Understanding The Holographic Universe As Our Illusory Reality

by Gloria Lynn / March 23, 2015
Holographic-transference-patterns            Interference Patterns of A Hologram

Everything can be subdivided into naturally occurring smaller units, for example, a skin cell can subdivide into molecules then into atoms then into protons, neutrons, electrons, then into smaller particles that compose these which then can be further subdivided on into infinity. This is called the microcosm. Conversely we can move into the reverse called the macrocosm; from a solar system to a galaxy to a universe then a multi-verse and again on into infinity but everything is composed of smaller units which is then part of a larger system at all levels. Somewhat like a never-ending fractal.

But the question is “What is reality?” How does our conscious reality fit into this plan? One thought going towards answering this unanswerable question is that there is a duality, a ying and yang, or a spiritual or material.

This would be similar to a computer and what you see on the screen duality. Everything that you see on the screen is composed of bits that are either ones or zeros but we don’t see ones and zeroes. We see the result of those ones and zeroes which is what is displayed on the screen. So if we were to apply this analogy to our reality then we would say the ones and zeros or the basic building blocks of the atom are in another dimension of reality called the fourth (spiritual) and the third dimension (material) could be what we see as the result of those ones and zeroes on the screen where we view and interact with that information.

Or in other words, the holographic reality (or illusion) is the result of the interference patterns of waveforms that are contained in the radius of a black hole singularity that compose our universe, galaxies, solar systems, and atoms. The black hole being the event horizon (boundary) of the fourth dimension.

It is the waveforms (bits) providing the information which makes up the hologram in which we live and function. It is a duality and as we move forward in our everyday lives, we actually polarize those waveforms of information into our consciousness calling it “collapsing the waveform”. This is done on the basis of harmonics and frequency relationship as we are energy waveforms existing within a sea of energy waveforms. We are both the energy waveforms (bits) and the hologram (illusion) at the same time. The spiritual and the physical at the same time. That is why we don’t cease to exist when we die. We just loose the physical part of ourselves.

Einstein proved that atoms are really tiny packets of energy later shown by other scientists such as Michio Kaku to be tiny vibrating strings of energy. These strings of energy exist in the fourth dimension where time and space are integrated and re-express into the third dimension with time and space separate so that we may as conscious humans become capable of interpreting these waveforms into a semblance of reality we call our material world so that we may gain from these experiences, polarizing these waveforms into the opposite polarity – the third dimensional world, so that as we go along (through the process of evolution) we may develop as a living breathing participle of Infinity, or sons and daughters of God as Jesus expressed.

Further integrating into this concept is the understanding that each bit in and of itself is a duality or has a positive or negative polarity whether it be a atom, planet, sun, galaxy, universe, etc., (like a magnet). This duality functions on the basis of negative and positive polarities that is ‘unlike’ attracts and ‘like’ repels. This seems consistent in the physics both at the large and small scale. This is how the bits come together to form systems at a large and small scale again to create our reality but we are only seeing the results or what is on the screen of that reality rather than the bits or waveforms themselves or as shown above (in the image) the interference patterns.

What supports these energy bits? The bits are supported by higher dimensions of frequency vibration in the form of vortexes or vortices of energy. This is the form the supporting structure or the so-called vacuum of space takes. These structures form the fabric of space-time and are further elaborated on in The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation.

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