Holographic Universe Confirmed by the Slit Experiment

holographic-universe-mainSolving the Slit Experiment:

Matter exists in two states: the physical and the spiritual. Like in a hologram, with the holographic view and the film plate view, matter exists in two states: the illusion and the reality; the reality being the radius of a black hole or a two dimensional construct which unfolds or is infolded into a seemingly third dimensional experience. The radius of the black hole is two dimensional or a flat plane containing actual waveforms of energy. When a hologram is examined as two dimensional, then one sees interference patterns like those of a waveform when dropped intinterference_water_waves-4-posto a pond of water. I think this solves the slit experiment because sometimes a photon or electron appears as a wave or a particle depending on whether or not it’s being viewed. A hologram appears as a hologram only when it is viewed from a certain point of view. But one knows that a hologram is just an illusion because all a hologram is (when not being viewed as a hologram) is a set of interference patterns (or waveforms).

The theory of the holographic universe solves the slit experiment. Particles are the holographic image of the waveforms but the waveforms present the true reality. The slit experiment confirms the theory of the holographic universe. We exist in two realities – the fake one – hologram and the real one – waves. Our senses detect the fake world but underneath all this holographic illusion is the real deal – an infinite number of wave forms.

If this is new to you, please review the following:

First, what is the slit experiment and why does it matter?

The following video explains the conundrum of the experiment very well in an understandable way but even though the presenter explains it as solved by saying that it is the “collapse of the wave function” due to conscious awareness, he still does not explain the methodology for this happening which can be explained by using the “holographic” model of the universe.

In order to understand the above solution to the slit experiment, we must also first understand what a hologram is as explained quite well in this video:

One important thing to note from this video is that Jason Sapan mentions – the brain smears the information if the time frame isn’t adjusted correctly for the brain to process because the hologram  presents all this information simultaneously.  So in our holographic model, this means there is no time because the information is all presented at once. The information is there, it is never lost but our brain deciphers the information based on a time reference of 186,272 mps, or the speed of light or as a film strip, one piece of film at a time at a certain number of frames per second, because that is the only way our brains can handle and interpret this information.

He also mentions about interference patterns. If you drop two stones in water, you create an interference pattern. Here is a video that explains better how interference patterns are created in holograms:

Notice in the double slit experiment when you shoot a non-observed particle (wave) you get a interference pattern. The interference patterns (wave forms) are considered to be what composes a black hole. The film plate represents in our holographic universe model, the surface of a black hole. Everything has a black hole at its center from a atomic particle scaling up to a universe.

Speaking of which, here is a third video that will clarify this better:

Many thanks to Ernest L. Norman and The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation for helping me to comprehend better the nature of the universe and the understanding of energy.

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