Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

ICCC4PageThe Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation
by Ernest L. Norman

 “In the beginning the UN.AR.I.U.S. mission started first with books of poetry and prose; life in the inner dimensions described as planetary bodies where huge cities and universities became the home and training place for countless millions of earth people who had left their bodies behind in an earthly graveyard. Then in 1956 a formal lesson course was introduced comprising the 13 lessons (thirteen chapters). It was a basic introduction into the Interdimensional Cosmos. Also served were elements of personal psychology, self-correction, etc. Reincarnation and the disease of karma was correctly interpreted. All aspects of terrestrial and interdimensional life were incorporated in this lesson course (thirteen chapters). In each lesson (chapter) there is a lecture followed by a question and answer period. All lectures were tailored according to the intellectual level of students who attended these classes.

Then in 1960, the Advanced Lesson Course (seven chapters) was given. This was not given in a lecture hall or classroom as was the first course, but rather, it was recorded and illustrated with drawings relative to the contents. Based as it was, on currently known electro-physics and concepts, there was an expansion and development of these electro-physics into the Interdimensional Cosmos. Also described and illustrated is man’s soul – more suitably called the psychic anatomy, how it works and how it lives in the Interdimensional Cosmos from life to life. Also very well described were suns and solar systems, galaxies and universes; how they were (are) formed from this Interdimensional Cosmos. These two lesson courses (thirteen chapters plus the Advanced Lesson Course of seven chapters) could most accurately be described as containing more information, knowledge and wisdom than would be contained in any known precepts of human knowledge. Equally further evident is knowledge far beyond the scope of any known human precepts.

Through the lecture courses the student is indoctrinated in principles and concepts which not only broaden his mental horizon but actually give him a much better attunement with the higher self and a greater degree of inception of creative intelligence from the Infinite.

The principles contained in the lessons are basic concepts which man will live by in the future ages of time, sometimes called the Aquarian Age, the new Spiritual Age – the Millennium.

Also within the covers of this book can be found the answers to not only today’s puzzling questions in all sociologies and sciences but to more ultimate answers of such imponderable questions as space, life on other planets, the infinite macrocosm and microcosm, etc.

Herein you will find as topics the most advanced discoveries in the scientific world – the continuation of Einstein’s mathematical theories. All relative and pertinent phases and aspects of present-day sciences and sociologies brought into sharp contrasts and focus with the interdimensional macrocosm…over 600 pages of astonishing revelations.

We, the Unariuns, therefore give you these two lesson courses (thirteen chapters plus the Advanced Lesson Course of seven chapters) again done, as all the UN.AR.I.U.S. books have been, through our own channels by those who have prepared themselves in the great UN.AR.I.U.S. Universities and, with the aid of the UN.AR.I.U.S. Brothers, bring this work to you.”

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