Hidden Messages In Water

Message-In-Water-main-4-postBy Masaru Emoto

Masaru-EmotoLearning about water is like an exploration to discover how the cosmos works, and the crystals revealed through water are like the portal into another dimension. As we continued with our experiments in taking photographs of crystals, we found that we were setting out to climb the stairs toward an understanding of the profound truths of the cosmos.

We start out life being 99 percent water, as fetuses. When we are born, we are 90 percent water, and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70 percent. If we die of old age, we will probably be about 50 percent water. In other words, throughout our lives we exist mostly as water.

I first published my photographs in 1999, six long years after I started out on this unusual venture. During those first six years, a mountain of photographs had accumulated and was just sitting there in my office. (more…)

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Angelic Orders

Angelic-Orders-main-2-postby Flower A. Newhouse

Strange wonders permeate our world, sublime mysteries almost too pure for our full understanding. Our planet, and its atmosphere, is not only pervaded by invisible radioactive waves and silent, potent rays, but by shining beings whose ceaseless ministries enliven and uplift us. More wonderful than the far-reaching effects of television, or the harnessing of the inimitable cosmic rays, will be our recognition of these glorious presences. Since time unfurled its amazing creation, Angelic Beings have nurtured the advancement and unfoldment of humanity. References to them have usually been accepted with amusement and disbelief. Behind every ageless belief, however, lies a hidden reality whose meaning should be sought with earnestness. Our ignorance of Angels does not make them nonexistent, it only closes us to their existence. Our yearning to realize them opens us to their association. (more…)

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Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! ~ Part I

Venusian Spaceships Are Landing main 4 postBy Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy

1-Venusian-Trilogy-ImagesFollow the adventures of the “Cosmic Ray”/Dr. Keller and the “Queen of Outer Space”/Dolores Barrios in the London Festival of Books award-winning Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Headline Books, 2017).

(Note: The Venus expert, Dr. Raymond Keller, will be presenting important and thrilling information on the “Venusians Among Us” at the forthcoming meeting of Studies of Alternative Realities (SOAR), on Wednesday, 28 February, 6:30 p.m., at Cinnaminson Public Library, 1619 Riverton Road, Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Bring your space helmets, take your protein pills and buckle up for the ride of your life!) (more…)

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Perfected Beings And Their Tasks

Perfected-Beings-And-Their-Tasks-main-4-postby Flower A. Newhouse

Life is a movement toward the goal of Mastership. An evolutionary program impels the advancement, improvement and mastery of ourselves and our talents. The supreme endeavor of progress is to cause every man and every woman to become Adepts in the art of spiritual advancement and the right use of spiritual powers. Though the process is slow and gradual, from the chrysalis of preparation, after tireless effort, a perfected man or woman emerges.

ascended-masters-4-post (more…)

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Venus Rising Trilogy With Interview About Venusians

Venus-Rising-Trilogy-main-2-postParanormal expert and popular speaker, Dr. Raymond Keller, brings together the impact Dr-Raymond-KellerVenus has on our culture in the Venus Rising trilogy.

Dr. Keller has lived and worked in 44 different countries and has been writing about UFOs and paranormal activity since 1967. He was the founder and director of the Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society (OSIRIS) of Hilmar, California, as well as the publisher and co-editor of the New Millennial Star, a monthly pre-internet tabloid newspaper.

Here in a series of interviews, Dr. Raymond Keller speaks about some of the fascinating content in his books including new information regarding Val Thor – well worth a listen. (more…)

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The Venus Plane

The-Venus-Plane-main-4-postby Omnec Onec

“…do not blame the many so-called Venus ufo-contacts from the 50s on-> for lying – almost Omnec Onecnone of them understood that that they had altered their vibration and was really no longer pure “physical” in the normal sense” when many of those contacts/space-flights happened, as ‘Borealis’ told how – by technical means – they lowered their material vibration to materialize -> become ‘coarse-physical’ onto this level.”

The Astral Plane is an immense universe, even greater and more vast than the Physical Plane with all its solar systems and galaxies. Venus is a mere speck in that one of many other realities, and is a speck in our limited reality, also at its dense physical level. But the Astral Plane is only one of many planes of lesser density in being.

Many individuals who have experienced these worlds in out-of-body travels have called them heavens. Conditions are so much more beautiful and peaceful there that their vocabulary failed them. What they were able to write down in the past is today called religious, mystical or spiritual literature. (more…)

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Religion Versus A New Spirituality

Religion-vs-A-New-Spirituality-main-4-postby Eckhart Tolle

What is the role of the established religions in the arising of a new consciousness? Many people are already aware of the difference between spirituality and religion. They realize that having a belief system–a set of thoughts that you regard as the absolute truth–does not make you spiritual no matter what the nature of those beliefs is. In fact, the more you make your thoughts (beliefs) into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within your self. Many “religious” people are stuck at that level. They equate truth with thought, and as they are completely identified with thought (their mind), they claim to be in sole possession of the truth in an unconscious attempt to protect their identity. They don’t realize the limitations of thought. Unless you believe (think) exactly as they do, you are wrong in their eyes, and in the not-too-distant past, they would have felt justified in killing you for that. And some still do, even now. (more…)

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Ancient Pyramid On Mars

Ancient-Pyramid-On-Mars-main--4-postFounding investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders, in the following videos (interview), talk about their study of a three-sided pyramid on Mars. They conclude that a pyramidal object shows definite evidence of artificial construction, and published their findings in a science paper (co-written by James Miller and Michael Dale) in a recent issue of the Journal of Space Exploration. The pyramid was initially discovered in a 2001 image from the Mars Global Surveyor, and sits alone in a canyon area, leading Saunders to speculate it may have once been part of an island surrounded by water. (more…)

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Extraterrestrials Among Us: Italy

ETs-Among-Us-Italy-main-4-postby Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

The most widespread reports of extraterrestrials walking among us come from Italy. Indeed, the most extensive case of mass contact occurred over the years from 1956 to 1978 in the Pescara region of Italy. This involved a group of extraterrestrials calling themselves ‘Amicizia’ or Friendship. The Friendship case was first revealed in Mass Contact, a book detailing the history of a mysterious group of human looking extraterrestrials that established underground bases in Italy and regularly met with local residents. The author, Stefano Breccia (now deceased) was a well regarded Italian UFOlogist with an electrical engineering background who taught at several Italian and foreign universities. He investigated the Amicizia (Friendship) case over a period of several decades during which he got to meet and question many of the primary witnesses. In his book, Breccia includes the testimony of Bruno Sammaciccia, a highly qualified Italian scholar with degrees in psychology and psychiatry, and author of 160 books. Sammaciccia’s testimony contains his claims of direct physical contact with extraterrestrials over several decades. Leading Italian UFOlogest, Dr. Roberto Pinotti wrote the Preface to the book and acknowledged his own decades long knowledge of the Friendship case, and the extensive evidence supporting it. Some of the many photos taken of UFOs and extraterrestrials in the Friendship case rank among the best quality ever taken. In terms of its overall impact, number of participants involved, and documentary evidence compiled, Mass Contact is the most astonishing case of human extraterrestrial contact in modern history. (more…)

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Is Venus Inhabited?

Is-Venus-Inhabited-main-4-postThe following are comments and observations of contactees and astral travelers to Venus interspersed with images from the Venus Global GIS Surveyor map of the Venusian surface showing what appears to be buildings, cities, and structures.

1-venusian-structure-We looked out in awe. The clouds by some magic of the Gods had been made invisible, and beneath us we saw this glittering world, this world filled by superior beings. As we sank lower and lower we saw fairy cities reaching up into the sky, immense structures, ethereal, almost unbelievable in the delicate tracing of their buildings. Tall spires and bulbous cupolas, and from tower to tower stretched bridges like spider’s webs, and like spider’s webs they gleamed with living colors, reds and blues, mauves and purples, and gold, and yet what a curious thought, there was no sunlight. This whole world was covered in cloud. I looked about me as we flashed over city after city, and it seemed to me that the whole atmosphere was luminous, everything in the sky gave light, there was no shadow, but also there was no central point of light. It seemed as if the whole cloud structure radiated light evenly, unobtrusively, a light of such a quality as I had never believed existed. It was pure and clean.

~ Lobsang Rampa (more…)

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Spirit Possession And Release Therapy

Spirit-Possession-And-Release-Therapy-main-4-postby Terence Palmer

Spirit Release Therapy, is a clinical alternative to religious exorcism and traditional shamanistic practice, but it is still largely unknown by mainstream medical practice and psychiatry. This is due to several interrelated factors. Primarily, materialistic science does not recognise any concept of a spirit world and doctors are therefore not yet trained in SRT principles and techniques. The presenting symptoms of spirit influence, such as hearing voices and other distressing phenomena, are interpreted by medicine as symptoms of psychosis or dissociative identity disorder (DID) formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). Negative spirit influence is therefore treated by psychiatry with chemical medicines that are used to try to suppress the symptoms. If the cause of a person’s presenting symptoms is known to be spirit influence then the appropriate therapeutic intervention would be Spirit Release Therapy (SRT). (more…)

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The Case For Out-Of-Body Experiences ~ Part II

OBE-II-main-2-postby Preston Dennett

Joan Hartmann

In 1999, Joan Hartmann (2001) of Florida spontaneously experienced a typical OBE during which she floated about her room. She found the experience very pleasant and decided to try it again. A few days later, Hartmann attempted to initiate an OBE. She was successful and allegedly her attempts also resulted in a physical levitation episode.

I had an out-of-body experience. I spontaneously popped out of my body and hung out up in a corner of the bedroom but didn’t know what to do, so I just looked down at my body and that of my sleeping husband. After about fifteen seconds, I snapped back into my body. I thought this was really cool and tried to repeat it. A few days later, it happened again, only this time, I watched my body actually levitate off the bed before I snapped right back. (more…)

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The Case For Out-Of-Body Experiences ~ Part I

OBE-main-4-postby Preston Dennett

The central question pertaining to the phenomenon of out-of-body travel is:  Is it real? While some ask this question out of scientific curiosity, those who have had out-of-body experiences (OBEs) themselves ask it because of a vital need to find out what is happening to them. Are they going crazy or are they truly travelling out of their body? This need can be so great that it becomes the primary goal of novice explorers. I know this is true because it happened to me.

Following the death of my mother in 1984, I developed an interest in dreams. This led to an interest in lucid dreaming and out-of-body exploring. After discovering Robert Monroe’s (1971) book, ‘Journeys out of the Body’, I began my own extensive forays of the non-physical dimensions. I say this because I am writing about a subject that is not only of great interest to me, it is something I have experienced myself. I went through the period of doubt and fear that nearly every new OBEr must navigate. And I moved beyond it to enjoy many of the benefits of ‘astral travel’, including meeting deceased loved ones, visiting with spirit guides, learning about past lives, rescuing lost souls, visiting the higher dimensions and more. (more…)

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Proof Of Reincarnation In Major Religions

Reincarnation-In-Religion-main-4-postby Roberto Gaetan

reincarnation in the worlds religionsReincarnation: A term applied to the understanding that beings, souls, or intelligences return or are reborn into a physical embodiment.

Throughout the history of countless civilizations world-wide dating far back as thousands of years, reincarnation has implied that living intelligent consciousness cannot persist in a physical state but must make temporary visits in cycles. Also called transmigration or metempsychosis by religions, theologians, and philosophers, an entity’s mind, soul, or consciousness not only persists after death but returns to physical life for purposes established by the particular belief.

Some traditional beliefs establish that reembodiment occurs in a variety of physical forms, though mostly human. These beliefs are not only held by Asian traditions but appear in established intellectual development of people throughout the world over the ages such as Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Thus, reincarnation is not a new idea but rather an understanding of life dating back to the beginnings of man.​ (more…)

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We Are Not The First – Part II

We-Are-Not-The-First-Part-II-main-4-postby Andrew Tomas

At the birth of Sumer, a weird creature landed on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It looked like a large fish but in its mouth was a human face. This monster, which could have been a cosmic visitor in a space suit after the ‘splashdown’, spoke to the primitive dwellers of Mesopotamia and taught them how to build cities, compile laws, plant wheat, write down thoughts, count with numbers and observe the stars. This fish-like god, known as Oannes, civilized the savages and humanized their lives. His scientific legacy was of the highest quality, and the people of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys became great astronomers and mathematicians.

Far away from Babylon, in South America, a tall white man came from the land of dawn. He revealed to the Indians the secrets of civilization and inspired them with high ethical ideals. When his mission was completed, like Oannes, he disappeared into the sea. His name was Viracocha – ‘the foam of the sea’. Yet another legend about a missionary from the stars, whose ship could sail on water as well as in space? (more…)

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