Legacy: The Search For Love

Legacy-The-Search-For-Love-main-4-postBy Robert Maxxim


What would you do if you witnessed real events that took place in ages long ago, on distant lands and foreign worlds far beyond ours—eccentric, formidable events that diverge extensively from common-day views? What if one such event was an awe-inspiring, personal experience with elevated realms of reality; higher dimensions of existence where God’s love and truth gleam constantly from joy-filled beings, and all living things are composed of the essence of celestial light itself?

This multi-episode narrative was inspired by such remarkable events, revealed in the form of visions that began the evening of July 13, 1973. I devoted the last forty years trying to refute them, but did not succeed; rather, I confirmed them. This book is a novel based on such corroboration. (more…)

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Atomic Bombs And Spaceships Before The Fall Of Atlantis

Fall-Of-Atlantis-main-4-postby Andrew Tomas

What was the shape of things in Atlantis shortly before the cataclysm? Plato definitely speaks of conquests and imperialism of Atlanteans in their closing epoch.

The Samsaptakabadha scripture of India mentions airships powered by “celestial forces”. It speaks of a missile which contained the “power of the universe”. The blaze of the explosion is compared to “ten thousand suns”. The book says: “The gods had become alarmed and cried: Do not burn the whole world to ashes.”

The Sanskrit Mausola Purva refers to “an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes the entire races of the Vrishnis and the Anhakas. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without any apparent cause and the birds turned white. After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected.”

Alexander Gorbovsky writes in his Riddles of Antiquity that a human skeleton found in India was radioactive. Its radioactivity was fifty times above the normal. One begins to wonder if the Mausola Purva is history rather than legend. (more…)

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The Amazing Adventures of Apollonius of Tyanna

Adventures-of-Apollonius-of-Tyana-main-4-postby Andrew Tomas

In the first century of our era a tall handsome Greek was asked by a guard at the frontier of Babylon:

“What gifts have you brought for the king?”

“All the virtues,” replied the Greek.

“Do you suppose our king does not have them?” queried the officer.

“He may have them but he does not know how to use them,” answered the bold raveller whose name was Apollonius of Tyana.

In spite of his provoking manner of speech, the traveller was allowed to cross the Babylonian border as the officials thought that the king himself might be interested in meeting so eccentric a visitor.

Apollonius was born in Cappadocia about 4 B.C. At fourteen his school teachers could no longer instruct him because of his inborn intelligence. The boy took the Pythagorean vows at the age of sixteen and attached himself to the temple of Aegae. His wisdom and cures had spread to such an extent that a saying appeared in Cappadocia:

“What’s the hurry? Rushing to see young Apollonius?” (more…)

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Atlantis: From Legend To Discovery

Atlantis-From-Legend-to-Discovery-main-4-postby Andrew Tomas

The Timaeus and Critias of Plato contain a chronicle of Atlantis. The story comes from Solon, Atlantis From Legend to Discovery bookthe lawgiver of ancient Greece, who traveled to Egypt about 560 B.C.

The hieratic college of the goddess Neith of Sais, protectress of learning, confided to Solon that its archives were thousands of years old. These records spoke of a continent beyond the pillars of Hercules which sank about 9560 B.C.

Plato does not confuse Atlantis with America, as he distinctly says that there was a continent west of Atlantis. He speaks of an ocean beyond the Straits of Gibraltar and calls the Mediterranean “only a harbor”. It is in that ocean-the Atlantic-that he places an island-continent larger than Libya and Asia Minor put together.

There was a fertile plain in the center of Atlantis protected by lofty mountains from the northern winds. The climate was subtropical and Atlanteans gathered tow crops a year. The country was rich in minerals, metals and agricultural produce. Industry, crafts and sciences flourished in Atlantis. It was proud of many fine harbors, docks and canals. Plato’s mention of commercial links with the outside world indicates the use of ocean-going ships. (more…)

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The Paranormal Roots of The Mummy’s Curse

Mummys-Curse-main-4-postExcerpt from A Search in Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton

(Paul Brunton (October 21, 1898 – July 27, 1981) was a British philosopher, mystic, traveler, and guru. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings.)

The second meeting duly took place in the ruined temple of Luxor. I sat on a long block of stone carved with hieroglyphs, while the Adept squatted cross-legs on the same block, and faced me.

My note-book was prepared and, with pen poised expectantly, I was ready to take down his message; to inscribe on the white sheets the less picturesque characters of our twentieth-century system of hieroglyphs-shorthand!

Ra-Mak-Hotep wasted no time on preliminaries but plunged straightway into the subject of his message:

“Those who broke open the tombs of ancient Egypt have released forces upon the world that have endangered it. Both the tomb robbers of long ago and the archaeologists of our own days have all unwittingly opened the tombs of those who dealt in black magic. For in the final cycle of Egyptian history – the priesthood – and sorcery and the black arts were commonly practiced. When the white light of truth was formerly shining through the pure Egyptian religion became dimmed, and the noise-some shadows of false, materialistic doctrines crept in to replace it, the practice of mummification arose, together with all the elaborate accompanying rituals. Yet under the misleading and cunningly perverted teachings which supported this practice, there was an element of secret self-interest which sought to keep a long-preserved physical link with the physical world through the embalmment of the body. (more…)

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Atlantis And Its Advanced Use Of Crystals

Atlantean-Use-of-Crystals-main-4-postby James Tyberonn

Atlantis was a technological city that had advanced knowledge of how to use crystals for the purposes of healing, childbirth, crossing over, meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities, increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought.  Atlanteans used crystals for the progress of advancing their science and technology, they had many temples that housed labs which grew different types of crystals that were used for dematerialization, teleportation, and telekinesis, as well as magnetic force fields.  Atlantis had huge libraries that stored records and other knowledge using crystals much like a computer is used today.

The Atlanteans also used crystals to help with botany and agriculture, weather control, they had huge crystal tower generators within the city for creating electricity, balancing the energetic vibrations of the planet so it would spin on its correct planetary axis.  The crystals were also used for communication purposes as they have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit energy over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter.  Many of the larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes. (more…)

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Chronicles of Lemuria & Atlantis

Lemuria-Atlantis-main-4-postExpert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talks about ancient lost civilizations via Dr-Bruce-Goldberg-4-postinformation he’s gleaned from past life regressions of his patients. Based on his data, he concludes that the ancient continent of Lemuria (also called Mu) was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Atlantis, “was Mu’s first major conquest as a civilization in expanding their empire.” Mu was a huge continent around the size of the United States, he adds, and was “the true garden of Eden” that produced modern man and had a population of around 64 million, most of whom died when a planetary cataclysm caused the land mass to sink. (more…)

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New AKHENATEN Discovery Changes History ~ Part II

New-Akhenaten-Discovery-main-2-postby UFO Sightings Hotspot

Discovery of Ancient Artifacts dated to 10,000 B.C. show Nefertiti’s deep connection to Atlantis

New explosive archaeological discovery shows Egyptian Royal Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti deep connection to the lost continent of Atlantis in Ancient Artifacts dated to 10,000 B.C.!

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Expert Dr. Carmen Boulter explains that her new and historic discoveries at a remote site in Turkey of an extensive collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts reveal a connection to the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

The evidence of an Atlantean Princess found among the ruins of the Secret Tomb opens up all kinds of questions for our dating of Ancient Egyptian as well as Atlantean history. As Dr. Boulter explains, ‘this is history in the making and the stunning discovery will forever change the story of early humanity and the rise of civilization!’ (more…)

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Chronicles of Atlantis ~ Part II

Atlantis-Chronicles-II-main-4-postby Edgar Cayce and Edgar Evans Cayce/Video by Roberto Gaetan

According to the Edgar Cayce readings, many individual souls (or entities) who had one or more incarnations in Atlantis are reincarnating in the earth in this century, particularly in America. Along with technological abilities, they bring tendencies for being extremists. Often they exhibit individual and group karma associated with selfishness and exploitation where others are concerned. Many of them lived during one of the periods of destruction or geological change in Atlantean history. If Edgar Cayce’s prophecies are correct, a similar period of earth changes is imminent.

Hundreds and thousands of people are being reincarnated now who carry urges from the once highly technical civilization of Atlantis. The problems they had then such as selfishness, slavery and destruction are being recreated like unfinished business to plague them again. These individuals are often extremists, with innate capacity for great good or great evil. How they meet their karma may well determine the future of our civilization.

What follows are some excerpts of Cayce’s readings on Atlantis:

“The position . . . the continent of Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan and America. There are some protruding portions . . . that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies, or the Bahamas, are a portion of same that may be seen in the present. If the geological survey would be made in some of these especially, or notably in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined.” (364-3) (more…)

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Chronicles of Atlantis – Part I

Atlantis-Part-I-main-4-postby Locklip

Advanced ancient civilizations are a big topic of interest among researchers, historians, archaeologists, and scientists. Every single year we are gifted with a mysterious find that has us questioning the origins of the human race and imagining the cultures which roamed the earth before us.

We have found much evidence to suggest that there may have been civilizations in existence before us which were intellectually, and even technologically superior.

That being said, this theory is still thought to be quite fantastical; despite all of the evidence which has been brought to light in recent years to support this notion, it is still largely ignored by the mainstream.

If you are interested in looking at some of this evidence, a great place to start is with author Graham Hancock, in his book titled The Magicians of The Gods. (more…)

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Was Jesus Apollonius of Tyana?

Was-Jesus-Apollonius-of-Tyana-main-4-postApollonius of Tyana is said to have been a neo-Pythagorean philosopher, miracle worker, teacher and traveler. Some compare him to Jesus Christ. In fact, many agnostic and atheistic scholars as well as other free thinkers believe that some portions of the Gospels of Jesus Christ are actually modeled on the adventures of Apollonius. Quite possibly, due to the  lack of historical evidence for Jesus as depicted in the Gospels – some believe him to have actually been the Jesus Christ. Apollonius of Tyana may have been dropped in favor of Jesus Christ when the Christians decided who to believe was the true son of God.  The story is controversial but is it provable?

Apollonius of TyanaApollonius of Tyana

The precise birth date of Apollonius of Tyana is unknown. The birth date of Jesus Christ is also unknown historically, but speculated upon. However, it is generally thought that the two lived around the same time. The most common estimates for his birth put it around 15 CE and his death around 100 CE, though some quote his lifespan as “more than 100 years,” which would make those dates inaccurate. Some say he was older than Jesus Christ. The above dates would make him slightly younger than the commonly cited date of Jesus Christ’s birth. There are no contemporary sources for either of their births so historically speaking there is no way of knowing if these estimates are correct. Although for sure it is known that Apollonius of Tyana lived in the first century and Jesus also lived in the same century. (more…)

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Apollonius of Tyana

Apollonius-of-Tyana-main-4-postby Professor Solomon

Apollonius of Tyana is virtually unknown today. Yet according to G. R. S. Mead, his biographer, “Apollonius of Tyana was the most famous philosopher of the Græco-Roman world of the first century.”

During a busy and influential lifetime, Apollonius was a traveler (ranging as far as India); an advisor to emperors; a sage with disciples; an author (none of whose works have survived); a healer; and a reformer who, says Mead, “devoted the major part of his long life to the purification of the many cults of the Empire and to the instruction of the ministers and priests of its religions.” He was also a visitor to the Inner Earth. For while in India, Apollonius descended to the Abode of the Wise Men and studied there. Apollonius was born to a wealthy family in Tyana, a town in Cappadocia (a Greek-speaking region of Asia Minor, in what is now central Turkey). A precocious child, he was educated initially by learned tutors. Then, at the age of fourteen, he was sent to study in nearby Tarsus. (Saul of Tarsus—the future Saint Paul—may have been around at the time.) But a year later Apollonius moved on to Ægeæ, a seaport in Cilicia, to study at the local temple of Asclepius.

The priests at the temple adhered to various philosophies. But it was to a Pythagorean that young Apollonius was drawn. And he was soon adopting the philosophy and lifestyle of Pythagoras. (more…)

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New AKHENATEN Discovery Changes History

New-Akhenaten-Discovery-main-4-postby UFO Sightings Hotspot

In this earth-shattering episode full of historic changing revelations, Daniel Liszt and Pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter talk about the shocking discovery of a secret site unearthed in Turkey of an Ancient Egyptian chamber that bears a strong resemblance to King Tut’s tomb and that contains a wealth of Egyptian treasure and lifelike statues of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten along with exotic antiquities of the Amarna period.

Exclusive photographic evidence provided in this episode to substantiate the claim makes this the most important Dark Journalist episode to date and represents an earthquake for our understanding of the ancient past, changing history forever!


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The Ancient League of Nations: Atlantis

Atlantis-main-4-postby Manly P. Hall

A description of the lost Atlantis was written by Plato; it introduces the league formed by the ten benevolent kings who ruled over the lesser nations and the three great continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa; and who bound themselves by oath to obey the divine laws of enduring empire… This was the philosophic democracy, with all men having the right to become wise through self-discipline and self-improvement, thus achieving the only aristocracy recognized by Natural Law. … The Atlantis story continues to the later decision of the kings to use their united power to enslave all the peoples of the earth, and the consequent destruction of Atlantis by earthquake and fire … interpreted politically, it is the story of the breaking up of the ideal pattern of government.

The tradition of the Lost Empire as descended from Solon was enlarged and embellished according to the formulas of the Orphic theology; but it does not follow necessarily that Plato intended to disparage the idea that a lost continent had actually existed west of Europe. Plato was a philosopher; he saw in the account of the fall of Atlantis an admirable opportunity to summarize his convictions concerning government and politics. (more…)

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Akhnaton -The First Democrat

Akhnaton-The-First-Democrat-main-4-postby Manly P. Hall

The leader who had the first social consciousness in the administration of a nation
was a Pharaoh of Egypt, Akhnaton. … Born several thousand years too soon,
he was the first realist in democracy, the first humanitarian, the first internationalist. …
He saw that the duty of the ruler is to protect for all the right to live well,
to think, to dream, to hope, and to aspire. …

For his dream of the Brotherhood of Man he cheerfully gave his life.

Hall---The-Secret-Destiny-of-America-(1944)MAN has passed out of the state of savagery and become a civilized creature with the development of social consciousness. Civilization is a collective state. In our collective type of life the isolationist is a detriment to himself and a menace to all others.

There is a great difference between isolationism and intellectualism. Development of the mind releases the individual from mob psychology, but it does not set him apart from the common responsibilities of his kind. A true thinker becomes a force for good within the group life. If his intellectual powers lure him away from the practical problems and values of his world, he can no longer make his contribution to the social unity.

Political reforms are not accomplished by the people, but through the people. Behind all collective progress stands the enlightened individual’s leadership. His superiority does not free him from common responsibility; his is the obligation to assume the greater burden of directing his vision to the well being of all his people. (more…)

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