liquid state. In that state, of course, you can see that the molecules and atoms—the electromagnetic fields between them—have to some extent been very greatly weakened so that it can flow around, out of any respective shape which it may have had as a piece of iron.

EMF-vortex atom sunIt’s very simple again, when you start to get down to the “nitty-gritties”, which are the electromagnetic fields and which are so very, very important in understanding the hysteresis of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. While we are very vitally concerned with all of the net sum and total of this hysteresis, as I have categorically described it to you as the electromagnetic field of the Earth in conjunction with the solar system, the sun, the galaxy and the universe, these electromagnetic fields are usually oscillated through the deployment of the electromagnetic fields of the atoms, but in many different ways. All of this hysteresis is made possible only because we have that infinite cosmogony which the scientist calls the fourth dimension and which is the originating source of everything.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I

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