What Is God?

What-is-God-main-4-postBelow are excerpts from a letter written as a reply to a young student of twelve years of age who asked, “What is God?’

Dr. Norman, the Moderator, replies as follows:

…God and Infinity are one and the same; that is to say that all the world about you is actually God. There are trillions of atoms in your body; each one is a tiny solar system of energy or electricity, which is part of this God. Likewise, all of the flowers, trees, houses, the sun, the moon, the stars, even the earth itself are all part of this God. And there is much more than can be seen or touched, felt or heard or as Jesus said, “In my Father’s House, there are many mansions.” And when He spoke of the mansion, He spoke of a place in which people live. So that after you leave this earth in what is called death, you will go to live in one of these places or mansions, which the scientists of today call a dimension.

A dimension is only a group of atoms which have combined together to form molecules; the molecules, in turn, form all of the substances that you are familiar with in your life today. The air you breathe is composed of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, which in turn are merely a number of little atoms of nitrogen to form a nitrogen molecule. This is common chemistry, which you can find in any of the schoolbooks in high school or in college books.

We must learn to understand God in this way; we should not try to look upon God as a Supreme Being or a separate person, because God is and composes all people, black, white, red, yellow, whatever race, color or whatever they believe; they are all a part of God, just as are all the animals, the birds, the fish–everything that lives on planet Earth is part of God, because they are all composed of the same little solar systems of energy which is called an atom.

So it isn’t really too difficult to visualize if we go around with this in our minds. Jesus said many years ago that you should not worship God as does the heathen on street corners, in public places, in churches or in synagogues, but you should retire into the secret closet of your own self and seek out the Father who is within, that He may reward you openly, which simply means that we should try to start visualizing God in our own minds according to how I have just described Him. And to see this God which we now will call Father, which is a much better word than to call Father, God; we shall refer to God as the Father, because the Father is a word which means Creation.

So that if we learn to, as Jesus said, seek out the Father who is within our own mind, then we will begin to understand the Father as He is working, creating, living, and in other ways manifesting Himself to people in the world about you. In this way then, we will not worship God, but we will learn to love Him by understanding Him, and in this way our lives will become much more fruitful; we shall be less fearful and we shall understand all people better.

So far as where did God come from, well, the old God in the Bible came from the ancient land of Babylonia many thousands of years before Jesus was born. He was a savage God who was erected out of the minds of people who did not understand what I just told you, that God was really everything and everybody. They had to justify what was missing in their understanding by creating this false God and then saying that this false God did create the heavens and the earth, and so forth and so on, just as it is printed in the Bible. That was alright for people who did not know about Creation and what God really is, or the Father, as I have said.

But today, we have a great and wonderful Science, a Science which tells us a lot about Creation, and in this Science we can learn to understand the Father much more comprehensively and much better than did these old ancients who, in their stories and their legends from which the Bible is written, are now imposed upon people as their religious beliefs. It’s alright for those people who have these religious beliefs and who are not sufficiently intelligent to understand Creation or the Father except as a Supreme Being who is a segregationist and who likes certain people and hates others, as it is told in the Bible, that He actually murders people or sends His angel of death to kill people because he didn’t like them. Well, that’s very untrue. God loves all people.

…this is what UN.AR.I.U.S. is all about. We try to explain to people, who are interested in their own welfare and well-being, just who the Father is, and how the Father is constantly creating a countless number of different things into the world about you, as the grass and the flowers grow, as the birds hatch out their fledgings in the nest, as the stars reappear and disappear, as the moon turns about the earth and the earth about the sun. All of these things must be made understandable to people before they can understand God or the Father.

Now so far as where did the Father come from or as you put it, where did God come from? –well actually there is no answer to that question in the third-dimensional world or with the words which I could use or convey to you.

When you learn more about the Father or God, as you call it, then you will begin to get the answer to this question. The more you understand the Father, the more the answer will become clearer to you, because the Father is all of the mansions, all of the heavens, yes, the Father is everything that you can imagine and much, much more–much more that you will learn in the future as you go from life and as you live in the higher worlds, in the lives in between lives, and this is all part of that process which I call evolution, and which is the way in which this Father is creating a certain effigy or a facsimile or a likeness of Himself, in respect to the fact that man, any individual man, and you also, can become infinitely creative in your own way of life, in your own mind and the way in which you live in the higher worlds.

No, the Father or God did not create man in his image as you see him walking about the earth on two legs. That would be ridiculous, for man is hardly more than an ape. He is still a savage barbarian who will actually kill people who do not believe as he does. What is referred to is the Spiritual Father which Jesus taught, which is an Infinite, infinitely-wise Father who knows all things and who is able, through the processes of evolution, to create all the forms of life, all of the different things, yes, even the planets, the suns, the solar systems, the galaxies, and the universes, yes, even the heavens far beyond all that you can see. That is the Infinite Father which I am trying to teach people about, the Father which you are trying to learn about in this little third-dimensional world of yours. But you must remember that very few people know anything about this Father, and if they do know anything, they are not sufficiently wise in whatever they know to fully justify whatever they know!

Only in your own life and the way in which you can demonstrate within your own self and within the circle of your own life, can you find the Father who is within. Now when you do this, all things shall be added unto you; for this shall be the purpose of your life, the purpose of your living, the purpose of the way in which you live from life to life, that in every respect as you go about these lives as you live them, you should always constantly strive to see the Creative Father, working and creating and manifesting in everything which is about you. So do not be detoured, do not be swayed, do not be influenced by the false prophets and teachers who are trying to teach you the old ancient things of the past, which belong to men who did not know about creation or who did not even know what caused a lightning flash. When they saw lightning, they thought that was their God who was hurling the thunder bolt to the earth, or that if an infant died, they said that in some mysterious way, this child was being taken by their God and they didn’t know why. Well, that is all nonsense and rubbish; there is a reason for everything. There is a law of cause and effect.

If we see something happening, that is the effect and there is always a cause for that, and if we seek the cause, we shall find it. As Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

…we have to look upon the God or Father as we understand Infinity and the Creative Infinity as being absolutely impersonal; that is, God is not interested in any one person or one group or religion, any more than he is interested in anyone else. He works according to principle or law; He does not work because He is influenced by the prayers or pleas of people, or that these people either believe in Him or that they do not believe in Him, or that He has any kind of reasons whereby He could do such rather illogical and very obviously childish as well as sometimes murderous actions against groups of people, in order to further the causes of others whom He has elected to serve. So we have to enlarge the perspective or the dimension of our relationship and our concept with the Infinite Father in order to be able to understand how Creation came into existence in this third dimension, as well as it did in all other dimensions, in order to understand our relationship to this Infinite Father and to the very many advantages which are apparent to all those who begin to understand the creative principles and laws which this Father creates, not only atoms, solar systems, universes, but, also creates in the many, many mansions or the different worlds which the earthman or the people of the world cannot see or know anything about. This is their fancied Heaven; it is ridiculous to assume that a person can be very sinful all his life and from time to time, go to a priest and that the priest can forgive his sins. This nonsense makes people completely immoral and relieves them of their own personal moral responsibility, not only to themselves, but to other people. All people should learn to understand that every thought and every action which they are involved in and which they perform or which they commit from moment to moment throughout every day of their lives, is actually their future, that all of these wave forms of energy which are generated by their life actions, their life experiences from day to day, hour to hour are actually going into their psychic anatomy and forming the whole composite structure of this psychic anatomy, and this will be the body in which they will live in that future time.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium III

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  • Cehrler says:

    Wow. That means that every being on every planet in every dimension which is far beyond our comprehension, are our brothers, and sisters. We are all a part of the Father. The only word I can think of is glorious!

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