Conceiving The Inner Kingdom

Conceiving-The-Inner-Kingdom-main-4-postIt is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. to explain what the inner Kingdom is, what its function is, what it is composed of, Inner selfwhat it does, and how you are connected to it with your inner self. Up until now there has been little, if any, available knowledge pertaining to what might be termed the spiritual worlds, the dimensional worlds outside this dimension which the scientist calls space. Space to scientists today is rather a vague and insecure concept which is constantly being subjected to different changes. One day he may think it is shaped like a saddle, another day he may think it is circular. Einstein himself went into the most abstract of mathematical formulas to try to conceive with in his mind and the objective mind what this dimension of space really is. This question cannot be answered by a mathematical formula. It never has been and never shall be.

Space, the spiritual worlds, and all things which reside in them, all substance and its elements and, in the infinite sense and in the abstract formations, all which we call God, is so completely abstract that it will have to be visualized; it will have to be assimilated, not in one lifetime, not in one progression but in thousands of progressions and lifetimes.


Jesus-teaching-his-students-4-postIt was the purpose and mission of Jesus upon the earth to point out very definitely and very specifically that each and every human being was created from the creative concept of the Infinite Intelligence for an evolutionary purpose. This creation had to first take place in certain dimensions which were not terrestrial in nature; quite naturally the Infinite, being supremely intelligent, would first “create” man in a spiritual form. This spiritual form is sometimes called his Superconsciousness, or it can be called his life cycle. This life cycle is an energy facsimile of all of the infinite qualifications of experience which this man must go through in his future evolutions in the terrestrial dimensions. In so conceiving man – in this Infinity of God, man is thus portrayed in the absolute, and man, through evolution, becomes the ultimate concept of God.

Back in the 1700’s a baby was born in England to a family by the name of Darwin. They named this infant Charles. These people did not know at the time that Charles was going to create such a furor in the scientific and theological centers of our Darwin and Mendelmodern world. I think we all remember the Scopes trial in Tennessee which culminated as an outgrowth of the tension between fundamentalism and science and has built up from that time.

This condition was further aggravated by an Austrian Monk by the name of Mendel. (We cannot call these scientists devils because they were very religious in their natures; Darwin kneeled to lead his family in prayer each morning.) Mendel, a pious holy man, found in the plants and flowers of his garden that certain things happened. So genetics, compounded with Darwin’s evolution, became something in which man first came to learn of the creative processes which were going on around him.

Previous to this time there was a great deal of confusion. People believed in spontaneous regeneration or in various other vague notions which have no scientific or factual explanation. So Darwin and Mendel did contribute much to the understanding and learning. They did much to advance the thinking of mankind although these principles in themselves were incomplete.
reincarnation-cycle-4-postDarwin did not at that time know that in the vegetable and animal kingdom there is a definite cycle of reincarnation or metempsychosis (whichever you wish to call it), just as it is in humans. The spiritual dimensions in which flowers, plants, trees and animals progress back and forth in their cycles are just as important to these plants and animals as they are to humans. So this is how we can learn to understand and to bring into our concepts something beyond the veil of materialism.

Now it should begin to be very obvious to you people by this time, if I have made my points clear, that thereCancer-diagnosis-4-post are some very definite elements and principles which are lacking in our present stage of development and evolution of mankind. To further verify this situation we might go into it from the standpoint of statistics as they exist in the hospitals, the asylums, the penitentiaries of this great land of ours. We are all being reminded daily that in this world of ours one out of every four (now one in two) will eventually die from cancer.

What is cancer? When the scientist begins to understand that every atom in the human body, like every other atom in the terrestrial dimension, is supported and continually supplied internally with energy from a spiritual dimension, then he will have the key to unlocking and solving the causes of cancer. It is, shall I say, in the malformations in the transposition of the harmonic frequency relationships of the atomic structures with the higher realms and atomic 4th dimensional vortex-4-postdimensions which give rise to the condition known as cancer. The little atoms which compose the various cells, as they become disunified and lose their directive, internal guidance and force of intelligence, speed up and become wild and erratic and are now destructive instead of constructive.

The atom itself is still a mystery to the scientist. In spite of the fact that he has succeeded in creating both fissionable and fusionable weapons, it is still a mystery and he will never know the innermost secret of what the atom really is until he becomes sufficiently “clairvoyant” to pierce beyond the veil of mortality; likewise he will never know the true cause of cancer. He will never know what the true cause is of the other so-called incurable diseases which are literally taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in our fair land every year, needlessly. Anyone who wishes to go into the hospitals and the asylums can see the truth of this statement.

There are at the present time frequent showings of a series of television programs called “Medical Horizons”. modern medicineAny of you who have followed them will have at least seen some partial facet of what medical science and psychiatric science is going through at the present time. Oh, it is true that they have made wonderful advances when we remember that psychiatry and medicine have been in existence in their modern form for only a comparatively short time. But there is much to be done and this need will have to be filled from the spiritual side of life. At the present time, science, whether it is medicine or psychiatry, has long passed the point of diminishing returns in the various ways and means in which man has created in the laboratories, scientific apparatus and various other means of discerning conditions in the human body.

asylum-room-2-postWe want to remember that it was about fifty years ago that people who suffered from various mental aberrations were known as crazy and locked in cages like animals. They were kept in freezing weather, they were chained, they were beaten, they were left half naked and starved. They were not human any more. We have gone a little further than that; we take them in where it is warm, feed them and keep them clothed. But we still treat them as though they were insane.

When we get to the basic causes of insanity, the scientist or the psychiatrist—if we can call him thus—must go back to the New Testament. He will need to begin where Jesus left off.

Evidentially the modern psychiatrist has gone past the point where he should take the word of an advanced psychic-anatomyMaster such as Jesus. He refuses to recognize the Spiritual elements of man’s transposition in the terrestrial dimension. He refuses to recognize that the atoms in the body are spiritual and of pure energy in all their form and circumstance; likewise the dominion of the psychic self is purely spiritual. The most objective thing which you see around you and which you call solid form or substance is merely an abstract supposition and nothing else. You, just as the walls of tatom-4-posthis building and every other terrestrial substance which you see about you, are nothing less than a pulsating mass of energy called atoms. Transpose these atoms into any other form and we have energy moving dynamically. Atomic energy is called static, based on 3rd dimension time-space concept. That is why you think it is solid; it is solid only because you are, in comparison, solid to it. If you could raise the vibration of the atoms in your body to a frequency a little different from that in which it normally exists in this world, you could do just as Jesus did, you could walk on water or through the walls of this building or through the stone of the tomb, for that matter. The Flying Saucer men of this day are doing that very thing. They come from other worlds; they fly in ships in which they have succeeded in changing the basic frequency of the atomic structures of the metal. Thus, they can span vast distances which our scientists call space. It is not space at all; instead, it is filled with this pulsating radiant energy which is the Infinite, itself.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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