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From Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation:  Lessons 1 Through 8

ICCC_graphic_0121Lesson 1 Excerpt
Starting with some of the more basic and specific problems of mankind that exist upon the planet Earth today, it is quite obvious to the layman or student of Truth that we are indeed living in perilous times, and since the explosion of the atomic bombs over Japan in 1945, which brought a sudden and dramatic close to World War II, man has become increasingly aware of the fact that these are very tragic times. It has also become quite obvious that with the coming of the new Atomic Age and with the many hundreds of thousands of new electronic, chemical and mechanical inventions, there has been a great change in our lives.

In our analysis and introspection we must arrive at a basic platform of evaluation whereby we will solve, not only for ourselves, this riddle of life but assist substantially in solving the same riddle for the masses. How then can we attain this solution?

To bring our introspection down to a definite point of focus, it is quite evident that the world is dramatically in need of a new philosophy, a new hope, a new sense of direction. Also, it is quite apparent that such a new philosophy will not come from any existing structures, neither religious, scientific, political, or otherwise; neither will it come from individual leadership.

The present need for the world today will be such structures or concepts that can meet with science and religion on common ground and can fill in the existing gaps and correct certain derelictions. To more properly understand how this great unity will be brought about and to integrate such necessary missing elements is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S..

UN.AR.I.U.S. is, basically, an organization of spiritual leaders and teachers who are functioning from certain celestial planes which have heretofore been known as Shamballa. This organization is formed of thousands of teachers, doctors, scientists, and Masters who have the destiny and guidance of men as their inspired life work. Many of these people have, until quite recently, lived on this earth; others lived here thousands of years ago. They are at present trying to inspire and develop in man the new age metaphysics or spiritual science.

Through the help of UN.AR.I.U.S. and by working as a channel for these higher forces, you will be made acquainted with all the facts of life, such topics and subjects as the psychic body, reincarnation, physics, energy and mass, astral and celestial worlds, obsession and exorcism. Particular emphasis will be placed on energy and your relationship to God. Spiritual healing, psychotherapy, removing psychic obstructions, reading the life records or the Akashic will be thoroughly gone into and explained.

I must caution you, however, you will, as anything else, get just as much out of this study as you put into it. All that deems necessary is that you enter it with an open mind whereby new concepts will be able to replace the old.

We shall, by means of the blackboard and scientific instrumentation, show you the relationship of energy and mass and God and just what mass and energy actually are. It will be shown how we are Spiritual Beings and not merely masses of motivated flesh and blood. We shall see how the atom is, in itself, not just a particle of energy as it is supposed by the Scientist, but is actually supported from some spiritual dimension. We shall examine too, how this God-force flows into the human body. How we, in ourselves, subconsciously and through other various factors of astral integration, so either assist or choke off these different flowings of this psychic life force into our body. Cancer and every dereliction and incurable disease without exception, including mental aberrations (for there are no limitations), can be solved by this science.

Lesson 2 Excerpt
Another faction of expression is that of the very advanced material science which deals completely with the scale of atomic weights in the elements which are known to be about one hundred. To the scientist of the present, the ancient religions are more or less fairy stories. A scientist is concerned with testing of agents, catalytic elements, reactions, etc., and with the various resources and instrumentations which are found in the laboratory.

The faction which is missing in the present-day physical science is the acceptance of the spiritual sciences as a workable essential relativity in the life of man. Heretofore, and until the present time, this correlation has been primarily the task of some highly developed clairvoyants or mediums.

And so it is that the weaknesses, the clumsiness of the various factions which are in existence today give rise to so much confusion in the everyday life of the average citizen. You people are fortunate, for you have at least one foot in the doorway, one foot upon the Path of Truth. But there are many in this outside world who do not have these advantages or these opportunities sponsored by the innate desires of your own selfhood which has led you into the Light of this Truth. I am not necessarily speaking of this service or of these lessons but of the constructive manifestations of the Infinite. The message of all of the great Avatars of the past has been one simple easily understood doctrine. As Jesus so aptly expressed it, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within, and all things shall be added unto you.”

It is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. to explain what the inner Kingdom is, what its function is, what it is composed of, what it does, and how you are connected to it with your inner self. Up until now there has been little, if any.

It was the purpose and mission of Jesus upon the earth to point out very definitely and very specifically that each and every human being was created from the creative concept of the Infinite Intelligence for an evolutionary purpose. This creation had to first take place in certain dimensions which were not terrestrial in nature; quite naturally the Infinite, being supremely intelligent, would first “create” man in a spiritual form. This spiritual form is sometimes called his Superconsciousness, or it can be called his life cycle. This life cycle is an energy facsimile of all of the infinite qualifications of experience which this man must go through in his future evolutions in the terrestrial dimensions. In so conceiving man-in this Infinity of God, man is thus portrayed in the absolute, and man, through evolution, becomes the ultimate concept of God.

The understanding of energy is the basis for all the missing links in our sciences and in our theology. These will be what we call 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional concepts. They will be given you, not only by myself, but also by working in conjunction and in harmony with people who have lived not only on this planet at different times, but who have long since come and gone and reached the point where they need not return again.

I might quote to you such names as Newton, Einstein, Planck, Faraday, Volta, Lagrange, Copernicus, Galileo, Plato and many others. You can be assured that they will all have their hand in this instruction to bring collected, conglomerate thoughts and wisdom. They will all add the powers of the projection of their minds.

Lesson 3 Excerpt
Within the boundaries of that which might be termed the understanding of reincarnation or evolution will be found the elements which will relate man to his numerous different dimensional expressions. It will also be the solution in which will be found the answer to mankind’s incurable diseases and the ways and means of curing those evils.

However, to understand reincarnation more fully and basically, and to understand the spiritual evolution of each individual–or the collective masses of humanity whether they exist on this planet or on any other planet, either material (terrestrial) or astral—it is necessary that one first understand the Infinite.

The Infinite can be said to be energy—energy manifesting itself in an infinite number of dimensions and in an infinite number of ways.

We must first understand that there is no such thing as a solid. We must fully and completely assimilate this constructive philosophy and thus see about us in our world and in our transition of life that the Infinite is manifesting and remanifesting Itself in everything about us. The walls of our home resolve themselves into tiny planetary systems, revolving particles of energy. It was only during the last few years of Einstein’s life that this foremost scientist came to the general conclusion that there was no such thing as mass and that we could, in a more abstract way, resolve all things into pure energy.

We shall look into our bodies and see hundreds of millions and trillions of these tiny solar systems, all functioning very intelligently according to a certain relationship, according to that affinity with the immutable Infinite Mind. When we have mastered that concept, our life will begin to change.

Here I have drawn what is known to science as a sine wave. This is the basic fundamentICCC_graphic_0103al wave form with which science is concerned; the transposition of energy in this 3rd dimensional world. As you see, it is roughly a plus and a minus or it can be similarized to the tossing of a stone into a pond of water.

To better understand the sine wave, we can draw a circle and draw a line ICCC_graphic_0105through the circle. This top half represents the fourth dimension, or energy in static form because we start anywhere with our plus and resolve, we will say that energy concludes itself in these dimensions without time. Taking one half of this wave and placing it against the other one, we have a structure like this, the lower half is third dimensional, and again we have the sine wave mentioned above.ICCC_graphic_0106

If we constructed what we might call an abstract view or a concept of creation which stems, shall we say, from the Mind of the Infinite, we   Scan0019should draw what is called a vortex. It looks like the whirlwind which we see on the desert and this comparison is almost as close as we can get to the abstract concept of what the scientists might call space. We shall see in this vortex, as I have drawn it, that it will actually be composed of countless millions, an infinite number of wave forms, all similar to the sine wave because energy itself is intelligent according to the structure of the wave. We can have various malformations, or what might be called steps in these waves, and these steps all portray a particular thing called objectivism.Scan0011 In this vortex we find literally hundreds of millions of wave forms that we can call intelligent and which portray, in their own particular way, something of the Infinite Intelligence. We have great forces in this vortex. We see this vortex expanding outwardly, we see it contracting inwardly, each line itself according to certain fundamental laws of frequency relationship, multiplying itself. We can call these forces centrifugal and centripetal for lack of better names. We can say that the negative energies are resolving themselves down into this central hardcore nucleus. We say it is hard simply as a matter of comparison because of the maelstrom of energy which forms the apex of that cone with a tremendous conglomeration or concentration of energies.

This is exactly how our Sun is formed. Our Sun is stemming and radiating outward into our 3rd dimensional world, great energies which we call heat and light. When the scientist has succeeded in penetrating the ionosphere with a space ship he will find that out there is neither heat nor light, and that he must needs conduct his theories of research according to entirely different concepts than he has yet evaluated on the earth; the reason being, simply because energy as it stems from the sun is transposed intScan0013o heat and light and various other actions with which we are familiar in our terrestrial  science and according to certain catalytic agents of energy—which are called gravity or the kinetic energy of the magnetic lines and structures—which hold the universe together. This energy can be said to be remanifesting itself into countless little vortexes of energy. They in turn stem and reradiate energy out. One lower is negative according to the positiveness of the dimension above it; yet the energy here, as it radiates according to this dimension is positive, whereas the other is negative. Thus we see the interchange of energy from one dimensional form into another. These countless multiplicities of vortexes of energy finally resolve themselves into the atomic structures on the earth, whether they are the simple hydrogen atom, whether they are the U-238, or whether they are any of the other supporting spiritual atoms with which this basic physical atom is directly related because the isotopes of any of these other elements are themselves related in a basic frequency relationship to a higher and higher structure.

If we strike the “A” string in one violin, the pulsations of its energy will cause the “A” string of another violin to vibrate also. If we say that this string vibrates at a frequency of 100 cycles per second, it willScan0012 generate and regenerate in the other string according to the laws of harmonic structure. The principle involved is a basic multiple of 2 and 1/2 times the fundamental frequency. It can rise to 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second. Therefore, the transposition of any energy form which we see in this world about us is concerned in just such a frequency relationship and under such existing laws from which there are no variations or deviations.

Now we begin to understand that everywhere in space, everywhere within us, everywhere around us, everywhere, going on all the time in a manner and in a fashion which our physical eyes, our ears, or any of our five senses cannot determine or discriminate, are vast seas of energy in a continual reciprocating, interchanging and interlocking of an innumerable and in an infinite number of cycles. The entire cosmic universe which the scientists call space is filled with this radiating pulsating energy. We have depicted this cyclic motion in the diagram as huge vortexes of energy which in turn subdivide themselves in an infinite number of ways and in an infinite number of directions. Yet there is that same harmonic frequency relationship in the various atomic structures of the innumerable elements, not only in the 101 which the scientists know and understand today but in all which will, with this new understanding, open up a whole new field, a new vision, an entire new world of science. The development of this type of an understanding will, for the present, have to be conceived and perceived from the standpoint of clairvoyance. At the present time, the world is singularly devoid of any instrumentation which can determine such elements of form as exist in these outer or inner dimensions.

It will be shown how you incur into that psychic self either the indispositions of sin or error; whether they are disease or malformations of wrong or perverted acts, or whether they are constructive and useful things of purposeful intent. Like your physical body, your psychic body is constantly being either constructed or torn down. Your future evolution depends upon how you construct and reconstruct this psychic self; for linked to this psychic self is your pure Superconsciousness which is sometimes called your soul. This is your true self with which, in your ultimate struggle and in your infinite number of reincarnations, you acquaint yourself with the Infinite Nature of Infinity and thus see all of the things which are godlike in that concept. You will again come into a harmonic conclusion with that soul-self, and in that harmonic conclusion and in the fulfillment and the attainment of reincarnation, you will have attained the affinity with the Infinite.

We must needs know who we are, and what we are, and what we are here for; where we came from and where we are going. That is the purpose of this science which is being brought to you from higher minds of Shamballa, now named UN.AR.I.U.S.. I, myself, am one instrument. There will be others and others are now functioning. We shall prove and demonstrate to you that these concepts are factual. They can change your lives and give you the answers to all your problems. I shall give you the facts and principles of how you may get the answers for yourselves.

Lesson 4 Excerpt
You must realize the vital and extreme importance of learning just what the Infinite is, just how It manifests Itself in an infinite number of dimensions which are the chord structures of the universe. These dimensions can be likened to the chords of the chromatic or the diatonic scale of the piano.

Scan0019The Infinite Mind started with that which we can visualize as a huge cosmic whirlpool of energy which has been contracting, expanding, descending, elevating and so on, into Infinity. That description is about as close as we can get into conceiving this creation within our minds. Actually, we can visualize it around us, just as we take in the radio waves or television waves which are pulsating through this room at this moment, we could see that there are dimensions within dimensions. These things are going on all around us at all times.

So the Infinite Mind became the ultimate, the absolute, the most abstract of these great cosmic or celestial vortexes of pure energy, pure intelligence, pure all in all. TScan0013here is not a thing which you can conceive in this vast vortex, which is the Infinite Mind, which It has not conceived and of which you will not in a future day learn in the transposition of the differentiation of different levels of expression of this great Infinite Mind. As positive becomes negative and assumes other vortexes into the causal worlds, into the astral worlds, and into the terrestrial worlds, we can draw them all out like this, coming down and remanifesting themselves until they finally arrive in the ultimate as the smallest of our known structures which is the ICCC_graphic_0001atom. The atom itself for example, the simple hydrogen atom is believed by science to be one proton and one electron or neutron revolving in an orbit and the surrounding space filled with a pulsating energy which the scientists call the glue of the atom. This energy stems out, remanifests itself, and as you see the appearances of the parallaxes or that which we call the wave structures of the atom, it becomes the negatively or the positively charged particles (not solid) of the atom.

Now the point which we are endeavoring to make here is the fact that in whatever shape or form you find these atoms, they resolve into pure energy. There is nothing else but pure energy. There are no solid substances.

Now we begin to understand something of the infinite nature of Infinity and how it expresses Itself down through these countless dimensional forms, resolving Itself as It does way down here into the terrestrial dimensions into atomic structures. When we have conceived this concept and integrated it into our everyday life, We begin to see that around us these solid masses resolve themselves into beautiful worlds of cosmic energy. We see that the walls of our rooms and our bodies become alive, sparkling gems of tiny particles. These vortexes all are manifesting and remanifesting their own infinite wisdom and their own infinite intelligence into our bodies. And it is a wonderful concept which will change your very lives!

We could say that each of these wave lines in their multiplicities and in countless and innumerable ICCC_graphic_0006wave forms-and I could go on and on—that each one of these wave forms denotes its own specific and peculiar intelligence. These lines represent energy constantly re-creating itself, as they can be seen on the oscilloscope. This means that each one of these wave forms denotes something and does something under certain specified conditions. The same holds true of energy whether in this or other dimensions. Energy manifests itself in just that way.

Thinking a thought creates some active participle of integration in your own mind and as a result, it has reverted back into your subconscious. Intelligence resides in two levels – in the superconscious and the subconscious, and since most people function from the subconscious, every act of every day ICCC_graphic_0008merely means going back into the history of your past, either in this life or in a previous lifetime, and relating certain extractions of experience as they exist in the reactionary or subconscious self. Within the superconsciousness reside other dimensional structures (as theosophy explains it to you rather crudely), which relate man in the higher purposes to the more Infinite Mind of the Abstract. This Superconscious Mind or Superconscious Self is what Jesus called, “The Father within”. It is our life purpose as we pass through these numerous terrestrial dimensions through the realm of experience, to attain that infinite concept. The ultimate attainment in the subtractions of all the elements of experience will determine whether we become analytical or whether we revert back into some sub-dimensional form. Every time you think a thought in your mind, you create a definite wave form. That wave form does not simply go out here somewhere and pass away because all thought in its purest and highest sense revolves in another dimension.

We have another body which is called the psychic body; and we have drawn another little man ICCC_graphic_0011somewhat similar to the other one previously drawn; this we call the psychic self.

Now the actual structure of this psychic body itself is composed of innumerableICCC_graphic_0012 vortexes of energy. Our sun is composed this way and the sun will be at the end or nuclei of this energy which is the source of our life energy. As the lead in the automatic pencil needs some intelligence, someone to insert the lead into the pencil for it to come out the end, in the same manner the sun comes out at the end or apex.

ICCC_graphic_0013 Our earth comes out in another of these vortexes of energy, just as every atom in the body comes from out one of these subdimensional expressions of energy. So it is with the psychic self. Each one of these centers becomes radiating points of light. They are vortexes. Contained within these vortexes are hundreds of millions of wave forms, each one with a definite quotient, its relation to the I.Q., its relation to the experience under which it was conceived. And so when you think a thought, you are transferring thought back into the #1 man, into the psychic self, and the power of that thought will change the numerous little vortexes which are connected to the central brain system of the psychic self, if you can picture it as a brain system.

I hope this is aiding you to begin to grasp the idea of this psychic body of ours. That is where we are constantly manifesting and remanifesting even though we may not be conscious of what we are doing, since the psychic body is the result of the experiences even from thousands of years ago. While we are concerned here in the physical with wave forms, which must always travel in a unified direction, in the psychic self we are not thus concerned because in that body energy is traveling in a circulatory or gyrating fashion or motion, so that in it, is neither time nor space. Energy is constantly reoccurring in its own intelligence but we are not conscious of it at all, except when we see some of the peculiar idiosyncrasies manifesting about us daily in ourselves and others, some of which we can’t account for and others we can. When we find things for which we cannot account happening, we can relate them back to experiences which are concerned in the psychic self. These unaccountable experiences are an extension of the subconscious mind, for we are still functioning on this sub-plane even though the cause may have taken place thousands of years ago.

It was the philosophy of Jesus (and I should know about as well as anyone else) that each of us has a superconscious self within which is our Christ Self. To believe in that statement, and by the simple process of believing requires an understanding of it. If you believe in the superconscious self, it is necessary for you to know what the superconscious self is. This Christ Self or superconscious self in every one of us will be our personal savior and will be the determinant which will lift us above the mundane terrestrial dimensions. It will put us into such a position that we can intelligently rotate into cycles which will bring us closer and closer unto the Infinite.

Lesson 5 Excerpt
The cycle itself as we postulated this concept to you in the last lesson is the life cycle. In the life cycle ICCC_graphic_0020resides the perfect concept which contains all of the elements of the Infinite. The Infinite is Infinite simply because It becomes finite in all things and in all expressions and in all dimensions. The Infinite is the ultimate, the perfect attainment, the realization, the perfection of all things. Within this life cycle are contained all these elements. In it are innumerable wave forms, gyrations, pulsations, and creations of the Infinite Self as it conceived these things in Its Own Infinite Mind.

It is the purpose of man in his evolution as a reincarnated being to come down through the terrestrial dimensions and through the astral worlds to gain for himself the individuality of the constructive experience. In reincarnation is found the exchange of polarities—God and man. As we would see in magnetic structures, they would stem out as vortexes around these various polarities and there would be an interchange of energy between these poles. So thus it is that man reincarnates; he comes into these lower terrestrial dimensions as a physical being and is supporting himself from the spiritual side of life through the psychic body. Here again is the basic sine wave principle of life, the spiritual and the material. He is born into the ICCC_graphic_0021world and he dies. He rises into the Spiritual dimensions of such astral worlds as are compatible to his understanding and to his ability to realize and conceive these things about him. In such dimensions he takes on a new personality, a new intelligent quotient and solves some of the unsolved riddles which he himself was unable to do in the terrestrial dimensions. Then when he has gained or acquired this useful knowledge, he wishes to put it to test, so he reincarnates into a terrestrial dimension. And so the progress of life continues as he relates himself time and time again to the experience of life into the accumulation of the value of these various experiences as a human being. Thus in the ultimate achievement from his beginning through the revolution of his complete cycles, he attains the infinite purpose and the ultimate concept of the Infinite. He becomes an individual god. He may even ultimately express in an individual way a personification of the Infinite God.

It was pointed out previously that when we assume the concept of the experiences, they are formed ICCC_graphic_0023in the vortex fashion of the little pinwheel vortexes within the psychic self. Keep in mind that man is a creature of pure energy; energy which is gyrating, revolving around in dimensions within the psychic self. Each one as it exists in its various multiplicities of wave forms denotes its own particular experience its own psychic shock, its own relative, place of consequence.

Time means nothing, according to our Gregorian calendar. Time, according to that calendric system, is merely the passing of the event, the hours of the day. In our relatICCC_graphic_0024ionship to cyclic patterns, we come upon certain structures which are known as harmonic or chord structures. There is nothing in the Universe, either celestial, causal or terrestrial, which is not linked to itself through a series of cycles, a vast number of series of cycles, large ones, small ones, medium sizes and innumerable sizes like the wheels of a watch. They are all functioning according to a certain definite mathematical formula. We say that electricity which lights our homes vibrates at 60 cycles per second. It has sub-harmonics 30 – 15 – 7 1/2 – and so on down; above this are over-harmonics of 120-240 – and so on. The re-generation of those cycles is the pulsation ofICCC_graphic_0025 electricity flowing through that wire which we see stemming out from this wire as certain lines of force called magnetic structures. These in turn regenerate themselves according to these mathematical formulas. Our lives are just exactly this same way; there is no difference except that we are confining this dimensional frequency relationship within the realm of our own personal experience. Every thought that we think is a generic wave form; it is an energy.

It has been proved by the encephalograph that the mind functions on a certain level and frequency of energy. It is proven by various other scientific instruments in the world of science today. If it were not so, we would not be here; that is the proof and the truth. So basically as human beings, somewhere within this pattern of evolution as we proceed around the cycle of life, we are going to reincarnate according to basic fundamental cycles or basic harmonics. The basic fundamental frequency in the electric light is 60 cycles. Each of us has a basic fundamental frequency. We function from a certain spiritual plane. Although we may change from time to time, the changes which take place usually occur in the spiritual dimension; but at any particular given point, at any particular given moment, any human being can be said to be functioning from a certain spiritual level, a certain spiritual plane. This level is determined according to how he functions and how he progresses along his cycle of life according to this formula.

Roughly speaking, in reincarnating we would say that these cycles exist within the cycles and the fluctuations of frequency within the cycles. We may take fifty years as a short period or one hundred and fifty years as a longer period of a more fundamental frequency. Three hundred is still the closest approach to the life wave frequency in which most human beings establish their relationship and is erroneously called reincarnation, transmigration, metem-psychosis, or other names. We call it regeneration; it is a truer word.

These cycles can, of course, extend outward to 450 or 600 years depending upon the laxity, but primarily upon the psychic shocks which occurred in the psychic centers. Those who commit suicide may not return to this “veil of tears” for perhaps two thousand years simply because certain psychic structures within the psychic body have been destroyed. The supporting elements of that person’s entire being and his individuality were destroyed by the act against himself. When they do come back into the earth plane, because they do not have these structures they find themselves disoriented. They wander; they are people who have no objectivism, libido or the drive. It takes them two or three more of these cycles (lives) before they catch up, to reconstruct their psychic selves so that it inflects and impinges into their consciousness and gives them a directive, dynamic force which is so necessary for everyday life.

Should unfortunate circumstances come our way and karma is inflicted (if we want to call it karma), it is an experience, a vortex of energy within the psychic self. Karma can be eradicated or eliminated, for above this psychic self as it functions in itself in several dimensions, are contained all of the elements for your own self-preservation.

You contain all the necessary ingredients of the Infinite Intelligence which can solve every one of your problems. As Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven, which is within,” and it is within. There’s nothing which remains unsolved or unsupported. You can tune into that vast tremendous power—-that superintelligence within your own consciousness. Jesus did it and many of the Avatars who came to the earth at different times have demonstrated it very factually. It is our purpose as individuals, one and all, in our eventual evolution into the future of our history, or thousands of years hence, that we too will be doing these things when we get on the ground floor and understand what the Infinite is—the All-Pervading, the All-Permeating Force, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent. The Infinite is energy, It is the atom, It is substance, form, everything which you care to name.

I made the statement that man is like a walking, breathing television set. We can picture this parallelism a little better if we say that the Infinite Mind is the central transmitter. If we look for a moment at our own present television network strewn across the country, we find that we have programs which stem from New York and other centers about the country. It is much the same with us. Through these great central vortexes, we begin with the Infinite, way out in the distance in one of these energy dimensions. This energy, this wisdom, extends down to us from innumerable expanding and contracting energy vortexes. So we are in ourselves, more or less related to all these dimensions; however, how much of the assimilation or the “taking in” of this Infinite wisdom and this energy which stems from the Infinite, depends upon each of us.

In the future days in going about, we will conceive our bodies as being millions and millions of tiny little planetary systems of pure energy, revolving and counter-revolving, expressing itself infinitely, beautifully and perfect in its continuity. We will begin to achieve that continuity in our own lives; we will surmount all of the imperfections and all the negations that come to us. Those things will cease to exist because now we have a place to put them; we can learn how to rise above them. We can circumvent them and turn them aside. Not only that, but we can learn to project understanding to others because it means life to them too; it is an infusion of the life principles into their concept of life. We have the power to project these things when we understand them properly. Just as when anyone thinks evilly of us, we can tune into that whether or not we are conscious of it. That does induce a definite effect into our bodies if the relationship is maintained and established. And so in the same process, a person can learn to heal and help another person, not through sympathy but through love and understanding and by projecting your own spiritual energy to that person from the Higher Self. It becomes a natural vital integrated principle from which all of you will function; you will relate yourself to it; you will use it every day of your life.

Lesson 6 Excerpt
ICCC_graphic_0107We will say that this hydrogen atom has normally, in its course of evolution, 100 days. After 100 days or its complete life cycle, it then comes to the point of conjunction of this cycle; consequently, there is a certain something which takes place. This something is a harmonic relationship, such as the striking of two strings which are tuned to the same pitch. As a result, the hydrogen atom now enters into a different relationship with, shall we say, the spiritual part of itself, which links it up with its spiritual dimensions, or the vortex, as it is supported from that vortex.

Here we see within this vortex the multiplicities of the positive and negative energies expanding and contracting. They result in one negative quotient and one positive quotient, which is the hydrogen atom. At the end of the 100 day cycle, we have evolved in this cycle around the orbit so that now it is linked again, through the law of frequency relationship or harmonic structures, with certain other quotients which are contained in the supporting structure of the vortex of the atom.

We must also remember a very important factor: this energy which is supporting the atom and which has created it from this vortex is very intelligent. It has an IQ because it is part of the Infinite. The IQ is the way in which it vibrates according to the orders of law and harmonic relationship. Now after the 100 day cycle has passed, it makes a certain conjunction with other wave forms which are contained in this vortex so that now we have entering into the atom, the new proton and the new electron, and we have the helium atom. We have found that instead of having the sketchy process of somehow shooting little particles of electronic energy at this atom, we now have a concept which is integrated, which is factual and which can be demonstrated. It is the law and order and shows you the evolution of atoms from the simple hydrogen to the heavier atoms of U-238.

We shall carry this introspection and hypothesis into the animal kingdom and show you just what part it was that Darwin left out; and thus just what it was that caused so much controversy, not only between fundamentalists but also between scientists themselves.

So we shall begin first with the amoeba. To science, the amoeba is a very mysterious creature withICCC_graphic_0036 no form or shape. It is a mass or cell of protoplasm. Protoplasm, like chlorophyll, is a mysterious element or combination of proteide substances or proteide atoms which contain life. The scientist has not yet hit upon what life is because he does not know how life entered into the atoms which make up the body of this little amoeba. The amoeba is the lowest creature which is known to exist, the lowest known animal form of protozoa. When it moves along on the surface of anything, it merely flows, much like a mass of jelly. When it arrives at something it wants to eat, it simply wraps itself around or flows about the substance and encloses it within itself and digests it. The same process is reversed for elimination, etc. Now it is important to know that the little amoeba, just like anything else, is composed of hundreds of millions of tiny atoms. Every one of these atoms are connected up with a vortex. Those atoms within that body are going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within that body is going to go through that life cycle, just as every other atom within the universe is going through its cycle. That is the law and order. There is nothing stationary in the entire world. These things are all progressing in the well-known integrated law of frequency relationship.

Now the amoeba also has something which you might call a soul, if you wish, because contained within these atoms is the Infinite Intelligence which we touched upon a few moments ago, that Infinite Intelligence which some call God. Suppose we say the amoeba which we will call Charlie, passes off into what we call ‘nothing’; he ceases to exist or he dies. The protoplasm or the proteide element of atoms of which it was constructed is transposed into other different relationships. In other words, they are broken down into constituents which return it back to the earth. But what happens to the life energy which supported these atoms in their vortexal form? What happened to this intelligence? Did it also pass away? Indeed, it did not. Charlie, the amoeba, still exists in the spiritual dimensions, he is still a creature. He still exists as a psychic body and he still exists over there in that spiritual dimension because he has not died in the spirit; he has died only in the physical.

ICCC_graphic_0038Now here is the part which is so vitally important. When we pluck the “A” string on the violin, any other string which is attuned to a like pitch will vibrate in harmony. We will say that these vibrations stem out and cause the other “A” string to vibrate. Say this string has a frequency of 100 cycles per second. However, this vibrating frequency can regenerate on up into subharmonic frequency structures into 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second, so that now we have not only one note, but we actually have thousands of notes which are contained in the striking of that first string. Charlie, as he exists in the spirit, is in just the same position for within his psychic body, just as in the psychic body of people, are energy structures which are able to regenerate into higher dimensions. Within the intelligence that created him as an amoeba in this world, is that psychic intelligence. The vortexes in that psychic body are revolving and gyrating; they are vibrating. They set up harmonic structures which link Charlie on up with higher dimensions and in this linkage, he goes into different spectrums or octaves of different frequency relationships, which are above him. He takes on part or assumes some of the intelligence of some of the creatures which are above him. Sooner or later the cycle is such that the energy or the psychic body which is Charlie will take on certain elements which relate it to a little higher form of life, such as the paramecium.

A paramecium is a tiny animal which has flagella or little hairs all around him. He has vacuoles, he has a stomata or a stomach and he swims by rotating these little hairs through the waters. He is much more intelligent than Charlie and could be composed of more than one cell. He is composed of protoplasm like Charlie and he is now not just a formless glob but has assumed a shape; he maintains this form. This is a definite evolution. A little later on, the same process in which Charlie evolved will be repeated by the  paramecium. He will become something else; there will be some slight variation, he may not need to evolve into a completely new species but he does take on certain variations with each evolution. These variations take place always in the spiritual world. They do not take place in the material world. This is the part that Darwin did not know about because in all evolutions of all species, the prime requisites of recreating a new species is always based upon that one principle. During the spiritual cycle when he is getting these harmonic structures which link him on up with the higher dimensions, he takes on new propensities, new intelligences, new forms, new ideas and shapes through the law of harmonic relationship. That is evolution.

It was pointed out by Jesus that the sparrow which falls by the way was just as important in the sight of the Infinite as anything else. In the evolution of all these creatures up until the time in which Charlie, the amoeba evolved and became a chimpanzee, this was part of his spiritual evolution, but not as a personal identity. Now up to this dividing line, Charlie did not maintain a personal identity; he did not, just as all of you cannot ‘remember’ in the psychic body much of your past reincarnations—for beyond the first side of this line, where you came from or more correctly we say your bodies evolved from, you do not remember those things. You do not remember any of the things which took place beyond this first side of the line, in these earlier stages of evolution. The intelligences which you assumed through this particular scale of life were integrated into you from the spiritual plane. Now this was the process of constructing the physical body, the anatomy with which you breathe, because it was necessary for you to have this physical anatomy to live upon this earth. This was the development upon this earth through the process of evolution. Now here is where something else entered in. Referring to these structures of frequency relationship, we will say that about here Charlie, the amoeba linked himself with the spiritual planes of vortexes in the upper spiritual dimensions wherein the soul or life cycle was entered into, the superconsciousness which made him different from any other species on earth. That was the birth of man; that is the creation of man occurs actually when the Superconsciousness enters into the life cycle of the species and so he becomes a man. He takes on a physical form to reincarnate into the physical world because he wishes to become infinite like the Infinite Intelligence and maintain all of these things in his life cycle of which the Infinite is, just as evolution will so create him. That is his conjunction where he has ceased to be an animal and has taken on a body which is suitable and adaptable to this dimension.

We can actually say that man is truly created of God in this sense of the word—The Infinite in Its Infinite Wisdom, through all of these many cycles, has brought us up through all of the various species, from the lowly amoeba up to the very complex system of our human body as it now exists with us. This, too, was an expression of that Infinite Will and that Infinity which is expressed through all the vortexes which support the atoms and which support everything that we do. This harmonic frequency transposition is found in everything, so that the Infinite does create man in His own image but not the image of the flesh.

Lesson 7/8 Excerpt
So tonight we shall point out to you some of the various ways in the dimensional forms in which we live, function and conduct our daily cycle of evolution. We shall draw these lines to denote what might be termed a dimension. “A” we shall call the terrestrial dimensions; “B”, the astral dimension and “C”, the celestial dimension. ICCC_graphic_0044
In “A”, we shall find an infinite number of terrestrial planets similar to the earth. Our Universe might be likened to the end of a ball-point pen, the earth representing the round bICCC_graphic_0046ead that
writes the line. This great Universe manifests in the same manner in a great vortex of energy and while the astronomer and the astrophysicist are aware of perhaps 100 trillion suns which are visible in the photographic plates, within this Universe are countless millions of other solar systems similar to our own. We are familiar with the sun and the nine major planets which are revolving in their orbits around our sun; however, contained within this great cosmic universe, of which our earth is a part, are literally hundreds of millions of solar systems, some larger and some smaller than our own, although we are told that our solar system is one of the smallest. Thus we begin to get an idea with what we are confronted in this great cosmic universe, containing innumerable terrestrial planets that are similar in frequency rates of vibration or in their atomic structures. Now referring back momentarily to the concept of the atom, you know by now that all atoms have isotopes, which are really higher spiritual atoms.

In the astral dimensions the atoms have gone into a higher state of evolution. There we find energy expressing itself in innumerable ways, not only in atomic structures of a higher form or nature but also in a higher relationship of energy expression, both in mentality and in other ways, which we might liken to these terrestrial dimensions. It is plain to see, as we evolve into these astral dimensions and return through reincarnation down into the terrestrial dimensions, there has been a very definite and cohesive relationship. This relationship has been established, as was stated, according to the laws of frequency relationship. We do not mean that whenever you die you leave the terrestrial dimension, reincarnate into the astral and come into an unknown world to which you are foreign or to those with whom you are unfamiliar. Through this law of frequency relationship and through various wave forms which are contained in your psychic body, you function from a certain specific fundamental frequency or plane.

Your functioning rate of vibration is the determining element in your progression through these various cycles from the earth into the astral dimensions and back into the terrestrial dimension. So all in all, a great deal of law and order is expressed in man’s progress. If you pause and think for a moment, like everything else in this great Universe both cosmic and celestial, the human expression in which we find ourselves at different times is very infinite. There must be a considerable amount of integration with the higher orders of mentality of human beings as they exist in the higher planes. UN.AR.I.U.S., a group of seven planets which function in their orbits from a higher spiritual plane than that of the earth and our solar system. On each of these seven planets are centers on which are found the more highly-developed people who have advanced in their evolution to a point where they can live indefinitely in these centers. There they live, study and learn to further their evolution; sometimes they reincarnate to an earth planet to teach the less advanced what they have learned.

Each planet functions on a somewhat different frequency; these different frequencies I shall call rays and call them by their respective colors. The differences in these various frequencies enable people of different development to segregate themselves into an environment more suitable to their particular phase of development. It also enables those who wish to start some new phase of life to enter into the environment which will speed their progress.

Each of these different centers relates every human being to a very definite and specific fundamental frequency or vibration rate. As with the television set, UN.AR.I.U.S. has different centers as a means for the higher forces who have evolved into these higher dimensions, to reflect their Superintelligence down into our superconscious or subconscious minds. In this way these advanced souls can give a great deal of inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and other ingredients essential to life to any human being who is so receptive to and knows of or aligns himself with these teachers. Each one of the seven different centers of the great celestial planets has its own particular vibrational rate, or ray, or beam, or a color. The first is orange; the second, yellow; the third, green; the fourth, coral; the fifth, red; the sixth, blue and the seventh, violet.

Now, whether we are writers, scientists, doctors, or whatever profession in which we find ourselves in this particular way of life, we shall, through the different astral centers through which we have evolved at different times, find ourselves being related through these different rays into our daily walk of life. These impingements and influences from the higher minds on these higher centers will always be with those who have the inner ears and inner eye to perceive and to be in contact with them.

The first center is also called UN.AR.I.U.S. and functions upon the level of leadership and integration. It is through this particular center and ray which we shall find expression in the political fields or in such leadership as may be valuable to the human race as a whole. We are not referring to any tyrannical dispositions which might have occurred in such personages as Adolph Hitler—for there was an example of machination by the black or evil, or left hand forces. In these centers we are primarily concerned with only the higher and most beneficent of the influences from these celestial dimensions.

In #2 we have education and other methods of concentration, perusal and inquiry. The #3 plane is devoted to philosophy, synthesis and anti-synthesis. The 4th is devoted to the fine inspirational arts—literature, music, sculpturing, drama, painting. The 5th is devoted to science. The 6th, to the Spiritual healing, psychotherapy and other vital elements which are necessary for certain corrections and impingements in the psychic body. The 7th, to devotion and other inspirational methods of obtaining inspiration which may be contained in such beliefs, dogmas, creeds, churches and other religious expressions as exist in the astral and terrestrial dimensions.

Every one of these various solar systems which we find throughout our galaxy seems similar to our own planetary system. Each planetary system has a mother planet; in the case of our own solar system, it is the planet Venus. It is our mother, father, doctor and nurse planet. It functions along the line of spiritual therapy down into the terrestrial dimensions. We shall also find that in the various astral worlds as well as in the terrestrial, each of these seven different centers has its own ray, its own influence and its own relationship. It can be likened to a TV set or a radio.

It can also be said that many people are taken to planet Venus during their sleep. They leave their physical bodies on earth and travel to various planets through frequency relationship, which is just above the dividing line of frequency relationship. The book called “The Voice of Venus” explains this planet and its functions and its relationship to you. It is from this planet that we have much integration in salvaging human derelicts from the various sub-astral worlds or in assisting soldier boys who have been shot in the battlefields or “killed” through other processes. Now it should be easy to see how yourself or your neighbor, or your relative may be linked up through one of these basic centers of UN.AR.I.U.S. by his earth expression.

The scientist will be connected with the fifth center; the artist, musician or poet with the fourth, the philosopher with the third and the teacher with the second. These planets in turn, as has been given to us from the minds of those who dwell on these planets, through mental trans-mission, have been called for the purpose of identification, various names. #1 is called UN.AR.I.U.S.; #2 Orion; #3 Hermes; #4 Muse; #5 Eros; #6 Venus; #7 Elysium.

Each of these great planets manifests in some way as a huge center. The centers of activity on these planets surpass anything that you might envision on the earth or that you might even imagine could exist. There are temples wherein are initiation ceremonies with ingresses and egresses from these various centers. The temples themselves can hold several million people. We find too, in the processes of initiation, the people will actually walk through huge ten or twenty-foot flames of pure lambent energy. This is done so that their psychic bodies may be cleansed of lower astral and negative vibrations which are literally catalyzed or removed by these energy flames. It is, of course, a painless process in which nothing is felt. We find also in these dimensions that the buildings are constructed primarily from energy as it stems from huge vortexes which are above the centers. Through the processes of the mind and other processes known to the Masters who dwell in these centers, this energy is converted into structures and buildings and so, instead of having drab brown walls as are about us tonight, the walls are constructed of the purest, sparkling, radiant crystals imaginable.

This crystal energy is condensed from the radiant energy which fills the (so-called) void about you. On these higher planets there is no atmosphere because you need none there. You need no lungs, for you function in a spiritual body of pure energy. You both radiate this energy and absorb it. It may be done through the process known on earth as attunement or you may walk through the energy streams or flames which revitalize the spiritual body. If I were to name any one of a hundred or a thou-sand Adepts, Masters, Initiates, Lords and Logi who live in these centers, the list would be like a reading from the roster of “Who’s Who” of every great life lived upon the earth. We could name any one of thousands, such as Plato, Pythagoras, Jesus, Archimedes, Mohammed, Gandhi, in fact, anyone you would care to name. All have either an affinity or a part and reside either in these centers or in the higher dimensions connected with them. Now going up one more flight in our elevator of Cosmic understanding, we find the “D” of our sketch—the Super-Celestial dimensions—which are connected through the same laws of order and frequency relationship with the seven centers, down to the astral and on down to the terrestrial level.

Now friends, I know that these things seem rather fantastic for they did even to me, and yet after a moment of thought it would be fantastic if it were otherwise, for are not all of the great souls who have formerly lived not only upon this earth but who have associations with mankind on countless other earths and other spiritual planets in a position, if they were so minded, in the general sense of humanity, to render their wisdom and intelligence through the means of spiritual inspiration?

This is a great and monumental effort, for a conglomeration of hundreds of thousands of great minds of very advanced human beings are concerned with the lower orders of evolution of mankind. They are concerned not only because it is the natural sequence in serving mankind-it is to serve the Infinite best. But there must always be, in the great Infinite Mind and Understanding, that continual movement of continual progress-that continual evolution which all things go through, not only in the atomical substances as has been shown to you here, but it follows through into the planets and into and through the solar systems themselves. It follows through even into the Celestial Mansions, as we have seen Jesus ascend into another dimension (after two thousand years as the leader of Venus), which was of a higher dimension.

And so we know that evolution continues there too, and evolution progresses ever onward and upward. They tell us that there is no end unto this evolution. These great ones come to us most humbly, for they can see, just as we can see, and they claim no greatness, that they are just as we, that no man is greater because he has advanced farther along the path of Light. He only becomes a far greater servant to the Infinite and humanity. And nearly any one of them would know how to turn water into wine or feed a multitude of five thousand with a few loaves and fishes.

So this, friends, should give you an idea of the mind and the force and the spiritual integration of the great conglomeration of the great and Infinite Wisdom which is behind the evolution and of which the earth itself is only one very small part. Even the Universe itself is passing through an age and some day too, every one of you, friends, will learn, if you haven’t already done so at the present time, how people live in these wonderful, beautiful dimensions which are sometimes referred to as Heaven. And as you go out into these astral and spiritual worlds, as Swedenborg called them, you will see people there living without the sense of time, as we have it here. There people clothe themselves with the Infinite radiant energies. As Swedenborg puts it: “The Lord gives them their clothing” and so what is the difference? Their houses are beautiful beyond description. They do not need to eat food nor do they pamper their bodies as we do. Instead, they bathe in radiant energy fountains of pure crystal. They breathe through their minds, the pure food of the Infinite Wisdom. All these things I have seen and many more.

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