Origin of the Aryans


“In previous transmissions, Mme. Blavatsky and several others dealt very specifically, I believe with the conception of the Shamballas onto the planet earth at a period about a million years ago, and with the influx of the Aryan race (at something over six or eight hundred thousand years ago), which propagated aryan-peoplethe seven basic root race structures, as they exist and will exist on the earth in a future day. I might say, incidentally, to those who doubt and would like verification of these truths, that they might go to Cashmere or Pakistan, and there in these northern provinces on the western side of Tibet, they will see tall beautifully-formed people with very light textured skins, with blue eyes and blond hair; and their mingling with the darker races from the more southern countries might be very puzzling. It was these pure Aryans who passed through Siberia, as it is now called, and into the Nordic countries of Scandinavia and England, and became known as the Teutons, the Norsemen, and the various other segments of the countries as they exist in your time. I might also point out that the original concepts of Druidism, as they were contained in the Celtic, the Pict, and the Gallic religions, were further evolutions from the original Aryan or the Vedic sciences.

These people (the Aryans) were a nucleus brought to the planet by the higher minds in a materialized or dematerialized concept of another planet, which is several million years in advanceceres-3 in its nature over that of the earth. For purposes of identification, since location could mean nothing to you, we shall call this planet Ceres, since it is a name which is linked to the old Roman pantheon of God. Ceres was the mother earth and so their planet will be called Ceres for reference purposes only. These people in their evolution at that period of time had arrived at a point where there was a certain parallax. I shall call it, at which some of the various orders of that planet wished to evolve and to repopulate some other dimension in their sequence of reincarnation. The point I am making, is that they may or may not have known the actual will or volition of their spiritual minds; however, they were transported to the earth and became the nucleus of the colony which grew into the Aryan race.

For the benefit of the astronomer, he need not search with his telescope to try to find Ceres, as it is in a more remote section of the great Celestial universe, which radiates in a pinwheel fashion through the cosmic element called space. The planet itself, about twice as large as the earth, is a very wonderful place; and if youceres-4-post could visit this planet in some future reincarnation, I would advise you to do so. Many people from the earth evolve into this planet and there manifest about a step higher in elevation in the spiritual progressions into which you will involve at some future time. On this particular planet, the inhabitants do not use vocal cords; they have long since discarded the use of speech. Mental telepathy is used almost solely, and they have a very unique form of writing. Other expressions of life there would be very curious and would cause a great deal of consternation among the various orders or educational centers on your earth today. But, dear ones, I cannot explain too many of these things, since the book is necessarily confined to your own relative dimension and to the various spiritual orders which are contriving to bring about the expansive program which is necessary in the evolution of the spiritual consciousness of each individual man as he exists in these various planets.” Charles Darwin.-Excerpt from The Voice of Hermes.

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