The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse


Alfred Lambremont Webre: The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse
Interview with Jon Kelly



By Jon Kelly

In this exclusive one-hour video interview conducted by former CBS Radio feature producer Jon Kelly,The Omniverse First Edition Yale Law School graduate Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, discusses replicable prima facie evidence that led him to formulate what he describes as a new scientific hypothesis.

In the first edition of his book called “The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse,” the former director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study at Stanford Research Institute highlights milestones from five years of research exploring exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation, extraterrestrial contact, the nature of the soul and more.

Partial Transcript

The following partial transcript of the April 8, 2014, interview between Jon Kelly (JK) and Alfred Lambremont Webre (ALW) has been edited for clarity. Readers who wish to know more are invited to view the video above to see the interview in its entirety or to read the book, which also contains an extensive bibliography of sources and resource materials.

JK: Can you give us a brief introduction to your synopsis of the book and its purpose?

ALW: This is a time that’s been talked about as the bringing together of science and spirituality and that’s the general approach of the book. By science, we mean the scientific method, in terms of empirical evidence and what I call the law of evidence (with my background as an attorney, as someone who’s been a law professor at the university level and someone who’s been a judge).

I’m familiar with the law of evidence that institutions have used for many centuries to sift through documentary and witness evidence and to reach reasonable conclusions. This is important where you’re dealing with phenomena where either you have eyewitnesses or you’re dealing with documents and you’re trying to establish the integrity of documents, their evidential viability and their authenticity.

What we did was to take a number of strands, one strand being the explosion in knowledge about the universe in which we live. And not only the universe but the explosion of the knowledge about the multiverse in which we live (the definition of the multiverse being the collection of universes), how many universes are in our multiverse, how many intelligent civilizations are in our particular universe and in the multiverse.

From there we’ve gone to areas that traditionally have been thought to be in the area of belief because they’re outside of our universes of time, space, energy and matter. These are intelligent entities that reside outside of time, space, energy and matter. They are things like the intelligent civilization of souls, spiritual beings and God, or Source (God has many, many different names).

Traditionalist thinking about these matters holds them in the realm of belief. However, the approach of science, of replicable empirical evidence (in terms of laboratory protocols and replicable results), has advanced in our time to where we now have empirical evidence. We have findings that qualify as scientific knowledge regarding the intelligent civilization of souls, the human soul, of spiritual beings and of God and of the domains within which they live outside of the multiverse that we can call the spiritual dimensions.

I began to really examine the realm beyond what our canonical science uses string theory to explore and to go beyond string theory into the realm of souls, spiritual beings and Source, to discover and really name through science what we call the omniverse. The omniverse you can say is all the universes of time, space, energy and matter (which is our multiverse) plus all of the intelligent civilizations of souls, spiritual beings and God itself that are located in the spiritual dimensions. That whole totality equals the omniverse.

This is not a positive belief anymore. It’s a positive science. We are putting this forward in the form of a hypothesis. I guess we’re not putting forwards a challenge so much as we are addressing these issues within the discipline of science and saying that it’s time that science and spirituality are in fact being integrated. It’s just a matter of both of these disciplines recognizing each other.

JK: This is movement away from a Cartesian or materialist, atheistic perspective that may be informing a lot of the material sciences that we have today, placing science in a context where there is a spiritual universe, extra dimensions of influence that impact human affairs, planetary, solar and galactic affairs.

ALW: Yes, there are many advanced scientists now. For example, the spiritual dimension of the omniverse provides the energy that human scientists such as Lawrence M. Krauss, author of “A Universe from Nothing” cannot now account for, that is needed for the creation and maintenance of each physical universe in the multiverse. The most advanced scientists are saying, “Hey, string theory doesn’t account for the energy that is sustaining the universe.” It’s the energy of the spiritual dimensions that the conventional sciences cannot account for.

You have advanced scientists such as Lawrence Krauss saying “Wait, we can’t account for the creation and maintenance of each physical universe in the multiverse.” Now, the energy of the spiritual dimension of the omniverse accounts for it.

We have advanced scientists such as Professor Amit Goswami who argues very strongly that contemporary science’s assumption that only matter (which consists of atoms or ultimately elementary particles) is real is inadequate and that a new hypothesis is required. I actually wrote “The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse” to fulfill Professor Goswami’s requirement of a new hypothesis of reality and I’m putting it down in this particular horse race.

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