Children’s Past Life Memories And Healing ~ Part II

Childrens-Past-Lives-And-Healingby Carol Bowman


Because I had my own physical and emotional healing as the result of a past life regression before my children’s memories emerged, I recognized the healing potential of past life memories for children. But I wondered, why were none of the professionals in the field of past life therapy writing about this? I read all of the best books on regression therapy with adults. In many published case studies, psychiatrists and psychologists demonstrated how current emotional and physical problems could be resolved by accessing past life memories and processing them with the patient. Some of these memories emerged spontaneously, some through hypnosis during the course of therapy.

Here is how past life healing works. As my teacher and friend Roger Woolger writes, “We come into each life with unfinished business of the soul.” Most often, the unfinished business relates to past life trauma, when the impressions of feelings, thoughts, and even physical injury get locked into place in our souls, our energy bodies, and are carried forward into our current lives. The beauty is that once the past life story becomes conscious, and the circumstances of that life understood, the energy frozen in the trauma is released, changing us and healing us in the present. (more…)

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Discovering Past Lives Through Dreams

Dreaming-Past-Lives-main-4-postby Andrew Parr

When you close your eyes and fall asleep each evening, your conscious, everyday, busy mind shuts down and allows you to rest. If you have trouble getting to sleep, it is usually because this busy mind still has too much to think about.

When you do get to sleep, however, as the conscious you drifts into sleepy oblivion, the inner you is then more free to come to the surface. The dreams, images, feelings and experiences that you sense on waking are generally due to the activities of your inner self throughout the night (or whenever it is that you sleep).

But when you dream, are these dreams all creations of your subconscious? Or could it be that at times during sleep your mind is free to wander and tune in to past life experiences in exactly the same way you would with past life regression? (more…)

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Children’s Past Life Memories And Healing

Past-Life-Memories-of-Children-main-2-postby Carol Bowman

Young children all over the world have spontaneous memories of previous lives, regardless of the religious beliefs of the parents. It’s a natural phenomenon. Children usually begin speaking of “when they were big before” or “when they died” around the age of three, and may speak of their memories for a period of a few years. Many of the memories children recall are of traumatic deaths, which may continue to affect a child in their present life as phobias and other emotional problems. By combining what I’ve learned from collecting my own cases of children’s past life memories for more than twenty years, and from the large body of research of spontaneous past life memories from Dr. Ian Stevenson, with the healing model of past life therapy with adults, I derive a method of healing traumatic past life memories as they emerge spontaneously in early childhood. By studying the cases of children who speak with conviction of their other lives, we also observe that many aspects of the child’s present personality have carried forward intact from the past life: behaviors, emotions, phobias, talents, knowledge, the quality of relationships, and even physical symptoms. The fact that these personality traits carry forward suggests a new way of looking at personality formation and a theory of personality that spans lifetimes. The children’s cases also add an important piece to the metaphysical discussion of the survival of consciousness after death, because it is clear from the cases that some form of personal consciousness continues from one life to another. (more…)

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Learning From Past Life Therapy

Learning-From-Past-Life-Therapy-main-4-postby Leo Bolduc

When I was fifteen years old, my brother, Raymond, brought home a five-cent used book, The Search for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein. That book launched my career and provided an avocation which has spanned more than four decades.

In a manner of speaking, I was a pioneer in a new profession, a researcher in a new area of discovery. As a researcher, I designed new methods for others to use. As an author, I compiled the research and published several books on the topic. Later, I became a Board Certified teacher, trainer, and researcher, helping people to improve their lives by healing past trauma and building a better future.

This article highlights some of my learning from forty-four years in past-life therapy. My goal has been, and continues to be, practical application instead of the promotion of theory. (more…)

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Interview With Unariun Student – Thomas Miller

Interview-With-A-Student-Thomas-Miller-main-4-postThomas Miller has been a student of UN.AR.I.U.S. principles since he was 14 years old. At that time is when he first met Ernest L. Norman, the founder and teacher of UN.AR.I.U.S. – The Science of Life. Thomas has given many lectures on the UN.AR.I.U.S. principles over his 56 years of study. A frequent media guest of This Week In America; he has been featured in a documentary film. He has also written several books about the UN.AR.I.U.S. principles including a book of verse, The Epic, and a series of lectures which were published in the book The Keys To The Universe. Tom maintains the wonderfully informative website that features Dr. Norman’s teachings as well as student testimonials and discussion.

Please note that this is not just any ordinary student but a man who personally knew Ernest L. Norman, the author of the Unariun core curriculum featured on this website as the books menu upper right with most available for free download (in public domain).

In the following compelling interviews with Ric Bratton, Thomas discusses his incredible journey meeting with the Moderator (which Dr. Norman preferred to be called) and subsequent visitations. Dr. Norman referred to Thomas Miller as his son. Thomas also discusses his ensuing growth and spiritual development in his interactions with Dr. Norman as well as from his study of the teachings and how truly grateful he is for these monumental works as anyone would be who comes in contact with its life-changing and transcending message. Herewith presented are the interviews in chronological order: (more…)

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Legacy: The Search For Love

Legacy-The-Search-For-Love-main-4-postBy Robert Maxxim


What would you do if you witnessed real events that took place in ages long ago, on distant lands and foreign worlds far beyond ours—eccentric, formidable events that diverge extensively from common-day views? What if one such event was an awe-inspiring, personal experience with elevated realms of reality; higher dimensions of existence where God’s love and truth gleam constantly from joy-filled beings, and all living things are composed of the essence of celestial light itself?

This multi-episode narrative was inspired by such remarkable events, revealed in the form of visions that began the evening of July 13, 1973. I devoted the last forty years trying to refute them, but did not succeed; rather, I confirmed them. This book is a novel based on such corroboration. (more…)

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Spirit Attachment And Past Life Releasement

Spirit-Attachment-And-Past-Life-Releasement-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Many traditional therapists and counselors reject the idea of past-life therapy, partly because it is based on the controversial spiritual notions of reincarnation and karma. Most traditional therapists and many past-life therapists reject the concept of spirit releasement therapy because it is based on the objectionable and, to many, frightening possibility of spirit possession.

Spirit releasement therapy and past-life therapy are closely linked in clinical practice. The event that led to the spirit attachment is often discovered in a past life of the client. This must be explored through the techniques of PLT (Past Life Therapy). The past-life events described and experienced by a client may be part of the soul memory not of that client, but of an attached entity. Differential diagnosis is critically important, the identity of the one speaking must be established before the appropriate techniques can be followed.

Past-life therapy is so effective in so many problem situations, it is a surprise when it doesn’t work well. PLT on a discarnate entity accomplishes little to nothing toward relief of the problem affecting the client. The therapist often can’t tell which condition, past-life trauma or attached entity, is present until well into the session. The following reports demonstrate the connection between past-life therapy and spirit releasement therapy in cases of physical and psychological problems. (more…)

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So We Meet Again: Past Life Relationships

Past-Life-Relationships-main-4-postby Bryan Jameison

Life is real, life is earnest and the grave is not its goal. Dust thou art, to dust returnest, was not spoken of the soul.” Longfellow

“It’s so nice to see you again. It’s been such a long time.” Have you ever felt like saying that when meeting a total stranger for the first time? Or conversely, have you met someone you instantly disliked or feared? There seems to be a sense of inner recognition that you know this stranger, even though that awareness doesn’t quite logically fit. If reincarnation is not part of your belief system, then you may drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why you feel such a strong pull toward the person. On the other hand, if you accept reincarnation, you automatically may assume that the negative or positive feelings you have when encountering someone for the first time is traceable to a past-life connection. You may think this too weird, but I have found that all of my clients have known at least one person, and more often, several.

Roles change. Besides being a romantic partner or soul mate, the person also could have been an enemy, a child, an infuential teacher, a parent, a boss, a sibling or anyone else with whom we’ve had a relationship in a former life. A person who once killed us may now be our sibling, or we could have killed as an enemy who is now our best friend. The following is a case in point. Through regression, a young man in his twenties discovered that his father’s long-standing feelings of indifference towards him stemmed from a past life in which his father was a Cheyenne Indian brave who had killed him and his family as they were heading West. In this life, he simply gave my client, his son, a new life and a new body to replace the one he took. There was nothing in their contract saying the father had to love his son. This definitely is a perfect illustration of the principle “an eye for and eye…” in action.

Through many incarnations, it becomes obvious that our relationships can become extremely complicated and convoluted. However, according to my experience, the belief that all the people we now know are those we have known in the past to be without foundation. Along this line, much has been said and written about soul mates. In fact, it’s the most popular single topic among believers in reincarnation. It seems that nearly everyone wants to know if they have had a past relationship with their present-day spouse or lover. When the answer is “yes,” they generally want to explore those past-life connections A.S.A.P. The more history a relationship has, the wiser one would be to explore it. (more…)

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Connecting Spirit Releasement To Past Life Therapy

Spirit-Releasement-And-Past-Life-Therapy-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

At the time of death several choices are available for the deceased soul. It can move into the Light, accompanied by the guiding spirits that come. It can also linger on the Earth plane for any number of reasons, remaining in some favored location as a haunting spirit, or joining a living person as an attached entity.

When a client describes the death scene in a past-life therapy session, the past-life experience is not over and the regression is not complete until the being returns to the Light. If the being does not move toward the Light after death but instead describes floating in a gray place, drifting over their hometown, or being drawn toward a living human, this may indicate a spirit attachment. The therapist continues to probe for the experience of either moving fully into the Light or joining another living person. The discovery questions must continue until one of these two events is recalled.

I continue to repeat my favorite question:

“What happens next?”

The newly deceased spirit may describe a brief period of wandering before moving into the Light. This indicates a past life of the client.

This question may also reveal the experience of attachment to a living host, who is the client. Since a spirit is capable of “floating” indefinitely, more prompting may be needed to locate the crucial moment. The longer the soul remains near the Earth, the more likely is attachment to a living human. The next question is asked:

“Skip forward to the next thing that happens.” (more…)

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Uncovering Past Lives ~ Part II

Uncovering-Past-Lives-Part-II-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Past-Life Therapy and Forgiveness

Ours is a culture of competition, with such slogans as may the best man win, looking out for number one (myself), winning by intimidation, might makes right, lawsuits, loser takes the hind quarter. In such a climate, there are many victims: losers in the stock market, sexual victims, discrimination victims, violence victims.

When we explore the victim role, for example, in a case of sexual abuse, we examine the emotional residue such as anger at the perpetrator, fear of being victimized again, sadness over the betrayal, guilt about pleasure derived in the sexual act. There is also mental residue: judgments regarding self-worth and self-esteem, decisions such as not trusting men; and there is physical residue, including damage to sexual organs, scarring, inability to conceive children, disfigurement from torture or beating. Any or all this residue may remain with the victim through lifetimes.

There seem to be several mechanisms by which such abuse is planned and drawn into present-life experience. The ones with the most impact are balancing karma and bestowing forgiveness.

The old maxim, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” is a popular metaphor for the concept of karma. In this way, a past-life misdeed of any degree will be balanced in a future-life event. Pain suffered must be in equal measure to pain inflicted. Simple, basic, brutal. And superficial. (more…)

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Enough Already – Past Life Recrimination

Past-Life-Recrimination-main-4-postby Bryan Jameison

Since nothing can be done to change a causal incident (in life) after it has occurred, feeling guilty about what we have or haven’t done is basically useless. Unfortunately, manifestations of guilt transference from one lifetime to another are all too common. Brought into the present, unrequited guilt can undermine one’s sense of self-worth, causing a person to feel undeserving of happiness or success. Guilt often causes one to unknowingly practice self-sabotage in the form of walking away from opportunities instead of taking advantage of them. Consequently, until they are released, these unconscious feelings of guilt will continue to undermine and undo one’s current-life attempts to improve one’s self-esteem. The tragedy of this is that quite often the guilt is totally unjustified and, therefore, an unnecessary burden to bear.

The insidiousness of past-life guilt is that it manifests itself in so many bizarre and unpredictable ways. For instance, a man who, in this life is a wonderful person and wouldn’t harm a fly, may discover he was a rapist in a past life. At soul level, to prevent himself from doing such a thing again, he may cause himself to be impotent. A barren woman may discover she abandoned or killed an unwanted child in another life; consequently, her soul makes sure she’s unable to conceive in this incarnation. Frigidity in this life is often the backlash of promiscuous behavior in a former life, especially if the person suffered as a result of that behavior.

Among many peoples of the world, both past and present, personal survival nearly always supersedes moral standards. When you’re starving and the only way to get food is to steal it, the fact you are breaking a commandment or law is the least of your worries. First you must live, then you can worry about your sins. When it comes down to it, concerns about morality usually are reserved for those lucky ones who have full bellies. During regression, clients often discover they were, in fact guilty of nothing. Still, I find many of them will continue to needlessly punish themselves for having committed some infraction of a moral code, which may not even be applicable in their present lives. The following stories are examples of misplaced guilt, which negatively influenced the person’s self-esteem and life. (more…)

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Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors And Their Link To Past Lives

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior main

By Bryan Jameison

Although many people are inclined to be controlled by repetitive thoughts and/or behavior patterns, most are not disruptive to their lives. Some simply involve rigid behavior, such as having a too orderly home or strict routine, which, when not followed, leads to feelings of anxiety. Being fastidiously clean, gambling, stalking, “unnecessary” shopping, and “workaholicism” are but a few of the of the behaviors classified as compulsions. If the behavior controls the person rather than the person controlling the behavior, the person possibly may need professional intervention to rid himself of this behavior. Thus far, it appears that most compulsions and/or obsessions have their root causes in this or one or more of their past lives.

For example, there are some people who feel they never can get themselves or their surroundings clean enough. In spite of the fact they may spend endless hours cleaning, they are never satisfied with the results. This compulsion often manifests in the form of taking numerous daily showers, constantly washing their hands or spending hours in the bathtub not just soaking, but thoroughly scrubbing themselves. Washing the kitchen floor or vacuuming the rug five or six time a day is another common behavior these people display. Regardless of how often they do this, they still perceive their houses and/or themselves as unclean.

This behavior frequently is traceable to some experience in which they lived and/or worked in unbelievable filth and squalor, or were victims of various forms of sexual abuse in either this or other lives. (It’s usually the victim who feels dirty after being sexually abused, and sadly, no amount of washing will remove these dirty feelings because they have nothing to do with the physical body.) As any rape victim knows, it takes more than a shower to feel clean again. The real cleansing must take place in the soul. Once that’s accomplished, I’ve noticed the dirty feelings often associated with being defiled and the compulsive need to constantly wash or bathe also disappears. (more…)

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Uncovering Past Lives ~ Part I

Past-Life-Therapy-Part-I-mainby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

When past-life therapy is mentioned, many people reject the idea of looking into a past lifetime for problems. They claim to have enough troubles in the present. However, when they explore present issues and conflicts in therapy sessions, the problems nearly always result from painful events in earlier lifetimes.

In a therapy session we normally don’t direct clients into a past life, but guide them to locate the source of the problems or unwanted conditions in the present time. Their inner mind uncovers the time, place, and circumstances that caused the present-life situation. As we seek the source of current problems, people uncover emotionally painful moments and traumatic events in this or other lifetimes.

Clients seldom find luxury, fame, or wealth in other lifetimes. People claiming to have been past-life personalities such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Anne Boleyn, or other notable persons are reported in the supermarket tabloids, but this does not occur in past-life therapy sessions. (more…)

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Past Life Workshop Presentation

Past Life WorkshipHere are the workshop materials presented with our Past Life Workshop on Sunday, the 21st of February at the San Diego Unariuns United Monthly Meetup. This includes the powerpoint presentation given at the start of the class.

We sincerely hope you find these materials and the tools they provide useful in helping you to discern and overcome past life negations that may be influencing your present life. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Download (PDF)

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Reincarnation ~ Part II

Reincarnation-main-2-4-postby C. Jinarajadasa

Strong impressions made on the consciousness in a past life often appear in the present in some curious mood or feeling. Sometimes, fears of creeping things, fires, cutting implements, etc., are thus to be accounted for, though sometimes these “phobias” may only be sub-conscious reminders of this life. In the cases where we have no sub-consciousness of the present body appearing, there is sure to have been some shock, resulting it may be, in a violent death, in a past life. The after effects appear now in some uncontrollable fear, or in discomfort in the presence of the object which caused the shock. More strange is the attitude of one individual towards another which is brought over from a past life. Sometimes one sees the strange sight of a girl of ten or twelve taking care of her mother in a maternal way, as though the positions were reversed, and almost as if she had the onerous duty of bringing up her mother in the way she should go. Of a deeper psychological nature is it when, as sometimes happens, a wife mated to a husband who causes her suffering, finds charity towards him possible only when she looks on him not as her husband but as her son. Here we have a reminiscence of a life when he was indeed her child, and his better nature came out towards her in the relation which he bore to her then.

A rather humorous instance of a past recollection is found when there has been between the last life and this a change of sex of the body. In the West especially, where there is a more marked differentiation temperamentally between the sexes than in the East, not infrequently the girl who dislikes playing with dolls, who delights in boy’s games, and is a pronounced tomboy, is really an ego who has just taken up a body of the sex opposite to that with which he has been familiar for many lives. Many a girl has resented her skirts, and it takes such a girl several years before she finally resigns herself to them. Some women there are, on whose face and mode of carriage the last male incarnation seems still fairly visibly portrayed. A similar thing is to be seen in some men, who bring into this life traces of their habits of thought and feeling when last they had women’s bodies. (more…)

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