Magnetism: The Universal ‘I Am’~Part II

Universal-I-Am-mainSome researchers say that Saucers operate in a static field, but this is not the case. No interplanetary craft could travel as it does in a static field. Only utilization of the Fourth Force, or Resonating Electromagnetic Field (RMF) will enable any kind of a craft to go from one world to another.

Saucers and all spacecraft contain their own atmosphere around them like a celestial body. They can other_tongues_williamson_Plate-Igo under water and the RMF will keep the liquid from touching the craft. Refer once again to Plate I: In Fig. 1, the black sphere can represent a Saucer in its RMF. The perfect shape of a spaceship is a globe or ball, and planets that have only recently succeeded in developing interplanetary craft use such devices. Celestial bodies are round and globe-like for the same reason. As a planet advances scientifically its technicians are able to intensify the RMF, and the Saucer takes on the shape of its on field. That is why very flat, discus-shaped Saucers have been seen and also, globes have been observed. The more highly advanced the world, the flatter the craft. Eventually, no craft is needed to travel the interstellar distances, and beings are projected” to other worlds by thought alone! The reason Saucers sometimes have blinking lights on the top and bottom of their craft is because these are the polar vent areas of the ship, just like the polar vent area of Earth which emit the auroral force. Crossed lines of force exist at the vents, therefore observers see blinking of pulsating lights of various colors. North-South and East-West propulsion operates on different force. Also, a different force is used if the Saucer goes up or down.

The human being has a very complex field with a maze of vortices. Therefore a Saucer pilot can leave the RMF of his craft by two methods. First of all, as the Saucer lowers Earthward, its RMF is reduced and drawn into the rim of the craft. Otherwise, its own field would keep it off the ground. If the ship is to be lowered all the way to Earth, then the RMF must be completely drawn into the rim area. This action enables any occupant of the Saucer to emerge unharmed. Secondly, if advanced enough, a Saucer pilot can control his own field composed of numerous vortices and thereby go through another RMF of low intensity. When Christ walked on the water and performed other so-called miracles, he utilized such knowledge.

If the reader will refer to photographs of the crescent-shaped arrow-craft or mastercraft in The Coming Of The Saucers, by Arnold and Palmer, the craft’s flowing center can be observed. This center is the polar vent area where lines of force are crossing. In the same book, mention was made of the Saucer that exploded over Maury Island. Sometimes the craft are not constructed perfectly, and their own RMF begins to tear them apart. The angle of incidence of a Saucer determines whether it has a high or low intensity field. Likewise, the more the poles are flattened on a planet, the more intense is its RMF.

From the Delawarr Laboratories, Oxford, England, comes the following information: “We have been able to materialize energy particles in a controlled magnetic field and would agree that the materialization of ‘saucers’ at certain positions in the earth’s magnetic field is entirely possible.”

Many ask: “How are Saucers constructed? They don’t exhibit rivets, bolts, screws . . . their surfaces are extraordinarily smooth and their openings don’t show when closed!” Needless to say, a Saucer is not “built” as we on Earth construct anything. First of all, an electro-magnetic field is set up, and within this field, a technician constructs sections of a Saucer by his own powers of thought! This is similar to the vortex within the volcano creating the ejected “bombs”; or the Earth’s vortex, itself, originally creating the Earth. After the various small sections are completed, they are joined by pins that are hidden from view. Therefore, no obvious joining-together shows from the exterior of the craft. People of other planets do not hammer and pound, cut and saw; they utilize their own creative abilities (such as we all possess) to construct their craft and many other objects. Their clothes have no seams, and this is also because they are “woven” in an entirely different manner than ours!

In The Secret Of The Ages, Robert Collier says: “All about you is energy . . . electronic energy . . . exactly like that which makes up the solid objects you possess. The only difference is that the loose energy round about is unappropriated. It is still virgin gold . . . undiscovered, unclaimed. You can think it into anything you wish . . . into gold or dross, into health or sickness, into strength or weakness, into success or failure. Which shall it be? ‘There is nothing either good or bad,’ said Shakespeare, ‘but thinking makes it so.’ The understanding of that law will enable you to control every other law that exists. In it is to be found the panacea for all ills, the satisfaction of all want, all desire. It is Creative Mind’s own provision for man’s freedom. And now man is beginning to get a glimpse of the final freedom that shall be his from all material causes when he shall acquire the complete understanding that mind is the only cause and that effects are what he sees. There is no intelligence in matter . . . whether it be stone or iron, wood or flesh. Matter is Vital Force crystallized into the pattern we have given it. Mind is the only intelligence . . . it alone is eternal . . . it alone is supreme in the Universe. Therefore, all Vital Force is good. It is only our patterns that are at fault.”

Before leaving Magnetism: The Universal ‘I Am’ it is only proper to discuss what I believe to be the greatest discovery pertaining to the field of anthropological science. Scientists have long pondered the question of what is culture? What constitutes culture? Why culture?

Cosmetology is called the science dealing with the effect of cosmic phenomena on life. If we consider it from the standpoint of magnetism and its effects on humanity and culture, it becomes sort of a science of cultural magnetism.

In The Saucers Speak! a space intelligence said: “On your Earth there are magnetic anomalies. Your scientists wonder why meteorites fall in a pattern in certain locations over the world. They also wonder why great civilizations are found where meteorites are found. The answer is simple. The anomalies attract the meteorites, and these same anomalies amplify Universal influx from outer space. Therefore, you will find better living conditions, finer art and music and so on in the same place you find the meteorites.”

In geology, anomaly is a departure from the normal pull of “gravity” as calculated for any particular place on the Earth’s surface. Scientists say that when positive, the anomaly indicates very heavy material beneath the surface; when negative, very light material.

Examples of such magnetic anomalies are the Oregon Vortex; Mystery Spots at Santa Cruz, San Jose, Guerneville, and Los Gatos, California; Mystery spot at St. Augustine, Florida; and other locations are known to exist in several places in the United States. There are a number of vortices in the Ojai Valley, others in Canada, others in Mexico, etc. Scientists who have investigated the strange anomalies have only concluded that they know absolutely nothing about the causes for strange visual effects and other distortions in the various anomalies.

An anomaly has its own vortex which is a sub-vortex of the Earth’s RMF. The anomaly acts as a Universal radio because it amplifies everything coming in from outer space. Highly sensitive individuals have strange experiences when they enter an anomaly area. Their ability at reception is increased to a fantastic degree. If man on Earth wants to communicate with other planets he should set-up his equipment in one of these vortices!

One of the interesting phases of the study of meteorites is their distribution over the surface of the Earth. If one would look at a world map that shows the distribution of the iron meteorites, it would be immediately seen that where the meteorites fall there is great civilization or highly civilized peoples. This, as stated before, is because meteorites are attracted to the anomalies, and the anomalies are amplifiers of Universal knowledge constantly permeating all space as the “music of the spheres.” Great cultural centers are found over and near such anomalies! The individuals living in such areas are receivers of this Universal knowledge and it manifests itself in great works of art, music, literature, scientific achievement, architecture, philosophy, etc. Depending on what vibration an individual is operating in, he will create in one of these fields.

other_tongues_williamson_Plate-IIHere at last is the answer to: Why culture? Careful studies of geological maps in connection with the number of cancer cases in different areas showed Brunler that the radiation (vortical action?) of the Earth must have an important bearing on this disease. Therefore everything man does, thinks, says, creates, etc. is magnetic in nature! Magnetism is truly the Universal ‘I Am’.

A study of the major fault lines of Earth also shows that culture follows these lines because magnetic anomalies are found along them as well as volcanoes. Trace the fault lines on the world map of Plate II and see where they cross areas of great cultural advancement.

Remember, this does not necessarily mean civilized centers. Native peoples have created many wonderful cultural items that have never been equalled in modern civilization.

The many complex questions arising when origin of certain cultural traits are discussed can be answered by investigation of anomaly areas as they follow the fault zones of Earth. It is interesting to note here that the Seven Shangri-Las or Seven Great Hidden cities mentioned by Brown Landone are found directly over major fault lines of Earth! Any center of cosmic truth preserving the ancient wisdom would have to be located in such an area. Its inhabitants would require the amplifying qualities of the anomaly in order to continue their higher metaphysical research as masters.

Truly, God Provided–Man Divided! For all is magnetic, all is one, all is God!

 “The Universe is ONE. There is no supernatural: all is related, cause and sequence. Nothing exists but substance and its modes of motion.” ~ Spinoza

Excerpt from Other Tongues – Other Flesh

Magnetism: The Universal ‘I Am’ ~ Part I and Part II

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