The Fear of Obsessions vs Staying Positive

Staying-Positive-main-4-postI have noticed in my years as a student the wrong interpretation by other students of how to protect oneself from obsessions. Some have thought, not all but some, that the best way is to run away and hide from what they might consider to be an obsession or obsessed person. This reaction I have interpreted to be FEAR. Of course, it would be fear if you were trying to hide away from something you don’t understand but I don’t buy into this as the proper reaction to obsession and this is NOT what UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches in that regard.

My interpretation is that the Science teaches that fear should be the last reaction one should have toward what one considers to be an obsession or an obsessed person. In other words, an obsession is not a contagion. The opposite is preferred. If you don’t react to it then it can’t affect you.

The Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. has never said to run away from an obsession or obsessed person but rather to UNDERSTAND what is going on and in that way to shed some LIGHT onto that person or that situation so that that they will now have a better experience from having had that interaction with you.

In order to understand this process, one needs to know how energy functions which in the many liturgies of the Science is adequately explained. If one wants to protect oneself from the ordinary perditions of life including what would be considered obsessionary factors it has been explained numerous times throughout the texts to maintain a positive attitude and see the perfection in all that exists and, of course, with extra important emphasis on seeing how energy is at play in a particular situation or for that matter all situations. For example, an excerpt here from Tempus Procedium:
plane-of-life“The top side way + ~ a concept of life that holds all things perfect and as a function of the Infinite; a complete vision of perfection which is obtained when proper knowledge is acquired whereby Principle is the action behind all things and makes all things possible.

Symptoms that you are working with this concept: A positive way to see all things as Principle in action – no anxiety, no fear, no doubt or worry. Perfection in all daily expressions.

Formula: No concentrations, no prayer, no incantations, no supposed directions given consciously, but rather, a complete knowing.

Bottom side or negative – ~ a negative concept of life composed of age-old beliefs, superstitions, present anxieties, fears, frustrations – all things which are reactionary, etc., etc., etc.

Symptoms: A fearful reaction to any new happenings or manifestations; a constant strife to attain anything; a repetitious endeavor to constantly equate inequalities by fatalism, prayer, reliance on charms, incantations, directives, etc.

Result: Confusion, despair, sickness, reversion of the progressive evolution, backsliding, etc.

(This was a letter written to a student who was having difficulty in recognizing positive from negative, and as she and others have benefited so from it, we felt it should be included here.)

How to acquire the top side way: First, study UN.AR.I.U.S.. Learn something about energy. Begin to see energy in action in all daily expressions. Combine this with the conscious knowledge that this energy functions according to an inviolate Principle – that this energy is the Infinite in action.

The perfect concept will therefore resolve into consciousness whereby you will be able to attune yourself to a more perfect way. This is not done with a directive conscious effort but by making the conscious mind subservient to Principle, and which is done by direct jurisdiction of the personal Higher Self (which everyone has).”   See the full article here.

Recently I came across an interesting video by Bashar which I would like to share here where he describes the nature of energy of which is very much in agreement with what UN.AR.I.U.S. states namely there is no time or space and we move through this Infinite holographic field on the basis of frequency. I also forgot to mention that since nothing can be created or destroyed that everything or Infinity exists now that has ever and will ever and as we journey through our little voyage through this infinity we are basically intercepting various parts (or angles) of certain waveforms as Bashar explains and we interpret this as the passage of time and space. Here is the video:

In conclusion, I think it is infantile to run away from what we think of as an obsession but rather we should understand whomever it is that we give that label to as being yet again another expression of Infinity who is no greater or lesser then ourselves as we are all too no greater or lesser a part of this Infinite Cosmogony but too in passing judgement we are also passing judgement on ourselves. In understanding the infinite nature of Infinity we gain a more infinite perspectus rather then the old way of doing things – having a “reaction”.

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