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Energy-And-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Love-In-Action-2Greetings again from UN.AR.I.U.S., meaning Love in Action.

This officially opens lesson #3, which is entitled “Energy and Mass” and which will be conducted through mental transmission from such personages as Sir William Crookes, Faraday, Isaac Newton, Einstein and others.

In order to establish some form of continuity between each succeeding lesson, we shall spend a few moments in reviewing something of the past one. In our first discussion we established the fact that the world was obviously going through some sort of great change or metamorphosis and that it was obviously necessary to develop a new science or a new philosophy which was relevant and most conducive to the betterment of science-vs-religion-4-postmankind for the particular evolution which is in the future. It was also established that the existing systems of religion, fundamentalism and science were, in themselves, incomplete and unable at this time, for various and obvious reasons, to fulfill the need of the coming races and generations of mankind. It was also established that as far as the Western world was concerned, we could resolve the dispensation of philosophy into the lives of the various inhabitants of this time and generation into two factions: science and fundamentalism. In trying to compromise and to orient himself into the various and obvious differences in this factionalism, man is suffering sore and grievous illnesses.

understanding-philosophy-the-thinkerLooking into the existing philosophies, fundamentalisms and sciences as they exist today, while there are certain elements of truth which could be extracted and which could serve to some extent to fill the need or the gaps, or the missing elements in this New Age and in this new day science, yet these philosophies and sciences have been torn and filled with such great confusion, multiplicities of error and malpractices that these weaknesses have built up great resistance against them in the minds of the people of this day and age.

In the philosophies of the Eastern nations we find people living under conditions of abject poverty, in a welter and confusion of ideologies, philosophies and occultisms. These practices present not only religious-godsa very highly conflicting nature in their elements of transposition but are, in themselves, unacceptable to the Western minds. It was also established that Christian orthodoxy was likewise filled with much dereliction, much confusion and likewise torn with many elements of dispensation. Basically speaking, orthodoxy functioned on the level of inspiration and was thus not acceptable to the people whose minds functioned on a scientific level. Science itself, although fully and highly developed in a material sense, is insufficient to fill the obvious needs and gaps or provide the elements of this New Age philosophy.

spirituality-4-postWe shall pause for a moment to examine what these missing elements are. By far, the most important of these missing elements is the understanding of man himself as a spiritual being. That which is called metempsychosis or reincarnation, the evolution of man through the various terrestrial, astral and spiritual planes is the great missing element. Some form of reincarnation is included or expressed in the Eastern philosophies but for the most part it is retrograde and it is unable to factually relate man to a progressive state of evolution.

Within the boundaries of that which might be termed the understanding of reincarnation or past livesevolution will be found the elements which will relate man to his numerous different dimensional expressions. It will also be the solution in which will be found the answer to mankind’s incurable diseases and the ways and means of curing those evils. A realistic answer and approach to man’s relationship or his affinity to God will also be explained within the confines of reincarnation. In the generations to come, certain understandings or precepts of fundamentalism and science will be discarded and replaced by these new elements of understanding. The scientist will come to learn that beyond the veil of materialism or the material world to which he has confined himself in his expression of 101 elements, he will find in the spiritual understanding and science, new horizons, new worlds and new answers to all the seemingly unfilled gaps in his present science.

understanding-the-infinite-2-postThe orthodox or the fundamentalist will likewise resolve his philosophy into a more compatible structure which will integrate him and his world with these new understandings and concepts. However, to understand reincarnation more fully and basically, and to understand the spiritual evolution of each individual–or the collective masses of humanity whether they exist on this planet or on any other planet, either material (terrestrial) or astral—it is necessary that one first understand the Infinite. The fundamentalist is concerned with an understanding which relates him to a personal entity only. He has not yet fully resolved himself to understand Infinity in the fullest and most abstract way in which it must be conceived.

The Infinite can be said to be energy—energy manifesting itself in an energy-universeinfinite number of dimensions and in an infinite number of ways. To look at the world about us, we must first subtract from our consciousness the idea of solidity or mass, we must first understand that there is no such thing as a solid. We are only conceiving such things as solidity in a comparative way, or in a comparative value, with one thing measured against another, as it resides in this terrestrial rate of vibration. We must fully and completely assimilate this constructive philosophy and thus see about us in our world and in our transition of life that the Infinite is manifesting and remanifesting Itself in everything about us. The walls of our home resolve themselves into tiny planetary systems, revolving particles of energy, like the planets around the sun. Their gyrations are, in themselves, functioning according to a certain immutable relationship with the Infinite, for this energy is the substance of the Infinite.

atom 4 postIn our world we can roughly divide the expression of energy into two different fields. We might say that there is the so—called static or the atomic form and there is also the dynamic or the kinetic form. In the static form we find these tiny structures which the scientist calls atoms. In the dynamic or kinetic form we find the energy moving in the different forms and dimensions which are necessary to our various ways of life. In the past and especially during the last fifty years, the thinkers and the savants of science have labored and struggled for long periods of time to try to orient or compromise their thoughts into finding the answer to mass and energy. It was only during the last few years of Einstein’s life that this foremost scientist came to the general conclusion that there was no such thing as mass and that we could, in a more abstract way, resolve all things into pure energy.

einstein-formula-and-atomWhen we have assimilated this concept thoroughly and completely in our minds, we shall have the key to the solution of life, to all principles of life, its creation, its purpose as well as the generic principles which are sustained from the Immortal Mind of the Infinite. In the understanding of the transposition of energy as it manifests itself in numerous dimensions and in different cyclical paths and forms, we shall gain some concept of what the Infinite really is and thus we shall attain some unity with, and see our relationship to it.

astral-planes-4-postI am not going to attempt to make physicists or atomic scientists of any of you, nor would I choose to be classed as one. I like to view the physical and the causal sciences in a more abstract way and not from the third dimensional standpoint alone. I like to view them as a clairvoyant might; where I can see the functioning of the Infinite, not only through the physical dimensions but through the higher dimensions as well.

Some of you may be cognizant of some of the principles which we will explain, but for the benefit of those who are not, we shall present these things to you in a way which will no doubt be new to you.

In your future walk of life, you will not see things as before; these things will aura-mangradually change in your mind, they will not be mere solid or mundane objects, not mere stones or grass or walls, not mere objects of our everyday association. Instead, they will resolve themselves into masses of beautiful radiant pulsating energy. We shall look into our bodies and see hundreds of millions and trillions of these tiny solar systems, all functioning very intelligently according to a certain relationship, according to that affinity with the immutable Infinite Mind. When we have mastered that concept, our life will begin to change. We shall have made the first step that will separate us from the old world of karma. We shall then have begun to climb the various rungs of the ladder of reincarnation into a relationship in which we can direct ourselves into a more constructive way of life.

This is what is known to science as a sine wave. This is the basic fundamental wave form with sine wave animationwhich science is concerned; the transposition of energy in this 3rd dimensional world. As you see, it is roughly a plus and a minus or it can be similarized to the tossing of a stone into a pond of water. We see that the ripples stem away from the place where the stone was dropped. Thus we have converted into another form or into another movement, the energy from the motion of the arm into the precipitation of the stone into the pond. The energy which was static in the arm is now radiating outwardly in the form of waves. Referring to the 4th dimensional concepts with stone in water patternswhich Einstein was laboring very atom-2-postdiligently at the time of his passing, he was concerned with the separation of time. As you know, Einstein’s theory of relativity is energy, E = MC2. This means roughly that through the use of this formula, science was able to formulate a constructive machine, or a destructive atom bomb; or from it might be developed what might become his constructive atomic science. What it means is that one grain of uranium which is U-238, can be converted into 25 million kilowatts of energy. Yet, each atom of this uranium existed on this planet for at least two billion years as energy in a static form, harmless until it had been transformed into a dynamic form of energy.

To better understand the sine wave, we can draw a circle and draw a line through the circle. This top half represents the fourth Line-through-cycledimension, or energy in static form because we start anywhere with our plus and resolve, we will say that energy concludes itself in these dimensions without time. Taking one half of this wave and placing it against the other one, we have a structure like this, the lower half is third dimensional, and again we have the sine wave mentioned above. Now the second factor which we must consider in these atomic structures as they resolve themselves into line-through-sine-wavewhat most people commonly call mass, is that these tiny forms of energy are constructed something similar to this diagram. We have for instance, in the hydrogen atom, a positive nucleus and one tiny little moon which is traveling around an orbit, which is called an electron. One is negative the other positive. Because of the hydrogen-atombalance between the magnetic fluxes between the inner structure or the nucleus, the proton of the atom and the electron which revolves in its outer orbit, there is a constant maintenance or an interchange of energy. From the basic equivalent of the hydrogen atom whose atomic weight is 100-82, we can go on up to the 101 elements which science has classified according to atomic weights from one to 258. The last one of these elements are man-made. The last one, which is Mendelevium, is an artificially constructed element, just as the other four of the last of the 101 atomic weight structures.

Now here is a peculiarity which science has not yet resolved or fully understood: each hydrogen isotopesone of these 101 elements possesses, in itself, anywhere from 1 to 23 isotopes. An isotope is exactly the same as its basic element in any of the 101 elements but has a different “weight”. It has the same number of protons in the nucleus and the same number of electrons revolving around in the outer diameters of the structure. Now here is the key to the whole atomic structure and it should be very obvious to the scientists by now, that the atom is not a complete unit of energy. The isotopes should give the clue to the spiritual nature of the atom. Each one of the isotopes has a definite relationship with a higher dimension according to a certain fundamental frequency.

If we constructed what we might call an abstract view or a concept of creation which stems, shall we say, from the Mind of the Infinite, vortex-ICCCwe should draw what is called a vortex. It looks like the whirlwind which we see on the desert and this comparison is almost as close as we can get to the abstract concept of what the scientists might call space. We shall see in this vortex, as I have drawn it, that it will actually be composed of countless millions, an infinite number of wave forms, all similar to the sine wave because energy itself is intelligent according to the structure of the wave. We can have various malformations, or what might be called steps in these waves, and these steps all portray a particular thing called square-wave-twoobjectivism. In this vortex we find literally hundreds of millions of wave forms that we can call intelligent and which portray, in their own particular way, something of the Infinite Intelligence. We have great forces in this vortex. We see this vortex expanding outwardly, we see it contracting inwardly, each line itself according to certain fundamental laws of frequency relationship, multiplying itself. We can call these forces centrifugal and centripetal for lack of better names. We can say that the negative energies are resolving themselves down into this central hardcore nucleus. We say it is hard simply as a matter of comparison because of the maelstrom of energy which forms the apex of that cone with a tremendous conglomeration or concentration of energies.

This is exactly how our Sun is formed. Our Sun is stemming and radiating outward into our 3rd dimensional world, great energies whichearth-sun-vortex-2-post we call heat and light. When the scientist has succeeded in penetrating the ionosphere with a space ship he will find that out there is neither heat nor light, and that he must needs conduct his theories of research according to entirely different concepts than he has yet evaluated on the earth; the reason being, simply because energy as it stems from the sun is transposed into heat and light and various other actions with which we are familiar in our terrestrial science and according to certain catalytic agents of energy—which are called gravity or the kinetic energy of the magnetic lines and structures—which hold the vortex-treeuniverse together. This energy can be said to be remanifesting itself into countless little vortexes of energy. They in turn stem and reradiate energy out. One lower (next page) is negative according to the positiveness of the dimension above it; yet the energy here, as it radiates according to this dimension is positive, whereas the other is negative. Thus we see the interchange of energy from one dimensional form into another. These countless multiplicities of vortexes of energy finally resolve themselves into the atomic structures on the earth, whether they are the simple hydrogen atom, whether they are the U-238, or whether they are any of the other supporting spiritual atoms with which this basic physical atom is directly related because the isotopes of any of these other elements are themselves related in a basic frequency relationship to a higher and higher structure.

If we strike the “A” string in one violin, the pulsations of its energy will cause the “A” string of violins-harmonicsanother violin to vibrate also. If we say that this string vibrates at a frequency of 100 cycles per second, it will generate and regenerate in the other string according to the laws of harmonic structure. The principle involved is a basic multiple of 2 and 1/2 times the fundamental frequency. It can rise to 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second. Therefore, the transposition of any energy form which we see in this world about us is concerned in just such a frequency relationship and under such existing laws from which there are no variations or deviations. We have gone into these concepts thoroughly to acquaint you with the fundamental and basic understanding of energy in motion.

Now, as I said, according to Einstein’s theory in which mass is transformed into energy and returned into mass, as was done in the five remaining atoms of the earth science today, we find that energy and mass are interchangeable. One form can be changed or transposed into the other according to this same basic formula.

Part II coming soon.

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