Energy And Mass ~ Part II

Energy-and-Mass-main-4-postLesson 3 from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation ~ Part II

In the early 1900’s, a man by the name of Max Planck came along with his theory of quanta. The scientists Max Planck twobelieved up until that time that all energy was of an electronic form. In other words, there were tiny little particles of solid electricity which were somehow being precipitated along certain directions. It was Max Planck who established the Planck’s Theory of Quanta which, I believe, is 6.624 x 10-27 ergs per second. (Called Planck’s Constant.) In other words, to make it more simplified, the formula merely means that energy itself does not simply flow through something and come out the something else at the other end. There must be a very definite relationship of harmonic or frequency transposition.

Now we begin to understand that everywhere in space, everywhere within us, everywhere around us, everywhere, going on all the time in a manner and in a fashion which our physical eyes, our ears, or any of our five senses cannot determine or discriminate, are vast seas of energy in a continual reciprocating, interchanging and interlocking of an innumerable and in an infinite number of cycles.

The entire cosmic universe which the scientists call space is filled with this radiating pulsating energy. We have depicted this cyclic motion in the diagram as huge vortexes of energy which in turn subdivide vortex-treethemselves in an infinite number of ways and in an infinite number of directions. Yet there is that same harmonic frequency relationship in the various atomic structures of the innumerable elements, not only in the 101 which the scientists know and understand today but in all which will, with this new understanding, open up a whole new field, a new vision, an entire new world of science. The development of this type of an understanding will, for the present, have to be conceived and perceived from the standpoint of clairvoyance. At the present time, the world is singularly devoid of any instrumentation which can determine such elements of form as exist in these outer or inner dimensions. You may picture to yourself that this room at the moment is pulsating with pictures from at least fifteen different television stations. You do not have the power, the instrumentation in your physical body to discern these vibrations; yet, with proper instrumentation such as your television set or your radio, they can be transported into visual and audible energy.

The scientists of the future will develop the instrumentation for peering into these dimensions to determine device-to-contact-higher-dimensions-4-postjust what is happening in the higher dimensions about us; what is more, through other instrumentation they will bring in the voices of the higher minds and the intellects which have heretofore been unseen and unheard by the physical ear or eye. You may say that this prediction is a contradiction to what is commonly known as Spiritualism today; yet Spiritualism is not yet a fully-developed science nor can it develop into that until it is abstracted from the realm in which it now exists. The clairvoyant in the future generation will have to develop his mentality and his position to the spiritual dimensions in accordance with that type of transposition of knowledge and wisdom which is so vital and necessary for mankind to exist.

stack-of-science-books-4-postI cannot give too much emphasis to what I have quoted here tonight and if you should like to add to and increase the importance of understanding energy and mass, it would be wise for you to peer into some textbooks. Many of these books are available in our libraries and material can be found in the various almanacs and encyclopedias, and in the textbooks found in almost everyone‘s home.

It will also be most necessary—a point which I cannot emphasize strongly enough—that you develop a certain cognizance, thatauras-of-plant-life-4-post you try to visualize the transposition of energy all about you in order to change your way of thinking from what has been formerly believed to be mass. You will thus be able to see that the blades of grass, the leaves of the trees and everything about you assumes a different proportion, a different intensity, a different translation. Each one will whisper to you its own mysterious and secret message of the Infinite Creation. And thus with the understanding of this concept we shall, in the future lessons, be able to go into such concepts as the psychic self and explain to you of what the psychic self consists.

It will be shown how you incur into that psychic self either the indispositions of sin or error; whether they are spiritual-growth-4-postdisease or malformations of wrong or perverted acts, or whether they are constructive and useful things of purposeful intent. Like your physical body, your psychic body is constantly being either constructed or torn down. Your future evolution depends upon how you construct and reconstruct this psychic self; for linked to this psychic self is your pure Superconsciousness which is sometimes called your soul. This is your true self with which, in your ultimate struggle and in your infinite number of reincarnations, you acquaint yourself with the Infinite Nature of Infinity and thus see all of the things which are godlike in that concept. You will again come into a harmonic conclusion with that soul-self, and in that harmonic conclusion and in the fulfillment and the attainment of reincarnation, you will have attained the affinity with the Infinite.

That which we might call advanced scientific relationship is more than 3rd dimensional in nature and extends understanding-life-4-postinto the Spiritual and is tremendously advanced. It is quite apparent that science or orthodoxy will need to accept these concepts eventually; they not only will have to, but will arrive at the place where they will develop that desire within themselves. Both fundamentalism and science today have passed the point of diminishing returns. If we are going to free the hundreds of thousands of people who are at the present in conditions of extreme stress and circumstance in the penal institutions, the asylums, the hospitals, and those who go to the grave needlessly every year, if we are going to alleviate the wars, the strife and the vicissitudes of human nature, then we are going to have to understand each other.

spiritual-development-4-postWe must needs know who we are, and what we are, and what we are here for; where we came from and where we are going. That is the purpose of this science which is being brought to you from higher minds of Shamballa, now named UN.AR.I.U.S.. I, myself, am one instrument. There will be others and others are now functioning. We shall prove and demonstrate to you that these concepts are factual. They can change your lives and give you the answers to all your problems. I shall give you the facts and principles of how you may get the answers for yourselves.

I can peer back into your lives and give you the pertinent or past-lives-4-postpivot points as we call them, in which you have incurred your greatest negations and different crises, which have come down with you through the ages through the different evolutions. You may reincarnate time and time again in these terrestrial dimensions until you find the answers, the solution of these things. We can in the future, with the understanding of this science, actually relate you in a new way which you could not at the present time conceive, as an active participant and participator in Infinite Mind. And you see how you do it. You will see it working.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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