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Nikola Tesla was born at Smiljan, Yugoslavia, on July 10, 1856. He was the inventor of alternating current generators and motors, the polyphase system of the transmission of power, and the four tuned circuit system which is the basis of radio transmission. He radio controlled a ship model in 1898. By this he laid the basis of all radio tele-mechanics. Tesla was 18 years old when Guglielmo Marconi was born in Marzabotto, Italy in 1874. Tesla preceded Marconi’s radio discoveries by several years.

Tesla held 25 patents on electrical motors and generators from 1886, 9 patents on the transmission of electrical power, 6 patents on electric lighting, 17 patents for controllers and high frequency apparatus, 12 patents in radio technics, 5 patents for turbines, and 11 other patents on various devices. Nikola Tesla was the father of alternating current which made it possible to transmit power over great distances and run the industries of today.

In 1891 Tesla said, “There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than nature. To understand this great mechanism, to discover the forces which are active, and the laws which govern them, is the highest aim of the intellect of man.”

Tesla said, “The superstitious belief of the ancients, if it existed at all, cannot be taken as a reliable proof of the ignorance, but just how much they knew about electricity can only be conjectured. A curious fact is that the ray or torpedo fish was used by them in electrotherapy. The records, though scanty, are of a nature to fill us with conviction that a few initiated, at least, had a deeper knowledge of amber phenomena. To mention one, Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. The Bible describes precisely and minutely arrangements constituting a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against silk curtains and stored in a box like a condenser. It is very plausible to assume that the sons of Aaron were killed by a high tension discharge, and that the vestal fires of the Romans were electrical. The belt drive must have been known to engineers of that epoch, and it is difficult to see how the abundant evolution of static electricity could have escaped their notice. Under favorable atmospheric conditions a belt may be transformed into a dynamic generator capable of producing many striking actions. I have lighted incandescent lamps, operated motors and performed numerous other equally interesting experiments with electricity drawn from belts and stored in tin cans.”

These last two sentences describe exactly the static generator for which Van De Graaf was later given credit for developing and discovering. Tesla again was excluded from the scientific history and another person was given the credit.

Tesla’s reference to Moses’ tabernacle, as an “electro-static generator,” is describing our “Integratron” closely as to principle of operation. It regenerated the body also, as Moses died at one hundred and twenty years of age, and as it says in Deuteronomy 34:7, “his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”

This is even as our modern life saving technique called “mouth to mouth resusitation” was described in the Bible in Second Kings 4:34, where Elisha went to a child that was pronounced dead; “And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands and he stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of the child waxed warm.” We still have the eye to eye, and hand to hand, contact to learn. It may be the hand to hand contact is like using jumpers from one battery to another to assist it, and the eye to eye could be a form of mental auto-suggestion employed.

Sixty years ago Tesla said, “I believe that the teleautomatic aerial torpedo will make the large siege gun, on which so much dependence is placed at present, obsolete.”

He was right again, as today we have intercontinental ballistic missiles controlled by electronics, which he called teleautomatics.

In his reference to “a revolution will be brought about through the adoption of electrical agricultural apparatus,” again this information has been neglected, or avoided for commercial reasons.

In experiments conducted at the government agricultural station at Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1900, it was established that atmospheric electricity conducted to vegetable gardens would enhance the growth, and crop, by at least 30%. Why has this never been used? Why does the government hide everything it discovers? Why discover something if it is not going to be used?

After printing the Electro-Magnetic Gardening article in the last “Proceedings” we received a letter from one of our readers, well up in years, who said his father and his grandfather both used to stick a wire in the ground extending into the air vertically by each plant to make them grow bigger and faster. This was years ago in Germany.

Why does the government bureau of Health, Education and Welfare, state the country is 50,000 doctors short of what is needed in the medical profession? It isn’t because we need more doctors, it’s because we need less disease. This is an admission that illnesses are gaining on the medical care of them. Then why not employ Tesla’s electro-therapeutic discoveries? Dr. Ruth Drown, Abrams, Hieronymus, and many others, as well as the old “violet ray machine,” all of which proved beneficial in so many cases, could be used.

Nikola Tesla was financed by J.P. Morgan, George Westinghouse, and several others, who all benefited from their association with him.

Tesla used himself as a guinea pig in many of his experiments. He said “Soon my efforts were centered upon producing in a small space the most intensive inductive action, and by gradual improvements in the apparatus, I obtained results of a surprising character. For instance, when the end of a heavy bar of iron was thrust within a loop power fully energized, a few moments were sufficient to raise the bar to a high temperature. Even lumps of other metals were heated as rapidly as though they were placed in a furnace. When a continuous band formed of a sheet of tin was thrust into the loop, the metal was fused instantly, the action being comparable to an explosion, and no wonder, for the frictional losses accumulated in it at the rate of possibly ten horse power. Masses of poorly conducting material behaved similarly, and when a high exhausted bulb was pushed into the loop, the glass was heated in a few seconds nearly to the point of melting.

When I first observed these astonishing actions, I was interested to study their effects upon living tissues. As may be presumed, I proceed with all the necessary caution, as well I might, for I had evidence that in a turn of only a few inches in diameter an electromotive force of more than ten-thousand volts was produced, and such high pressure would be more than sufficient to generate destructive currents in the tissue. This appeared all the more certain as bodies of comparatively poor conductivity were rapidly heated and partially destroyed. One may imagine my astonishment when I found that I could thrust my hand, or any other part of my body within the loop and hold it there with impunity. The only plausible explanation I have so far found is that the tissues are condensers.”

This conforms to Dr. Georges Lakhovskys findings “that the cell-organic unit in all living beings, is nothing but an electro-magnetic resonator, capable of emitting and absorbing radiation of a very high frequency.”

The human body is matter manifested. All spirit is matter, and all matter is spirit, each manifesting in opposite polarity under different conditions.

Nikola Tesla’s inventions are the basic foundation of all electrical power, and without his discoveries, the scientific advances of today would have been impossible.

Excerpt from When Stars Look Down

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